Author: Akuma

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Rating: NC-17 overall

Category: Angst, Sap, Lemon, Fantasy, AU, OOC (just to be safe)

Pairings: 2x1/1x2

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Disclaimer: GW characters and Kanata Kara story are not mine. >_<

Author's note: Okay, this is the first fusion fic I ever write. I can't help not to put Heero and Duo into the world of Kanata Kara. I found out the main characters in this manga are really like Heero and Duo. One can survive after jumping from a cliff that almost as high as 30 stories building and the other want is always talking and talking. So thanks to Kyoko Hikawa who wrote the original story, here is the fic, enjoy ^_^ (since it's a fusion, you don't have to understand the original story to read this. It really has nothing to do with Kanata Kara, except for the story, which I have altered.)

Key: "..." : spoken word,   //...// : thoughts,   *...* : translation for Heero's word,   (...) : author's note,   #...# : Duo's language.

From Far Away Part 1

"Damn, that dream again!", Duo sat up in his bed. His violet eyes still half-open while he thought about his dream. //Why do I always dream about strange animals and plants that I have never seen? Moreover, they live and run on green grass under a beautiful blue sky.// Duo chuckled. //I wish I could live in that world.// He rose from his bed and took a shower.

After half an hour of struggling with his long hair, he finally finished the shower. He wore his priest-look-alike-outfit and braided his lovely chestnut hair. //Now, time to face reality. // He plastered a grin on his face and went out. His waist-length-braid swinging behind him.

//The sky in L2 is always gray because of all those damn factories' smoke.// The braided boy lifted his face to the gray sky above and then he turned his gaze to the house he just came out from. //An orphan like me is really lucky to find this abandoned house. The owner of it must've been in a hurry since they leftthe door unlocked.....// Duo's mind trailed off to the day he was asked to leave the orphanage. The government was only supporting the children until they were 16 years old then they were forced to live by themselves. //I wonder what Sister Helen is doing now...// Duo was so lost in his thoughts that he didn't notice a black dot in the sky that was growing bigger and heading towards him, until it was too late.

"WHAT IS A MISSILE DOING HEREEEEE????" Duo, surprised, ran for shelter as the missile hit the ground and exploded near him. //No wonder the owner of the house didn't bother to lock the damn door.// That was the last thought in Duo's mind before darkness claimed him.


"Ugh..." Duo slowly regained consciousness and opened his eyes. He was lying on something hard. //I am laying on the ground?// He blinked and then blinked again, not trusting his own eyes. "Have I died and gone to heaven?" Duo mumbled then looked around him. The place was very unfamiliar to him. //Gold is definitely the dominant color in this place. Golden grass, a golden tree......wait a minute....tree?//. Knowing that not a single plant could survive on L2 brought Duo fully awake.

Duo stood up abruptly and looked up. Tree branches were high above him, preventing most of the sunlight from shining through. //I'm in a forest? How did I get in here? Oh, right. There was a missile....//. While Duo was pondering this strange occurrence the tree's branches started to wiggle and a creature fell right smack in front of him.

"A giant worm???" Duo stepped back. The creature, which was taller and bigger than him seemed to notice his movement and approached. Not like a usual worm, it had spikes around its body and its front was covered with fangs.

"WHOAAA, don't come any closer!!!" Duo stepped back again. The worm launched itself toward Duo. // I am so dead meat this time.// Surrendering to his fate, Duo closed his eyes but suddenly he felt a strong hand shoving him away. He opened his eyes in surprise and watched as a man in a strange outfit unsheathed his sword and slashed the worm in two. Part of the worm landed beside Duo, completely freaking him out. Without thinking, he jumped and glomped onto the man. His arms were around the man's head and his legs encircled the man's waist.

//OhmyGod, OhmyGod, OhmyGod, OhmyGod, thisisnotreal thisisnotrealthisisnotreal//, Duo repeated his litany over and over. A minute passed in silence before Duo calmed and became aware of his surroundings again. Feeling soft breath on his chest, Duo realized what he was doing at the moment.

