Author: Akuma

Pairings: 2x1

Rating: NC-17

Warning: PWP, HEAVY lemon, a little bondage.


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Disclaimer: GW characters are not mine. >_<

Note: Sort of AU from Hentai Zone's Mirror Image. If you have read other fics on Hentai Zone, you know well not to search for plot. Don't bother, there aren't any. This is a birthday fic for PB21 ^_^

The Special Day

"Heero!!" Duo slammed the bedroom door open and bounced over where his lover was sitting on the bed, busy typing on his laptop. "Do you know what day is today?"

Heero didn't stop his typing, neither sparing his American lover a glance. "Monday"

Duo made a face and grabbed the laptop, quickly turning it off.

"Duo...." Heero growled dangerously, ready to kill his lover.

"Heero, you're not supposed to be typing today." Duo pointed at the calendar on the wall. "It's THAT day!"

Heero looked at the calendar and felt silent.


Duo rolled his eyes. "Oh indeed. Let's get start ne." Without further ado, he pounced on his Japanese lover, sending them both onto the bed. The braided boy managed to pull down Heero's spandex short and flung them across the room before Heero was able to protest.

"Duo! Slow down!" Heero spoke in annoyance as Duo torn his green tank top, leaving him naked while Duo was still fully clothed.

"Hmm, don't wanna.." Duo purred as his hands roamed over his lover's naked body. "I want to start now. I have been waiting for this day!"

Heero opened his mouth to protest again but Duo effectively shut him up with his own mouth. Wild tongue quickly found its way into Heero's mouth, licking every surface in there and trying to mate with his tongue like snakes do.

Heero growled at first but it soon turned into moans as Duo's fingers trailed down and started teasing around his puckered entrance. The digits were already slick with lube. How in God's name Duo could find the lube that fast, Heero didn't know. And he couldn't think further as one digit slid into him and started prodding his insides. After being with his lover for almost a year, his body had adapted to penetration and automatically relaxed. Duo wasted no time to add the second digit and started making scissor motion inside him. Heero groaned as he was stretched and prepared. His legs unconsciously wrapped themselves around Duo's waist.

"Hee-chan, you're so tight." Duo moaned and added another finger. It managed to slide further inside and prodded Heero's g-spot, making the Japanese boy yell loudly and hump on his fingers. Deciding his lover was ready, Duo withdrew his fingers.

Heero growled as he felt empty and tugged on Duo's braid.

"Ow, patient, Hee-chan." Duo quickly freed his already hard cock and applied the lube on it.

"Hurry up." Heero tugged on Duo's braid again and this time he was rewarded with Duo's cock sliding into him, stretching him and filling him to his limit.

"Hee-chan...." Duo groaned as he started rocking inside his Japanese lover. "You're so warm." He bent down and captured Heero's mouth with his. Heero's hands came around and hugged the braided boy tightly. Together, they rocked synchronously, Duo thrust up while Heero brought himself down on his lover's cock. Their tongued mimicked the act on their lower bodies.

It was almost five minutes before Duo broke the kiss and took a deep breath. Heero was panting and tried to reserve his own oxygen. However he only managed to get a few deep breathe before Duo shifted his thrust slightly and hit his G-spot. Heero made a sharp intake as pleasure coursed over his body. His action made his body tightened even more. His inner muscles gripped Duo's cock tightly causing the braided boy to purr in pleasure. The braided boy's hand then slipped his hand between them and grabbed Heero's abandon cock.

"Come on Hee-chan. Come for me." Duo stroke the hard cock in his hand. His action added more pleasure on Heero. The Japanese boy gasped as his mind was totally wiped out with pleasure. He arched his back and come, letting out a loud cry of completion. The orgasm made his body tightened even more. Duo let out a loud moan as his cock was clenched inside his Japanese lover. Heero had become really tight that Duo couldn't move his cock. Not that the braided boy was able to move it anyway. The second Heero tightened around his cock, Duo joined Heero in pleasure, yelling his release and filling Heero with seed.

For some times, all that could be heard was their pants. Their minds were so high in seventh heaven that it took them a few minutes to come down back to earth. Heero slowly came down from the high place of pleasure. His attempt to slowly steady his breath was cut short when Duo pulled out, causing him to hiss and shoved a butt plug into him, causing him to take sharp intake breath.

"What the hell are you doing, Baka?" Heero growled at his lover who was standing and tucking his softening cock back into his pants.

Duo grinned as he zipped up his pants. "I just want to keep my seed inside you for a while."

"Hn." Since he liked the feeling of having Duo's part in him, Heero didn't protest. He stretched his body slightly and rolled onto his side. He was about to take a nap when Duo scooped him up into his arms. "Now what?" He said irritatedly.

"Let's take a bath ne? I'll give you a good back rub."

At first Heero wanted to refuse, but thinking of being rubbed by Duo made him consider Duo's suggestion. At the end, he nodded his agreement and let his smiling lover carry him into bathroom.

