From Far Away Part 18

"Wow! It's a beautiful waterfall!" Duo jumped down from his horse and ran towards the edge of the waterfall. He peeled his clothes off as fast as he could and jumped into the small lake created by the waterfall.

Heero only smiled watching his lover's attitude. They had taken another road to reach the capital of OZ since they didn't want to take a chance being abducted by another giant bird, which only nested in the valley they had passed before. And having traveled so much, Heero remembered about the waterfall, which he was sure Duo would like. He jumped down and fastened their horses to the nearest tree. They had been riding for hours and the sun began to set. Heero looked at his surroundings, noticing it would be a safe place to camp.

"Heero! Come on! Join me!"

Heero let out a small yelp as the cold water splashed onto him. He growled and took off his clothes before joining his braided lover. He chased and splashed the water on Duo, but Duo dodged it perfectly, laughing all the way and splashing back at him.

"Strike!" Duo laughed happily as Heero sputtered when the water hit the boy right on the face. "Never thought you'd fall into that, Hee-chan."

Heero growled and called the wind to splash the water back to Duo, striking that heart-shaped face swiftly.

"HEY!" Duo sputtered and pouted. "Not fair to use your Power here."

Heero let out a laugh and swam closer to where his sputtering lover was. The lake was quiet and quiet shallow that it let their heads above the surface.

When Heero's laughter reached his ears between the sounds of the waterfall, Duo blinked and looked up to see Heero's smiling face in front of him. He reached out and caressed a corner of Heero's mouth very gently in a state of awe. "Ne, Heero? You're laughing!"

Heero blinked and stared dumbfoundedly at Duo for a while before he spoke up, "Was it bad?"

"Of course not!", Duo beamed happily. "This is the first time I've heard you laughing out loud! You look so cute and nice." Duo couldn't help but to kiss Heero. The boy seemed very happy now that all the misunderstanding had been cleared.

Heero smiled into the kiss. It was not so bad to laugh, especially when it also made Duo happy. He never felt this happy before and knew it was all because Duo was with him. An eager tongue licked his lips and Heero opened them, letting the tongue roam inside his mouth. Duo's hands encircled his waist, making Heero moan at the feeling of their warmth replacing the cold water. They kissed so passionately that when they pulled away, both of them were panting for air.

"I don't think I could ever get enough of you, Heero." Duo sighed happily and rested his forehead against Heero's, pulling the boy so that their bodies pasted onto each other.

Heero moaned as he felt Duo's arousal digging into his stomach, awakening his own arousal. His braided lover had started licking his face, tasting and teasing him with his tongue. Heero whimpered as Duo started nibbling his throat, and tilted his head back, giving his lover wider access while he reached out blindly behind Duo's back to unravel Duo's braid.

When the strands of his chestnut hair were floating on the surface, Duo trailed down and sunk his head below the water, licking and sucking Heero's nipples with his mouth. Heero moaned louder as the warmth enveloped his tiny nubs within the cold water surrounding them.

"Like that?" Duo asked when he stuck his head above the water, taking a breath. He spat a mouthful of water of water onto Heero face when he resurfaced, chuckling a bit at the stunned, then he licked the droplets off Heero's face while letting his fingers replace his tongue on Heero's nipples.

Being unable to answer within his moans and whimpers, Heero nodded and arched his body further onto Duo as his lover pinched his nipples.

"Good, I'll make it even better." Duo grinned and sunk his head down again, searching for his target below the water.

Heero gasped loudly as something warm enveloped his cock; Duo's mouth. The realization made Heero become impossibly harder as Duo's tongue started licking his cock and Duo's hands still played with his nipples. He melted instantly at the caress and put his hands on Duo's shoulders to balance himself.

Duo sucked and teased Heero's cock so thoroughly that when he surfaced later, Heero was panting and rested his body against him. The long-haired boy chuckled and hugged his dazzling lover tightly, feeling the cock he just teased digging into his stomach. Knowing Heero would not last for long, Duo ran his hands on Heero's delicate bottom, sticking one finger into the hidden entrance between the cheeks. "Time to take my virgin lover, I think."

"Duo..." Duo grinned at Heero's growl from his teasing and slid the second finger inside the boy's tight passage, making Heero gasp at the penetration. He prepared his lover slowly and carefully, wanting no pain for Heero when he took the boy, though it might have been a little impossible since Heero would always physically be a virgin.

