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Te Amo Part 5

After Colony 196
Early November

"Duo Maxwell, here."

"Hi Duo. How are you?"

"Fine Quatre. What's up?"

"Well, I'm planning to terminate our Gundams. I've prepared a spaceship to send them toward the sun. Will you send yours as well?"

"The war is really over huh. That's okay. I think it's time for my buddy to retire. I'll send him to you tomorrow."

"Thank you, Duo. I really appreciate that."

"Quatre, you don't need to be formal to me. By the way, how are you and Trowa, hmm? Still hot? I am sure you two are screwing like rabbits."

"*blush* Duo! It's not polite to talk like that."


"You look so happy, Duo."

"I am. Hilde finally finished taking care of the papers on L2. She'll be home in half an hour. Talking about that, I have to pick her at the spaceport. See ya later, Quatre."

"Okay. I'm glad you're happy, Duo....."


"Heero Yuy speaking."



"Quatre wants to send our Gundams to the sun with a spaceship and he hopes you will send yours as well."

"Ryoukai. I'll ship it to you tomorrow."

"Thank you."

"............ Give my regards to Quatre, then."

"Are you happy, Heero?"


"You look a little paler."

"I'm fine, Trowa."

The Japanese boy quickly disconnected the phone and ran toward the bathroom. A few minutes later, he appeared, looking dishevelled, and went to his desk. He sat down on the chair and wrote in the blue book.

6th of November, AC 196

Odin, this is not funny. I think you're laughing somewhere above or under, aren't you? Being nauseous in the morning and night is quite irritating. Not to mention the loss of appetite, easily getting tired, and tons of food I have to avoid. This child will really cause me a lot of trouble.

Just like the father.....

I wonder whether this child is a boy or a girl.... If it turns out to be a girl, I think I'll have to be prepared for her tantrums, not to mention woman problems when she grows out.... If it turns out to be a boy ... I know I'll have a little troublemaker Shinigami.............

Boy or girl, I'll have a child.

I'll nurture a life instead of killing it.....

I just wished Duo was here with me.

I miss him, Odin. I miss him so much....

The bed feels so cold and big without him. I have no one to cuddle and no one to hug and kiss me.

I miss Duo......


After Colony 196
The last month of the year

Two weeks.

It only took two weeks of living with his wife to make Duo Maxwell wonder whether he had made one big mistake by marrying Hilde and changing his whole life.

He knew Hilde was different from Heero, but he couldn't help comparing both of them. The first day they lived together, he realized that Heero's cooking was far more delicious than Hilde's. On the second day, when Hilde was asking for a housemaid, he realized Heero was capable of maintaining a house alone. But he didn't complain. He understood Hilde was not Heero. Not everyone was as perfect as the Japanese boy.

However, that wasn't the reason he that he felt he had a big mistake. It was later, a week after he'd started living with Hilde, the first day he came home late. That was when he realized how good Heero treated him compared to his wife.

"I'm home." Duo opened the front door and saw his wife walk out of the bedroom.

"It's 09:10 PM. You're late." Hilde stated flatly as she helped Duo out of his coat.

Duo smiled. "Since you don't work anymore, I have to take care of your company too, remember." He put his hand around Hilde's waist and pulled her closer, wanting to kiss her.

"No, Duo." Hilde pushed him away and wiggled out of his embrace. "You smell. Take a bath, first."

Duo blinked. He looked at his empty arms. An image of Heero, pliant, receptive and accepting his kiss flashed before him. Heero never refused his kiss no matter what condition he was in. Moreover, Heero never said he smelled.....

"Duo, why are you still standing there?"

Duo blinked and saw Hilde scowling at him. He quickly straightened up. "Nothing, I'm sorry to make you wait. I'll take a bath first then we'll eat, 'kay?"

"I have eaten already." Duo stopped on his way to bathroom and looked at his wife in surprise. Hilde tilted her head slightly. "You don't think I'll wait and let myself starve till you come home, do you?"