Once in there, Duo put him down. Heero stepped into the shower while Duo removed his clothes. Turning on the shower, Heero sighed as warm water poured onto him. He tilted his head and let the water trailed down on his body, cleaning him and making his muscles relax. It wasn't long before he felt Duo's presence behind him. A pair of hands wrapped around his waist and he was pulled back slightly to lean against Duo's naked body.

"You look sexy, you know." Duo whispered and licked his earlobe. He ground his hardening member against Heero's buttocks.

Heero gasped at the contact and arched his back. "Duo!"

"Hmmm, you're so tempting, Hee-chan." Duo whispered huskily. His right hand on Heero's waist disappeared and returned with a bar of soap. The braided boy quickly started applying the soap on his Japanese lover. Heero moaned as Duo moved the soap very slowly over his back before taking care of his front. The soap rubbing took quite a long time around his chest, what with Duo's other hand came up and teased his nipples. Heero's twin nubs were slick because of the soaping and it made them much sensitive and easier to be manhandled. Duo's fingers pinched and twisted the nipples alternately while Heero was busy gasping and arching his back at the treatment.

Duo's hand which was holding the soap trailed down onto his groin and started "cleaning" the area. It lathered Heero's cock with the soap, up and down, repeatedly, making Heero gasp louder and bringing his arousal to full hardness. The Japanese boy unconsciously moved his ass back and humped on Duo's hard cock. The tip of it came in contact with the bottom of his plug, sending the plug deeper into him and made Heero cry out as it prodded his prostate.

Duo chuckled and nipped Heero's earlobe. His hands were still busy with his lover's nipples and cocks.

"Duo... please!" Heero moaned.

That was the cue Duo was waiting. The hand on Heero's cock quickly put down the soap and dove between the Japanese boy's cheeks, pulling the butt plug swiftly. Before Heero's gasp at the plug withdrawing ended, Duo had got his cock settled inside his lover in one thrust.

At feeling the hard shaft thrust into him, another gasp came up and overrode his first gasp, making Heero almost choke. He panted and leaned his head on Duo's shoulder. Both of his American lover's hands were on his chest, toying with his nipples while he adjusted to Duo's cock. It wasn't long before Heero started squirming, torn between wanting to avoid the fingers and urging Duo to move at the same time.

"Ready, love?" Duo whispered.

Heero nodded, too busy gasping to say a word.

Duo chuckled and freed Heero's nipples. His hands settled on Heero's hips. "Put your hands on the wall."

Heero leaned forward, planting his hands on the bathroom wall and thrust his hip backward, taking Duo's cock deeper. Both boys moaned at the sensation. Duo's hands on Heero's hips tightened before the braided boy pulled out his cock slowly. Heero moaned at the slowness, he tried to fasten the pace but Duo's hands held his hips still. When the tip of his cock was about to pass Heero's entrance, Duo slammed back swiftly as he pulled Heero's hips against him, eliciting a loud yell from Heero from the very quick penetration. He repeated the move for some times until the pleasure overwhelmed him and he was all but ramming into Heero.

At the change of pace, the Japanese boy moaned and tried not to get his head banged against the wall as Duo's slamming force made his body rock forward. He felt Duo shove into him faster and harder, prodding his prostate in almost every thrust. Heero mewled as pleasure built within him fast. Duo seemed to sense his edge. One hand left his hip and grabbed his cock. A few squeezes were all it took to reach his peak. Heero cried out and arched his back as he spilled his passion onto the shower wall. Behind him, Duo let out a snarl and slammed in one more time before adding more of his seed into Heero.

Heero could vaguely feel something warmth filling his inside but he could care less. He was flying in seventh heaven and he knew it would take a while to go down on earth.

Duo chuckled as his lover limped against his arms. The Japanese boy needed more time to come back from his orgasm compared to him. Feeling his cock soften, Duo pulled out from Heero and quickly put the plug back into the Japanese boy, preventing his seed from leaking out. He then cleaned both of them and carried Heero back into the bedroom. He put the Japanese boy on the bed on his back and took some times to enjoy the beauty before him. It was when Duo spread his legs and settled between them that Heero returned from the high. The blue eyes snapped into his and looked at him alarmingly.

"What are you doing?"

"What does it look like?" Duo grinned and seized Heero's soft cock.

"Duo! We have done it twice today!"

"Well, the first two times are just warming up, Hee-chan."

"Nani??!!" Heero's blue eyes were wide in horror. "Twice is enough!"

"You surely won't get away with only "twice" on this Day." Duo leered and swallowed down Heero's soft cock promptly. Heero let out a loud intake of breath as his cock was enveloped by warm cavern and the snake within it teased his soft flesh mercilessly. It licked along his length and prodded his slit here and now. It didn't take long for Heero's young body to get hard.

"Duo.. no..." Heero protested between his moans. His hands settled on Duo's head and weakly tried to push his lover away.

Duo tightened his hands on Heero's legs, keeping them open. He then hummed, eliciting vibrations along Heero's cock that sent pleasure to every nerve of Heero's body. The Japanese boy gasped loudly and arched his back, unconsciously trying to get deeper into Duo's blissful mouth. Gone was his intention to make Duo stop. Pleasure burnt Heero's mind and all he cared now was to get Duo take him to the peak where.

