Te Amo Part 13

"I beat my senior in fencing today." Solo grinned. "You should have seen his face, Heero."

"I would have loved to." Heero smiled slightly from where he leant against the pillowed headboard of his bed.

"Dad told me that you're a great fencer too. When you have fully recovered, I'll challenge you for a round."

Duo smiled as he watched the two people he cared most talking happily with each other. The next few days had passed with Duo taking care of Heero. He would wake up early and see to Heero's need since Heero wouldn't let the nurse near him. Duo didn't mind a bit and smiled as he tended the Japanese boy. When Heero wasn't asleep, Duo would tell Heero some important events during the past fifteen years but mostly he told Heero about Solo since the Japanese boy often asked about the boy.

Solo visited Heero every time he could, amusing Duo. His son surely thought of Heero as his idol and often looked at Heero in adoration when they talked about fencing or programming. Apparently Heero didn't mind Solo's visiting for Duo noticed Heero's eyes shine every time Solo talked to him.

Beep... beep

Duo punched the videophone while Heero and Solo stopped their discussion. "Yes?" He listened to the maid's voice on the other edge and then smiled. "Yes, just send him into the guest room. Solo and I are there." He then disconnected the videophone.

"Who's he?" Solo asked.

"The laptop agency. I promised you a laptop, didn't I?"

"Right, this is Saturday!" Solo slapped his own head. "I almost forgot."

Knock... Knock

"I'll get it." Solo jumped from his chair and literally bounced to the door. Duo chuckled and glanced at Heero to see the Japanese boy look at his son tenderly. If Duo didn't know better, he would say that Heero looked like a mother watching his child playing.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Maxwell. I'm Riki Gates, nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too, Mr. Gates." Duo shook hands with him and then gestured to one of the empty chairs. "Please sit down."

The man sat down and waited till Duo and Solo sat down across him before explaining a few newest models his company made. He spoke for a full fifteen minutes and then showed a laptop he had brought to Solo. "I think this model is the most suitable for this young man."

"Well, Solo. Which one do you want?" Duo prompted his son who was ogling the offered laptop.

"I will take this, Dad." Solo took the offered laptop.

"Very well. I'll take this one." Duo said to the man.

"Your son chose well." The agency man smiled and then gestured to Heero. "How about his twin, do you want to buy another one for him?"

Duo blinked and looked in amusement at the bed where Heero was staring at the agency man incredulously. Duo realized that though he could tell the differences between Solo and Heero, to other people they were very similar save the hair and eyes color. It wasn't the man's fault to think Heero was his son.

"I'm not..."

"I'll take the same type for him, Mr. Gates." Duo cut Heero's words, grinning slightly.

"Excellent. Since I don't bring an extra laptop, I'll arrange it to be sent before the night." The man beamed as he straightened up. Duo talked to him a few minutes more about the payment and then saw the man out of the house, leaving Solo and Heero alone in the room.

As soon as the door closed, Solo bounced up to Heero, hands hugging the laptop possessively. "Cool. The man thought we were twins. I think the other M-five will really believe me if I tell them you're my long lost twin brother."

Heero just smiled weakly. "I'm not your brother though."

"I know that. Mother couldn't have another child after giving birth to me." Solo sighed and plopped down on his seat, putting the laptop on the nightstand. "Sometimes it sucks to be the only child. I don't have brothers or sisters to share my joy or sadness."

"....." Heero didn't say anything, just looking at Solo thoughtfully.

Solo tilted his head toward Heero and smiled. "But I don't feel like that anymore since I have you now."

"Me?" Heero tilted his head slightly.

"Yeah. I don't know why, but I feel like you're really my long lost brother. I like being with you, Heero." Solo leaned forward and rested his head on the bed, next to Heero's hand.

The Japanese boy smiled slightly and stroked Solo's chestnut hair gently. "I like being with you too, Solo."

"Great." Solo grinned and then yawned. "Gee, I guess I'm quite tired after the fencing lesson. Mind if I rest for awhile here, Heero? I feel too comfortable to walk back to my room."

"I don't mind. I'm happy you want to stay." Heero murmured.

Solo smiled and closed his eyes, letting Heero continue stroking his hair. With his eyes closed, he couldn't see how Heero's eyes softened greatly and gave him a look of pure longing. Solo was half asleep when he vaguely heard soft familiar humming which sent him straightly to sleep before he could place where he ever heard the song.

