Note: One of the gundam girls makes her appearance in this chapter.

Te Amo Part 2

After Colony 196
Nearing the end of March

"Heero, let's go out." Duo bounced out to the garden and quickly located his Japanese lover off to the right, reading under the oak tree.

"Where do you want to go?" Heero looked at the braided boy over his book, one eyebrow raised.

Duo grinned. "Shopping!"


"Yes. We've been living here for two months. It's time to add some furniture to our house and buy some supplies as well."

Half an hour later, both boys were walking in the mall. Duo was happily putting every kind of chocolate bar he saw in the cart that Heero was pushing behind. And while Duo kept grabbing, Heero took all the bars from the cart and put them back onto the shelf. The sight was amusing for some people and made them chuckle slightly. Duo finally realized what Heero was doing and turned around to protest. "Heero, stop putting back all my chocolate."

"You'll get fat eating those sweets." Heero snorted.

"I love chocolate." Duo pouted.

"You have half the cart full of chocolate. That's more than enough for your monthly supply."

Duo pouted deeper. Heero stared at him evenly until Duo chuckled. "You're like a mother hen. Fine then, let me choose one more chocolate and then we'll go to another section."


Duo grinned and searched the shelf. He grabbed the biggest bottle of Hershey's chocolate syrup and threw the Japanese boy a leer. "I'm sure you know what I want to do with this, ne?"

Heero looked away and kept silent, but Duo noticed the rosy hue on both of his cheeks and that was enough to make him grin during the walk to another section. Once they got home, he would use the Hershey's syrup right away. Chocolate covered Heero was a nice snack in the afternoon.

"Do you need a pair of new shoes, Sir?" The question snapped Duo out of his adult fantasy. He noticed they had arrived at the shoe section and the salesgirl was talking to him. Heero had already passed the section and Duo was about to pass it as well when he saw the yellow sneakers Heero was wearing. They were worn out and needed replacement.

Smiling, Duo ran his eyes over the shoes on the shelves and pointed at a pair of brown leather ones. "I want those ones."

Heero noticed Duo stop in front of the shoes section and approached him. "Duo, what are you doing?"

"Buying shoes," Duo smiled.

The salesgirl took the shoes from the shelf and showed them to Duo. "They're size is 39. Do you want to try them first, Sir?"

Heero frowned. "They're too small for you, Duo. Your size is 41."

"How did you know?" Duo blinked.

Heero tilted his head slightly. "I memorized all your data once."

"Typical you," Duo snorted. "Anyway, these aren't for me. They're for you. Go try them."

Heero blinked and looked at the offered shoes. "For me?"

"Yes, for you. It's time to change your old sneakers. My treat." Duo ushered the surprised boy to sit down and watched as Heero hesitantly put the shoes on. They fit Heero perfectly and Duo beamed at his choice. "You look good with them, Heero." He turned to the salesgirl. "I'll take them. Since he'll wear the new ones, will you wrap the old ones instead?"

"Certainly, Sir." The salesgirl smiled and took the yellow sneakers away.

Duo turned to Heero and noticed the Japanese boy still looking down at the shoes. "Do you like them, Heero?"

Heero looked up and smiled. "I like them very much. Arigato Duo."

Duo grinned happily. "Do itashimashite."

An hour later, the boys exited the mall and headed to the parking lot. They had just finished putting their purchase in the car's trunk when they heard bells chiming. Turning around, Duo saw a small church near the parking lot. He smiled and dragged Heero towards the church.

"Duo, where are we going?" Heero frowned.

"It seems there's a wedding ceremony there. Let's watch." Duo grinned.

They arrived at the entrance just in time to see the wedding couple walk out of the entrance. Duo watched as the bride threw her flower bouquet and the other girls squealed in delight, trying to catch the bouquet. Suddenly wind blew and the bouquet was thrown out of the girls' circle and landed straight in Duo's hands.

Duo blinked at the flowers in his hands and then looked up at the pouting girls around him, grinning widely. "I'm getting married next, ladies." He then grabbed Heero's wrist and ran away from a bunch of berserk girls.

