Author: Akuma

Pairings: 2x1

Rating: NC-17

Warning: Lemon, toys, totally PWP


Summary: Heero found himself tied to the bed with Duo announcing it was the 'Day'.

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Disclaimer: GW characters are not mine. >_<

Note: The idea of this fic is from Atre so you can blame her for getting Hee-chan tortured more *snickers*. I dedicate this fic to my juniors, PB21 and Atre.

The Special Day II

Something was tickling his nose.

Still more asleep than awake, Heero scrunched up his face and turned his head away to avoid the tickling sensation.

That damned tickling assaulted his ear instead.

Irritated with the disturbance, Heero lifted his hand to bat away whatever was tickling his ear. That was when he found out that he couldn't move his hand.

More awake now, Heero snapped his eyes open. He saw a hand holding a quill before his eyes. He followed the hand up and saw his lover's face grinning down at him.

"Morning, Hee-chan!" Duo said cheerfully as he stroked the quill on Heero's cheek. The long haired boy was sitting naked next to where Heero was lying.

"Duo!" Heero growled and turned his head to avoid the quill. He tried to roll over but with his hands and legs cuffed and chained to each of the separate bed posts, his head was the only thing he could move freely. "Why am I chained to the bed?"

"Because I wanted you chained," Duo grinned as his Japanese lover gave him a glare worth a thousand deaths. "Now, now, be good. After all, it's *The Day*."

Heero blinked and then groaned as he realized what *The Day* implied. "Not again..."

"Oh yessss," Duo grinned and brushed the quill over Heero's right nipple. "You know, it's a good thing that you like sleeping nude. I don't have to remove your clothes and risk waking you up."

Heero jerked up at the sensation the quill brought. His right nipple quickly hardened from the treatment it got. "Duo!"

"Yes?" Duo asked innocently as he changed his target to Heero's left nipple.

"Duo!!" Heero jerked up again. His nipples were sensitive to touch and his impish lover knew that very well. "Stop teasing!"

"Ah, but I'm just getting started, Hee-chan." Duo grinned and ran the quill over Heero's stomach. It kept going down until it reached Heero's already hardening arousal. "Ah, it looks like it's ready for some action." The long haired boy gave several strokes against the hard flesh, gaining more shudders from his lover.

Heero moaned as Duo used the feather to tease his cock. It brushed against his length slowly, very slowly, starting from the tip and going down to his balls. Heero squirmed as the feather teased his balls mercilessly. "Just get on with it, will you!"

"Impatient, are we?" Duo tisked and straightened up. He reached for something from the nightstand and slipped it between Heero's spread legs. "Maybe this will satisfy you for a time while I play with you."

Heero didn't get to see the item, but he knew what it was from the way it pressed against his opening. He relaxed and let the intruder slide into his passage which was still slippery from their activities last night. He wouldn't admit it but he liked being filled, either by Duo himself or the toys Duo had bought. Of course, Duo rated at the top compared to the toys but he would rather take any toy than endure the teasing foreplay. Duo could sometimes be merciless in teasing him.

Heero so hated being teased.

"There, that should keep you satisfied for a while." Duo gave a final push to the dildo.

Heero frowned. The dildo inside him was shorter and much smaller than Duo. It only barely stretched his passage. How could Duo think he would be satisfied with this inferior toy? Before Heero managed to voice his dissatisfaction, he was distracted as something cold dropped onto the left side of his chest, covering his nipple completely.

"What the...?" The Japanese boy gasped as the cold seeped around his chest area. He looked down and saw a dollop of the chocolate ice cream that Duo had bought yesterday now covered his left nipple. He looked at his impish lover, just in time to see Duo drop another big spoonful of ice cream onto the right side of his chest. Heero gasped again at the cold sensation on his chest. "What are you doing?!"

"I'm making a special Hee-chan sundae," Duo grinned. He put the ice cream bowl on the night stand and retrieved the whipped cream can. A shake and several sprays later, Duo was ready to enjoy his sundae. "Now this is what I call an appetizer." Duo grinned and made a show of licking his lips in a hungry and sinful way.

Heero shuddered, partly because of the cold ice cream on his chest but the rest was because of the way Duo was looking at him. The long haired boy looked like Christmas had come early, which was true in this case. Heero cursed 'The Day'.

Duo wasted no time in starting. He dove in and gave a huge lick to Heero's right chest. "Hmm, delicious." He bent his head and started a series of ferocious licks.

