From Far Away Part 6

"Heero, what's that?"

Heero looked up from his seat in front of the bonfire. Duo was standing beside him and pointing out at a shiny object in the night sky. It's been a month since Heero found Duo and they still traveled together. At this moment, they were in the middle of an unknown forest that would lead them to another town.

The short haired boy followed the hand and looked up at the sky. "Hoshi." *star*

"Hoshi? It's a cool name. How about that one?" Duo pointed at the big round object in the sky.

"Tsuki." *moon*

"Tsuki.......hoshi...." Duo gazed at the sky, oblivious to Heero staring at him.

//He learns fast.....That baka ....It's only been one month and he can speak almost fluently now....well, it's not a surprise, considering how much he loves to talk.........//

Duo plopped down beside him. "Ne, Heero. You still haven't told me what 'omae o kisu' means."

"Omae o korosu." //I will never tell him that one.//

"Not 'korosu' but 'kisu'. I know they are different now. 'Omae o korosu' means you want to kill me ne? You've got a strange sense of humor on how to ask me to shut up, but that's okay. You never carry out your threats anyway. But what does 'Omae o kisu' mean ?" Duo glanced at Heero who quickly turned his head away. "Mou! Look at me! You always dismiss me when I ask you this question." Duo placed both hands on either side of Heero's head and twisted it to face him.

"Omae o korosu!" Heero glared at the braided boy. Normally, his glare would have made the bravest of men flinch, but the boy in front of him seem to be unfazed, like it has no effect on him. He tried to shove the hands away but Duo held on with a death grip.

"Okay, I will shut up but only after you give me the answer." Duo leaned closer, so close that their foreheads almost touched. "What does 'omae o kisu' mean, Heero?"

Heero tried to pull away but Duo wouldn't let him go. //This baka can be so stubborn sometimes.//

"Let me go." Heero growled and tried to break away, which was a mistake, or a case of bad luck, he backed away too strongly. Heero fell backwards, towing Duo with him, who held his head insistently. Startled, Duo lost his balance and tumbled onto Heero.

Heero's eyes widened when he felt something soft and warm touch his lips. All he could see were the widening violet eyes, which were a few centimeters before his eyes.

"Go...Gomen." Duo quickly pulled away. //I kissed him!! He will really kill me this time. Damn, but his lips are so soft...uh...oh...stop thinking like that.// "Look, I am really sorry. In fact, I'm not the only one to blame. You pulled too hard, causing me to lose my balance. This wouldn't have happened if you would just tell me what 'omae o kisu' means!"

//You just did it, baka.....// Heero stared at the braided boy who was still talking. He actually didn't mind the kissing. Duo's lips were warm, and elicited feelings inside his body that he rarely felt. Peace, safety, and being cared for. //No wonder people like to be kissed.// Heero never had any memories of being kissed by anyone, not even by his mother or father, whether it was on the cheeks or on the lips. They were too scared to get near him, let alone kiss him. They didn't even want to touch him if it wasn't necessary.

"Heeeelllpp!!!" A shout interrupted Heero's thoughts and Duo's speaking. They looked at each other and stood up. Heero unsheathed his sword and Duo took his long stick out. Heero had given him the stick once Duo told him that he knew how to fight. Some years of living on the street had taught Duo that. They quickly ran to the voice's direction.

Once they passed a big tree, they could see the shouter. Duo gasped when he saw a pack of giant spiders surrounding a man and a woman. //The spiders are as tall as my waist! And not to mention how big they were....I think I really appreciate living on L2 now...// The woman screamed again, pleading for help, while the man swung his stick at the spiders. Heero and Duo didn't waste any time. They quickly got into the battle with the giant spiders. Heero killed the spiders fast and efficiently while Duo made his way to the couple.

"Are you okay?" Duo kicked the last spider that was in his way and guarded the couple while Heero finished off the other spiders.

"We are fine," said the man, while helping Duo attack the spiders.

Although Duo did his best to guard the couple, the spiders were too much for him. Heero glanced at the braided boy and saw him beginning to get tired. "We have to find shelter, do you know where one is?"

"Our house is at the edge of the forest. If we can make it there, we will be safe." The man answered.

Heero nodded and turned to Duo. "Duo, you take the woman to her house, while he and I stop these spiders."

Duo nodded and pulled the woman away, leaving Heero and the man to deal with the spiders. Minutes passed and the man began to tire out. The spiders they had killed kept coming back to life.

//This will never end if we fight like this....// Heero turned to the man. "You are tired. Go to your house, I will stop the spiders."

"I can't leave you alone with these monsters." The man was surprised. He as a man couldn't fight the spiders alone, now a boy wanted to be left alone with these monsters.

