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Note: I have written monster Hee-chan, crossdressing Hee-chan, slave Hee-chan, so now as a 2x1 worshipper, I write preggy Hee-chan as well, hehehe. * gets thwapped by sore bottomed Hee-chan* Jam, as your wish, this is the fic you asked for. For the other readers, don't be too quick to judge just because it's a preggy fic. It isn't a silly/funny/fluffy-preggy-fic style (thought I tried to write once and failed). I'll leave it to you to figure out what type of fic is this since I'm not too sure either. I'll give the warning above for each chapter since it's too much to list if I include all chapters.

Te Amo Part 1

After Colony 195
One of the rooms in the dormitory

"Happy Birthday, Heero!"

Heero looked up from his laptop to the grinning braided boy. He raised one eyebrow as he spoke with his usual monotone voice. "Today is not my birthday."

"I know, but I got a present for you." Duo plopped down on the bed, next to where Heero was sitting, offering the said present.

Heero looked down at the present and looked up again at the braided boy. "A diary?"

"Yup," That answer got Duo a gun pointed at his forehead.

"Don't joke with me." Heero said flatly, ready to shoot the still cheerful braided boy.

"Why do you think I'm joking?" Duo placed his hand on the gun and slowly pushed it aside. "I know you rarely show your true emotions. Living as a soldier has stripped the emotions away from your face. I think this diary will help you in that department. If you can't show your feelings to the others, at least you can write them down here." The braided boy placed the blue diary on Heero's lap.

Heero set his gun beside him and held up the diary. "What are you up to, Duo?"

The self-proclaimed Shinigami held up both of his hands. "Nothing. I just want to be your friend."

The Japanese boy slowly put the diary back on his lap. He looked hesitant for a moment before answering. "We're already friends."

"Hey, you've never said that before." Duo smiled.

"I just did." Heero grunted. "Now leave me alone. I need to hack into this school's main computer." His fingers were about to dance on the laptop's keyboard when another hand covered both of his, stopping their movement. Heero looked up, slightly irritated. "What now?"

The Deathscythe pilot smiled. "What if I want to be more than a friend, Heero?"

"What do you mean?" Heero raised an eyebrow.

Duo grinned and leaned forward, giving a light kiss on the Wing pilot's half-parted mouth. "That's what I want, Heero."

Heero blinked. He stared at the braided boy for some time before scowling. "I can't allow that."

"Why not?" Duo asked huskily while his hand started moving, caressing Heero's palms beneath his.

"We're only fifteen...."

"You know our minds aren't the minds of fifteen year old boys anymore, Heero." Duo cut in.

"We're in the middle of a war...."

"With this new relationship we can take care of one another and comfort each other." Duo cut in again. "We also can understand each other more." His hand had moved to Heero's neck and was about to caress Heero's cheek when the Japanese boy grabbed the wandering hand.

"We're both boys, Duo."

"So?" Duo shrugged. "That won't be a problem for me."

"......... Why me?"

Duo leaned forward and whispered near Heero's ear. "Just because..."

Heero shuddered as he felt Duo's breath against his earlobe. Duo's hand escaped his grip and caught his wrist, holding his hand immobile. "Duo, we can't ... hmph" Heero couldn't finish his words as Duo's mouth silenced him with a fiery kiss. Hot slithery flesh invaded his slightly parted mouth, giving Heero jolts of pleasure like he had never known before. Duo's free hand roamed over his body, caressing and kneading his flesh in an intimate manner.

When Duo broke the kiss, the Wing pilot's blue eyes had glazed over with pleasure. The braided boy smiled confidently. "I don't want to hear any reasons, Heero. Just say 'yes' or 'no'."

"You can't order me." Heero panted slightly as he glared coldly at the American boy in front of him.

"I'm giving you a choice, Heero. Not an order." Duo cupped Heero's cheek and caressed the soft flesh with his thumb. "If you say no, I'll stop at once and never mention it again, but if you say yes....." Duo paused slightly as his fingers brushed upon the barely parted lips. He looked at the Prussian blue eyes of the Japanese boy and whispered slowly. "We'll share our nightmares and dreams."

Heero looked long into the violet eyes of Shinigami before nodding. "Very well. I'll try this new relationship with you."

Duo smiled at his answer. "You won't be disappointed, Heero." He then sealed their new relationship by claiming Heero's lips.

Somehow, Heero managed to put his laptop on the nightstand before he was pushed flat onto his back and Duo's body covered his own. Their clothes were soon gone, leaving them pressed skin against skin. Duo's fingers moved and caressed every inch of Heero's smooth skin. The Wing pilot's senses were soon clouded with pleasure. He vaguely felt the invasion of foreign digits, stretching and preparing him. Then something bigger replaced them, causing a burning-like sensation for some seconds before turning to pleasure.