Heero didn't know when he closed his eyes but he realized he had closed his eyes for he couldn't see something that was brushing against his lips. His blue eyes snapped open and were greeted with the sight of Duo's cock dangling over his face. That was when he realized that Duo had shifted position somewhere during sucking him.

The Japanese boy opened his mouth, wanting to protest. However it seemed the moment Duo had anticipated for once Heero parted his lips, Duo's arousal bore down and slid its way into the luscious mouth.

"Umph!" Heero gurgled and struggled at sudden penetration. Not wanting Heero to choke and at the same time not intending to leave Heero's wonderful mouth, Duo nipped at the hard flesh in his mouth and moved his hands to squeezed Heero's balls not to hard but enough to get Heero's attention.

Heero recognized Duo's gesture. As old saying "an eye for an eye", in Duo's case, it was "a blowjob for a blowjob". If he wanted that talented tongue to keep serving his cock, Heero knew he had to do the same to Duo. He took hold the base of Duo's cock and opened his mouth wide, letting Duo settling deeper into his throat.

Duo pushed down carefully not wanting to injure his lover. The American boy then felt a squeeze on his cock, telling him Heero was ready for the play. He swirled his tongue around Heero's cock and felt the body beneath him trembling in pleasure. Heero moaned and let out vibrations along Duo's cock. With them both aroused and fully hardened, Duo started the pace. He lifted his hips up thus pulling his cock out of Heero's mouth. When the tip was about to slide out, Duo pushed back down.

Heero relaxed his throat and let Duo deeper in his mouth as he was doing the same in Duo's mouth. They rocked in considered motion, not wanting to choke their partner. Heero was having fun licking and sucking the hard flesh in his mouth when he felt the fingers on his balls trail lower. The slender digits brushed against his ring muscle that was stretched by the plug. It stroke there, doing circles that drove Heero crazy with lust. It didn't help when the fingers started pulling the butt plug and shoving it back before it had a chance to leave the Japanese boy's passage. Heero wanted to thrust into Duo's mouth. He also wanted to hump down on the fingers. And he couldn't do both!

Duo solved the problem for him. The braided boy released Heero's mouth and started licking the length of it. When Heero about to protest at the loss of warmth around his cock, Duo pulled out the vibrator completely, turning Heero's protest into gasps. The plug disappeared, Duo was now free to stick his fingers in and stick he did. Three fingers at once, making Heero feel full again within seconds. The Japanese boy moaned on Duo's cock as Duo's fingers explores his passage, prodding his insides as if a wanderer exploring a new landscape. The forefinger finally found the prostate and poked it merciless, giving additional pleasure to Heero's already pleasure-overloaded-mind.

The Japanese boy's scream of ecstasy was muffled by Duo's cock but it didn't hinder his mouth to suck hard on the hard flesh. Duo moaned as his fingers were gripped by impossible tightness while his cock was urged to come. Losing the battle, Duo let out a wild growl and thrust himself one last time before depositing his seed into Heero's mouth. His own mouth caught Heero's jerking cock and sucked his release until there wasn't any.

It was almost fifteen minutes later when the boys had energy to move. Well, to be truth, Duo was the one who had the energy. Heero was still somewhere in cloud nine when Duo let go of Heero's rapidly softening cock and pulled out of Heero's mouth. After plugging his Japanese lover back with the plug, he turned his position around and pasted his mouth on Heero's one, sharing their essences. Both boys moaned at the taste of themselves and Duo couldn't help but grinding his still half hard cock against Heero's soft cock.

The Japanese boy's eyes were still glazy, however they became clearer when Duo didn't stop grinding. The Prussian blue eyes were wide in alarm and looked up to twinkling violet orbs above him. "Duo?"

"We're not done yet, Hee-chan."

"Nani??!!" Heero tried to struggle, but three orgasms in one hour had robed him of his strength.

He didn't know where Duo got all the energy.

The braided boy didn't have trouble pinning him and then produced fur-lined handcuffs from God knows where. Heero flailed his hands wildly, knowing with his instinct that it was a very bad idea to let Duo restrain him. However his position didn't help his attempt. Duo only needed to grind his cock against Heero's, causing him to pause a few seconds as pleasure surged on him. Those few seconds were enough for the braided boy to seize his hands and cuffed them then, with additional chains, connected the handcuffs onto the headboard. Heero's arms were now stretched above him, leaving his upper body bare and vulnerable to attack.

"Duo, I can't come anymore." Heero moaned pitifully as Duo licked on his right nipple and his fingers toyed with his left one.

"Hmm, you don't have to..." Duo slurped on Heero's chest before moving up, planting a few hickeys on Heero's neck. His hands moved to grab his Japanese lover's thighs and spread them open.

"" Heero had hard time to keep his eyes open. His energy had been drained with his three orgasms. Last night, Duo had taken him twice, which was a bad thing for his current condition since he was totally out of energy by now. He regretted typing on the laptop this morning. He should have come out and took some food to replenish his energy.

"I know you are tired." Duo's violet eyes were suspiciously filled with understanding. "I'll let you catch some sleep if you let me 'play'."