"Yes, you can. Just give me the directions to your house, I will join you there." Heero glared at the man. His glare proved still to be deadly for the man quickly told the directions and ran.

After making sure the man was out of the sight, Heero turned his attention to the spiders slowly encircling him. "Omae o korosu!" He growled and used his Power to attack the spiders. The spiders quickly turned into ashes as Heero's Fireballs hit them.


Duo and the woman arrived at the house without conflict. They entered the house and quickly shut the door.

"Pheww, we are safe now." Duo panted and leaned against the door.

The woman sat on the chair next to a dining table and looked relieved. "Thank you for your help. I don't think we would've made it if you two didn't come along."

"You are welcome." Duo smiled. "I'm Duo Maxwell, nice to meet you, ma'am."

"Duo, such a lovely name. My name is Dana, nice to meet you too." Dana smiled back.

Suddenly the door was being knocked. "Dana, it's me. Open the door."

"That's my husband!" Dana quickly stood as Duo opened the door. The man quickly entered and hugged Dana. Duo shut the door. "Welcome home, Pargan darling." Dana kissed her husband on the cheek.

//Darling? What's that? Heero never told me about that word. Well, it seems to be a part of the sentence to welcome someone.// Duo looked at the pair and realized Heero was missing. "Where's Heero?"

Pargan released his wife and turned to Duo. "You mean that young warrior? He asked me to leave while he covered my back. At first, I didn't want to leave him alone, but his glare is fearsome and I unconsciously ran from it."

"Typical Heero." Duo grinned, remembering the first time he had seen Heero's death glare. Now, he knew there was kindness hidden behind it.

"Your friend is suicidal, you know. I don't think he will survive, we have to go back to help him." Pargan suggested.

Duo shook his head. "It's okay, he will make it. I'm sure of it," After traveling with Heero for a month, Duo realized that most of the people in this world are the same as him. They aren't as strong as Heero and they also can't use magic like Heero does, so Duo assumed only a certain group of peoples can make use of the magic in this world.

"Are you sure?" Pargan hesitated. To tell the truth, he didn't want to confront the giant spiders again.

"Yeah. He will be okay." Duo sat down on the chair. //If you act like him, you will surely die. But if it is Heero, I'm sure everything will be okay.//

There was another knock on the door. "Duo?"

"Heero!" Duo jumped up and opened the door to let Heero in. He noticed Heero had something on his back. "What do you bring?"

"I fetched our bags after I finished with the spiders." Heero walked in and set the bags at the corner. Pargan was surprised when he realized how fast the young warrior in front of him doing all the works. Heero had managed to join them in less than five minutes. He needed only five minutes to kill the spiders and take their bags? Pargan had to admit that the warrior in front of him was really powerful and had the ability to run very fast.

//Time to practice the new vocabulary.// Duo approached Heero. "Uhm...."

Heero turned and looked at Duo. "Nani?" //What does he want now? He is rarely at a loss of words. Okay, make it 'never' rather than 'rarely'//

"Welcome back, darling." Duo smiled happily.

As soon as the word left Duo's mouth, Heero's eyes seemed to jump out from their sockets and his face turned red. //Where did this baka hear that word? He called me 'darling' ???// Heero Yuy blushed for the first time in his life.

"Darling? Hey, you two are married?" Dana was surprised. "I wondered about your relationship since you didn't look like brothers or related in any way."

Before Heero managed to correct the misunderstanding, Pargan spoke out. "What a young couple. Although you two are of the same gender, I don't mind. I can see why you chose him, he is more beautiful than most girls." Pargan pointed at Duo with his chin.

"Not only him, this young warrior is also beautiful, Pargan darling." Dana winked at her husband.

"Oh yeah, he is beautiful too." Pargan smiled approvingly.

Heero blushed deeper while Duo looked at him with a clueless look on his face. //What did they say? I didn't understand since they spoke too fast. But judging from Heero's reaction, I think I have made a mistake again.// Right at that moment, Heero sent Duo his death glare. //Eeppp, I really made a big mistake....//

"I think we have to stop teasing them, Dana. Look, his face is as red as a tomato." Pargan laughed and walked to the dining table. "I can't thank you enough for saving our lives. Why don't we have dinner together? It's the least I could do to repay you for your help."

Heero nodded and sat on a chair while Pargan sat at the opposite side. Dana went to the kitchen to prepare the food while Duo stood behind Heero, clueless. "Uhm...Heero?"

