Author: Amy Mizuno

Pairing: 1x2

Warnings: Christmas, AU, sap, tiny bit of angst

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam Wing.

This short fic is based loosely on the 'Chibi Christmas Series' that I wrote last year. The timeline is set at about 20 years after the series. The series didn't need to be read to understand this fic.

Note: Lots of thanks to my beta Diane for the last minute beta job. ^_^

Christmas Tradition

Duo took out the box, which had been sitting at the back of the closet for the past year, gathered the necessary tools, and headed to the living room.

The Christmas tree was set up in a corner in the cheerfully decorated living room; multicolour lights were wrapped around it. All it was missing were the ornaments.

Sitting on the couch, the long-haired young man carefully opened the lid of the box. Inside, the box was full of handmade ornaments for the Christmas tree. Every year, there would be a few more added to the box after Christmas for the coming year's use. He took a couple of them out, and lost himself in the memory.

The drifting scent of hot chocolate made him look up; a sweet smile appeared on his lips immediately. His long time best friend and boyfriend - who was holding two steaming mugs of hot cocoa with floating marshmallows - joined him on the couch.

Heero pressed a gentle kiss onto those upturned lips. "What are you thinking?"

"Nothing much." Duo's eyes settled back to the ornaments that were still on his lap. "Do you remember this one?" He held one of them up and the smile slowly turned into a full-fledged grin.

The Japanese young man eyed the snowman ornament in disdain and let out a snort, "Of course."

Heero had had a hard time sticking the two white paper circles together; it kept falling off. He was ready to cry when his uncle Odin finally took out the superglue and stuck it for him.

The short-haired Asian took a star that was missing a corner out of the box, chuckling with mirth.

"It's not my fault the stupid fat kid bumped into me when I was cutting it," the braided young man huffed.

In fact, Duo was so pissed off back then that he had been ready to beat 'the stupid fat kid' senseless.

Duo's hands were now playing with the small pouch his mother had sewed for him, which he and Heero made into an ornament later on. It contained a handful of dog hair that was cut from his dog after it died of old age.

Duo still missed that silly dog after all these years - even though it had eaten his homework once upon a time.

Heero wrapped his arms around the young American and kissed his lover's forehead, trying to ease the frown.

After spending some time in the companionable silence, the two lovers finally pulled apart.

"Do you know which one of these I like the best?" Duo asked, his hand pointed at the box.

"Which one?"

He pulled a well-worn ornament out of the box. "This one."

It was a glitter-framed photo of the two of them, which had been laminated a few years back. It was the first ornament that they ever made together, back in kindergarten. It was the one that had started their tradition of making Christmas ornaments for their tree every year.

The two young men shared a tender kiss - enjoying each other's company - before getting down to making a new set of ornaments for the year.



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