Behind him, Heero ran with a smile tugging around his lips and happiness radiated in those blue Prussian eyes.


21st of March, AC 196

Another day that I won't forget. I'm so happy, Odin. We went shopping, Duo bought me new shoes, and we saw a wedding ceremony. I never thought Duo would get the flower bouquet, though. He was so happy and we ran from the girls till we panted.

Ne Odin, people believe that the recipient of this bouquet will marry not long after the wedding couple...... but when Duo dragged me away from the church, I feel like a runaway wedding couple. Strange huh?

It has been two months since we started living together. Two months. I'm very happy to be able to spend every day of it with Duo next to me. I know Duo likes to be free and I won't ask him more than he already gives me.

Wedding ceremony, exchanged vows, flower bouquet, rings.....

I don't need them.....

I have a house to settle in; I have Duo who cares for me.

I need nothing else.

The Japanese boy locked the diary up in the drawer and reached for the bouquet his American lover had left on the desk. He closed his eyes and inhaled the wonderful smell, smiling slightly.


After Colony 196 April
In a small house with a garden full of lavenders

"Heero, I have good news!" Duo entered the living room happily. He frowned slightly when the Japanese boy wasn't there and walked toward the garden. "Hee..." Duo stopped as he saw the Japanese boy sitting against the oak tree, eyes closed. The braided boy smiled and walked silently toward the sleeping boy. As he approached, his eyes ran over the slender body of his lover. Heero looked so beautiful, so contented, sleeping like this.

Duo knelt in front of the Japanese boy and leant forward, touching his lips with his. "Sleeping beauty..." Heero just purred and continued sleeping. Duo chuckled and gently gathered the Japanese boy into his arms. He lifted his lover slowly, not wanting to wake him up, and carried him into the bedroom.

After lowering his sleeping lover on the bed, Duo ran his fingers over the slender body. Heero purred and wiggled when the fingers touched his sensitive spots, but he didn't wake up. This rare occasion amazed Duo, for Heero always woke up in a slightest touch. Grinning naughtily, he decided to use this chance to its full advantage. His fingers worked skillfully, unfastening Heero's jeans and pulling them off the Japanese boy, together with his boxers. Heero's tank top soon joined the jeans on the floor, leaving Heero naked for Duo's eyes to feast on.

"You look so wanton, Heero." Duo chuckled as he shed his own clothes. After applying his fingers with lube, he inserted them into the still oblivious boy one by one. "Still doesn't want to wake up, huh?" Duo grinned as his fingers danced wildly inside Heero. The Japanese boy moaned and purred but he still didn't wake up. It looked like he was having a nice dream since there was a slight smile formed on his mouth.

"Since you still don't want to wake up...." Duo sat between Heero's spread legs. "Don't blame me for not being able to wait till you do." Grinning, Duo leaned forward, penetrating the sleeping boy.

Heero's eyes snapped open as Duo sunk to the hilt inside him. "Na... nani?"

"Finally you're awake." Duo chuckled and started rocking within the boy.

"Duo! How the hell... ah!" Heero arched his back as Duo hit his sensitive spot. Duo grinned and proceeded to drive the Japanese boy out of words. It was later after he filled the boy with his release and Heero cried out his release as well that the words were able to tumble out from their mouth once again.

"Do you like my method of waking you up?" Duo grinned as he nuzzled Heero's hair. They were still sprawled on the bed with Heero lying on top of Duo.

"You're supposed to be at work at this time." Heero snorted to Duo's chest.

"I came home early." Duo caressed Heero's messy hair. "And look what I found, a sleeping beauty in my garden."

"I was taking a nap from gardening." Heero rested his chin on Duo's chest and looked at his smiling lover. "What made you come home early?"

"I have good news to share with you." Duo looked down at his lover. "I manage to get a week free from work at the beginning of May. How does a cruise sound for our anniversary celebration?"

Heero blinked. "You remembered about our anniversary?"