Heero turned and looked up to the braided boy, ready to send him another glare. But the confused face he saw made him cancel the action. //It's not entirely his fault to say the word. I should have told him some words which are reserved for the couples, but it will make me have to explain what 'omae o kisu' means.// Heero realized if the person who was asking Heero was anyone but Duo, Heero would tell the person without trouble. Deep down, Heero wondered why he was very disturbed of telling Duo the meaning of the words. Couldn't find the answer to his own question, Heero sighed and pointed to the seat next to him. "Sit down."

Duo sat down gratefully. //Thank God, he isn't too angry.//

"Hey, don't be too cold with your mate. Look, he seems confused at your attitude." Pargan grinned.

"He is not my mate." Heero growled. His face was red again.

"Don't deny it, I know you are still new and shy. I was like you when I married Dana years ago." Pargan winked at Dana who walked out from the kitchen and gave them the food.

//What's this?// Duo held up the thing Dana put on his plate and studied it. It was like a giant nut and its shell was thick.

Heero noticed Duo's blank look and took the nut from Duo's hand. "You need a special technique to open it. Here, let me do it."

"Look at them, darling. They are so sweet." Dana smiled and sat next to Pargan. "You used to open the nut for me when we were young."

"Stop teasing them, Dana. Look, he is blushing again." Pargan grinned as Heero blushed once more.

//Sixteen years without blushing and now, one word from this baka makes me blush over and over// Heero glared at Duo who looked back at him apologetically, holding the opened nut.

//Uh...oh...I'm in deep shit. Better to change the subject// Duo turned to Pargan. "What were you doing in the forest? It's dangerous to wander in small groups if those monsters were around."

"I never thought this situation would happen. The giant spiders seemed to appear everywhere. Normally, they live in the swamp at the other side of the forest and never disturb us." Pargan sighed. "It will be difficult for us to gather wood in the forest now."

"This began since Shinigami was told to had appeared in the golden forest. The creatures seemed to be wilder and more dangerous now." Dana added.

"Shinigami?" Duo was really curious. He knew he had heard the word on the first day he arrived in this world.

"Shinigami is a person who can control Perfect Soldier, the strongest beast and the ultimate destructive weapon in this world. The rumor says that it can destroy one palace within seconds." Dana explained patiently to Duo, oblivious to Heero who tensed at the word 'beast'.

"'It'? So Perfect Soldier is not human?" Duo, Dana, and Pargan didn't notice how white Heero's knuckles were or they would have wondered.

"No one knows what Perfect Soldier really is," Dana shrugged.

"Wow, where is Perfect Soldier now?" Duo was amazed.

Dana shook her head. "No one knows where it is. Only Shinigami can find it and control it."

"Oh, that's why so many people are searching for Shinigami? Who is this person?" Duo was getting more and more interested. The story sounded like a fairytale to him.

"We don't know who Shinigami is, but many prophets said that he appeared in the Golden Forest a month ago." Pargan spoke up.

"Golden Forest?" Duo remembered the forest where he had met Heero and turned to him, who seemed uninterested with the topic. "Heero, isn't the Golden Forest the place where we ..."

"Duo! Shut up! I am tired of your rambling!" Heero snapped loudly.

Duo was startled. He had never seen Heero so angry like this moment. "Go...gomen." //He is really angry at me. He usually use my braid to shut me up but now.....I must have made too many mistakes.... I kissed him....called him 'darling' ...and made Pargan and Dana tease him.....oh, I'm so screwed up//

"Hey, don't talk like that...." Pargan tried to help but quickly shut up when Heero sent him a death glare. For the rest of the night, the house stayed in silence. Duo never made any sound while Pargan and Dana chose to stay silent. Heero, being Heero, was silent.

The next morning, Heero and Duo decided to continue their journey.

"Be careful." Pargan walked them to the door.

Heero nodded and turned to Duo. "Let's go."

Duo bowed down to Pargan and Dana then followed Heero.

Pargan and Dana watched them go until they were out of sight. "I wonder what made the boy angry." Dana sighed. "Everything was really nice before that."

"That is their problem. Let's hope they will solve it soon." Pargan hugged his wife as they walked in.


Duo walked behind Heero and stared at his back. //Is he still angry?//

//What's wrong with him? Why is he still silent? He usually chatters along the journey.// Heero felt empty, like something is missing. He didn't realize that he had become used to hearing Duo's voice along the way and now he missed the cheerful voice. He stopped and turned to Duo.

"Na..nani?" Duo was surprised when Heero stopped.

"Duo, about last night...." Heero looked at Duo.

Duo interrupted Heero before he managed to finish the sentence. "It's my fault, I shouldn't have talked about the forest. I must have said something wrong again, ne?" Duo bowed his head.

"You didn't say anything wrong."

