Author: Amy Mizuno

Warning: AU, Sap

Pairing: 1x2

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I do not own GW.

Time Out

Duo barged into his lover's bureau, pulling the file that Heero was reading out of his hands. "Time out! You promised me Heero." Duo frowned.

Heero took off the pair of silver framed glasses that was sitting on his nose, rubbing at his forehead tiredly. "I know. But I really need to get it done. And I really can't trust anyone with this particular section that I'm working on." He sighed.

"I understand," Duo said, "but you still have to take a break and eat when you need to." The American fished out a bottle of Advil out of the drawer, taking two out and give them to Heero.

While the Japanese man was taking the pills, Duo started a soothing massage on those tensed shoulders.

A groan of pleasure was heard as those competent hands kneaded a particularly hard knot of muscles.

"What would happen to me if you were not here?" Heero wondered.

Duo said, "You would probably starve for one. You are such a workaholic. Once you're into your work, you forget about everything else."

"Did I thank you for taking such good care of me?" Heero asked.

Duo's eyes brightened. "Not yet for today."

"Well, then let me thank you properly." Heero pulled his lover down and pressed his lips onto his lover's own tempting, sweet ones.



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