"Horny bastard.." Heero intended it to be a menacing bark but a yawn escaped and ruined the effect. He really needed to sleep. With a growl he relaxed back onto the bed and opened his legs for Duo to settle in.

"I take it as a permission to play?" Duo's hands wandered idly on his stomach.

Heero glared though he wasn't sure he managed it with half lidded eyes. "Do now or never."

"Thank you, Hee-chan." Duo grinned and straightened up. He sat between Heero's open legs. Being not able to resist temptation, he spread the limp legs wider and looked at Heero's opening. It never failed to arouse him to see how Heero's opening was stretched by the plug and contracted around the toy. The knowledge that Heero had his seeds made him harden fully.

He pulled out the plug slowly, wringing out a moan from his Japanese lover. Having no plug to prevent the leaking, Duo watched his seed trailing out of Heero's entrance, which couldn't close fully after the fucking and plugging it had. He scoped the seed and applied it on his once again hard cock. He then grabbed Heero's hips and lifted the boy lower body onto his lap, feeble legs spread on either side of him. A little push and Duo was in. His entry was eased by his previous release. It made him moan in pleasure as he slid into Heero smoothly and to the hilt.

Heero mewled as he was filled again. His eyes were trained on Duo and saw the blissful expression as the braided boy settled inside him. He knew that letting Duo play him would make him nothing but a toy. Play meant Duo would concentrate on his pleasure only and let Heero take care of himself. Play meant Duo would use him, take what he wanted from him. There wouldn't be a thing that would make Heero admitted the truth, but he rather liked when Duo used him like this. He could see how Duo lost in his pleasure and knew that he was the one who made Duo like this. It was not that he felt abandon. Duo would usually use him when he had drained Heero of all his energy so all Heero could do was watch.

Like now, Heero could only watch Duo's face contorted in pleasure, having no energy to get his cock up. He could feel Duo's cock in him, sliding in and out of him. His body was tired and relaxed, making Duo easily prod him. He didn't resist when Duo stopped thrusting and turned him on his side. He could feel his inner muscles rotate around the hard cock. His upper leg was then draped on Duo's shoulder while his lower leg was pinned beneath Duo's weight. This position gave Duo deeper access into him. Hugging his thigh, Duo started slamming into him again. Heero just mewled as his deeper passage was stretched. His eyes had started to drop signaling his body wanted to sleep. He blinked sleepily, wanting to stay through Duo's play. However he only could last two more position changes, once on his four and once on his back with his body bent almost double. Then slept took him. He yawned and fell asleep, with the braided boy was still busy fucking him.

Duo slammed in as hard as he could and roared loudly, depositing his fourth come into his Japanese lover's willing body. When he came down from his orgasm, Duo noticed his lover had been in la-la land. He chuckled weakly as he let go of Heero's legs, straightening them back, and rested on top of his sleeping lover. "Only you, Hee-chan." He kissed Heero's forehead gently. "Who could sleep during sex." He smiled then slowly pulled out his softening cock out of his lover. Before his seeds had chance to escape the tight passage, Duo shoved the plug back in. He then sat back and enjoyed watching his Japanese lover sprawled on the bed, hands cuffed and legs spread apart, showing the end of the plug where it stretched his opening. Duo felt a twinge of pride at knowing his seeds flood Heero's passage.

"I'll give you a rest before we start again and this time it will be a party." Duo walked out of the bed and stopped toward the full length mirror on the cupboard. He smiled wickedly on his reflection. "After all today is the Day, don't you agree?"

His reflection grinned back at him. "Yesssssss"


Something was pulled from his lower body. Heero mewled in protest. There were twin chuckles before he was rolled on his front. He slowly floated into awareness as he felt something urged against his lips. He instinctively opened his mouth and got a mouthful of cock. His eyes flew open and at the same time his legs were parted, ass raised high, and another cock entered his slick passage.

"Fuck, he was so damp and slick in there. How many times have you fucked him?" Duo's voice came behind his back, telling Heero that it was Duo who was in his ass.

"Just four times. Three there and one here." Heero blinked as he recognized the voice above his head as Duo's as well. That meant, the one who was fucking his mouth was Duo. But it couldn't be, Duo couldn't be at two places on one time, unless.... Unless Duo had a twin.

Heero's eyes widened, half part because the realization of who were the ones fucking him and half other because the hard cock inside his ass slammed in and hit his prostate.

"Just four times." The voice behind him chuckled. "That's so like us."

"True." The cock on his mouth withdrew, "Let's make this fifth and sixth times."

"Hmpph!!" Heero protested at the mention of numbers. He tried to free himself only to realize that his hands had been cuffed and held behind his back, thus giving him no leverage to struggle.

"Oh, want to say something, Hee-chan?" Duo's voice above his head cheerfully asked him as the cock on his mouth withdrew completely.

"Who is the mirror image?" Heero growled.

"I am." Duo behind him announced in the same cheerfulness as the cock on his ass stabbed deeper.

"Aren't you supposed not to disturb us anymore?" Heero's barks turned into gasps as Duo's mirror image started ramming into him like machine gun.

