In The Memory Part 3

"You what?"

"It's just dinner, Wufei."

Heero sat across from his Chinese coworker, both of them enjoying their respective lunches. Heero took bite of his turkey sandwich and mentally sighed as Wufei put his spoon back in his soup, getting ready for what Heero was sure was a full winded protest.

Shaking his head, Heero spoke before Wufei had a chance to chastise his decision. "It's just dinner," he repeated. "What do you think's going to happen?"

"Well you don't even know him, for one thing. He's just a mechanic."

Heero smiled. "That's usually the point of going out, Wufei - to get to know the person."

"So, what? It's a date?"

"I guess so, yeah." Heero took another bite of his sandwich before taking a long swig from his water bottle.

Wufei raised an eyebrow and finally returned to eating his soup. He let out a heavy sigh. "What about Relena?"

Heero snorted. "I keep telling you - and her - that that's not going to happen."

"She's always liked you-"

"I'm not interested," Heero said firmly.

"But you're interested in Duo," Wufei said, not making it a question.

"Yes, I am." Heero didn't say anything more. He wasn't going to tell Wufei about how being around Duo made him feel - as if all his trained resolve was stripped away and the world was full of the unexplored. Duo made him feel like nothing in his life mattered, making him want to throw it all away just to see what life Duo could show him. Relena was his friend, but she never came close to making him feel like that.

"You're going to go no matter what I say, aren't you?" Wufei frowned, knowing the answer.

Heero nodded, taking the last bite of his sandwich.

~ ~ ~

The apartment was silent except for the soft clacking of the keys as Heero typed away on his laptop. He didn't like taking his work home with him, but some nights it was unavoidable. They had made little progress in searching for E.R.A. members and Une's patience was wearing thin. Field agents had, however, salvaged some mobile suit debris that still drifted around L1, and were able to track the scrap back to one of the lunar factories. In doing so, Wufei was able to discover several E.R.A. supporters. But they were still no closer to identifying the group's leaders, much less any closer to putting a stop to their terrorism.

Heero paused his work for a moment, letting out a long sigh and taking a sip of coffee. His mind began to wander, and as they had done several times in the past hour, his thoughts drifted towards Duo.

It had been two days since Heero had picked up his car and the automobile was working perfectly. No more stalling, no more noises, no more problems. He would swear it was running more smoothly than it had before it had even begun having trouble. Duo had yet to call, and every evening Heero found himself in his lonely apartment, watching the phone that never rang. He began to think Duo wasn't going to call and the thought spurred an unfamiliar ache within him. Although the thought of actually going out on a date with Duo scared the hell out of him, he also wanted it terribly.

He thought of those deep violet eyes and that long silken braid. He thought of running his hands through that hair and wondered if it was as soft as it looked...

Heero jumped as a loud ring blasted through the quiet apartment. He blinked around for a moment, not realizing until the ring sounded again that it was his phone. Quickly rising from his desk, he reached for the phone.


"Hey, buddy!"

Heero's heart leapt. "Duo, hi."

"Ready for dinner?" Duo asked, that smile carrying over his voice.


"I'm outside and I've got burgers, so get your ass down here."

"You're what?" Heero walked over to the window, stretching the phone cord as far as it could go. He peered through the blinds and just as he said he was, Duo stood on the street below, leaning against a large black motorcycle, cell phone held to his ear and waving up him.

"Hey there," Duo said over the phone. Heero watched as he pointed behind him, motioning towards the motorcycle. "Got dinner in the pouch, you coming or not?"

Heero smiled. "I'll be right down."

Grabbing his keys, Heero rushed out the door, hastily locking it and bolting down the stairs. As he emerged from the building, Duo stood up and tossed him a helmet. "Climb on," Duo said as he did so himself. "Have you ever ridden a motorcycle before?"

Heero shook his head. "No," he said as he put on the helmet and sat down behind Duo.

"Well, just hold on," Duo told him, his voice muffled from underneath his own helmet.

Heero cautiously snaked his arms around Duo's waist, taking a moment to savor the warmth of their bodies pressed against each other. The moment was all too brief though, as Duo revved the motorcycle and sped off down the street. Heero had never been on a motorcycle before and the whipping of wind past his ears and the roar of the engine was intoxicating; it was thrilling to be shooting down the street with nothing but a saddle beneath him and Duo in front of him. It was comforting, and strangely, yet delightfully, familiar.

"Where are we going?" Heero shouted, once the initial excitement subsided.

Duo turned his head so Heero could hear him better. "You'll see!"

They drove on, winding their way though the neighborhood and out into the main streets of the colony. The streetlights blurred as they zoomed by and within minutes, Duo was turning the motorcycle down a street where the lights weren't so bright. A few more turns and Heero saw they were entering the park. Trees began dotting the road, growing thicker as they went on. Finally Duo pulled the bike to the curb and took off his helmet.

Heero copied his movements, reluctantly releasing his grasp on Duo's waist. Duo opened the compartment under their seats and they put their helmets away. Taking out a blanket and a large sack that smelled strongly of fried food, Duo smiled at Heero. "Ready for a picnic?"