//Shit. I glomped onto a man. He must be angry//. Hesitantly, Duo looked down to the man. Violet eyes met cobalt blue ones. Duo was lost in the eyes that were the same color as the sky in his dream. //What beautiful eyes he has... but why are they so cold and expressionless?//

Duo turned his gaze to the man's face. The face of a young boy with messy brown hair met his gaze. //He is around my age and ...God, he is beautiful. His lips are dry and his short hair feels so good against my fingers.......huh? my fingers?//. The realization that he unconsciously had let his fingers brush the soft brown hair made Duo blush. He grinned nervously and forced some words out of his mouth.

"Uhm, hi?" //Great! Is that all you can say, Duo no baka?!// Duo suddenly wanted to slap his own head. The boy whom he was still clinging onto just snorted and then shoved him down.

"ITAI!!", Duo landed on the ground, bottom first. //So much for glomping a boy//

He looked up and opened his mouth to protest about the boy's action but when he got a full view his blue-eyed savior he was struck speechless. The boy was putting his sword back into the sheath, which hung on the waistband of his green tunic. He had a well-built figure and his black leather boots and pants made his appearance perfect. The boy turned his back and walked to his bag, which he had thrown off earlier before saving Duo.

Duo gulped once and finally found his voice. "Look, maybe you are uncomfortable being glomped by another boy but I'm scared to the death, man. I don't know how I got here. One thing for sure, this is not my world and while I was thinking, that worm suddenly attacked me. I was really surprised and scared so I jumped onto you. I hope you understand my reason for clinging onto you."

The boy just kept silent, taking his bag then slumping it on his shoulder. "Oy, can you hear me? I'm trying to ask for your forgiveness here. It's not polite to have your back turned when someone's talking to you!" Duo wanted to add more but one glare from the boy made his jaw lock.

The boy said with a cold voice, "Omae no kotoba wa ore ni wa wakaranai" *I didn't understand your words*

Duo was stunned. //His language is different from mine.......of course it's different. This isn't my world anyway.// Duo looked up and found the boy staring at him. "Uhm, why are you staring at me?" Duo asked nervously. //God, his eyes are so beautiful and his lips are tempting to be kissed. Gah, kiss? I'm thinking of kissing him? KISSING A STRANGER?? I've really lost my mind.//

He was too drowned in his thoughts and failed to notice the fire that flickered in those sea blue eyes for a second before they became cold again. The boy shook his head and mumbled, "....konna hazu jyanakattanoni" *...I didn't expect it to be like this...."

The boy then grabbed Duo's arm, "Koi". *Come here* (Not koibito :p)

"Huh? What are you saying?". Still confused, Duo didn't move from where he was standing. The boy released Duo's arm and grabbed his braid then pulled it. "Itaiii! Hey, that hurts!!"

The boy yanked Duo's braid again and walked in a certain direction, still grasping it.

"What? You want me to follow you? Okay, okay, just let go of my braid." Duo followed the boy, not wanting to have another yank on his braid. The boy didn't release the braid though and instead he walked faster, closer to running now.

"Hashire" *Run*. The boy started running.

Poor Duo, the boy still held his braid. "Ow, ow, my braid! Arghh, let go of my braid! Why do you have to run all of sudden?" Duo was trying to keep his running speed equal to the boy when he heard some noises above him. He looked up and his eyes widened in horror. It was another giant worm. Correction, there was a bunch of giant worms.

"NO! NOT THOSE WORMS AGAIN!!" Duo used his full speed to run now. He passed the boy and missed a little smirk that appeared on the boy's face. A worm fell in front of Duo at the same time he felt a tug on his braid.

This time the boy yanked the braid harder and made Duo lose his balance. He fell into the boy's left arm while the boy's right arm unsheathed the sword and cut the worm. "This is a nightmare!" Duo whined, also taking note that several worms blocked their path. "Ugh, now I think L2 is better than this place....HOAAAA".

The boy lifted Duo on his shoulder and began to run toward the worms. "Oyyy, stop it! You will kill us both!" Duo struggled to free himself but the boy's grip was too strong. "Stupid boy, you're gonna kill us you suicidal freak!" The boy just ignored Duo's curses and jumped high.

