From Far Away Part 17

Ten minutes later

"........... And I saw you hug her yesterday night."

"Damn it." Duo closed his eyes and buried his head onto Heero's shoulder, hugging the boy tightly at the waist. "I never thought it would be like this. And I'm not too thrilled about how good your hearing is, Heero." Heero heard Duo whisper near his ear in regret and pain.

"Duo..." Heero felt Duo take a deep breath before pulling away.

The braided boy opened his eyes and looked at the Prussian blue orbs in front of him. "I know I was wrong not to tell you how much I love you, but you too were wrong for thinking yourself so unworthy. You deserve to be loved, Heero." Duo kissed Heero softly. "I refuse to let us drown any deeper into regret and despair. I have regretted many of my actions toward you, but regretting them can't change what I've done. I have vowed never to fail to make you happy and I'll do my best to keep that vow. So let's get everything straighten out, Heero? I can't make you happy if you still have any misunderstandings about me or about us. First, I hugged Hilde last night because she asked me to. She needed a little comfort after I broke her heart."

"You broke her heart?" Heero looked at Duo bewildered.

"Yes, she confessed her love to me but I refused her."

"Why did you refuse her? You said you love her..."

Duo growled and cut Heero's words. "I love her like a sister. I refused her because I love you, baka."

Heero looked at Duo, surprised and unsure.

"About the words you heard I said after the game yesterday, it's all a misunderstanding. I asked her to teach me some words that I would say to my koi since you never taught me any." Duo looked at Heero seriously.

"You asked her to teach you?...... Why didn't you ask me?"

"Because I wanted it to be a surprise, baka." Duo sighed. "Damn it, if I knew it would be like this, I would have asked you straight of rather than asked her. But the past can't be changed, so the least I could do now is to use what she taught me."

Heero watched as Duo took a breath and formed the word on his delicate lips. The word that had broken his heart, but is now filling his heart full of happiness. All the wounds and pain he felt were gone when Duo said the word. Aishiteru.

"You.... You really love me as a koi?" Heero had an urge to pinch himself, wanting to make sure it wasn't merely a dream.

"I have told you many times already, but none of them seemed to have gotten through your thick skull." Duo grumbled but then he smiled. "Hai, aishiteru, baka." Duo kissed Heero passionately showing how much he loved the boy in his arms.

"I admit I have misunderstood the meaning of koi, but thanks to it, I know your feelings for me. And since I also have the same feelings for you, I didn't want to fix the misunderstanding. Too bad you heard me saying those words though." Duo sighed and looked at Heero. "Do me a favor, Heero?"

"Nani?" Heero looked at Duo in question.

"Next time, please try to eavesdrop on the entire conversation, not just part of it, or don't eavesdrop at all."

Heero blushed and bowed his head. "Gomen..... I won't eavesdrop again."

Duo nodded. " It's your own fault, Heero. But hearing your story, I admit I have done my own share of mistakes." The braided boy lifted Heero's chin and caressed his cheek. "I'm sorry, koi. I'm sorry I took you without asking you first."

Heero blinked and opened his mouth to argue, but Duo was faster.

"Don't you dare tell me it's okay for me to take you without your consent." Duo growled. "Just because that fucking prophecy said I'm Shinigami that I have a right to claim you. No, it's not a claiming. It's making love, Heero. We join our body, our heart and our soul. I apologize for speaking as if I owned you, but I don't regret being with you."

Heero looked at Duo in surprise. "You .... don't regret?"

Duo smiled. "No. 'Cause it's true that I own you, as well as you owning me." At Heero's dumbfounded expression, Duo was hard to decide whether to growl or to chuckle. "Yes, baka. You own me. You own my heart. This heart..." Duo brought Heero's hand over his chest where his heart was. "This heart belongs to you, yours only."

"Mi...mine?" Heero looked at Duo's chest and ran his hand over it.

"Yes, my baka koi." Duo spoke slowly. "It aches every time I realize I have hurt you unintentionally; it throbs painfully when I see you in despair. Not just my heart. My body and my soul also belong to you."

That did it. Heero couldn't hold himself anymore as he saw the pain in the violet eyes of his koi. Duo loved him. Duo loved him. Duo loved him! How stupid he was for thinking Duo didn't love him. All the gentle caresses, all the smiles, and all the affections the braided boy showed him were all for him alone, his koi. Heero let out a muffled sob and captured Duo's mouth, pouring all his love in the kiss.

