The Vampire's Love Part 1

"Duo! Time to wake up! It's already 7:00! You don't want to be late for your first day of school, right?" Mrs. Maxwell was calling from downstairs.

The long-haired boy stirred and then poked his head out of his blanket and answered, "Yea! I am up, Mom."

He sat up, rubbed his eyes and started to stretch. Then he grabbed his school uniform from the back of the chair, where he'd put it the previous night, and rushed into the bathroom to take a nice hot bath before he went down for his breakfast.

Thirty minutes later, Duo was standing in front of the mirror, braiding his long chestnut hair to a hip-length long braid. Satisfied with his appearance, he plastered a wide smile on his lips and went down stairs for the yummy breakfast that he knew his mother had prepared.

"Morning mom!" Duo said cheerfully.

"Morning Duo!"

While Duo was wolfing down his breakfast, Helen Maxwell smiled slightly and asked her son, "Well, ready to get back to school then?"

"Yup! I can't wait to go back to school. I kinda miss my friends, but I just hope that I won't end up in the same class with that guy again."


The young man had mentioned to his mother about that guy once, she just didn't see what made her son hate the other boy so much.

* * * * * *

Today was the first day of school after summer vacation and now all the students were in the big hall of the school, searching the board for their classes. Duo was in the crowd of people too, checking to see if there were any familiar faces in his new class. He was happy that he would stay in the same class with his best friend. Then, he spotted a name that had totally ruined his good mood. //Why do I have to stay in the same class with him again this year?//

"Hey Duo!" Called someone from behind him.

Duo quickly turned around, and saw his best friend, Quatre Winner. "Hiya Q, howya doin'?" The braided boy smiled a bit forcefully.

The blond boy noticed his friend's expression and asked, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing." The American tried to make himself look cheerful, but failed miserably.

Quatre sighed, sometimes Duo could be so stubborn. If he didn't want to tell you something, he would never tell you, no matter what. He decided to drop the subject and checked the board. Then he saw the name that made his friend in distress.

He smiled slightly, "Is it because of him?"

Duo groaned, "Yup!"

"Duo, I don't get it! What made you dislike him so much? He's a nice looking guy, actually he is really quiet. He's never harassed you, and he's never done anything bad to you. He's also a very brilliant student."

Duo sighed deeply, pulled his friend to a secluded corner and said, "I don't know why exactly. The way he stares at me totally creeps the hell out of me. Like he is planning to do something to me. And also, he reminds me a lot of that vampire in the movie that I had seen long ago. That thought just makes me shiver. You know how much I hate vampires."

Quatre frowned, "I think, that maybe, you think a little bit too much."

"Yea, I guess so. So, should we go to class now?"

"Sure." And they walked toward their classroom.

A pair of sad cobalt blue eyes watched retreating forms, of the two friends, from behind a pillar, near where they had been standing.

* * * * * *

The last class for the day was gym. Duo, Quatre and all the other boys were in the changing room getting ready.

"Know what Q? I heard that we got a new gym teacher this year."

"Yeah? Well, I hope that this new teacher will be nice. You know that I never liked PE very much. I am just not very good at it." Quatre said hopefully.

"Well, we will know about that after this period." Duo said with a smile plastered on his face. Then he led his friend to the gymnasium.

In the gym, they saw a young man with long brown bangs covering half of his face, leaving one emerald green eye visible, wearing a whistle around his neck. Quatre's baby blue eyes widened and he stopped in his tracks as he saw the handsome man. He stopped so suddenly that Duo almost ran into the petite boy.

Duo saw the look on his best friend's face and smiling, waved his hand in front of the Arabian's face, "Heeeelllllllllllooooooo! Anybody home?"

The blond blinked twice, finally coming back to reality, and said, "What were you saying?"

Duo smiled slyly, "Finally, you come back to me. I was wondering where were you just a few seconds ago."

Quatre blushed furiously, "Duo!"

Duo laughed, "I wish that I had my video camera with me right now, you should see your face, Q."

Quatre glared at his friend, but Duo just ignored that. "I bet that you'll love gym from now on." Then he started to run away.

Quatre really wanted to shut the braided baka up now, and he began to chase after his long-haired friend, "Duo! You come back here this instant!"

The two friends ran through the gym for several minutes when Duo abruptly stopped and pulled his friend off to the side with him. He had seen a very nice looking Japanese boy with unruly short brown hair and bright cobalt blue eyes walk in. The brown-haired boy was obviously shocked when he saw this person was in the gym.

After everybody was in the gym, the teacher introduced himself. "I am Trowa Barton and I will be your PE teacher for this year."

Quatre just kept on staring at the young teacher, he couldn't be more than three or four years older than them. Nothing much other than that registered in Quatre's brain, except the name of the young teacher.

After the class ended, Quatre stayed behind, because Trowa had wanted to talk with him personally. Duo waited for his friend at the exit.

"Winner-kun, would you want to spend an hour or so after class, starting next week, to practice more? I can see that you are not very good in gym, but I am not willing to fail you because of it."

"Um. Sure, if it's not too much trouble for you."

At the door, the Japanese boy, who had fully changed back into his school uniform, was standing right next to the long-haired American. "Do you want to see Barton-sensei too Maxwell-kun?" The short-haired boy asked suddenly.

The braided boy jumped, having not noticed the Japanese boy standing beside him. He shifted uncomfortably, and answered, ".No, I was only waiting for Quatre."

The other nodded with understanding. He saw the braided boy was very tense around him, so he decided to stand against the wall opposite of Duo.

Duo sighed silently.

After Quatre finished his talk with the teacher, he went to the changing room with Duo.

The brunette watched the two boy's withdrawing forms before he went into the gym to talk with his 'teacher'.


"Oh. Yuy-kun, is it?" asked the teacher.

"Hahaha, very funny cousin."

Trowa smiled faintly. "So, having fun for the first day of school?"

"Sure, what a big surprise. How come you never told me that you would be my gym teacher?"

"For no reason. Just wanted to see your face when you found out." Heero groaned.

Trowa looked at his cousin intently, and let a little smirk appear on his face. "Heero, I saw that you are pretty attached to Maxwell-kun."

Heero blushed a little, and bit back, "You are not much more better than me. I also saw you staring at Winner, during class."

Trowa smirked, "Sure. I am not going to deny the fact, but I have a lot better chance than you do, cousin. Maxwell was obviously trying to avoid you as much as possible."


"And let me give you a friendly warning. Duo Maxwell has a very bright spirit, he's very active and he draws a lot of attention, even if it's not intentional. You know what that means...right? So, I suggest that you claim him as soon as possible."

Heero knew that what his cousin said was true. And he did want to do something about the situation, but after he had eavesdropped on the conversation between the two friends this morning, he wasn't sure what he could do to change the embarrassing situation between him and the fey beauty, called Duo Maxwell.


Author's Notes: Well, I think that's it for now. I am so happy that this part is done. Personally, I think that this part is pretty boring, but I need the characters to show up first. Probably the next part would be more interesting. Anyways, Feedbacks please!


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