//WHAT???? He jumped over the worms???// Duo was surprised. It felt more like as if they were flying rather than jumping. They landed behind the worms and the boy kept running, carrying Duo on his shoulder. //He is really fast. I never thought it was humanly possible to run this fast.// Then Duo noticed a big hole in front of them. "Watch out! We're gonna fall into the hole. ARGHHH". The boy jumped into the hole and hugged Duo tighter. //We will be damned.// thought Duo, but the boy landed on his feet with Duo in his arms safely. Though the boy jumped from an almost 4-stories-building-height, he didn't show any signs of injuries at all.

'Huh? What happened just now?' Duo blinked and looked up where the worms gathered around the hole's entrance.

"Mou otte kuru koto wa nai" *Those worms will not jump in*

'Huh? What is he talking about?' Still hugging the boy, Duo pulled his head back to stare at the boy. //Looks like the worms won't chase us anymore.// A safe feeling seeped into Duo and suddenly he felt very sleepy. The continuous feelings of being shocked, surprised, and scared had worn him out. Those blue eyes that stared at him just made him feel warm and protected. As he lowered his head and nuzzled around the boy's neck, his eyes closed slowly.


"Duo!" Duo turned around to see a woman in a white outfit calling for him.

"Huh? Sister Helen?"

"Why do you look like as if you've seen a ghost, Duo?"

"Where am I? What is this place?"

"This is the orphanage, your home. Are you still half asleep?"

"Huh? Asleep?........God, so all of those things are just a dream!", Duo jumped up happily and hugged the woman. "Thank God! IT'S JUST A DREAM!" Duo hugged tighter, he felt his hair being brushed gently by fingers, "It's just a dream...."

"Whoa, Duo. You're heavy!" The woman fell down, bringing Duo with her. Duo landed on top of her and could feel his head against a flat chest.

//Flat chest???// Duo's eyes snapped open. He looked up and a pair of blue eyes met his gaze. //This is not a dream!! This is real!!!!// Duo hoped he was just having another nightmare. He closed his eyes, refusing to take the fact that it is real.

"Omae o korosu" (Do I have to translate this one? ^_^;)

The soft breath, which touched Duo's nose and that cold voice brought Duo back to reality. He then realized his awkward position. His face was just a mere inch from the boy's and the boy lay on the ground with Duo on top of him. "Agh, sor...sorry!" Duo blushed and tried to stand up but fell aside instead. The boy just snorted and stood up. He unsheathed his sword and walked away.

//What is he going to do?// Duo wanted to follow the boy but he found his feet tangled in his hair. "Since when did I undo my braid??" Duo was confused and he tried to braid his hair again.

When Duo finished with his braid, he turned around to find the boy had finished making a raft and sheathed his sword. //He is really fast! But why did he make a raft?// Duo looked around and noticed that there was an underground river near them and the boy was pushing the raft into the river now. //He didn't leave me when I fell asleep, I guess I can trust him.// Duo eyed the boy carefully. The boy had saved him and he felt no reason to not trust the boy.

"Ikuzo" *Let's go*

"Huh?? I don't understand your language, remember? Your cold voice and lack of words don't help much. Can't you make any gestures that show what do you want from me?"

The boy grabbed Duo's braid and yanked it.

"ITAIIIII, oucchhhh. I understand, I understand. You want me to follow you?" Duo came near the boy, following him as he walked onto the raft. "Gee, when I said a gesture I didn't expect you to use my braid. It hurts to have your braid yanked, you know? Someday I will cut this braid and....hmmmpph." Suddenly Duo found his braid shoved into his mouth. Duo spat it out. "Does this mean you want me to shut up? I told you not to use my braid. You look like you have a hair fetish or some..."

The boy growled and reached for the braid again. Duo quickly shut his mouth with his left hand while his right hand held his braid protectively. He sat on the raft nicely while the boy controlled the raft with a pole he had picked up while Duo was busy braiding his hair.