"I am, but today was the Day. I can't resist joining the party!" The mirror image groaned in pleasure. "Oh Hee-chan, you're so wet and slick, make me want to be in you deeper and deeper."

"Just make sure not to let my seeds leak more than necessary." Duo told his twin as he caressed Heero's soft chocolate hair. "I plan to make him full of my seeds today."

"Our seeds, you mean?"

"Ah, yes." Duo grinned at his grinning twin.

"The Day it is! I don't care! Damn the..." Heero swore but it was halted as Duo shoved his cock back into Heero's mouth. "Hmpph!!"

"You can put that mouth in better use other than swearing, love." Duo groaned huskily as he rocked in and out Heero's moist cavern. His right hand rested on Heero's head, keeping it where it was while the other hand crept lower and teased his nipples. Looking across Heero, his twin's hands were on much the same position. One hand on Heero's hips, controlling Heero's ass while the other hand reached below to grab Heero's erection.

Heero wanted to protest once again, but he was sidetracked when pleasure flew into him at the ministration of those skillful fingers on his cock and nipples. Freshened with the sleep, his cock had no problem to get hard. Mirror Duo rubbed the tip of his cock with his thumb, making Heero moan at the pleasure, which was muffled by Duo's cock in his mouth. It only made the hard flesh sunk deeper into his throat. Duo and his twin thrust into him in perfect synchronization. The hand on his hips pulled him backward, impaling him to the hilt on Mirror Duo's hard cock while Heero's mouth unsheathed Duo's cock. However before it went completely out, Duo pushed his head forward, making him swallow the throbbing arousal, thus letting the cock in his ass slip out of his body. Mirror Duo would then pulled him backward again. The cycle went on and as time ticked away, the pace got faster and the Duos thrust into Heero's orifices harder. Heero had no say in this matter, nor could he struggle since his hands were cuffed behind his back. As if he could protest with his mouth occupied by Duo's cock. Knowing there were no way out before the horny twins satisfied with him, Heero resigned himself to be the fucking toy of the Duos.

During the thrusting, Mirror Duo shifted slightly and hit Heero's prostate. Heero mewled around the cock fucking his mouth, sending shiver to Duo at the same time as pleasure coursed over him. The twins broke their synchronized motion as one tried to thrust harder and faster than other. Not wanting to be completely sore, Heero sucked hard on Duo's cock while clenching his inner muscles around Mirror Duo's one. The result was as expected as the twins howled in pleasure. Mirror Duo slammed into his ass roughly and cried out the Japanese boy's name as Heero felt warm liquid burst inside him, stuffing more seeds into his already impregnated body.

"Fuck, I should have lasted longer than you." Mirror Duo grunted as he pulled out of Heero.

Duo chuckled to his twin as he pulled out of Heero's mouth. "You wish! My turn now."

It was when hands turned him around that Heero realized Duo hadn't come yet. He let out a surprise gasp which turned out to be a cry as Duo slammed into his seeds soaked passage.

"God, you're very slick inside, Hee-chan." Duo groaned. Heero didn't know whose hands were on his cock right now but he knew the hands were doing a wonderful job. Adding with the thrusting Duo did, Heero let out a cry and came. While lost in the white blinding pleasure, Heero vaguely felt a few frantic thrust into his passage before Duo erupted with a roar, giving his share of seeds into Heero's slithery channel. The braided boy then slumped onto Heero's back, both boys were panting as they slowly descended from their orgasm.

"You lasted shorter than I." Mirror Duo snickered.

Duo snorted. "If I hadn't been in his mouth before, I would have outlasted you."

"Shut up, horny bastards." Heero tried to growl between his gasps.

Both Duos smiled at the Japanese boy's irritated tone. Duo hugged his lover and rolled over so he was lying on his back and Heero's back on him, his cuffed hands trapped between their bodies. "You're wonderful, Hee-chan." The braided boy nuzzled Heero's neck.

"Hn." Heero grunted as he felt the braided boy's arousal softening inside him. He felt so slick inside, what with the seeds thrice the usual amount in his passage. Mirror Duo came into his view then as the mirror image settled between his legs and hovered over him. "What do you want now?"

Mirror Duo gave him a grin that turned Heero's internal alarm on. "Your position right now reminded me of my wish that I had thought impossible to be fulfilled." He then bent down and took Heero's left nipple into his mouth. Heero moaned at the sudden motion. Tongue lapped and sucked on the tiny nub, making his nipple harden in no time. Teeth nipped at it, making Heero mewl at the treatment. When the mouth finally released the nub, it had become hard and sensitive, glistening under the bedroom's light.

"What is your supposed-impossible-wish?" Duo asked his twin since Heero was still panting from the conduct his nipple got.

Mirror Duo gave a wick smile. "One that required two of us to fulfill it."

Duo narrowed his eyes and looked thoughtful for a while before he gave his twin a smile as wicked as his was. "I think I know what wish it is."

"Ah, yes. You are me, I'm you. It's no surprise that you have the same wish as well." Mirror Duo snickered. "Shall we fulfill our wish now?"