Heero moaned as Duo's warm tongue slithered on his cold chest. It brushed his nipple repeatedly, making him jerk and squirm with the pleasure it elicited. Heero yanked on his bindings, trying to get his hands to hold Duo's head, but it was a futile effort since his hands were completely secured to the bed posts. Duo, meanwhile, had finished with the right side of his chest and now attacked his left with the same eagerness. Heero moaned louder. His left nipple was enjoying its turn to be licked and sucked while his right nipple was abandoned. Duo had done a thorough job in making his right nipple hard and totally sensitive. A brush of cool morning wind against the abandoned flesh was more than enough to make Heero shudder in pleasure; not to mention that the said pleasure increased as Duo continued devouring him. Heero squirmed, trying to get stimulation from the small dildo inside him, but the dildo was really too small.

"Get in me!" Heero growled, irritated with his lover's choice of dildo.

Duo lifted his head from the nipple he had been teasing and grinned. "It's not everyday you ask me to do that. Do I sense dissatisfaction with my replacement here?" The long haired boy reached for the nightstand and retrieved another dildo. He quickly replaced the small dildo with the new one. "How about this one?"

Heero glared at his impish lover. Trust the baka to want to play at this inconvenient time. He didn't know how Duo had acquired a dildo smaller than first one but the baka had. Heero barely felt it and it made him more frustrated at not being able to get any stimulation from it.

"It's too damn small!"

Duo's grin got wider. He reached for another item on the nightstand and made an effort not to show it to Heero. That of course made Heero suspicious. While Duo pulled the small dildo out of him, he lifted his head, trying to see what kind of dildo Duo would insert this time. His eyes widened as he noticed the dildo's width. While its length was just fine with him, it was twice the width of the first dildo!!

"No!" Heero jerked up as the dildo's blunt tip touched his opening.

"Now, now, I give you a small one, you complain. I give you a big one and you still complain," Duo tisked; and being the devil he was, the long haired boy pushed the big dildo into his protesting lover.

Heero gasped as his opening was stretched wide to allow the sheer size of the dildo to pass into it. The big dildo slid slowly into him, expanding his passage. It was bigger than Duo, forcing Heero to swallow and relax his body to accommodate the giant toy. This time he felt truly and completely stretched to the limit.

"Duoo..." Heero groaned. His inner passage contracted around the big toy but it was so big that the contraction stopped prematurely. It sent jolts of mixed sensations all through Heero's nerves. His cock twitched at the overflowing pleasure assaulting it.

Duo gave a final push on the dildo then took his place between Heero's spread legs. "Now, let me enjoy my snack without further complaint."

"Sn..snack?" Heero panted and lifted his head to look between his legs where his lover was sitting. The devil incarnation was grinning at him and holding a can of whipped cream in his hand. "I'm going to enjoy my banana split." Duo shook the can and then covered Heero's twitching arousal with the white cream.

Heero moaned as his cock was enveloped with a cold, yet soft texture. He heard the thunk of a can hitting the floor and then Duo was devouring him.

"Yummy!" Duo licked the tip and ran his tongue slowly along the twitching length. He dutifully cleaned off all the white cream, then he took the weeping head into his mouth.

Heero arched up in surprise and pleasure as he was taken into the moist cavern which was his lover's mouth. He was very close to the edge. Oh how he would like to hold Duo's head and pump into that hot mouth. He yanked his hands again, trying to free them from the bindings, but again it was a futile attempt. Duo's tongue ran around his length as the long haired boy took him in to the hilt. Heero gasped, feeling very very close to the edge. A little sucking from his lover was all it took him to go over it.

Duo sucked hard. He felt Heero tense beneath him and heard his Japanese lover's cries of ecstasy. A second later, his mouth was flooded with Heero's seed. He swallowed hungrily, milking his lover for more.

Only when Heero was totally spent did Duo let go of the softening flesh. He straightened up and saw his lover panting, still lost in the white pleasure of his orgasm. Heero's eyes were half closed and his mouth partly open. Duo grinned at the look of total debauchery his lover displayed. It aroused him, knowing he was the cause of such wantonness. His own arousal twitched in protest, wanting to be buried inside his luscious lover.

Well, Heero once said that he often let his cock rule his mind. This time was no exception. Duo smiled wickedly. He removed the giant dildo then seized Heero's hips. The extra length of chain he'd allowed on both of Heero's legs allowed him to lift the boy's lower body for better positioning without freeing him.