"Huh?" Duo looked up at Heero.

"Duo." Heero put his hands on Duo's shoulders and stared at him. "Forget about the forest, about your world. You are only a boy who came from an island far away from this country. Understand?"

Duo nodded. "That's why you snapped at me last night? You didn't want me to tell about my world? I thought you were mad at me for kissing you and calling you 'darling'. I am so sorry, I...."

Duo gasped in surprise when Heero hugged him tightly. "I am not mad at you." Heero whispered at Duo's ear. "Last night, you made me happy." //...for the first time in my life.//

Duo felt Heero hug him tighter and nuzzle his ear. He relaxed and returned the hug. //Heero....everything you asked me to forget...I will do it....You ask me to forget my world, I will forget it. I do it because I trust you with all my life...and my love.//


"Who is that young man?" An old man, wearing an expensive robe, pointed to a pair of teens who had just walked inside the inn while he was sitting on the second floor of the inn. "The one with short hair."

"I don't know, Sir Romefeller. They are not citizens here." A raven haired boy beside the man answered him.

"The boy carried a sword. He must be a warrior and he looks quite strong." Romefeller watched the boy intensely. // And beautiful too. Hmm..his companion is also beautiful..// "Ask both of them to join me here. Use force if needed."

"Very well, Sir." The boy bowed down and walked to the stairs. His short short black ponytail contrasted with his white robes. He approached Duo and Heero who were ordering a room. "Excuse me."

Duo and Heero turned around. "Yeah?" Duo eyed the boy before him. The black haired boy was at the same age as Heero and he.

"I am Chang Wufei. Nice to meet you." Wufei bowed down.

"Nice to meet you too, I'm Duo Maxwell and he is Heero Yuy." Duo gestured to the stoic boy beside him, who nodded slightly and stared at Wufei suspiciously.

Wufei spoke in neutral tone, "Sir Romefeller invites you to join him on the second floor."

Heero raised one of his eyebrows and looked at the second floor where Romefeller was sitting. He only needed one glance to decide his answer. "I am not interested. C'mon, let's go Duo. This inn is full, we have to search for another one." Heero started to walk away, only to have his shoulder gripped by Wufei's strong hand.

"I think I must insist you join us then. Sir Romefeller will not take 'no' as the answer." Wufei spoke coldly.

In a swift motion, Heero grabbed Wufei's hand and twisted it behind the boy's back. He pushed the boy so hard that Wufei fell down. "I have said that I am not interested. I don't like being forced." Heero glared at the man on the second floor.

Heero pulled Duo out from the inn while Romefeller shouted and ordered another person to catch Heero. "I will distract them. Meet me at the east gate of this town later."

Duo nodded and ran away. He was used to doing this when he was still in his world, not always for the good things, of course. He often did this pattern, stealing and getting away while someone else distracted their pursuers.

Heero waited some seconds and then ran to another direction, followed by Romefeller's men. He jumped onto the roof easily, making the men stare in surprise. They tried to climb the wall in order to get onto the roof. Two of them managed to get onto the roof but in one long leap, crossing the road, Heero left them and landed on another roof far away from them.

//Now I have to get back to Duo.// But then Heero sensed a presence near him and turned around. There a few feet from him, an old man stood in warrior robes.

"You are a great warrior. Too bad, Sir Romefeller wanted you to be captured. This is the last chance, please join Sir Romefeller willingly." said the man.

"I am not interested. Don't follow me again." Heero growled and prepared to jump onto another roof. Suddenly he felt a wind blow and surround him, carrying a strange smell. //What...?//

Heero felt his body weaken and the sight before him became blurred. //Kuso, he drugged me!// Heero shut his nose with his hand.

"It's too late. The drug has gotten into your veins. I am Kaze, Master of Wind. I can control the wind and let it blow this drug to you." Kaze smiled smugly.

Heero felt his legs gave away. //I lost!// He fell down from the roof. <<Heero!! Help!>> Duo's voice vaguely entered his mind. //Duo...I'm sorry....//


//Heero!! Help!// Duo was surrounded by some men. As promised, he waited for Heero at the east gate. But then some men approached him and teased him, leering the entire the time. He had tried to fight but they were too much. One of them had managed to seize his stick. "Go away!" Duo shouted and kicked the nearest man but another set of hands came and caught his leg. "Let me go!!" Duo struggled wildly while the men laughed.

Suddenly all the men were knocked out. Duo was surprised by the sudden lack of restraint and fell down.

"Are you okay?" A gentle voice greeted him and a hand was presented in front of him.

Duo took the hand and stood up. He looked at his saviors, a boy with short blond hair and the other one with brown hair, which covered half of his face.



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