"I think we shall. This might be the only day we can get away with it."


"What wish are you two talking about?" Heero asked suspiciously.

Mirror Duo didn't answer. He dove and captured Heero's neglected right nipple with his mouth, giving it the same treatment as the left one. Heero couldn't help but moan at the conduct. He knew he was supposed to ask the horny bastards about their wish, however Duo's tongue on his earlobe distracted him. The slippery flesh licked his earlobes and prod behind the soft spot behind it. The wonderful mouth left his right nipple vulnerable and hard and it trailed up to captured his mouth. As another slippery flesh slipped inside his mouth, Heero felt Mirror Duo rested his body on his. His nerves sang with pleasure at the contact from both Duos and he unconsciously ground his body against theirs.

The tongues did their job in distracting Heero very well that Heero didn't realize what the twins' intention until he felt something prod on his opening. His-already-filled-and-stretched-by Duo's-cock-opening. Heero's blue eyes flew wide open as he realized it was Mirror Duo's cock prodding his opening. "What the hell are you doing?!"

"Isn't it obvious now?" Duo whispered near his ear. "We're going to double fuck you."

"Double fuck?" Heero's eyes were full with horror as the words' meaning dawned on him. "It's impossible!!!"

"Impossible to be done alone. But now we are together, it's possible." Mirror Duo spoke up as he thrust forward, trying to get inside Heero's stuffed passage.

"No, it's impossible!!" Heero's protest went to deaf ears as he felt Mirror Duo's cock pushing against his opening. "No, no! Stop it! You two are too much!!"

"Shh, relax, Hee-chan. You can accommodate us both." Duo turned Heero's head and captured the Japanese boy's mouth, silencing his protest and at the same time trying to distract his lover.

"Hmpph!" Noting his protest was useless, Heero struggled instead. Unfortunately, he wiggled his body at wrong direction, the lower direction to be exact. The consequence caused him a lot as his opening yielded from the pressure of his own body and Mirror Duo's cock slipped inside, settling side by side with Duo's one.

"URGGGHH!" Heero screamed as he felt his opening stretch like it had never been before. It was so strained, stretched to its very limit. He tried to move, to disengage the cocks from him, but the pain shot up at his careless motion, making him stay still. One single tear rolled out of each his eyes. Duo frantically kissed him when the tears landed on the braided boy's cheeks. Hands came up and rubbed his nipples to distract him further. At the tug of his already sensitive twin nubs, Heero felt his body tighten.

"Oh God, oh God." Both Duos panted as Mirror Duo slid inside the stuffed boy slowly. "Don't move Hee-chan. You are super tight."

Heero stayed still, not wanting to make his situation worse with adding pain to the equation. The abundant seeds in him helped to make the sliding process easier. However his inner muscles had limited space to hold two cocks and thrice the usual amount of seeds. As Mirror Duo slid inside, the seeds were forced out of his passage and leaked on his opening. Heero could feel how his inner muscles were pushed out and set aside as Mirror Duo's cock slipped deeper into him. How the slick liquids inside him were driven out and trailed down from his opening. He could feel Duo's cock harden at the contact against another cock, stuffing his passage almost to the limit.

And wonder of the wonder, Heero enjoyed the feeling of being stretched to his limit, the feeling of having two cocks throbbing inside him. Not that he would admit it to the horny bastards.

Mirror Duo pushed one last time and was in to the hilt inside Heero. Both cocks now pressed against each other in the same length. The mirror boy slumped and panted, clearly trying to hold himself from moving a lot. Heero panted too, half from having holding his breath during the double penetration and half from being kissed thoroughly by Duo.

"Are you okay, Heero?" Duo's voice was full of concern as hands caressed his side gently.

"Hn." Heero enjoyed the throbbing of two cocks inside him too much to answer his worried lover.

"Heero?" Duo sounded worried at his mono syllable answer.

"I think he is enjoying what we do to him." Mirror Duo said then chuckled. "His eyes are glazy with pleasure. Look, his cock is as hard as rock."

As Mirror Duo's hand closed on his cock, pleasure coursed on his every nerve and made Heero's body tighten.

"FUCK!" Both Duos groaned as their cocks were squeezed. They unconsciously shifted and that made their cocks shift as well. Both arousals brush against Heero's inner wall, sending him new wave of pleasure and making him squirm at the intensity.

"Heero, relax or we can't hold still any longer." Duo said between his groan.

"Then don't." Heero panted.

"Really?" Duo asked as his hands moved over Heero's side soothingly.


"Are you really okay with this?" Duo asked again.

Heero growled, already wanting more of that new length of pleasure. "Start moving, baka!"

"I take it as yes then." Mirror Duo chuckled and started withdrawing, brushing both against Heero's inner walls and Duo's cock. The three of them moaned in unison.

It was awkward at first since it was their first time doing double penetration. But both Duos soon managed to move in tandem. When Mirror Duo shoved in, Duo would pull out. When Duo pushed in, Mirror Duo would withdraw. They fucked Heero's passage alternately, slowly at first and faster as they gained the grasp of doing it. As thrusting went on, the previous injected seeds leaked out of Heero's opening and drenched both cock, making them slicker and easier to slide in. As pleasure built within the three of them, the twins' motion changed.