He bent down to kiss his lover and slowly penetrated the pliant body. Heero was quite loose, no doubt because of the big dildo he had inserted before. Duo didn't mind though. In fact, it would be a good thing, considering what he planned to do later.

Swallowing Heero's moan at being penetrated, Duo started rocking inside his lover. He moved slowly at first, savoring Heero's velvety warmth. At the same time, his tongue wandered inside Heero's mouth, trying to coax the Japanese boy's own tongue to dance with it. When Heero started kissing back, Duo quickened his thrusts, drawing more gasps from the Japanese boy. As Heero's tongue dueled fiercely with his, Duo slammed harder and faster into his lover, his pleasure had built to the point of no return. With a fierce growl, which went nowhere other than Heero's mouth, Duo slammed for the final time and filled his Japanese lover with his passion. He kept licking and sucking on Heero's mouth as he emptied himself. It took him a while until he was finished.

Duo ceased the kissing and withdrew. Heero moaned in protest when Duo pulled out of him, bringing a satisfied smile to Duo's face. No matter how much his Japanese lover protested about his insatiable hormones, Duo knew Heero actually enjoyed being pounced. They were teenagers after all and teenagers had abundant energy to be spent. He took a wide but short butt plug from the range of items he had prepared on the nightstand and shoved it into his lover, effectively sealing his seed inside.


Duo looked up and saw Heero looking at him in desire. He grinned and stroked his lover's re-hardening cock. "You recover fast, Hee-chan."

Heero gasped and arched his back. How Duo loved having such sensitive lover. He retrieved another item from the nightstand and quickly put it on his lover before Heero realized what it was.

"Nani?!" Heero's head shot up as he looked down toward the item which was now surrounding the base of his cock. "Duo, what's the meaning of this?"

Duo tried to look innocent. "I just want to prolong our session, Hee-chan."

Heero glared at him. "Remove it!"

"Now, now, it's just a cock ring." Duo grinned and decided to distract his lover. He gave another stroke to his lover's arousal, causing his lover to moan. With one hand handling his lover, Duo used his other hand to retrieve the ice cream bowl he had put on the nightstand before. He wasted no time in dumping the contents onto Heero's chest, causing the Japanese boy to yelp with the cold.

Duo licked his lips and attacked his main course meal. Heero's protests and curses quickly turned into moans and gasps as Duo worked on cleaning up his mess thoroughly. When he finished, fifteen minutes later, his lover was already incoherent with the overload of stimulation. Heero's blue eyes were clouded with pleasure. Duo liked watching those eyes. They had turned darker, gleaming with desire and need.

Duo knew just the thing to increase that desire and need. He removed the butt plug sealing his lover's passage and took another dildo from the nightstand. The dildo this time was different from the previous ones. It was as thick as him but with additional feature, namely blunt nubs scattered along the length. This dildo was just the right thing for his Japanese lover. Duo bet his Deathscythe that Heero would love it, knowing how much the boy liked being filled. He slowly inserted the dildo into his moaning lover and watched in excitement as his lover's opening stretched to accommodate the girth. The nubs placed on random areas stretched the opening even more now and then.

Heero moaned loudly as the dildo slid halfway into him. Duo had no doubt that his Japanese lover was enjoying the penetration. The way that opening tightened around the dildo was a give away. He rocked the dildo in and out of the Japanese boy, watching Heero moan and jerk as the dildo hit his prostate. His own cock was already hard, ready for more action.

He added more pressure to his thrusts as he pounded the dildo in and out of his lover. It was only when Heero cursed and threatened to castrate him that he removed the dildo and then slammed home. Both boys moaned at the joining. Duo removed Heero's cock ring and pounded into his lover rapidly.

"Duo!" Heero shouted. His passage contracted around Duo's thrusting member.

Knowing that Heero was about to come, Duo seized Heero's cock and thrust in to the hilt. He let out a hoarse cry as Heero tightened around him. Sticky and warm liquid landed on the hand he had around Heero's cock at the same time as he shot his seed deep inside his Japanese lover. The overflowing pleasure swirled inside them, blinding them completely.

