From Far Away Part 2

"This is nuts! We're not gonna make it!" Duo cursed, he pasted his chest closer to the wall and walked to the side like a crab.

They were on a mountain, walking on a footpath, which just happened to be as wide as one of their feet. To their back was the mountain, and to their front they could see tree covered ground far away down. Duo tried to move his foot one step closer to Heero, who was in front of him. Heero looked at him, raising his hand as if offering. Duo immediately took the offered hand. Just then a gust of wind blew so hard it caused Duo to tumble off the ledge, pulling Heero along with him.

//This baka will not survive if I let him hit the ground first.// Heero growled and pulled Duo into his embrace. He flipped their bodies so his back was nowfacing the trees below while Duo was on top of him. Their fall was slowed by branches of trees, and brought to a stop in a pile of bushes.

"Hn." Heero snorted. //Why did I save this baka?// He looked at Duo who had his eyes closed and his head buried in Heero's neck. Heero could feel Duo's soft breath against his skin.

//Did he fall asleep again?// Unconsciously, Heero ran his hand to brush the back of Duo's head. //His hair feels like silk.// Then Heero moved his hand down, grabbing the braid and caressing it. Duo groaned and stirred, causing Heero's mind to snap out of his thoughts.

"Ouch!" Duo raised his head as Heero yanked the braid. "I'm still alive?" Duo asked doubtfully. He looked up to the mountain where they had just been. Duo's jaw dropped, "That has to be at LEAST 30 stories high, and we're still breathing?!" Duo checked his pulse, just to be sure.

"Itai." Duo felt his braid being yanked again and he looked down to find that he was on top of Heero, again. "Whoaa, twice in a day! Sorry, I'm really sorry, but I...hmmmphhh!!!" Again, Heero put the braid in Duo's mouth and shoved him away. He stood up and felt a pain in his right leg. //Hn, it's only dislocated, nothing serious.// Heero sat and held his dislocated leg, prepared to set it back to the right place.

Duo had managed to pull his braid out of his mouth when he heard a nasty 'CRACK'. He looked at Heero whose hands were still on the offending leg. "You set your own leg!????" Duo knelt near Heero and put his hand on Heero's leg. "It must hurt a lot." Duo began massaging the leg carefully.

Heero stared at Duo. //Why is this baka massaging my leg? Does he think setting the leg will hurt me a lot? Hn, I have been hurt worse than this.// Oblivious to Heero's staring, Duo kept massaging the leg. //It feels so good. He really knows how to massage and make a person feel so........NO! I don't have time to relax and I don't need this kind of distraction!// Heero shook his head and shoved Duo's hands away. Then he stood up and walked away as if nothing had happened to his leg.

Duo just looked at him and then he shrugged. "Seems you don't feel the pain, Heero. I wonder what will make you wince..." Duo trailed off and stood up. He looked around and noticed a young man was lying not far from him.

"Heero, there's a man over there." Duo pulled Heero's tunic lightly and pointed at the man.

"Hn." Heero looked in the direction Duo pointed towards and noticed the man too. He approached the man and checked him. //He is unconscious and has a fever. I will have to find some herbs for him.// He turned to Duo and pointed to the ground.

"Kokoni iro." *Stay here* Heero walked away, but Duo followed him. //This baka doesn't seem to understand.// Heero turned around and put his left arm on Duo's shoulder while his right arm pointed at the ground again. "Kokoni iro." Heero used light pressure and gave a little squeeze to Duo's shoulder.

Duo looked confused for a moment but then he nodded.

//Good, he understands.// Heero released his hold and went to search for the needed herbs.

Duo watched Heero until he was out of his sight. He understood what Heero wanted him to do this time as he turned his gaze to the man. //This is the first man I have met since Heero. Maybe I can learn their language.//

(Since Duo wanted to learn the language, Heero's language will be written in English while Duo's original language will be formatted into --> #bla...bla..bla# )


"HEEROO!!" Duo's voice was full of fear. Heero jumped at his tone and ran back to see what was wrong. //What is that baka getting into now? And why should I help him anyway?// Heero could see Duo now. Duo was not alone. There was a man standing in front of him, holding a sword, and a rat-like-animal was resting on the man's shoulder.

"You are the leader of those thieves!" Another man's voice was heard. Looking out of the corner of his eye, Heero noticed the unconscious man had awakened but it seemed the man had some additions to his injuries. Heero assumed the man, who was in front of Duo, added said injuries.