"You thought I had forgotten, huh?" Duo grinned. "I still remember it's also your birthday. This will be our first anniversary and your first celebrated birthday. I won't let it pass by doing nothing." He pulled Heero up and kissed the Japanese boy gently. Then Duo withdrew from the kiss and smiled. "So what do you think about going on a cruise with me as a birthday present and a way to celebrate our anniversary?"

The Japanese boy smiled back. "Great idea."


2nd of May, AC 196

Today is exactly one year since Duo gave you to me, Odin. Another day I won't forget. Cruising with Duo was very pleasant. We swam this morning and danced at night. Duo was asleep as soon as he hit the bed. I think he was quite drunk before.

One year..... it has been one year since Duo came into my life and painted my black and white world with colors. One year since Duo gave a birthday date to me. It's the most wonderful year of my life. The nightmares sometimes still haunt me; but one touch from Duo wipes them away. I'm not alone. I have Duo with me.

With Duo, I'm not afraid to live.

The Japanese boy stared wistfully at his writing and then bent down to deliver a kiss to his sleeping lover. "Happy anniversary, Duo." He closed his diary and snuggled up to his oblivious lover, whispering contentedly. "And happy birthday to me...."


After Colony 196
Early in June

Two boys were lying in the bed, spooning against each other. The blanket covered their naked bodies from waist down.

"Heero, haraetta." Duo mumbled as he nuzzled the back of Heero's neck while his hands caressed the Japanese boy's stomach.

"You're doing better in Japanese, in the food department only, though." Heero snorted, not moving from where he was trapped between Duo's arms and legs. "If you release me, I'll cook breakfast for your insatiable stomach."

"But it feels good to just lie here with you." Duo purred. "Thank God for Sundays, I don't have to wake up early to go to work." This was his favorite time. Cuddling Heero after having sex was definitely one of the best moments. He felt so contented, so relaxed......


Duo cursed as the video phone machine beeped loudly from the living room, signaling an incoming call. "Damn!"

"You or me?" Heero turned and looked over his shoulder at his pouting lover.

"Me," Duo kissed the Japanese boy lightly before untangling them both. "You can cook breakfast during that." He put on his pants and went to get the phone while his Japanese lover put on his robe and went to the kitchen to prepare the breakfast.

Heero was putting the food on the plates when Duo entered the kitchen with a wide smile. "You look so happy. Who called?"

"Hilde." Duo grinned and plopped down on the chair. Not aware that the Japanese boy had stilled when he said the girl's name, Duo continued. "She is on earth now and also the head of L2's salvage company."

"Oh." The Japanese boy resumed putting the food on the plate. "Does she want to do business with you?"

"Yeah." Duo grinned. He reached for Heero's waist absentmindedly and pulled the Japanese boy to sit on his lap. Nuzzling Heero's neck, Duo explained further. "She wanted to talk about it privately with me first; so I invited her to come to dinner today."

Heero tensed. "Today isn't your working day."

"I know that, but Hilde is also my friend. I'm inviting a friend to have a dinner." Duo's hands caressed Heero's lean stomach while his mouth nipped at Heero's earlobe. "Don't worry, she is great company. I'm sure we'll have a great dinner together."

Heero was silent for some time and Duo let him, knowing too well that his Japanese lover still felt uneasy with the others, except the gundam pilots. He didn't have to wait too long as Heero relaxed and leaned against him. "I'll make the dinner."

Duo smiled and kissed Heero's cheek. "Thank you, Heero."


3rd of June, AC 196

"Hilde.... the girl is back, Odin.

Maybe it's just me but I feel like she didn't expect to see me at dinner...... her eyes were throwing daggers at me, as if I were a disgusting thing. Duo didn't seem to realize it; he was too happy to see her. They chatted about their work; something that I have no say in. They also threw jokes at each other that I can't catch the meaning of.

I felt unwanted there.....

Ne Odin.... I'm afraid.

I'm afraid of losing Duo.

Clutching his unconsciously trembling hand, the Japanese boy looked at the empty bed. His lover was outside, still chatting and laughing with the girl. A few minutes after he locked up the blue diary in the drawer, a braided head poked into the bedroom.

"Heero, I'll drive Hilde home. Don't wait for me."