"Angels watching, e'er around thee,
All through the night
Midnight slumber close surround thee,
All through the night..."

The Japanese boy sang faintly as if not wanting to wake up the sleeping boy next to him. His hand moved lower and tremblingly caressed the boy's cheek as if it was the most precious thing for him.

"Soft the drowsy hours are creeping,
Hill and dale in slumber sleeping
I my loved ones' watch am keeping,
All through the night....."

Tugging Solo's stray hair beneath his ear, the Japanese boy ran his fingers through the silken mass and whispered the song gently until he too fell asleep in exhaustion. Nevertheless, Duo was amused when he entered the room to find its occupants had fallen asleep. He stood next to Solo and caressed Heero's cheek tenderly. "You never cease to amaze me, Heero." Duo kissed the Japanese boy on the forehead and then continued his paper work while sometimes glancing at the two people he cared most.


In another place, far away from Duo's house, a figure bent over an android which looked like a goggled eyed old man. The figure worked on fixing the android while a worn out blue book lay on the table next to the android.


It was still morning when Duo hummed happily as he headed toward Heero's room. A few days had passed since Duo bought Solo and Heero the laptops. The Japanese boy's condition had improved greatly and now Heero could stay awake almost all day. He also changed his hospital gown into white shirt and deep blue shorts Duo had provided from the cupboard. While Duo was working on his papers or Solo was going to school, the Japanese boy used the laptop to gather the information about the present or looked through the photo albums again and again, much to Duo's wonder.

Heero was already awake when Duo opened the door. The Japanese boy was leaning against the head board and looking down at the album on his lap. "You're looking at the album again?" Duo said as he entered the room and walked to the bed. "Really Heero, you have looked through all of the albums many times. What makes you fascinated with these photos anyway?" Duo stood next to the bed and looked down at the Japanese boy, who upon Duo's arrival, had closed the album and set it aside on the nightstand.

"Ohayo." Heero looked up and greeted him instead of answering him.

"Ohayo." Duo smiled and kissed the Japanese boy passionately. It had been a long time since he spoke Japanese. He had missed having Heero welcome him every time he went home. And now, he told himself, he wouldn't have to wait too long. Once Heero was allowed to walk, Duo was sure he would have a lovely Japanese boy greeting him home. Just like fifteen years ago.

And like in the past, Heero was always pliant in accepting his kisses and caresses, making Duo so hot that he was tempted to bed the Japanese boy. He would have proceeded with his intention if not for the fact that he could injure Heero with that kind of activity. With great reluctance, Duo broke the kiss and rested his forehead against Heero's, trying to steady his breath and regain control of his body. However his hands betrayed his good intentions and strayed down to Heero's chest, unbuttoning the Japanese boy's shirt. When Duo realized what his hands were doing, Heero's shirt was already half unbuttoned. Duo stopped his hands' movement and stared down, looking at the bare neck and chest of the Japanese boy. "Heero..." Duo whispered lustfully as he leant toward Heero's slender neck. The older man forgot everything else when his lips met the slender neck as passion ruled his head. All he could think about was tasting Heero and marking the boy as his.

Minutes passed with sucking and licking sounds, added with moans from Heero and purrs from Duo. The older man was about to forget all the cautions and bed his Japanese boy when a faint cry escaped Heero's lips. Startled, Duo pulled away from where he was teasing Heero's nipple and looked up to see the Japanese boy wince slightly. He then realized that he had climbed on the bed and was resting his weight on Heero's body, pressing down on the wounds on Heero's stomach and legs. "God, I'm sorry, Heero." Duo quickly knelt on all fours, hovering over the Japanese boy.

Duo looked down and tried hard not to bed the Japanese boy beneath him. Heero's shirt was half unbuttoned and some hickeys he made a few minutes ago could be seen clearly on the Japanese boy's chest and neck. Heero's face was flushed and his lips were red from his long assault. With great effort, he pulled away and stepped down from the bed. Duo sat down in the nearest chair and looked at Heero who stared at him inquiringly, as if asking him why he stopped. "You should have told me when I caused you pain." Duo spoke slowly.

".....I don't mind..." Heero murmured.

