From Far Away Part 5

The short haired boy flew through the air for a couple of feet, hitting a big rock before sinking down beside some bushes. Zechs smirked and began to approach. "You are really smart, considering you didn't resist my attack and instead let the momentum throw you away. But I bet it has its price, such as a few broken ribs and..." The words died in Zechs' throat when he saw Heero emerge from the bushes, not even scratched.

"You are really powerful." Heero calmly stood up.

0"Nani? You can still stand?" Zechs was surprised. He unleashed another energy bolt but Heero avoided it easily, leaping into the air while unsheathing his sword.

"It's my turn now." Heero growled and charged forward. Zechs tried to strike Heero with his energy ball but once again Heero dodged easily. "Damnit!" Zechs was angry as he watched his attacks result in nothing. He unsheathed his own sword and confronted Heero.


Somewhere far away in an unknown dungeon

"I have found him, my Lord. The one who's best suited to carry out your wish. Strong, wild, and merciless." A woman in a priest's robe sat before a pool, which was reflecting the battle scene between Heero and Zechs. "He is fighting another warrior, my Lord." The woman seemed very confident.

"Who is this warrior he's fighting, Une?" The man behind Une approached the pool. He was wearing robe that reached down to his ankles, in the similar color as his ginger hair.

"I don't know, Lord Treize. My power can't touch the other man, but one thing I know for sure, he is quite powerful"


//"Damn, this boy is really powerful!// Zechs panted and swung his sword toward Heero who blocked it easily. The boy's breath was still even and didn't even seem to be fighting whole-heartedly. //I have to use both of my hands to hold this sword. Damn! If I have a chance to strike him with my power, I'm sure he will lose his head. No one can survive this if they've been struck from pointe blank range.//

Luck was on Zechs' side. When dodging Zechs's sword, a stone tripped up Heero and made him lose his balance. Zechs didn't waste the chance; he raised his hand right in front of Heero's face who was stumbling to regain his balance. "Die!" Another ball was unleashed and hit Heero square on the head, sending the boy flying. Zechs grinned, smug that the boy had surely lost his life. But what he saw made his smile disappeared as fast as it had come. There, twenty feet away from him, Heero stood in one piece, unscratched.

"You are really strong, I have to take you seriously now." Heero looked at Zechs coldly.

"Impossible..." Zechs breathed. He didn't believe his eyes. No one! No one had ever survived from his attack before and yet this boy received the blow as if nothing! //A person who can attack with this kind of power is also capable of making, using the Power.// Zechs recalled the bit of knowledge and stared at Heero in disbelief. //Masaka? This boy is also....// The blond warrior never finished the thought as Heero raised his hand to unleash a furious energy ball. The bolt of energy was even bigger than any that Zechs had ever released, and it struck him with lightning speed. "ARGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!"


Back to the dungeon

"This is bad. I don't want my soon-to-be property damaged. I need him to confront the Perfect Soldier in his best condition." Treize gazed at the pool and frowned.

"We can combine our power to retrieve him, my Lord." Une suggested.

"We will do so now. Open the portal with your power, Une, and hold it open while I retrieve him." Treize closed his eyes, while Une concentrated on the pool closing her eyes also. Red light radiated from the pool, surrounding Une and Treize.


"Kuso...." Zechs was breathing heavily. His shirt was torn and he had to use his sword to support his sore body.

"You are the first man to survive my attack." Heero looked appraisingly. "I have never met a man as strong as you. If you surrender now, I won't have to kill you."

//How dare he ask me to surrender// Zechs looked at Heero in hatred. //I won't lose to a mere boy! I need power, more power!! //

Suddenly a giant hand, bigger than any human's, descended out of space. It enveloped Zechs and knocked the side of the mountain in the process. An avalanche caused rocks to collapse on the party, burying Heero and the Manganacs alive. Sounds of screaming were heard from the Manganacs as the avalanche of rock and pain hit their bodies and ended their lives.


Treize and Une opened their eyes as the red light disappeared and saw Zechs floating on the pool, unconscious.

"Good work, my dear prophetess. He's qualified to be a rival to the legendary Perfect Soldier."

"Yes, my Lord. The prophecy that has been told from generation to generation has always foretold of the Perfect Soldier who will be the ultimate destructive weapon ever. Whoever can control him will surely win this drawn out war and that will surely be you, my Lord." Une bowed down.

"Yes, I will rule the world once the Perfect Soldier is in my grasp." Treize smiled dangerously. "But we will worry about that later. Right now, we have to tame this wild beauty." He looked at towards unconscious Zechs.

"But what about the other warrior he fought against, my Lord? That soldier seemed stronger than he." Une watched as Treize used his power to levitate Zechs from the pool.

"I only need one man, Une. While he confronts the Perfect Soldier, we can catch Shinigami, who controls Perfect Soldier. If we can take the control from Shinigami, then Perfect Soldier will surely be mine." Treize brought Zechs near him and stroked his blond hair. "And even if I wanted the other warrior, it would be impossible now. No human could have survived the avalanche I created. Now I trust you will heal the man while I order my men to locate Shinigami." Treize gently placed Zechs on the ground in front of Une.

"As you wish, my Lord" Une bowed down at the retreating figure.


The dust finally eased off, revealing piles of rubble at the base of the mountain. The silence was broken by a movement beneath the rocks. A hand abruptly stuck out from beneath the pile. It wasn't an ordinary human hand. Its long nails were like claws on an animal's paw and they were red. Slowly, a figure emerged from the destruction and stood up. The figure eyed the parts of the dead bodies scattered beneath the rocks. "Ninmu kanryou."

No one will survive..........If they were human...........


"So Mayor, finally our village is peaceful." The Doctor sat next to the brooding Mayor. They were in the Mayor's home after attending a town meeting. "Mayor, what are you thinking about?"

"I'm wondering about the two boys, Doc. They left the village yesterday."

"Ah, those young men. They were very interesting. I was surprised though, when I saw the young warrior's clothes after the job was finished. His clothes were shredded, but amazingly, he was okay, no scars or wounds."

"Well, the braided one seemed even more surprised than you, Doc. He circled that other boy and kept trying to check his injuries. He couldn't seem to stop talking until the young warrior yanked on his braid." The mayor smiled, recalling Duo's pout when Heero glared at him.

"Oh, that boy....he kept speaking that strange language. I wonder how the young warrior can keep up with him." The Doctor grinned, recalling the night's event when Duo tried to repeat Heero's words. He was sure Heero would think twice before saying the same words to Duo again.


Somewhere, far away from the village, two boys rode a horse. The boy at the front kept talking, pointing out every animal and plant he saw. The boy behind him reached for the other boy's braid and yanked. "Duo, shut up or omae o korosu."

Duo turned his head to look at the annoyed boy behind him. "Omae o kisu?"

Heero sighed and bowed his head. Poor Heero, it's going to be a long journey for the young warrior , especially when a particular braided baka was involved.



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