They entered an underground tunnel and slowly the light disappeared. "Whoaaaaaaa, it's so dark here! I can't even see my own hands. How long does the tunnel last?" A light from the boy's direction attracted Duo. He turned his head and saw fire emanating from the boy's palm. Duo's jaws dropped as the fire burnt the stick he held in his other hand, making a torch.

"Urusai", said the boy while giving the torch to Duo.

Duo received the torch and stared at it. //Hello? Excuse me, where was the fire from? Is it magic? I know you are stronger than an ordinary man, but I never thought about magic//. Duo turned his gaze and stared at the boy, who had turned his back to Duo. //Can I trust you?//

After a minute of silence, Duo couldn't keep quiet and started talking again. "Uhmmm". The boy turned his head to Duo and glared at him. "I just want to know your name. My name is Duo", Duo pointed to himself, "Duo Maxwell".

The boy still glared at him, making Duo nervous. "It's true! I run, I hide, but I never lie. I'm Duo, Duo Maxwell", Duo pointed to himself again. And then he pointed to the boy, "What yours?"


"Uh...oh..." //Is he pissed off? Does he understand?//

The boy turned his head back and mumbled, "Shinigami to wa kono se o souran ni michibiku mono nohazu." *The legend says that Shinigami is the person who can control the world....*

Duo was totally confused. "What?"

"Souzourashii yatsu wa omowanakattana." *I never thought Shinigami was so noisy*

"Huh? Pardon me?"

"Ore no na wa Heero. Heero Yuy. " *My name is Heero, Heero Yuy."



They stopped at a bank and got off the raft.

"Sokoni iro" *Stay there*, said Heero to Duo and pointed to the ground. //I hope he understands.//

Then Heero left and examined the wall that blocked their way. A sound of splashing water was heard behind him and he turned around to see Duo walking out from a puddle. //I guess he didn't understand at all.//.

"Geez, I didn't think puddles got that deep!" Duo grumbled while he was trying to wring his clothes and saw Heero's glare. "Look, I'm sorry, but I thought I heard a sound. It's so dark around here so I can't see where my foot had stepped...."

//Here he goes again.// Heero opened his bag and searched for something. //I have to find a way to make him shut up.//

"....I like the dark, but....HMPPPHH", Heero pushed some clothes into Duo's mouth.

"Kigaero" *Change your clothes*

"Huh? What is this? Is it a towel?" Duo held the clothes and stared at them.

Losing his patience, Heero began unbuttoning Duo's shirt. But since Duo's outfit wasn't familiar to him, he didn't know how to unbutton it so this left him with one option. Heero ripped Duo's outfit.

"ARGHHH, pervert! What are you doing?" Duo was surprised, angry, and embarrassed all at the same time.

"Kigaero", Heero repeated and pointed at the clothes in Duo's hands.

"You want me to change? Geez, you didn't have to rip my clothes first. That's...", this time Duo noticed Heero's hand was approaching his braid. He shut up at once and walked to find a safe place to change into the clothes.

Heero didn't follow him, instead he leaned on the wall, arms crossed. //Looks like I can use his braid to make him shut up.........His hair is really soft, especially when the braid was released.// Heero remembered feeling the soft-like-silk hair when Duo fell asleep in his arms. He didn't know what had gotten into him but he found his hands undoing Duo's braid and caressing the hair. Heero shook his head. //Why did I think about his hair? I must not think about unimportant things like that. He is Shinigami after all, the one who is being wanted by all the rulers in order to control this world.//

"Is this the right way to put on these clothes?" Duo's voice brought Heero's attention back. He looked up and held his breath.

Duo was standing in front of him, looking stunning in the purple tunic and black leather pants. Heero growled and detached himself from the wall and turned around to face it. //Don't think about him, he is Shinigami.// Heero concentrated and then pushed the wall.

The wall cracked. //I still don't believe that this noisy person is Shinigami.//

Heero pushed harder and the wall collapsed, welcoming the sunlight to enter. "Wow, finally I can see the daylight," said Duo.

//If he is really Shinigami....// Heero stared at Duo who was looking at the blue sky. //Someday.....I have to kill him.//



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