Heero gasped and mewled as both cocks shoved into him together and withdrew completely at the same time, making him very full at one time and totally empty at another time. Twice more thrust in the same manner, pleasure overwhelmed the Japanese boy. He screamed and erupted. Both Duos followed within seconds as their Japanese lover's body tightened on their cocks and wrung the orgasm out of them. They drove their cocks to the hilt inside their lover and came. Their seeds burst inside the tight-crowded passage and some of them leaked out since there was no more space for the liquid inside the Japanese boy. Not that Heero was aware of it. His orgasm was so intense that he passed out while still high on ecstasy.

It was long long time before one of the braided boys had energy to speak.

"Wow." Duo exhaled rather loudly.

"Wow indeed." Mirror Duo sighed and grinned a satisfied-cat-like-grin.

Duo grinned back at his twin then turned to kiss his unconscious lover gently. "He passed out."

"No wonder. I almost passed out myself."

"True." Duo nuzzled Heero's neck and decided to plant more hickeys on it.

Both their cocks were still inside their lover, softening a bit but not soft enough to make Heero's muscles drive them out. Not that they have intention to leave the tight haven soon.

"Say..." Mirror Duo looked thoughtful.


"Think he won't get mad if we do this again later?"

Duo grinned. "He won't. He can't. Not on this Day."

"Ah true." Mirror Duo grinned back.



"Ready for the second round?"


It was his luck or bad luck, depend on which boys saw it, that Heero came around at that time. He opened his eyes and felt two horny bastards gave him predatory look. He shuddered and knew for certain that his ass hadn't been safe, at least not until the Day over.

"Damn you Devil junior!!!!" Heero shouted as his twin lovers pounced on him once again.


Omake - A Tale of Special day

Warning: Read it if you are wondering what is so special about "the Day" Duo Heero mentioned above.

ADDITIONAL WARNING: Read with your consent that you won't hold me responsible for every squick/strange/out-of-rational-mind/self-insert scene there . I don't want to hear any complaints for this one since I write this for fun only with no thought of a plot.

Once upon time, there was a girl named Akuma who loved Heero Yuy and liked to torture him at the same time, especially his ass. She met a girl named PB21 with same love and interest and adopted her as her junior. There was one special day for her and it turned out was also the same day as her junior's special day. So she asked what her junior wanted for their special day. Unfortunately, Akuma and her big mouth made a comment which made her Junior requested a seven-times-Duo-stabbing-Heero fic for her (which she finished six days late due to unfortunate accident where her monitor was hospitalized). In return, she got an animated chibi-doggy-Duo-stabbing-chibi-neko-Heero-all-day-animation plus some chibi-lemon-pictures from her Junior that she drooled all over the night.

So this was the history of "the Day", the special day for both Akuma and Akuma Jr.

Their Birth Day.

So now Akuma, both Sr. and Jr., declared 2nd of June as Heero-ultimate-torturing-day.



A laptop flew toward two girls, each sported two horns on her head and pointy edged tail on her back. The first girl smoothly ducked and let the laptop flew above her head, but the second girl was not so fast and got hit on her face, sending her out cold at once.

"My Junior!!" The girl screeched and turned toward their attacker.

A Japanese boy with messy chocolate air and deadly blue eyes glared at her. He was wearing green tank top and black spandex.

"Oh, Hee-chan!" The girl smiled. "Now what are you doing here? You're supposed to be with Duo and his mirror image, getting double fucked by them."

The boy glared at the girl. He took out his gun from his spandex space and pointed it at the girl. "Omae o korosu!"

The girl tutted. "Now now, there are some wrong details here." She held up one finger. "One, you shouldn't have gun." The gun suddenly disappeared from Heero's hand. "Two, you are supposed to be naked." Green tank top and black spandex disintegrated, leaving the Japanese boy naked and glared more deadly at the girl if possible. "Now this is better."

"Korosu!!" The boy leapt, hands extended forward, ready to choke the girl once she was in his reach.

"Uh oh, chains, shackles, handcuffs!" The girl chanted her mantra and the boy was soon stopped, hands cuffed and feet shackled, chains connected on the restrain and lifted the boy up so he was floating in front of the girl.

"Let me go!!" The boy tried to break his restraints.

"They are made of Gundanium, Hee-chan." The girl chuckled. "Now calm down and tell me what made you so furious?"

"Furious? I'm utterly totally livid with you! You made two horny bastards going at my ass all day! You made them stick both their cock in my ass!! Look what have you done!"

The girl raised an eyebrow and looked down. White liquid trailed down on the boy's thighs and started to pool on the floor beneath him. "Oh my...the double penetration left you wide open huh?"

If glare could kill, the girl had been dead long ago. Heero snarled at her. "I can't stop leaking! Those horny bastards injected me with a bucket of their seeds and I can't close my fucking opening to hold them in."

"Ah, that's easy to be solved." The girl grinned evilly and waved her hand.

The Japanese boy found himself tilted upside down, still chained. Booted feet came into his view and he looked up to see a black leather clothed body and a familiar face. "Duo!"