Duo kissed and nipped his neck as they danced to the peak of pleasure. Heero was vaguely aware of his cry of release and Duo's roar of completion as the braided boy released his passion inside the Japanese boy. Then, Heero knew no more.


2nd of May, AC 195

Hello Odin.

Duo gave you to me. That baka said that I can write whatever I think or feel to you so I think I'll make use of my first birthday present. You're named after my first mentor. He once told me to follow my emotions and I did. Today, Duo gave me my first kiss, my first experience with sex and my first relationship. I never thought there would be someone who wanted me as their companion, but it seemed Duo did. I don't know what he saw in me. I'm a soldier. I rarely have emotions. Why does he want me, Odin? I don't even know whether I'll survive in this war or not. I can't promise him anything. But since he had chosen me, I might as well do my best to keep him around, ne?

"Hmm.... Heero, come back to bed."

"In a minute."

The Japanese boy wrote one more sentence in the blue diary and put it in the drawer. He then locked the drawer and lay back down on the bed. A pair of arms quickly enveloped him and pulled him into their embrace.

The Japanese boy fell asleep with a slight smile on his lips.

Ne Odin, ...... I think I'm not alone anymore........


After Colony 195
In one of the colonies' airports

A messy haired boy was standing on one of the airport's buildings, watching the spaceship take off.

"So you gave Relena a teddy bear, ne Heero?"

The boy called Heero and also the Wing Zero pilot, turned around and saw another boy standing near him, grinning slightly.

"Duo." Heero narrowed his eyes. "What are you doing here?"

Duo, the Deathscythe Hell pilot stepped forward and put his arms around the Japanese boy's waist. "To retrieve my lover, of course. I don't want him taken by Queen of World."

Heero raised one eyebrow. "You still want me as your lover?"

"Why not?" Duo flexed his arms, pulling the Japanese boy against his chest. "Though the war is over, I would still love to have you by my side." He then proceeded to kiss the Japanese boy deep and long.

"What do we do now that the war is over?" Heero asked after they broke the kiss.

Duo thought for a moment. "Well, I think we'll settle down on earth and find a job. Do you mind?"

"Fine with me."

"Great, now let's go to the earth and find a house for us." Duo grabbed Heero's hand and dragged the Japanese boy away.


21st of January, AC 196

Odin, we meet again. I'm glad I decided to leave you on earth after Duo gave you to me. Now I can retrieve you and write in you, because I'm no longer afraid of losing you, my first gift. The war is over, Odin. The war that you started has ended. The best news is that Duo and I both survived the war.

I finally realized I want to live.

I want to live with Duo if possible.......

And it is! A week ago, he picked me up to live with him, Odin. That surprised me. I'd thought he would leave me once the war was over; ever since he went to help that girl named Hilde, from OZ, without caring about his own safety. I thought he only wanted me as comfort during the war, but it seems that I'm wrong. He wants me to live with him. Me... the soldier, the killing machine....

You know, we've bought a house on earth. There's a small garden in the backyard and a big oak tree next to it. The house is small, but it's our house, nevertheless. Duo's and My house. Our house. That sounds good.

I have a home, Odin.....I have a family......

The Japanese boy, who was leaning against the headboard, closed the blue book and placed it in the nightstand's drawer. He looked down at his sleeping lover and bent down to kiss the braided boy. "Arigato, Duo."


After Colony 196

"Tadaima." Duo bounced into the house. "Heero, where are you?"

"I'm here." Heero stepped in from the back door where the garden was. "Okaeri."

Duo smiled widely and hugged the Japanese boy "I got the job, Heero!!"

"The salvage company one?" Heero asked.

"Yup! Thanks to your idea, I managed to persuade Howard to join me. We'll open the store next month." Duo bestowed his Japanese lover with kisses.

"Omedeto." Heero nodded slightly and wriggled out of the braided boy's embrace. "Wait a second there. I have something for you."

Duo watched Heero enter the kitchen and then come back a few seconds later with something in his hand. "What's that?" Duo looked pointedly at the tiny box in the Japanese boy's hand.

"This is for you." Heero offered the box to his braided lover. "Happy Valentine's, Duo."

Valentine's. Duo totally forgot about it. He never thought Heero would do something so girly like that, but sometimes Heero was unpredictable. Like gardening...who would have thought that a Perfect Soldier would choose to be a gardener...Duo stared in surprise at the small box. It was made from glass and inside it, stood a dark brown colored Deathscythe. A Deathscythe chocolate! Duo looked in disbelief at his Japanese lover who raised an eyebrow. "Don't you like chocolate?"

Duo blinked once again and then smiled widely. "I love it. I just never thought that you would do something like this."