A small grin crept across Heero's face and he followed Duo into the park. They walked for several minutes, until Duo stopped a few hundred yards from the wall of the colony. He set the sack on the ground before fanning the blanket out upon the grass. Once the scene was set, Duo threw himself down on the blanket and made himself comfortable. Looking up, Heero saw why Duo had chosen the spot - to enhance the scenic atmosphere of the park, the colony constructors had installed a large window, several hundred feet in size, that allowed a clear view of the stars beyond. Heero was struck for a moment, staring at its beauty.

"Hey," Duo said from below him. Heero felt a quick tug on his pants leg and looked down at Duo, directing his eyes from one glorious view to another. Duo lay sprawled on the blanket, his braid trailing like a snake beside him. He propped himself up on his elbows and looked up at Heero. "Sit with me."

Heero did, and Duo set about dispersing the food. He handed Heero a carton of french fries, a thick hamburger and a large bottle of cola. Heero smiled as Duo immediately sunk his teeth into his own burger.

"So," Duo said, disturbing the silence through a mouthful of food, "how did you like your first ride?"

Heero swallowed the fries he had been chewing and looked at the man beside him. "It was... interesting."

Duo laughed. "You have quite the way with words there, Heero."

They were quiet for another long moment before Heero spoke up, his curiosity about Duo getting the better of him. "Where are you from?"

"Here," Duo smiled. "Well, as far as I know my parents were US immigrants, but I was born here, in the slums off Third Street, actually."

"As far as you know?"

"I'm an orphan," Duo said nervously, "I grew up at the Maxwell Church Orphanage." A worried look passed over Duo's face, as if he expected Heero to reject him.

Instead, seeing Duo's obvious discomfort, Heero changed the subject. "How long have you worked at the salvage yard?"

"A few years," Duo replied, clearly happy for the new topic. "I've worked in the salvage business for a long time but Hilde and I only started S/M about five years ago."

Heero nodded.

"What about you?" Duo asked. "Where are you from and how long have you worked for the Preventers?"

Heero swallowed the last of his hamburger before answering. "Grew up on L1, but ethnically speaking I think I'm Japanese. I've worked for the Preventers for about six years now."

"You 'think' you're Japanese?"

"I'm an orphan too," Heero replied flatly.

Duo smiled back at him.

The conversation flowed throughout the night as they ate their dinner and enjoyed the view. The stars twinkled above them. The air was still and quiet. The only sounds in the entire park were that of the two voices that sporadically broke into laughter. Heero and Duo smiled at each other and by the time the talking died down, it was past midnight.

Duo drove them back to Heero's apartment, Heero once again tightly wrapping his arms around Duo and thoroughly enjoying the position. A silent groan filled him as they pulled up next to his apartment building. He didn't want the night to end.

As he got off the bike and handed Duo the spare helmet, their eyes met and Heero was held captivated. He felt like he was drowning in those violet orbs. Duo caught him staring and chuckled, turning away as a tinge of red touched his cheeks. Before Heero could stop himself, he blurted out, "Do you want to come up?"

Duo's head snapped back and they stared at each other again. A beaming smile spread across Duo's face and he nodded. "Sure."

~ ~ ~

Heero opened the door and Duo walked in behind him. He stopped just inside the doorway, looking around and taking in everything in the apartment. Heero's two bedroom apartment was simply decorated and well lit. The spare bedroom was used as his office, keeping the rest of the place free of any clutter. The furniture was simple, and matching drapes were all that donned the walls. "Nice place," he said before turning to face Heero.

"Thanks." Heero smiled at him and closed the door. "You want a drink or something?"


But Heero made no movement to the kitchen. Their eyes fixed on each other and in a quick, almost desperate movement, Duo's lips were on Heero's. Heero froze, his mind shocked into numbness.

Feeling Heero tense, Duo pulled away. "I'm sorry, I-"

Heero cut him off, fiercely crushing his mouth to Duo's. His hands sneaked up to cup Duo's face, as Duo's arms wrapped themselves around Heero's body, hands pressing against his back. The kiss deepened and tongues darted out to explore. Heat rushed to Heero's skin and he leaned closer into Duo, as if he could mold their bodies together.

A savage lust was filling Heero, a strange hunger he had never felt before. He ran his fingers through that auburn mass, noting that it was indeed as soft as it appeared. As he kissed Duo still harder, he couldn't help but feel how right this was. Nothing had ever felt so right. And as they stood there, expressing their desires through kiss, the world around them seemed to melt away. Heero rode the sensation that always seemed to come when he was in Duo's presence - nothing else mattered.

The men continued to kiss, the heat rising between them. Heero began inching his way to the bedroom, dragging Duo along, their tongues still dancing. Duo's hands set to work on the buttons of his shirt, pulling it off his shoulders as the last button gave way. The kiss was broken for a moment as Duo raised his arms so Heero could drag off his shirt. They wasted no time before returning to devouring each other. The new touch of bare skin against his own sent a tingle down Heero's spine and he kissed Duo with renewed vigor.

They finally reached the bedroom and Heero felt the back of his knees hit the bed. Sinking down, he pulled Duo with him and within moments they rid themselves of their clothes and were completely entangled with each other.

It was Duo who pulled away, gazing intently into Heero's dark blue eyes. "You sure you want to do this?" he asked, his voice raspy with shortness of breath.

Heero resumed the kiss, pouring his answer over Duo's tongue. He had never been surer of anything in his life.



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