Note: This is the beginning of Heero's pregnancy. Even after reading the previous chapters, you're still disgusted with this idea of pregnancy, please don't read further. I have warned you and I held no responsibility if you still choose to read it.

Te Amo Part 4

After Colony 196 L3 Colony
In early September

"Hello Quatre."

Quatre smiled at the cheerful boy on the screen. "Hello Duo. How are you?"

"You can see I'm fine. Is Trowa there too?" Duo winked.

"I'm here." Trowa stood behind Quatre, who was sitting on the chair, and leaned forward so his face could be seen on Duo's screen.

"Hi Trowa. Now that you two are listening, I want to ask you a favor."

"What is it?" Quatre's heart could feel the happiness radiating from the braided boy and he smiled wider. "You look so happy."

Duo grinned. "I am. I want you to be my best man, Quatre."

"What?" Quatre blinked while Trowa's eyes widened slightly. "You're getting married?"

"Yup! The ceremony will be held on 30th September. I'll send the details later. Can you come?"

"Of course!" Quatre smiled and shook his head. "I just never thought you want to marry this soon."

Duo chuckled. "Well, Hilde wants to marry as soon as possible. I'll see you at the ceremony, guys."

Quatre blinked as the screen went blank. He needed a few seconds to overcome his shock at Duo's statement. "Trowa?"


"It isn't Heero?"

"Duo said 'Hilde', Quatre."

"I thought........."

"Me too." Trowa watched as his lover slumped in the chair. Quatre still remembered how beautiful Heero's smile last time they met. That was the first time the Japanese boy had admitted that he was happy... but now..... Quatre straightened up suddenly and punched Duo's number. There might be a mistake. Duo probably had said the wrong name. Quatre waited and then the screen revealed Heero's face.

The blonde boy didn't have a chance to say a word. Pain shot through his body the second his eyes met the dull Prussian blue eyes. Quatre gasped and clutched his chest tightly.

"Quatre! What's wrong?" Trowa looked at his lover worriedly while on the screen, Heero appeared to understand what happened.

"Gomen, Quatre. Don't tell Duo. He is happy with Hilde." Heero spoke on the screen and then the screen went blank.

Quatre slumped and panted. The pain disappeared once Heero disconnected. However, tears were sliding down on the Arabian boy's cheek.

"Quatre, why are you crying? Are you in pain?" Trowa was alarmed.

"Not mine... " Quatre panted.


"These aren't my tears." Quatre wiped his tears away. "Heero's. Heero is hurting and crying inside........"


8th of September, AC 196

21 days left....

I don't want to leave Duo. ......

I don't want....


17th of September, AC 196

12 days left...

Duo looks so far, Odin.....

In my dreams, I extend my hand, try to reach him, but he is always an inch away from my grasp.... I call to him.... I shout at him..... but he won't listen.... I chase him but then Hilde appears next to him and glares at me, gesturing for me to leave.....

I don't want to leave ......

I don't want......


After Colony 196 Earth
In late September

The Japanese boy entered the dusty laboratory where he had kept his Gundam hidden for the last eight months. He was wearing green tank top, blue jeans and jacket, and a pair of brown shoes. A bag was slumped over one shoulder while the other hand was holding a pot of violet flowers.

He approached the desk in the right corner and after wiping the dust away from the surface; he put down the pot and the bag on the desk. Then he set to cleaning the laboratory.

Two hours later, the laboratory was free of dust and the short-haired boy went back to the desk. He opened his bag and put the blue diary and a small transparent box from the bag onto the desk. They were the only items other than clothes that he brought from where he had stayed for the past eight months.

The messy haired boy looked long at the small box holding a white figure. He then pulled out a chair, sat down on it, and started to write in the blue diary.

29th of September, AC 196

Tomorrow is Duo's wedding day, Odin. I can't stay at his house any longer so I hope you won't mind J's dusty laboratory as a place to settle.

....... I'm alone again, Odin.

No home. No family.

No Duo.......

The Japanese boy shut the book a little too loud and stood up. He turned on the big computer at the corner of laboratory and worked on the password. Several minutes later, the computer's screen blinked and revealed a picture of an old man with long, white hair and goggled eyes.