Heero threw his head back as Duo's third finger slid inside him and touched his prostate, gasping out loud as the stream of pleasure hit him. He put his hands around Duo's neck and his legs encircled Duo's waist.

Understanding his lover's signal of readiness, Duo pulled out his fingers and grabbed Heero's waist, poising the boy on his ready and eager cock. The water made the role of lubricant as he pushed Heero down, impaling the boy on his cock. Duo groaned as Heero sheathed his cock, replacing the cold water with his warm body.

Heero whimpered at the initial pain but it was quickly swallowed by Duo as the boy kissed him. He felt himself sink down on Duo's cock, taking it deeper into his body. Duo pushed him down little by little until he felt his bottom touching Duo's thighs. Knowing he had taken Duo to the hilt, Heero relaxed and tried to adjust to Duo.

<<You're so wonderful and addictive, koi.>> Duo pulled away from the kiss and looked at Heero's Prussian blue orbs. Heero smiled between his pants and tightened his hug, wanting to blend their body into one.

<<Love you, Duo.>>

<<Love you too, Hee-chan>> Duo smiled and started lifting the boy up and down, before Heero's healing ability could start working and tighten the boy's passage back.

Both of them panted and gasped at the coupling as the water rippled around them. Heero felt Duo's grip on his waist tighten and he was impaled faster and harder. The water had made it easier for the braided boy to lift him up and down. He buried his head into Duo's hair as his prostate was hit in every thrust. The combination of Duo's hot cock and cold water invading his silken passage brought him to the edge quickly. Heero cried out and arched his back into an elegant bow, releasing his passion at the same time as Duo yelled and came inside him.

As the blinding pleasure subsided, Heero panted and rested his head onto Duo's shoulder. He could feel the warmth of Duo's passion inside him. He wanted to stay like this forever with Duo inside him, loving and hugging him. But knowing it was impossible to have Duo inside him any longer, Heero regretfully put down his legs from Duo's waist and unsheathed Duo's softened cock.

They stood, leaning against each other for a while and recovering their composures and breaths before climbing back to solid ground and preparing dinner.

After dinner, they spread the sheet and sat down under a huge tree. Duo leaned against the tree and pulled Heero into his embrace, covering both of them with the blanket. Heero sighed in contentment and leaned his back again Duo's chest. Together, they watched a bonfire, enjoying the serene moment between the two of them.

"Ne, Heero? I want to tell you something." Duo spoke slowly, eyes still on the dancing fire in front of them, putting his chin on Heero's shoulder.

"What is it?" Heero mumbled and sighed as Duo nuzzled his ear.


That single letter made Heero's blood turned cold. He tensed and felt the arms around him tighten. "I know what he's done to you."

Heero sharply turned within Duo's embrace and stared at Duo, who stared back at him equally. Noticing the anger and pain in those violet eyes, Heero realized Duo knew about J and what the man had done to him. " did you..."

"How did I know about him?" Duo couldn't help but feel his anger rise up when he thought about the man. "I dreamt about him and you, Heero. Not just that. I dreamt a lot about your past. I watched as you were born and held you in my arms. I watched how your father and mother treated you, what that bastard J did to you, and also what happened to your village."

Noticing the boy in front of him twitch in pain as he said the last sentence, Duo reached out and put Heero's head on his shoulder, soothing and comforting him. "It's not your damn fault that it happened to your village. I'm asking you about J not to cause you more pain but to tell you that I know about your past and I understand it, that I want us to share and bear it together. I don't want anymore secrets between us."

Duo clutched the back of Heero's head tightly. "And God knows how much I wanted to stop them from hurting you, from breaking your heart. I felt so useless, watching you suffering while I just stood there, not being able to punch them or free you from those situations."

Duo was silent after that but from how tense his shoulders were and how the braided boy clutched his head tightly, Heero knew Duo was trying to hold his anger from exploding. Strangely he felt safe and smiled into Duo's shoulder. He was not in the same situation as he had been in the past. He had Duo now, being loved and cared for as he too loved and protected the braided boy with his life. He was not alone anymore and he wouldn't allow his past to bother him again.

"You're not useless." Heero whispered, full of love into Duo's ear. "I could feel your warmth in my dreams, soothing and comforting me. It enabled me to hold on and move on from them."

"Still, you didn't deserve such tortures!" Duo growled.