The horned girl sneaked out from behind the black clad boy. "This is Duo from Enslaving Heero universe. He will fix your opening."

"Nani???????" The Japanese boy widened his eyes as Duo held out a paddle and grinned at him.

"A good smacking on those cute butts will make your ass tight in short time. Let's start, Kitten."


As the sound of flesh meeting the wooden paddle started, the horned girl conjured a chair and sat down, eagerly watching the scene. The Japanese boy's shouts, curses, cries, and pleas echoed around her.

Fifteen minutes later, Duo stopped and threw the paddle away. "I think your ass has become tight now."

"It is." Heero croaked, voice hoarse from screaming and ass as red as tomato. "Now let me go!"

"Uh hu," Duo grinned evilly. "I need to inspect how tight it is first. Lower him, will you?"

"As you wish!" The salivating horned girl waved her hand and the Japanese boy found himself restrained horizontally, legs spread wide.

"Thank you." Duo moved between Heero's legs and pulled out his cock.

Heero looked at the braided boy morosely. "I should have known this is what you said as inspection method."

"It's not that you object this method." Duo smiled and pushed forward, sliding into the Japanese boy. "Oh yessss, it's tight enough."

"Bastard, no matter what universe you came from, you are all the same. A horny bastarrdddd." The Japanese boy's last word was dragged in pleasure moan as Duo hit his prostate.

"And no matter universe you came from, you are also the same, Hee-chan." Duo deadpanned as he thrust in and out of the Japanese boy now tight ass.

The horned girl snickered. "No one realized it yet, but you're a boy who liked to have Duo's cock in you. You hid your nature quiet well and only revealed it in several universes like Curiousity Killed the Cat or Game Over."

"The plot...Oh...demanded Aaahh... me to...Ooohh... be an innocent boy!" Heero shouted the last word as Duo slammed into him.

"Oh well, can't blame you for that." The girl resumed her seat and watched the boys going at it until they both reached their orgasm.

"See you later, Kitten." Duo kissed the panting boy and slipped out of the tight channel. He then disappeared into darkness.

Heero smiled and sighed contentedly. "I can hold his seed again."

"You like having a part of him huh?" The horned girl grinned.

"Hmmm.... Don't bother me or omae o korosu."

The girl snorted. "Fine, take your nap." She waved again. A bed appeared beneath the boy and the chains holding the Japanese boy disappeared, letting him fall down on the bed.


"You're welcome Hee-chan."

There was a soft snore from the Japanese boy. The girl smiled silly at the contented face he sported.

"Aawww, I want to cuddle him!"


The girl turned around. "Oh Junior, you have awakened. How's your head? You are late in ducking Hee-chan's laptop again."

Akuma Jr. rubbed her red nose. "It won't happen again. What is Hee-chan's doing there?"

"Oh he is tired. Just got pawed by Duo from EH universe."

Akuma Jr pouted. "Not fairrrr, I want to see them!"

"Well, you're unconscious."

Akuma Jr. cried and rolled on the floor. "It's our special day and I miss one of the best lemon scenes!"

"Well, don't worry. I still have a lot of Duos to make another similar scene. Which universe of Duo you wanted to ravish our Hee-chan? I suggest Duo from Behind the Mask, he is hornier than other Duos though quite psychotic."

Akuma Jr. stopped crying. Her eyes gleamed evilly. "I want all of them!"

"All of them? You know I can't make a lot of scenes. There isn't enough time."

"Get them all in the same scene!"

"Same scene, you mean... let the Duos gangbang our Hee-chan?"


"Poor Hee-chan."

"Your face doesn't show any sorry."

"I know."

Both horned girls grinned and snickered as the senior one waved her hand.

The bed was now surrounded by many types of Duos. All gave its sleeping occupant a hungry predatory look. There were octopus holding Duo, short haired Duo, and bracelet wearing Duo among them.

"Hee-chan is still asleep." Akuma Jr. spoke.

"Not for long, look."

A tarzan clothed Duo climbed in. The horned girls strained their neck to see the view that was blocked by a pack of horny Duos.

"Akuma, omae o korosu!!!!" A shout soon came from the bed, followed by a squeak as all other Duos pounced to paw.

"Poor Hee-chan." Both girls cooed, not feeling sorry at least. They took their seats and conjured a bag of popcorn, ready to enjoy the scene.

"Omae o korosu." The words were uttered by at least ten persons. The girls blinked and looked behind them. There stood various types of Heeros. There are angel winged Heero, collared Heero, complete with his cat tail and ears, three Heeros with female dresses, one Heero with a bulging stomach, and so many others. One similarity in every one of them was they all were holding a gun and pointing it at both horned girls.

"Uh oh...." Akuma Jr. swallowed. "How could they get in here?"

"I have no idea." Akuma Sr. took a step back. "Guys, peace?"

Many pairs of Prussian blue eyes glared at the girls. "KOROSU!"


So both Akuma were chased by enraged Heeros throwing laptops and shouting bullets happily ever after.

This was the end of the Tale of Special Day.



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