"You managed to run away yesterday but not this time. And I see that you have another friend." The thief looked at Duo. "Looks like this one will make a good price at the market. Your face is quite beautiful, let's see how your body is." Heero heard Duo yelp in panic and the sound of clothes being ripped.

Without thinking, Heero charged forward. A strange feeling emerged in his chest but Heero couldn't put a name on it, this being the first time he felt that way. All he knew was that he didn't want anybody else to touch the long haired boy, only he could touch and hold the beautiful boy since he was the one who found him. Or so he kept telling himself.

Heero unsheathed his sword and swung it at the thief.

"Argh!" The sword hit the thief on the shoulder, Heero pushed the sword down deeper, wanting to finish the man off but suddenly the man disappeared. Duo's jaw dropped when he saw the thief materialize far away from Heero.

"How dare you hurt me, you will pay for this, the next time we meet." After saying this, the thief disappeared again.

Duo's mind tried to register what just happened. The thief had ripped his clothes and teleported twice. No one in L2 too could do that, really no *human* could do that. He only read about the teleportation in Sci-Fi comics and novels. And now a man was doing a teleportation act in front of him. Shocked, surprised, and scared, he started to tremble. Heero didn't seem surprised. His cold face didn't change when he saw the thief teleport. He just stared in the direction where the thief disappeared and then turned to look at Duo, and noticed the trembling.

Heero was confused, he was never good at dealing with feelings. He kept looking at Duo and when he didn't show any signs of calming down, Heero knew he had to do something to stop the trembling. He approached Duo, raised his right arm to the back of Duo's head and his other hand encircled Duo's waist, pulling the trembling boy into his embrace.

Falling into Heero's embrace, Duo felt warm and safe. He raised his arms and returned the embrace, pressing himself closer to the warm source that was Heero's body. "Heero...." Duo sighed and leaned his head on Heero's shoulder. His trembling had stopped but Duo still didn't want to pull away. Not when he received the affection, moreover it was from the boy whose blue eyes made his heartbeat faster every time he looked at them, there was no way he would let it go. He closed his eyes and felt Heero's heartbeat make a steady rhythm together with his own heartbeat.

Heero hugged Duo tightly. He could feel Duo's bare skin touching his body and Duo's hair brushing his neck. Never in his life had he felt a hug could feel so good and so comfortable for he was never been hugged before. He was lost in the feelings he just found.

"Uhm....pardon me...." A man's voice broke the serene state between them. Heero growled and pulled away from the embrace. Duo was dazed for a moment but then smiled sheepishly.

"I don't mean to interrupt you, but I desperately need your help. My leg is broken and I can't get into my cart." The man pointed at the cart near him. Heero lifted the man into the cart and hocked the horse up while Duo tended to the man's injuries.

"You are not from here, are you? Your language is different," said the man to Duo. Duo just stared at him, not knowing what to say or how to react.

"His whole family has been killed, and I found him yesterday. He followed me since then," said Heero to the man.

"You are really kind then. Oh yeah, I got something for him." The man searched inside his cart. He took out some tunics. "Heh, actually I'm a merchant. Look at these tunics. They will fit both of you perfectly. I'll give them to you for 100 credits."

Heero raised an eyebrow, "................75."

"What? How could you still make a bargain with a wounded person?" The merchant tried to act innocently.

"Since there is a man who charged his own savior." Heero took the clothes and handed them to Duo.

"Kigaero," said Heero, hoping that Duo would understand.

To his surprised Duo nodded and put on one of the tunics. Then Duo said, "Kigaero."

"Wow, he is trying to learn our language," said the merchant. Heero just looked at Duo. Looks like he had underestimated the braided boy.


"Whoaaaaaa...." It was night when they entered a village and Duo was amazed. He noticed the houses were built from stone and almost all the men wore tunics, but they didn't carry any sword like Heero.

Heero stopped the cart in front of a house. He jumped down and knocked on the door.

"What?" A big man opened the door. He looked at Heero who turned to look at the cart. The man noticed the wounded merchant and opened his door widely. "Another patient huh? Come in."

"Thank you, Doctor," said the merchant as Duo helped him inside. "And what do you mean by 'another patient'?"

"Many soldiers came here this afternoon. Looks like they have been knocked out by the force of a greater power."