Heero pulled away and looked at Duo straight into his violet eyes. "Let it go, Duo. No matter what had happened, we can't change the past. I don't care about my past anymore now that I have you at my side. You love me. You care for me. It's all I ask for. I'm more than happy and feel so grateful that you still want me after knowing what he had done to me."

"Of course! I want you more than anything, don't you ever doubt about that." Duo stared at the boy in his arms for some time before letting out a heavy sigh and putting his anger far away from his mind. "You even didn't feel malicious towards them. You're too kind, koi." Duo caressed Heero's cheek gently and put his finger on the boy's mouth when Heero was about to reply. "Don't deny it. Although the others see you as a cold and not so nice person, in my eyes you're a nice and kind boy..... the one I love most." Duo bent down and gently kissed Heero, who kissed back with the same gentleness. The braided boy grinned when he pulled back. "Not to mention a very responsive and beautiful koi........ oh and virgin too."

"Omae o korosu." Heero growled. He noticed to his amusement how much Duo loved teasing him about being a virgin all the time.

Duo let out a laugh and lay down on the sheets, pulling Heero to lie next to him. Heero shifted so that his back rested on Duo's front and they continued watching the fire.

<<I love you so much, Duo.>>

<<So do I>>

They both fell into deep sleep, accompanied by the stars above them.


"Not again!" Duo groaned as he found himself in the darkness. "Here I thought, I wouldn't have these kinds of dreams anymore. Hadn't he been tortured enough?"

"NO!! Get off of me!!" Heero's cries made Duo turn his head to the voice's direction. But no matter how much he had prepared himself for the torment he would see being applied to Heero, this one surely drained all his blood from his body.

What he saw before him was an eight year old Heero laying on the floor and struggling against J above him, who was ripping his clothes roughly.

"Give it up, boy. Your yearly sickness had made you just like the little weak boy you should be if not for the fact that you're the Perfect Soldier. I have thought about this sickness and maybe it was destined to you so that the Shinigami can claim you if you chose to fight him." J watched in satisfaction at the now naked boy under him. The little boy had stopped moving, too weak to fight against the man.

"And I have thought about the prophecy again." J spoke up with a gruff tone and flipped the boy to lie on his stomach. "It's said that Shinigami will claim his Perfect Soldier and I got this sudden thought as to what if someone else claimed you first. No one except the villagers knows the true form of the Perfect Soldier. The other people think of the Perfect Soldier as a monster so they would never think about this possibility. It's possible that the prophecy is telling that the person who claims you will be the Shinigami. That person will be able to control you after he claims you. I thought it over and over and decided to try this theory. After all, I have nothing to lose. If this claiming does make me control you, I'll become the ruler of the world with your help. But if this claiming does nothing to you, that means you'll have to wait till the Shinigami claims you."

J grabbed little Heero's hips, lifting it high in the air. "You're old enough to accept me.... And I think this will be a very good experience. Who would have ever thought the Perfect Soldier would be this tempting anyway. Maybe if this theory fails, I won't be too disappointed." The grin on the man's face gave Duo a shudder as he realized what the man had on his mind if the theory failed. That bastard would try to find a way to use Heero for his pleasure until Heero met Shinigami!

Duo was struck with his own thoughts. This bastard's theory was surely wrong since Heero was with him now. Did that mean that Heero had been this old man's....... Duo gritted his teeth, not wanting to say the word even in his thoughts. Was this bastard ra... torturing Heero until Heero decided to run away?

'I'm more than happy and feel so grateful that you still want me after knowing what he had done to me.' Duo let out a gasp as he remembered Heero's words. So this bastard did.....

"NO!" Duo snapped from his thoughts by Heero's shout and to his horror he saw J kneeling naked behind Heero, hands on the boy's hip and ready to impale the boy. Without thinking, Duo jumped forward to tackle the man from his beloved, forgetting he couldn't touch the man. The braided boy flew through the man and hit the wall. Duo groaned in pain but quickly turned around when J spoke up.

"Let's see how good you feel, boy."

"NOOOOOO!!" Duo shouted in agony as he watched the man pushed forward into the crevice of Heero's cheeks while the boy couldn't fight back. He couldn't watch this! He couldn't bear watching Heero being raped while he could do nothing! Did God really exist or what? If He does, then why did He let Heero suffer like this? Heero surely didn't deserve this! No one should deserve this!