"Well, I did." Heero shrugged. "It's edible, you know."

"I never doubt your cooking skills." Duo grinned. He was thankful that Heero was also good at cooking, not that he had ever tasted home-made food except Heero's, but Heero's cooking was ten times better than his so he wasn't going to complain. He opened the small box and slowly ate the chocolate. It felt soft against his tongue and melted quickly, covering his tongue. "It's very delicious. Thank you very much, Heero." The American boy hugged his Japanese lover and kissed him hard, sharing the chocolate with him.


14th of February, AC 196

Odin, this day had been full of blessings. Duo got the job he wanted. I'm really happy for him. I found out that I like gardening, Odin. I, the destructor, the killing machine, has managed to get some flowers to live and bloom. Isn't it wonderful?

I hope the Lavender seeds I planted this morning will bloom around March so I can give the flowers to Duo at his company's opening day.

Do you know, Odin? Duo accepted my chocolate and ate it right away. I don't know what prompted me to make it at first... but it was worth of the smile he gave to me. I like seeing him happy. It makes my heart warm and I feel like I have done something right. I want to smile when I see him smile at me. Not the sneering smile, not the cruel smile. I want to smile as warm as he does... but how?

Ne Odin..... I want to smile together with Duo....


After Colony 196
March, the opening of salvage's company.

"Have you seen Heero, Quatre?"

The Arabian boy shook his head. "He hasn't come yet, Duo. Wasn't he supposed to come with you?"

"Well yes, but he asked me to go ahead because he still has to tend his garden a little bit." Duo scowled. "He prefers tending his garden to coming to my company's opening party."

"I'm sure he has a good reason for that." Quatre smiled. "I never thought for once that he would choose to be a gardener."

"He's good at it." Duo also smiled. "That small garden is full of blooming flowers every morning. It's beautiful."

"I have no doubt about that. He still tries to do everything perfectly after all." The blonde chuckled while Duo remembered one time when he went to the garden in the morning. The flowers bloomed and the dew on their petals reflected the morning sun, making them shine. And in the middle of the flowers, there was Heero, in his black spandex and green tank top, cutting some roses. It was a very beautiful scene.

"Are you two talking about me?" A nasal voice interrupted the conversation.

Duo and Quatre were startled and turned their heads in unison, noticing a messy haired boy standing near them, hands behind his back.

"Hi, Heero." Quatre greeted the Japanese boy.

"Quatre." Heero nodded formally and looked at Duo. "Sorry, I'm late. Here." The Japanese boy held up a bouquet of purple flowers. "Congratulations on the opening."

Duo blinked for a second and then smiled widely. So this was why Heero late. He took the bouquet and smelled the fragrance. "They smell nice. Thank you, Heero."

Quatre watched Heero nod slightly to Duo. "You haven't changed too much, Heero. Still stiff and efficient with words."

"Isn't Trowa also?" Heero raised one eyebrow.

Quatre coughed at the mention of his boyfriend while Duo laughed merrily. "I agree. And I think he is hiding somewhere now, Quatre."

"Yeah, he doesn't like parties too much. I think I better find him." Quatre excused himself and went to find the banged boy.

Duo watched Quatre's retreating back and then turned to the Japanese boy. His eyes twinkled brightly. "I also have something for you, Heero." The braided boy took something from his pocket and held it up in front of the Japanese boy. "Happy White Day."

Heero's eyes widened slightly as he stared at the glass box where a white Wing gundam stood in it. A white chocolate Wing gundam.

"You thought that I didn't remember about this day, huh?" Duo grinned. "It took me a week to make it."

The Japanese boy carefully took the box and looked down at it for a long time before looking up to meet Duo's violet eyes. "Arigato, Duo." For once, the corners of the Japanese boy's mouth curled up, forming a beautiful smile.

Duo blinked again and then smiled widely. This was the first time he'd seen Heero smile and he never thought the Japanese boy would look so beautiful with one. After he made a note in his mind to get Heero smile more often, Duo hugged Heero and kissed him lightly on the nose. "I'm happy to see you smile, Heero. Wait here while I get a camera. I want to get a picture of you smiling." Then Duo released Heero and bounced away.

Quatre, who saw the whole thing, approached the Japanese boy who was still staring at the glass box. "You look happy, Heero."

"..... I am, Quatre"


14th of March, AC 196.

Duo gave me a white chocolate today, Odin. It's still sitting on my desk while I write to you. I can't bring myself to eat it. That's the second gift I've gotten and also a sign that Duo cares for me. The thought makes my heart warm and flutter. I smiled back at him, Odin. I hope we'll be together forever like this.

I don't need anything else.

Just Duo.....

The Japanese boy closed the diary and looked at the white chocolate figure. A slight smile formed on his face.



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