The boy widened his eyes slightly. "J."

"That's right, Heero." Dr. J smiled.

"You're dead." Heero stated flatly.

Dr. J nodded. "Yes, I'm dead. This is just an artificial intelligence machine that I made. It has my memories and so does this one." Suddenly the metal door next to computer opened and a figure that looked like J walked out.

"An android." Heero's eyes narrowed.

The android J grinned. "Clever boy. Now why did you disturb my sleep and what are you doing in my lab?"

"I have no place else to go."

J tilted his head slightly. "Don't you live with G's boy, Duo Maxwell?"

Heero looked away. "He is with Hilde now."

"So he dumped you?" J frowned. "How dare he do that to my boy? I thought he would make you happy."

"He did."

"Why did he dump you then?" J growled.

"Duo loves Hilde. I can't make him happy like Hilde does." Heero still looked away.

J frowned and grabbed Heero's chin with his mechanic arm. "How can't you make him happy? Damn that boy! I thought he would make you happy after all the training and torture you endured in your childhood. You know, except training you as a soldier, I also taught you all I know about settling down with your mate. You're skilled in cooking, so food won't be a problem. You have record time in cleaning and tidying a place so he doesn't have to work too hard. I also taught you about sex verbally, so he wouldn't be disappointed with you. He has got a prepared virgin, for crying out loud!"

Heero shook his head. "Still...... that isn't enough, J."

"What did I miss?"

"I don't know. I have done everything I can to make him satisfied...... maybe because I'm a boy. I can't give him children like Hilde will......."

J snorted. "Well, I never thought you would choose another boy as your mate. But is that the only reason he dumped you? G's boy is stupid then." The android released Heero's chin and looked at the Japanese boy thoughtfully. "Do you want it, Heero?"


"Do you want the ability to give him children?"

The Japanese boy widened his eyes slightly. "........Are you serious?"

"Yes, my teacher invented the potion for male pregnancy but it isn't too popular since the consequences are very hard to bear."

"What are the consequences?"

"You'll be in constant pain, in your stomach, while you are with child. It's all because your stomach isn't originally designed for holding a child. This pain in your stomach can be tenfold greater than the pregnant female usually has after three months of pregnancy."

"Are there other risks?"

"Except from the usual pregnancy syndromes? Nope." J shook his head. "Just so you know, out of the forty men who drank the potion, only one managed to deliver his child. The rest requested abortions because they couldn't stand the pain."

"I can handle the pain." Heero looked straight at J.

"I know." J's eyes softened. "But can you handle six months of constant pain, boy? It's very difficult even for a soldier like you."

"I'll do it. I have nothing to lose. Give me the potion, J."

J looked long at the Japanese boy. "You really love him, don't you?"

Heero looked away once again. "That's not your concern."

"But I'm concerned about you. I thought you would be happy after the war ended, but seeing you like this..... Why don't you find another mate? A girl like Relena Peacecraft?"

"I don't want another mate. I want the potion now, J."

"You do love him." J sighed. "Very well, I'll show you the ingredients and how to make it on the screen. This android has to rest now. It's designed for functioning during most important events only. We'll meet again, once you're ready to deliver your baby, Heero." With that the android turned around and headed to the door that he had come out of.


J looked over his shoulder. "Yes, Heero?"

"Thank you."

J shook his head. "This is the least I can do after I robbed you of your childhood." With that the metal door shut, locking the android inside.

The Japanese boy looked at the door for a few seconds before approaching the screen where the ingredients were shown. He studied the screen for half an hour before sitting down on the nearest chair. A soft whisper came from the boy. "I can bear Duo's child......"


After Colony 196
Middle of October

"Duo Maxwell here."


"Hi Heero, how are you?"

"I'm fine. Can you come to Phoenix Hotel room 212, now?"

"Yes, I ..."

"I'll wait for you there."

Duo heard the clicking sound and looked at the phone bewilderedly. However it only took him a minute to grab his jacket and storm out off the office. Arriving at Phoenix Hotel, he quickly headed to room 212. He knocked in trepidation and a second later the door opened, revealing his ex Japanese lover.