"I mind." Duo growled, angry at himself for hurting Heero and at Heero for not stopping him. "I don't want to hurt you, Heero. I lost control back then and was only a minute away from burying myself inside you. I could cause you enormous pain if that happened. You should have told me"

Heero didn't answer and broke their eyes' contact. That small gesture told Duo that Heero wouldn't stop him even though he would be in pain. The older man realized that Heero wanted him to touch and caress him. Heero wanted it so much that he didn't mind the pain it caused. How stupid he was to not realize that Heero missed him as much as he missed the Japanese boy.

"Heero." Duo spoke softly and caressed Heero's cheek gently, urging the boy to look at him. "I want to kiss you, hug you, and caress you right now. I have waited fifteen years for that. But I don't want to see you in pain just because I can't hold myself a little longer. I'll hate myself if I hurt you..... again..." Duo said the last word bitterly.

Heero's eyes widened slightly at Duo's words before softening in understanding. The Japanese boy covered Duo's hand on his cheek with his own. "I'll tell you next time..."

Duo smiled and leant forward from his chair to bestow a kiss on the Japanese boy. "We'll have a good time once you're fully recovered."

"Aa..." Heero's lips quirked up slightly, telling Duo that the Japanese boy was happy. It was amazing that his simple words and gestures could make Heero happy. The boy was so different from his demanding wife. Heero never asked, never demanded. He was contented with what was given to him, whether it was only a hug, a simple word, or a cheap item.

"You deserve more than that..." Duo murmured unconsciously.


"Nothing, just a wishful thinking." Duo kissed Heero once again, vowing to make the boy happy. He then broke the kiss and smiled pleasantly. "Let's clean you up a bit, shall we?"

Heero nodded and continued unbuttoning his half opened shirt while Duo went to the bathroom to get the things he needed. He was lying naked on the bed when Duo returned with a basin full of water and damp clothes. The older man gulped at the rising urge to bed the Japanese boy, but this time, Duo kept his hormones in check as he gently rubbed Heero's body with damp cloth. They talked about the day's news and kept it light while Duo washed the Japanese boy. Soon they were both relaxed and enjoying the conversation.

"I never thought that you would do such a good job as a nurse." Heero spoke up absentmindedly.

"Don't mock me." Duo snorted as he rolled the boy and ran the damp cloth down Heero's back. "I have years of experience with Solo, you know."

"You also took care of Solo's bath?"

"Since he was a baby." Duo smiled at the memories. "As a baby, he was an angel to be bathed, but when he grew older, he would always make a mess in the bathroom."

"...I'm sure you also participated in making the mess."

Duo chuckled as he turned Heero on his back and rubbed Heero's chest with the cloth. "Well, I can't help it. He looked like a cute miniature of you when he was a toddler and when he threw his puppy eyes at me, I was lost. Solo was good in coaxing me into participating in a bubble war. You're right when you said he was little Shinigami." Duo changed the cloth with the new one and ran it on Heero's face. Somehow, he noticed Heero's eyes filled with longing at hearing his story. "You want a bubble war too? We can do it when you have recovered, you know."

Heero blinked and looked at Duo. "Bubble war?"

"Yup." Duo smiled.

"With Solo?"

Duo snorted. "With me, of course. Solo won't do such thing anymore. He is going through his teenage time and like the grown up kid, he wants to act and be treated like an adult. Okay, done." The older man put the damp cloth on the basin and stood up. "I'll be right back." Duo then took the basin back to the bathroom, oblivious to how the Prussian blue eyes of his mate had dimmed at his earlier words.

"Solo isn't a baby anymore..." The Japanese boy whispered brokenly, unnoticed by Duo who was in the bathroom, washing the cloths and the basin.

Duo emerged a few minutes later and found Heero had leaned against the head board and was buttoning his shirt back. "Talking about Solo, I should tell him about us sooner." Duo spoke up as he sat down on the chair near the bed. Duo was happy that his son liked to be friends with Heero and visit the Japanese boy as often as he could. But Duo also savored the times when Solo went to school since they were the only times when he could kiss and caress Heero in an intimate manner. If he told Solo about their relationship, he wouldn't have to restrain himself too much from caressing Heero in front of his son. But the problem was.....

"Do you think he will be ready to accept the fact that his father is involved with his...." Heero paused for a second before continuing in a slightly bitter tone. "... his male friend, who is only three years older than his son?"

Duo cringed. That was exactly the problem.

Heero finished buttoning his shirt and rested his hand next to him. "........I guess the answer is no..."

Duo sighed heavily and took Heero's hand in his, caressing it gently. "You're much older than Solo, Heero. The war had forced us to become adults and fifteen years frozen wouldn't change that."