"No, of course not." Duo quickly entered the bathroom. He shed his clothes while trying to remember when the last time he ate alone was when Heero was still with him....Never..... He realized then that Heero never let him eat alone. The Japanese boy always accompanied him, no matter how late it was. Duo was suddenly ashamed when he remembered how often he arrived late at home and not telling Heero that he had already had dinner outside. Cursing himself for his ignorance, Duo stepped into the shower and turned it on.

He squeaked loudly as cold water hit his body. He quickly jumped out of the shower and stood still, trembling. "Hilde?!" He shouted and a few seconds later, his wife stuck her head in.


Duo pointed at the shower. "The water is cold."

"Obviously." Hilde snorted. "I heated the water around the time you usually come home. It's late now so it's no surprise it has gotten cold." With that she closed the door and left Duo staring at the door in bewilderment. It took the braided boy a full minute to snap out of his surprise. He stepped back into the shower and gritted his teeth as he bathed with cold water.

He had never had cold water when he was with Heero , one more thing that he just realized too late. Oh well, it was his fault because he came home late. He couldn't blame Hilde for it.

After the shower, Duo went to eat and his mood lightened a little when Hilde accompanied him and asked him about his day. They chatted until Duo finished eating. Feeling better in mood, Duo stood up and was about to walk to the bedroom when Hilde called him. He turned around and saw Hilde scowling while pointing at the dishes. "You don't think I will clean the dishes alone after I heated the food for you and accompanied you eating, do you?"

Duo felt like a moron as he helped his wife clean the dishes, remembering how often he forgot to help Heero clean the dishes and how the Japanese boy never complained. He made a note to treat Heero nicer when they met sometime later.

Finished with the dishes, Duo walked happily into the bedroom, eager to make love to his wife. He was very disappointed when Hilde refused him.

"I'm tired from cleaning the house and maintaining the garden, Duo. Moreover I'm still a little bit sore from yesterday's love making. You should be gentler next time, Duo. I want to sleep now." Hilde changed her clothes and crawled into the bed, promptly falling asleep without waiting for Duo to join her.

Duo, on the other hand, just sat on the bed, looking at his wife while his mind wandered to the past. Heero never refused him. Heero never complained about how he treated him during the sex and Heero never told him how sore he was either.

But then, Hilde was not Heero. Duo sighed and lay down, pulling the blanket over him.


Duo was snapped out of his thoughts at the sound. He approached the videophone and pressed the answering button. "Duo Maxwell."

"Hi Duo." Quatre's cheerful face appeared on the screen. "I'm going to take the spaceship containing our gundam to the space. Trowa can't go since he has to work on the circus for the following week. I wonder if you want to join me."

Duo thought for a moment. He did need a break from working. Howard could handle the company and while he went with Quatre, he could sort out his feelings. And maybe, Heero would join Quatre too. "I'm in, Quatre. When will we depart?"

Quatre beamed. "Tomorrow morning. I'll wait you in L3's spaceport."

"Ryoukai." Duo smiled.


17th of December, AC 196

Two months into the pregnancy, the nausea has lessened but my stomach is still flat. I wonder when I will be showing. I think I need to buy some new clothes to accommodate this little Shinigami soon.

You know, Odin. There are so many instructions of what you can do and what you may not do when you're pregnant. Not to mention cravings. I think I'm thankful that I haven't craved anything yet and I hope I won't until I deliver this little Shinigami, which I'm somehow quite sure will be a very healthy boy.


The Japanese boy stopped writing and approached the videophone, punching the button to answer it. "Heero Yuy."

"Heero." Lady Une's face appeared on the screen. "I need your help. There is a rumor that someone from Barton family plans to take the world before this year ends."

The short-haired boy narrowed his eyes. "I'll investigate it."

"Thank you, Heero." Une nodded formally and disconnected.

The Japanese boy put his hand over his stomach and whispered. "I hope you're strong enough for a long and hard ride, little Shinigami..... I need to ensure your future."


After Colony 196
Christmas Eve

"Stop it. Relena Peacecraft is in here too." Dekim Barton shouted, but the Japanese boy ignored him and shot the base with his double riffle beam nevertheless. He didn't care whether Relena was there or not. He only cared about one thing. The future of his child.

Duo's child.

He wouldn't let his child grow up in war like he did.

