Author: Amy Mizuno

Pairings: Mainly 1+2

Rating: G

Warnings: Chibi cuteness, fluff, humor, weird kid moments...

Disclaimer: GW does not belong to me.

Note: This one is in the same universe as the 'Chibi Christmas Series' that I wrote awhile back for Christmas. ^_^ But this can be read as a separate series too.

Lots of thanks to Junebug for the awsome beta-ing. *hugs*

Chibi Tales Part 1

Duo stared at the pile of homework that his classmates handed in. The stack of exercise books on his teacher's desk was getting bigger and bigger.

At Heero's poke, he sighed. Guess it couldn't be delay any longer now.

The braided child went to where his teacher was sitting, with Heero hovering at the back as moral support.

"Miss Une?" Duo started timidly.

The young teacher looked at Duo with a gentle smile. "Yes Duo?"

"Um..." The toddler was fidgeting nervously. "I cannot hand in my homework."

"And why is that?" Miss Une was not happy about that announcement.

"The dog ate it."

Miss Une's eyebrows raised several notches. She gently suggested Duo to tell the truth.

Duo's lips trembled, tears were ready to fall.

Heero looked at his best friend, frowning. He was not happy that Miss Une implied Duo was lying. Duo never lied. He turned back to their desk and went through Duo's schoolbag, and returned with the object he was searching for in hand.

The dark haired boy handed the tattered exercise book to his teacher.

Yes, it was indeed Duo's homework. It was missing a corner, and the neatly written words were smeared together by dog drool. Bits and pieces of paper were falling out of the thin book.

Heero was staring at his teacher with a fierce look, hands on his hips, ready to defend his friend if needed.

One look at Heero's fierce blue eyes and poor miserable Duo, the young teacher kneeled down and hugged the both of them.



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