As the front door closed, the Japanese boy snuggled into the cold bed. He knew he would stay awake until his lover came home.


After Colony 196
Late June

The Japanese boy glanced at the untouched dinner on the table and then looked up to the clock on the wall.

08:00 PM

His lover hadn't arrived yet. Standing up, he went to the bedroom and retrieved the blue diary. He sat on the chair and started writing.

25th of June, AC 196

Duo hasn't been home yet, Odin. He used to come home at 06:00 PM at least, but now he likes to work late. He also often talks about Hilde this, Hilde that, Hilde is so good in doing this, Hilde looks stunning doing that.

I don't want to hear it. I don't want to!

I know I can't be compared to her. I can't smile as freely as her, I can't laugh, I can't move as gracefully as her, and I'm not pretty either.

I can't protest if Duo chooses her over me. Why would he want a person like me anyway if he can get a nice pretty girl? He's never said he loved me, never said he cared for me. He only told me that he loved to have me at his side.

I know I can offer nothing to him, but I don't want to lose Duo either.

I need Duo...

Ne Odin. Tell me.... what should I do so he keeps wanting me at his side? Should I try to laugh or attempt to joke like Hilde does? I don't think I can do that..... The more I think, the more I feel useless. What can I do, Odin? What can I do to make him stay with me?

I don't want to lose Duo....

The sound of car's engine approaching snapped the Japanese boy. He locked the diary back in the drawer and went to the living room, opening the front door for his lover.

"Tadaima." Duo smiled and delivered a kiss on Heero's forehead.

"Okaeri." The Japanese boy stepped aside, letting Duo walked in.

"I'm going to take shower, first. Hilde said I smelled bad." Duo grinned and walked toward the bathroom, oblivious to his Japanese lover who had tensed at the name. It was a full minute before the Japanese boy moved and went to the kitchen to heat up their dinner.

Under the shower, Duo sighed as the warm water hit his body. He cleaned himself as he replayed his conversation with Hilde. The girl always amused him with her endless topics. He had been having fun, debating about the man's and woman's rights. Hilde insisted that a man had the same duties and rights as the woman. Duo smiled at the memory, remembering he had agreed to the girl. He never won against Hilde in debate, anyway.

Duo was whistling when he came out of the bathroom, wearing his boxer only. Entering the kitchen, he noticed Heero had sat down on the chair, waiting for him to join. Feeling a little guilty that he had made Heero wait for him, Duo kissed Heero's cheek before sitting down on the other chair across from the Japanese boy. He cringed a little when he saw how much food Heero had put on his plate. He wasn't hungry since he had eaten with Hilde before going home, but he wasn't going to disappoint Heero. After all, Heero had cooked and waited for him.

"Itadakimasu!" Duo said out of habit and began eating.

"Itadakimasu." Heero murmured and ate his dinner.

A minute passed in silence and Duo was trying to force the meat into his full stomach when Heero spoke up. "Duo..."

"Whummh?" Duo swallowed the meat. "What?"

"You don't have to eat all of it if you aren't hungry."

"Why do you think I'm not hungry?" Duo blinked.

".... You look like you're being forced to eat..." Heero sipped his soup.

Duo grinned sheepishly and put down his spoon and fork. "You're right, I think I'm full tonight."

Heero nodded and resumed his eating. Duo fidgeted in his chair. He wanted to sleep but he didn't feel like leaving Heero eating alone in the kitchen.

"How was your day?"

The sudden question startled Duo. It wasn't like Heero to start a conversation. He looked at his Japanese lover, who calmly continued eating. "Why do you ask, Heero?"

Heero shrugged slightly. "Just because."

Duo chuckled then, "If I don't know you better, I'll think you are trying to start a conversation. I had a good day, don't worry. Nothing happened at work, except for some stupid guys, who tried to buy gundanium alloy. It's against the law and they knew it, but they still tried to bribe me. Needless to say, I had a good time kicking their butts...." Duo trailed on, jumping from one topic to another one while his Japanese lover continued eating, nodding occasionally to give his agreement to whatever Duo said.

They had returned to the old comfortable pattern once again.



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