When Duo became aware of his surroundings some time later, he found that Heero was out cold. It looked like their morning activities had drained his lover completely. Chuckling, he withdrew from his lover then plugged Heero once more with the butt plug. Another thing he liked was having Heero holding his seed inside him as long as possible. Duo yawned and decided to take a little nap. He lay down next to his lover and drew Heero into his arms. There was still plenty of time to put the rest of his plan into action later.


This time Heero was awoken by the sudden thrust into his body. His eyes snapped open and saw his lover hovering over him. "Duo!"

"Awake at last, Hee-chan?" Duo grinned and started thrusting.

Being pounded like that, all Heero could do was hang on and enjoy the ride. He opened his mouth to protest but gasped instead as Duo hit his prostate repeatedly. His cock hardened at a rapid pace, clearly enjoying the activity. Words soon failed him, driven away by the building pleasure.

And just when he was about to reach his orgasm; Duo pulled out.

"Wh...what?" Heero gasped at the sudden withdrawal. It caused a sudden halt to his pleasure, which had been so close to the peak. It also made him very very frustrated. "Duo, get back in here!"

"Patience, Hee-chan." The pest that was his lover was grinning at him. "I want to insert this first."

Heero stared at the vibrator in Duo's hand. It was quite small. Its width was only slightly bigger than half the size of Duo's cock but it had the same length as Duo.

"Here you go." Duo slipped the vibrator into his Japanese lover without any difficulty.

"It's too small," Heero protested, wanting his lover inside him instead of this sorry excuse of imitation.

"Well, that's what I'm here for." Duo grinned and positioned himself back in front of his lover's stuffed opening.

Heero's eyes went wide as he realized what Duo intended to do. He should have known! The baka had done the same thing on the previous 'Day' a year ago!

"No...uhhhhhh." Just as Heero protested, Duo pushed in. The big dildo Duo had put inside him before had done its job in stretching him. Heero could feel his entrance opened wide to accommodate Duo along with the vibrator. His passage expanded as Duo slid into him slowly. Heero could only gasp and tried not to tighten as his lover settled inside him to the hilt.

Duo panted at his effort to go slowly. He rested his head against Heero's forehead and stayed still, trying to hold onto whatever control he had left. "Okay, Hee-chan?"

"Okay? I'm about to explode!" Heero barked. He then gasped loudly as his body, against his wish, tightened against the double intruders.

Duo gasped as well. "God, I don't think I will last long. I better turn it on now." That said, the long haired boy reached between them, searching for the protruding end of the vibrator.

Heero, who had been trying to relax back, yelled when he felt the toy inside him start to vibrate. It sent tremors all over his passage and Duo's cock, causing his lover to jerk and thrust deeper.

"So. Fucking. Wonderful." Duo panted. Stuffed with the vibrator, Heero was very tight. Duo couldn't do any deep thrusting for fear hurting his lover. Not that he could anyway. He was far too close to the peak. The combination of vibrations and Heero's tightness tripled the pleasure. It drove him quickly to his orgasm without him having to move. Not wanting to come alone, Duo seized his Japanese lover's cock and stroked it rapidly. Heero tensed and in turn caused his passage to tighten. Both boys cried out at the sensation and pleasure their joining created. Duo gave Heero the final stroke, which toppled both of them over the edge.

Duo cried out loudly as he came, emptying his passion into his lover. He could feel Heero's warm seed gush out onto his hand. He moaned in satisfaction then plopped down. The orgasm had taken all his energy, leaving him boneless but very satisfied. Duo sighed, enjoying his slow coming down from the peak of pleasure. His experiment with the vibrator was a success. Although, maybe he should set the vibration to low instead of high next time. That way, he could enjoy the unique sensation for longer.

"Duo?" Heero's voice was husky, no doubt still feeling the left over pleasure from their orgasms.

"Hmm?" Duo sighed, nuzzling his lover's cheek with his own.

"Can you remove the vibrator now?"

Belatedly, he realized that he hadn't turned off the vibrator. It was still cheerfully vibrating inside his lover.

And along his cock.

Which was slowly re-hardening.

Duo smiled, "Why Hee-chan, don't you know that we are still far from finished? The day has only just begun."

Heero let out a string of curses and threats, which of course fell on Duo's deaf ears. He knew there wouldn't be any repercussions for whatever he did today. After all today was the 'Day'.

And with that liberating thought in his mind, Duo set about teasing his lover again.

And again,

and again.


Author's Note: To understand what the 'Day' is all about, read "The Special Day" *grins*


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