"Heero!" Duo shouted worriedly as he watched from his screen the Wing Gundam's broken pieces crumbled to the ground. He took off from where he fought with Zechs, Noin, Trowa, and Quatre and headed to Mariemeia's base.

Once his Deathscythe landed on the base, Duo quickly jumped off and checked the fallen Wing. Not finding the Japanese boy there, he ran into the basement and stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Relena hugging an unconscious Heero.

"Heero!" Duo approached them, feeling worried and jealous at the same time. He pulled Heero away from Relena and lifted the Japanese boy in his arms, carrying him from the basement.


"Hilde!" Duo shouted as he kicked his front door open. "Call the doctor!" He rushed into the bedroom and put Heero on the bed. Duo was checking Heero's injuries when Hilde entered the bedroom. "Have you called doctor, Hilde?" Duo asked without turning his head, eyes focused on checking Heero's body.

"Not yet, I want to know... "

"Call him now!" Duo glared at his wife. "Heero is injured."


At Hilde's answer, Duo quickly returned his attention to Heero. After doing a quick check up, Duo felt relieved that Heero's injuries weren't fatal. He sighed and caressed Heero's cheek gently. "You made me very worried, Heero......"


Duo turned in surprise and saw his wife standing in the doorway with a white bearded man. "Doctor Philip has arrived. Let him do his job."

Duo nodded in relief and stood up stepping aside to let the doctor take his place. He wanted to watch the doctor but Hilde approached him. "You're a mess, Duo. I think you need to take a bath."

Happy that Heero was fine and relieved that Hilde didn't hear him, Duo didn't protest. He nodded and headed to the bathroom, leaving Hilde and the doctor to take care of Heero.


After Colony 196
Christmas Day

"Hi." Duo smiled gently as he watched Heero slowly open his eyes.

"Duo?" The Japanese boy's voice was slurred. "Where am I?"

"In my house. Want a drink?"

"Aa..." Suddenly Heero gasped and put one hand over his mouth.

"Heero?" Duo was surprised and alarmed. "What's up? Are you in pain?"

"Bathroom." Heero blurted out and clamped his mouth with his hand again. His face was pale and his other hand was holding his stomach.

Duo wasted no time. He lifted the Japanese boy into his arms and carried him into the bathroom. He reached it in time to set Heero down and watched the Japanese boy approach the washstand and vomit into it. "Heero, Heero, are you okay?" Duo was really worried. He caressed Heero's back as the Japanese boy emptied his stomach into the stand. It took Heero five minutes to finally regain his composure.

"I am.... fine..." Heero wiped his mouth and turned on the water to clean the washstand. He slowly stood up while Duo looked at him with worry.

"Are you feeling better now?" Duo brushed Heero's forehead. "You look pale."

"I'm really fine." Heero's shaky voice betrayed his words.

"No, you aren't." Duo snorted and lifted the Japanese boy into his arms, carrying him back to the bed.

He just lowered Heero onto the bed and was about to pull the covers over the Japanese boy when Hilde entered the room, smiling delightfully. "Duo, I'm pregnant!!"

"You what!???" Heero forgotten, Duo released the covers and approached his wife. "Are you serious?"

Hilde nodded, smiling widely. "Doctor Philip just checked me thoroughly. It's positive, I'm two months pregnant."

Duo opened his mouth but no sound came out. Two months pregnant. So that was why Hilde often got tired while tidying the house and not waiting for him to have dinner when he was late. Oh yes, now it was all obvious to him since Hilde was not in her usual condition. Hilde was pregnant. Hilde was carrying his child!! Laughter erupted from his open mouth and Duo grabbed Hilde's waist, lifting her up and spinning her around. "I'm gonna be a dad!"

"Yes, you are, darling." Hilde laughed too.

Duo smiled widely as he lowered his wife and kissed her passionately.

Neither was aware of the Japanese boy lying on their bed watching them with dull blue eyes. The boy didn't smile, didn't laugh, and didn't cry either. He just watched with one hand pressed against his stomach.

He could only watch.....


I am in big trouble, am I? *sweatdrops and quickly dives into her turtleshell*


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