"Why are there many soldiers in this village anyway?", asked the merchant.

"Well, many prophets said Shinigami had appeared in the golden forest near this village but someone has taken him. So the soldiers from another kingdoms accused each other and ended up in fighting" The doctor said while cleaning the injuries.

"Shinigami??? The only person who can summon the Perfect Soldier? The said monster, which has the greatest destruction power? " The merchant was surprised.

"Yes, Shinigami. I wonder what he looks like and what kind of monster the Perfect Soldier is," said the doctor while bandaging the merchant.

Duo listened to their conversation, but didn't understand what they were talking about. He only managed to catch some words like Shinigami and Perfect Soldier. He glanced at Heero who was leaning near the door and found the short haired boy tense when the doctor and the merchant said the word "monster".

His gaze was interrupted by a hard knock on the door. Some soldiers pushed the door open and walked in.

"We heard that some strangers were in your place," said one of the soldiers who seemed to be their leader.

"Yes, here they are. The boys brought this wounded man. It seems the thieves have attacked them during their journey," said the doctor.

"A merchant and two boys....they seem suspicious." The leader stared at Heero strangely and then he turned to his men, "You two check the cart outside and the rest look over the man and the long haired boy while I interrogate the other boy." At his command, the soldiers moved.

Duo saw some soldiers approached. He looked at Heero who raised his finger and pointed to the ground. Understanding that Heero ordered him to stay calm, he let the soldiers verified the merchant and him.

The leader licked his upper lip and approached Heero.

"Judging from your clothing, you are a warrior. Is that right?" The leader asked Heero.


"I'm asking you a question, boy," the leader held Heero's chin and lifted it up, "answer the question."


"Good boy. Now open your clothes."

Heero's eyes widened.

"What? Are you hiding something beneath your tunic?" The leader smirked, his hand descending on Heero's neck now.

Heero growled and opened his tunic, revealing a well-muscled body. Duo held his breath. Perfect is a word that described what Duo thought about Heero now. Perfect body, perfect muscles, perfect chest......Duo shook his head //NO NO NO!!! Don't think about it!!!.....but his body is really gorgeous....// Duo was busy fighting with his own mind.

"As a warrior, your body is not disappointing." The leader moved his hand down from Heero's neck to Heero's chest. Duo was breathing faster now, he wanted to be in the leader's place, touching Heero's body. He could see the leader stroke the firm muscles and 'accidentally' brushed one of the nipples. Duo felt anger and jealous at the same moment. Anger because he was not the one who touched Heero and jealous because he couldn't touch Heero like the leader was at the moment.

But to everyone's surprise, Heero abruptly pinned the leader's hand, which was wandering on his chest, with his left hand while his right hand held up the leader's sword against the man's neck. "And as a warrior, I can kill you easily." Heero's voice was dangerous. The leader felt the sword on his neck and his face went white.

The room was silent until the leader spoke up nervously," I believe you are really a warrior."

Heero released the leader's hand and moved his sword from the leader's throat.

"Let's go." The leader left the house as fast as he could, followed closely by the other soldiers.

Heero snorted and put on his tunic again then he walked to where Duo and the merchant were. They quickly set their jaws, which had dropped down without their knowledge when they saw Heero's speed and skill, back to the original place.

"We will stay at an inn, I assume you will spend your night here." Heero looked at the merchant and then looked at the doctor.

"Uhm yeah, I still have to tend his broken leg." The doctor said nervously.

Heero nodded and then pulled Duo out of the house.


#Heero, you are really great. Did ya' see the look on the man's face when you held his own sword to his throat? His face looked like a hunk of cotton! I bet he never thought you would do that...# Duo spoke along the way. Heero, who didn't understand Duo's language, had had enough. //Doesn't this baka get tired of speaking?// He glared at Duo and said "Omae o korosu!"

Duo remembered he has heard the words once and he tried to repeat the words, "Onna...o...kisu.." *I'll kiss a girl*

"Omae o korosu!"

"Omae.. o..kisu" *I'll kiss you*

Red face, Heero glared at the braided boy, "OMAE O KOROSU!"

"Omae... o...korosu." Duo smiled, this time he managed to say the right words.

Heero just stared, dumbfounded as Duo's smile widened. Then he sighed and walked toward the inn while mumbling, "Why did I save this baka....."

Duo just stared at him in confused and innocent way.


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