The Vampire's Love Part 6

In Duo's opinion, the morning always arrived too early. Especially after he had involved himself in a whole night of profound thinking... again.

His busy mind seemed as if it couldn't focus on anything last night.... Correction, his mind couldn't focus on anything else other than the sudden kiss that his boyfriend had given him before he left.

The longhaired boy didn't mind the kiss.... not as much as he thought that he would anyway. Except for the little confusion in the beginning, he found that he actually enjoyed the ended-too-soon kiss pretty much in general.

He stared at the full-length mirror of which he had been standing in front of for quite a few minutes. Long fingers were unconsciously tracing the red lips, where the sweet taste of the kiss was still lingering on.

//Geez. Ain't that just great? Here I am, just woke up and all, and I am starting to day-dream already.// The young American shook his head with amusement.

Duo decided to have a talk with the other boy today. Seeing how the Japanese boy had walked away yesterday, obviously Heero had misunderstood his shock as rejection. He really needed to clear up this not-so-little misunderstanding before the relationship between them began to get ruined.

Silently nodding to himself, the violet-eyed boy went to prepare for school. He definitely was going to fix whatever problem that was laying in between him and his boyfriend.

It wouldn't be hard.

* * * * * *

It was a nice day. Sunny and all. Students had dull classes with boring teachers. Everything was pretty normal. Everybody was enjoying the day.

Okay, maybe not everyone. Duo was totally pissed. His glare could almost kill anyone who passed by. He'd been trying to have some conversation with Heero ever since the morning, but he had had little success up until now. It seemed that Heero'd been avoiding him, or that God just didn't want them to make up.

Quatre had stayed with his friend all along and he could see that Duo was very upset about something. But he didn't want to force the other boy to tell him. He knew his friend well. He knew that whatever that was bothering the long-haired boy, Duo would tell him or ask him for advice when it was needed. He could always coax his friend to tell him what had happened the night before, however it was just that he didn't want to be nosey.

But the curious blond had a pretty good idea that it had something to do with Heero, who seemed to be very busy today.

He would not ask his friend directly, but he would try to find out some other way.

* * * * * *

The blond Arabian was walking home by himself since Duo had said that he needed to see the teacher for something or another, and told him to leave first.

Quatre was walking down the silent street in front the school since the majority of the students had left long ago. He was silently thinking about what he should do after when he got home.

A flash of familiar short brown hair caught his eye and he quickly caught up with the other figure.

"Yuy-san." The petit boy called out.

The Japanese turned around, nodding politely. "Winner-san."

They walked together silently for a while before Quatre tried to start up a conversation. " How's everything going?"

The dark-haired boy shrugged. ".... Fine... I suppose." He stared at the multicolored sky that was expanding in front of him.

The silence resumed after his reply. Both boys were deep in thought.

"Actually...." Heero let out after a long silence. "Something happened...."

"Between Duo and you...right?" The petite boy finished the sentence.

A stiff nod was the answer. "...... Do you want to talk about it? Maybe I can help." Quatre kindly offered.

Heero accepted. The two classmates went somewhere quiet so they could have a long talk.

* * * * * *

It was a small café located on a busy street that people wouldn't pay much attention to. A kid's playground was just on the other side of the boulevard. By the time the two arrived, there were only a few customers there. It was a very nice and quiet place, exactly what the two teenagers were hoping for.

The two young men were sitting in a corner, beside the window where they could clearly see the outside of the small coffee shop.

They both ordered something for themselves and then settled to the talk.

Quatre just sat there, listening to the Japanese boy, not interrupting his classmate at all. He just let the boy discuss all the problems that had been bothering him out in the open.

"So......that's why you've been avoiding Duo the whole day?" Quatre asked after the boy had finished his story.

"Yeah." Heero nodded numbly.

"Well, now let me tell you something then, Yuy-san."



"Call me Heero. That would be fine."

"Okay, Heero then." The blond boy smiled slightly. "Duo was absolutely pissed off today."

All the color on the Asian's face was completely gone after the statement.

"Yup, he's angry at you all right." Quatre nodded. "But it's not because of what happened yesterday."

Heero's face was lit up with hope. "He's not?"

"Nope. It's simply because you didn't give him a chance to explain."

"How can you be so sure of that?" The dark-haired boy asked hesitantly.

"Seriously Heero. I've been Duo's best friend ever since we were in kindergarten. After being with each other for so long, you pretty much pick up how to read his body-language."

Heero nodded swiftly. He watched as his boyfriend's best friend grabbed a napkin, took a pen out, and quickly inscribed a series of number on it.

"There." Quatre handed the paper to the surprised boy. "Here's Duo's phone number. Call him tonight. I am sure that you two will make up in no time. You know, all you two need is a chance to talk to each other in order to clear up this misunderstanding." The blond Arabian smiled encouragingly to Heero.

"Thanks, Winner-san." The Japanese teen took the piece of napkin dazedly. He appreciated Quatre's help very much.

"Quatre." The young Arabian's smile went wider.

"Thank you Quatre." Heero returned the smile.

The two friends went to the counter, paid for their drinks, and then went home separately. Both felt much more lighthearted.

* * * * * *

The next day morning, Duo and Heero went to school together. They both seemed a lot happier.

Quatre smiled at his two friends. "Glad that things are getting better for you guys."

"Thanks Cat." Duo leaped on his best friend. "So, how about we go out for a few hot dogs and burgers after class? My treat."


The trio was talking happily on the way to their next class. Without their notice, a girl with short black hair stood beside the nearby window, gazing at them watchfully. Her gaze was especially concentrated on the cheerful violet-eyed boy who was chatting excitedly in between of the two other boys.


Author's Note: Sorry! I know that it's been very long time since the last time I updated this fic, but a lot of things had happened. Anyways, so you like it? Hate it? Please review.


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