The Vampire's Love Part 5

Duo was almost late for class the next morning.

Well, can't blame him though. He hadn't really relaxed since the day Heero confessed to him. Especially the night before, he had been so nervous that he had barely gotten any sleep.

Now that the burden, which had been his shoulders for a whole week, had been lifted, he could finally really relax for a little. Er... maybe more than a little, he was so relaxed that he didn't even hear the extremely loud alarm clock that rested on his bedside table. The worst was... his mom hadn't been there to wake him up that morning... for once he had to wake up all by himself, and see what happened? He's nearly late for school.

So, he rushed out the house with a piece of toast in his mouth, while his hands were busy trying to braid his long hair.

It had been really close, another minute and he would have been late. He practically stepped into the classroom at the same time as the teacher.

Before he reached his seat, he glanced to where Heero sat, his lips forming into a smile, and the Japanese boy returned Duo's smile. The simple exchange didn't last more than a few seconds and no one had seen it. No one except Quatre, that is, it hadn't escaped his sharp eyes.

* * * * * *

The two hours of English was agonizing for the little blond. He could barely wait to get the answers that he wanted from his best friend. The bell finally rang and Quatre waited impatiently for Duo to pack up his things. The curiosity was killing him.

The long-haired American knew that his friend had seen the exchange between Heero and him that morning and was dying to question him. So, instead of packing quickly, as usual, he decided to irritate the blond even more.

"Duo, are you finished?" Quatre asked.

Duo hid a smile from his comrade, "No, why? It's not like we are rushing for the next class." The lavender eye boy said innocently while he slowly put his book back in his schoolbag.

"Oh yeah, Duo Maxwell. Like you really don't know?"

"Iie. You have something to tell me?"

"Duo..." Quatre said, his voice carrying a tone of warning.

"Q, you are so impatient, ain't ya pal?" Duo was now openly laughing at his friend's reaction.

"Well duh. What would you think if it were you?" Quatre rolled his blue eyes in exasperation.

"Well, actually..." Duo began with a sweet smile on his handsome features.

"Yeah?" As we all could see, the American's blond friend was extremely impatient by now.

Duo swallowed another laugh while walking out the classroom with his buddy. "Okay, okay. Nothing much happened between us...yet." He stopped a bit and continued, "I just accepted his offer, after a whole week of some serious thinking."

"That's good." Quatre said a little disappointedly.

The long-haired youth noticed the disappointment in his friend's voice. "What? Were you expecting something more? Like you and Mr. Barton?" Duo added the last comment slyly.

The little blond's face immediately turned as red as a tomato.

The smirk on Duo's face turned into a grin instantly as he saw his friend's reaction to the light teasing.

"I knew it! I knew that it was you who was with him on Sunday. Sooooo Quat, I think that you have a lot more juicy details to tell than me, ne? Mind to share?" The long-haired boy poked the boy that had been his best friend since childhood.

"Duo...I don..."

"Aaaawww... Come on." The American protested before the blond could finish his sentence. "So, when did he ask you out...or did you ask him?? Where did you guys go?? What did you do?? Did you have your first kiss?" The chestnut bundle of energy breathlessly shot out at the blond.

"Duo! It was my first date!" The blond's face was even redder than before.

"Yeah. So? I know that." Duo shrugged. "Who said that you can't have your first kiss on your first date?"

"Oh... look at the time! Come on, Duo. We'll be late for Math if we don't hurry up." The Arabian tried to distract the braided boy.

And it actually worked... for a few seconds. "Hey!" Duo ran after his retreating friend. "You didn't answer my questions yet!!!"

The blond boy ignored his friend's yell and continued to walk towards the classroom for their next class.

"Quatre Raberba Winner! I swear I will get everything out of you by the end of the day!"

And he did...eventually.

* * * * * *

After school, Heero and Duo were once again walking to Duo's house in each other's company, because Quatre suddenly remembered that he forgot to do something.

The two were talking amiably during the fifteen-minute walk, and they were totally comfortable with each other.... or so it seemed......

It was absolutely a living hell for the young vampire. His newfound boyfriend was walking side-by-side with him. The sweet and delicious scent of blood from the American flowed into his nostrils, taking all his will power to not give in to his blood-drinker's instinct.

But the lure was just too much for the blue-eyed boy to handle. By the time the two boys arrived their destination, the Japanese boy could no longer contain his lust for the blood. His usually hidden long white canines had sprouted involuntarily just before they were about to say their goodbyes.

The short-haired Japanese boy started to panic. //It's not the time for him to know yet. I will tell him eventually...but not now. I really don't want to scare him away because of my lack of control.//

Heero was desperately trying to find a way to prevent the other boy from seeing his pointed teeth.

He closed the gap between the braided teen and himself and then pressed his lips to Duo's rose red ones, which were merely a few millimeters from his own. Once the warm lips were sealed under his own, the blue-eyed boy almost forgot the reason why he kissed Duo...... almost.........

The Japanese boy reluctantly parted for he didn't want to push his luck. His prussian blue eyes were locked with the amethyst ones that were shining with shock, but he kept the other boy at an arm's-length distance. He's afraid that he would lose control and lose the only chance that he had been given.

"I....." Heero didn't know how to properly explain his actions without frightening the long-haired youth. "I...I am sorry....I...." When the other boy didn't respond to his apology, the fear returned as if for revenge. He didn't have the guts to stare into the shockingly beautiful eyes of the fey beauty.

Heero muttered his goodbye to Duo and walked away with his shoulders slumped, without looking back. If he had looked back, he would have see that the object of his affection was finally out of his astonished state and was watching his retreating form walk away from his sight with a longing expression on his heart-shape face.

* * * * * *

As the Japanese boy was walking silently down the street, bathing in misery, thinking of how he had screwed up the only chance that he had, he heard a soft chuckle heard from above his head.

He looked up with his blue eyes slightly narrowed, "What are you doing here?"

His green-eyed cousin was sitting on the wall that he walked by. "I never thought that I would one day witness the self-control master Heero Yuy to lose control." There was a hint of amusement in the older vampire's voice.


"Don't be discouraged, coz." He jumped down from the wall, landing steadily on his two feet and gave his cousin a comforting pat on the shoulder. "You might still have hope with Maxwell though, as long as he didn't reject you in front of your face that is."

"That's not very reassuring, but thanks for the effort of trying to cheer me up."

"No problem."

* * * * * *

That night, both boys were unable to sleep peacefully. There had so many things that they needed to think about.


Author's notes: It's been a while. So, what do you think? Obviously I didn't forget about this fic, and I know that it's been almost half a year since my last final exams ^^;;; But...I've been working on my new fic, so forgive me? Anyways, C&C please.


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