"Hi." Duo smiled as he entered the room. The room smelled wonderful and Duo felt relaxed. He turned around and looked at the Japanese boy who leaned against the now locked door. Heero was still the same, still wearing green tank top and blue jeans. The clothes didn't help to cover his firm chest and slender body. Duo gulped as he felt himself harden at the thought. He quickly pushed the thought away, not wanting to cheat on his wife. Heero was merely his friend now. "I thought you were angry with me since you didn't come to my wedding."

"...Gomen, I had something else to do at that time." The Japanese boy straightened up. "How was your honeymoon?"

"Great. Hilde and I went cruising for two weeks and I can say that's the best cruise I have ever had. We..." Duo faltered as he remembered he once went cruising with Heero. He didn't mean to say that it was better cruising with Hilde than with the Japanese boy. To tell the truth, cruising with Heero had had its own pleasures. The way they danced, played, and had sex every night and day..... Duo swallowed and decided to change the topic. "Why did you call me here, Heero?"

"Why do you think?" The Japanese boy walked toward him and Duo found his eyes fixed on the swaying of Heero's hips. In his mind, he pictured how soft the flesh beneath the jeans and how good it felt to bury himself in Heero. Not a good thought, Duo shook his head, reminding himself that he had a wife now. However his eyes disobeyed him and kept looking at Heero's body.

The Japanese boy walked forward and Duo stepped backward, not wanting to be close to him, knowing it would be very difficult to control himself. "Heero, what are you .... " Suddenly, the back of his knees bumped against the bed and Duo lost balance, plopping down onto the bed. He blinked and watched as Heero bent over him until his mouth was only an inch apart from his ex-lover's. Suddenly Duo knew what Heero wanted. "Heero, no..."

"Just this once, Duo." Heero whispered as Duo felt the Japanese boy's hands caressing his body. His breath became ragged as the light caress aroused him more. What was left of his rational mind told him to push Heero away, but when he intended to do that, Heero rested his weight on Duo and nuzzled his neck. "Please, this my first and last request......"

Heero was pleading! For eight months that he lived with the Japanese boy, Duo never heard Heero plead except when he held Heero at the edge of his release. Now hearing such a plea and the feel of Heero's body against him made Duo shudder in pleasure. His lust flared and burnt what was left of his rational mind. He growled and put his hand on the back of Heero's neck, pulling the Japanese boy down in crushing kiss. As he kept devouring the luscious lips, Duo rolled them so that Heero was beneath him.

Soon clothes were scattered on the floor and after a fast preparation, the sound of flesh slapping against flesh was heard from the bed, followed by the gasps and moans its occupants elicited. Pressing Heero's legs up to his chest, Duo spread his slender legs and pounded into Heero with abandon. He was only aware of the feeling of Heero's warmth surrounding him and the pleasure that built as he thrust harder and harder into his Japanese lover until he reached his climax and promptly blacked out from the intensity of it.

The Japanese boy only gasped softly as his American lover's dead weight landed on him. He gingerly arranged his legs so that they could be put around his lover's waist and then stared at the ceiling, savoring the last joining he would ever have. The last touches, caresses, and kisses from his lover.

When Duo woke up an hour later, the Japanese boy was long gone. He gingerly sat up and noticed a note on the nightstand. Frowning, Duo grabbed the note and read it.

Thank you for everything, Duo. I wish
for your happiness. Until then......
...... till we meet again...

Duo clutched the note and leaned against the bed's headboard. Should he go home now? There was no one there. Hilde was at L2-Colony, working on the papers to merge their companies. Duo sighed and looked at the ceiling. Why did he feel suddenly hollow?


16th of October, AC 196

I hope Duo will forgive me for what I've done.

If I can't have Duo, at least I can have a part of Duo for myself.

Ne Odin, Dr. J's potion is working. I checked it this morning and the result is positive. I'm pregnant, Odin. I have Duo's child inside of me. Duo's child and mine as well. I'll have my own child........ This is a miracle I will never forget.

There's a small life inside me.

I'm not alone anymore, Odin.

The Japanese boy stopped writing and put one hand on his stomach. Closing his eyes in contentment, he hummed softly.

"My baby..."


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