Despite his mind's cries for not wanting to watch, Duo found his eyes were set still on the scene in front of him. And just when the man was an inch from penetrating Heero, the boy's body glowed so bright that Duo had to close his eyes.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Duo could hear J's agonizing scream but the light was too bright for him to open his eyes yet. The scream continued until the light dimmed out and Duo could open his eyes again.

He blinked for some time, letting his eyes adjust back before he managed to see clearly. There on the floor, Heero was lying on his side, panting while not far from him J was writhing and whimpering in pain. "Help.. me..." The boy only looked at the suffering man with an unreadable expression, not moving from where he lay.

Duo watched as the man's body twitched and contracted. His body started disintegrating and became a pill of dust after a full minute. After managing to gain his composure from what he just saw, Duo walked to where Heero lay and knelt next to the little boy. He ran his hand through Heero's messy hair, feeling relieved that he could touch the boy like in his previous dreams. "You're safe now. That man had got what he deserved. He won't hurt you anymore." Duo bent down and kissed the boy's forehead.

When he opened his eyes, Duo blinked in confusion. It took him several seconds to realize that he had woken up from his dream. He glanced down and felt relief as he saw Heero was still sleeping, snuggling into him. But then Heero stirred and slowly opened his eyes.

"Morning, koi. I'm so grateful you're with me now." Duo kissed Heero's forehead gently and hugged the boy tightly.

"What's wrong?" Heero mumbled sleepily.

"I dreamt about your past again. Not a pleasant dream, though I liked the ending. I saw J was going to ..... " Duo couldn't bring himself to say the word and buried his head on Heero's thick hair instead.

"Going to claim me by force?" Heero continued with his neutral expression. "Duo, I dreamt about it too."

Duo pulled away and looked at Heero in surprise. "You dreamt about it too?"

Heero nodded. "Looks like we are having the same dream. Don't feel so bad. After all he didn't manage to claim me and got killed instead."

"I know, but still........" Duo caressed Heero's cheek affectionately. "You didn't deserve to be treated like that. You were so young at that time for God's sake."

"I know. But let it go, Duo. I don't want my past to upset us after everything you've done to make me happy." Heero kissed Duo's lips lightly. After he had found out how much Duo loved him, all he wanted to do was enjoy his days with Duo. He wouldn't let his past disturb their happiness.

Duo sighed but he knew Heero was right. There was no point to upset himself with Heero's past now that he had Heero happy with him. He kissed the boy long and passionately, pouring all his love into the kiss.

<<I won't let anyone hurt you again, koi.>> Duo ended the kiss and proceeded to make love with the boy, who happily welcomed him inside him.


"I'm full! Finally, we'll get a niceeeee bed to sleep in today." Duo stretched out in his chair while Heero still ate his dinner. They had traveled all day and had arrived at a rather secluded little town, untouched by war. "Come on, let's find the inn. I can't wait to try the bed."

Heero just snorted and continued eating. <<And screw me again, right?>> Duo just grinned and reached for his drink. They've been using telepathy more often now after they've found out how to focus their minds to do it.

<<You got me once in the morning and again when we let our horses rest. Didn't you got enough for today?>> Heero chided Duo mockingly. Of course he didn't mind getting screwed again by Duo for he loved feeling the boy inside him.

<<Can you blame me for never getting enough of you?>> Duo put on his puppy expression, which made Heero roll his eyes. The braided boy smiled silently when he noticed Heero had become more animated and expressed his feelings more freely since the day his identity was revealed.

Suddenly the door to the bar was being slammed open. Heero and Duo quickly grabbed their weapons as several armed men entered the bar. One of the men, who seemed to be their leader walked towards the bar owner. "Gimme all the money you have or no one will leave this bar alive."

The bar owner quickly emptied his cash and was about to hand it to the man when suddenly the door was slammed open and another man stepped in. "Stop it!" The man bellowed. He was in his mid twenties, wearing warrior clothes with a whip hanging on his right side.

Duo watched as the leader of the bandits approached the man and growled. "Don't interfere with us if you still value your life."

"It's I who should be saying that to you." The man looked straight at the bandit. "My name is Alex Mueller, the Shinigami."

Gasps of surprise were heard, followed by a loud thump. The man named Alex turned his head to see a braided boy had fallen from his chair while his short haired companion widened his eyes.


Hehehhe, cliffhanger is evil, ain't it? *takes a shelter*


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