Author: Amy Mizuno

Archive:, DHML... feel free to ask.

Warnings: Yaoi, OOCness of some characters, AU, darkness (?), vampiness

Rating: Um... Don't know for now, maybe R?

Pairings: 1+2 at the beginning, probably would become 2x1 at later parts, 3x4/4x3

Disclaimer: The G-boys ain't mine, even though I'd love to have them.

Note: This is my first fanfic ever. So please be nice guys. Feedbacks are more than welcome. So now, enjoy! ^.^

The Vampire's Love Teaser

I've never liked horror movies or stories, but as long as there are no vampires, and I mean it...not a single one, in it, I don't mind that much.

Well, you would probably say that it's just a movie or a dumb book, so what's the big deal? I have my own reasons for that. I've hated those long fangs, blood drinking/sucking creatures since I was five, and all that is because of my dad.

That was when Dad took me to the cinema to watch this horror film. For real, the movie wasn't that scary, but it had a scene that really creeped me, and I still remember it clearly, even now.

I remember that there was a long-haired vampire that was enjoying his meal, a young, blond haired girl, who was screaming and struggling. The vampire's long hair was all over the place, his skin was as pale as a ghost, and drops of blood had been leaking from his mouth to his chin. And the creepiest part was his face, there was a tiny, creepy smile of satisfaction, and I had an impression that he was staring at me! And I had nightmares for a whole week after that. Even now, I still had those bad dreams, sometimes.

That was the first time, and I've made sure that it was also the last time, that I've ever watched a vampire movie.

I've hated vampires ever since then...Or maybe even been scared of them.

Sometimes, I really find myself very silly, afraid of vampires. Vampires only exist in fictions and movies, there is no such creature called vampire, right?


Author's Notes: So, what do you think? Good? Bad? Stupid? Feedback please.


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