"For Solo, I'm a boy."

"Yes, he thinks so." Duo leaned against his chair, releasing Heero's hand. He still remembered that long ago, Solo often frowned in confusion when he saw Trowa and Quatre together. Damn Hilde with her love lessons about man and woman only. It took him three months of Duo telling him about the same gender relationship to accept Trowa and Quatre. "I think I have to wait a little longer to tell him about us."

"...... Aa..." Somehow the Japanese boy's short answer sounded so bitter in Duo's ears.

The older man leaned forward and kissed Heero's forehead gently. "Don't worry, Solo likes you and given time, he'll eventually accept us."

Heero nodded and thus ended the conversation. A maid, who Duo had introduced to Heero as Alice on the first day, entered and brought them breakfast. They ate while chatting lightly and then continued their daily activities. Duo worked on his papers while Heero read some magazines Duo had bought for him and sometimes asked him about certain events.

They just finished their lunch when Solo entered the room, having finished his classes. Laptop in hand, the boy bounced in and soon he and Heero were busy discussing the programming and hacking methods found during the last fifteen years. Duo just shook his head helplessly as Heero turned on his own laptop and asked Solo to teach him the newest programming language. Soon both boys lost track of time. He could really call them twins if it weren't for the fact that he wanted to bed one of the *twin* boys.


Noting the two boys wouldn't answer the phone, one because he couldn't and one because he was oblivious to the sound, Duo pointed himself to answer the phone. "Maxwell's resident." Duo listened to the phone which appeared to be from his office and slapped his head. "I'll be right there in fifteen minutes." Duo answered and then disconnected, turning to his son, who was watching Heero working on his new laptop. "I forgot I had an important business meeting in twenty minutes. I'll be back in three hours. Solo, you watch Heero for me, kay."

"I don't need to be watched." Heero looked up from his laptop.

"Yes, you do." Duo shouted as he hurried from the room, closing the door before Heero had a chance to reply.

A few seconds passed in silence before Solo spoke up with a bitter sound. "Dad is really like a mother hen to you, Heero."

Heero's hands stilled on his laptop. ".... Are you jealous?..."


The Japanese boy set the laptop on the nightstand and folded his hands on his blanket covered lap while Solo looked at him in bewilderment. "...if you are, I'll tell him to stop that ..."

"No no, you got me wrong." Solo set aside his own laptop. "I don't mind at all with Dad fussing over you. I have had enough of that since I was a baby."

"Then why did you sound so bitter just now?"

Solo sighed and leaned against his seat, just like Duo had done a half an hour ago. "I just wish... my mother would treat me like Dad treats you...."

Unknown to Solo, Heero tensed and clenched his blanket. ".......Hilde never cared for you?"

"I don't mean that. Mother taught me how to behave and raised me properly...But she never looks at me the way Dad looks at me and you. I tried hard to make her proud of me and do my best in school, but it didn't work. Sometimes I've even Mother glaring at me as if she wanted to get rid of me......" Solo looked at the ceiling, staring through it. "It makes me wonder whether Mother bore and raised me only because of obligation...."


"Huh?" Solo tore his attention from the white ceiling to the Japanese boy sitting on the bed.

"You were not an obligation." Heero spoke up slowly, eyes staring straight to Solo's violet eyes. "You were conceived because your mother wanted you. You're a joy to your mother."

"How do you know?" Solo asked in surprise.

"I know. I was there. Your mother...." Heero tightened his grasp on the blanket. "Your mother loves you so much." The last sentence was said almost like a whisper.

Solo just shook his head slightly. "I don't know, Heero. I don't get that impression from her."

Heero didn't say anything and averted his gaze from Solo's, hands gripping the blanket tightly.

"Look, I think I need some time to think." Solo straightened on his seat. "I know Dad asked me to watch you but...mind if I take a walk outside for a few minutes?"

Heero nodded slightly. "..Aa...."

"Thanks, Heero." Smiling slightly; Solo stood up and headed for the door.

"Solo..." Heero called out when the boy reached the door. Solo turned and looked questioningly at Heero who had one hand on his stomach. "Your mother.... only wants you to be happy...."

Solo stood there, looking at Heero unblinkingly before he finally nodded and walked out of the room. As the door closed, leaving him alone in the room, Heero looked down at his hand, which was caressing his stomach and murmured softly. "I'll do anything to make you happy.... "



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