Duo laughed when they broke away. " I see I've finally managed to get through your thick skull. And not to mention, I got to call you a baka without being killed."

"Omae o korosu." Heero growled half heartedly, knowing he deserved to be called a baka this time. He had tortured himself with his paranoid and had kept quiet instead of asking Duo for the truth. He was a baka. Duo's baka. Heero smiled his best smile to his koi while saying the words he had kept inside himself for so long. "Aishiteru, Duo."

Duo looked at Heero unblinking. It was the best smile he had ever seen Heero gave. Not to mention Heero rarely smiled and this smile was reserved especially for him. Duo felt his heart burst in happiness and smiled back at his lover. "I love you, Heero."

They kissed again, long and hot. Tongues entwined, licking and sucking until the need for air broke them away. Duo slid down from his sitting position and lay on the grass, pulling Heero over his body and stripping the blanket off the boy.


"Take me, Heero." Duo ran his hands over Heero's back in an intimate gesture. "Take me as I took you. Join our bodies, hearts, and souls." He whispered into Heero's ear while nibbling the said flesh.

Heero pulled away and looked at Duo in surprise. Duo wanted him to take him? To be inside him? "You... you sure about this?"

"Yes, Heero. Never been more sure in my life." Duo smiled.

"I don't want to hurt you."

"You won't hurt me. I trust you." Duo kissed Heero again and then growled. "Now take me. Make me yours."

Heero nodded and smiled as he slowly pulled off Duo's clothes one by one. He took his time to familiarize himself with Duo's body, touching every inch of skin on this beautiful body and remembering every sensitive part on it. When there was not a single line of clothes on Duo's body, Heero captured Duo's nipples with his mouth and hand, teasing and licking them into their hardened states, while basking in Duo's moans and gasps.

After stripping himself from his spandex, Heero trailed down further and licked the already hard arousal, which made Duo jerk up and hug Heero even tighter. He paid special attention to the proud erect flesh, stroking it with his hands. Soon precum covered the head of Duo's cock, signaling Duo was about to come. Heero gathered the precum on his fingers and prepared his lover. First one finger, then two, and then three. Heero let out a gasp as he felt his fingers being clamped down so tightly by Duo's inner passage.

"You like it, don't you?" Duo smiled naughtily. "It'll feel even better when you're inside me."

Heero moaned at the image of his cock being held captive inside Duo. Feeling his control slip away, he quickly pulled out his fingers and took position to slid inside his braided lover. A pair of hands came up to pull his head down for his lips to be devoured. Heero moaned into the kiss and slowly pushed forward, entering the warm and silken passage of Duo's body.

He pushed in slowly, not wanting to hurt Duo and letting the boy adjust to him. Heero could feel Duo's nails on his back and he kissed Duo more intensely, trying to distract his braided koi. When he finally buried to the hilt inside the silken passage, Heero broke the kiss and looked at Duo's lovely face. He felt the tears of happiness threaten to roll from his eyes as he caught the sight of his lover. Duo was smiling lovingly at him, hands hugging his neck and legs encircling his waist as they were joined.

Duo was his as he was Duo's. They belonged to each other. "I love you so much, Duo." Heero murmured in passion.

"Aishiteru, Heero." Duo was happy seeing how happy Heero was. He squeezed his inner muscles, clamping his lover's arousal tightly, and heard Heero gasp in surprise. Duo grinned and squeezed again, noting Heero beginning to twitch and wiggle his hip. He kept squeezing until the boy above him lost control and rocked against him, sliding in and out of his body.

"Harder, Heero." Duo used his hands and legs to push Heero deeper inside him, moaning as Heero found his prostate and hit it at every thrust. As his short haired lover thrust faster and harder inside him, Duo wildly grabbed one of Heero's hand and guided it to his cock. Heero took the message and pumped his lover's cock at the same time as his thrusts. Duo moaned and gasped, about to come any moment now.

Wanting to come at the same time as Heero, Duo clenched his inner muscle hard, pressing down on his lover's trapped flesh. Not disappointed, Duo felt Heero tensing and arching his back like an elegant bow. At Heero's cry of release, Duo threw his head back and shot his release onto Heero's hand and his own stomach. He could feel Heero's hot passion being released inside him and he smiled in satisfaction as he now truly belonged to Heero like Heero belonged to him.

Once the waves of his orgasm stopped crashing, Duo felt Heero pull out of him and collapse next to him. He turned to the boy and saw him panting, but smiling happily at him. "How are you feeling, koi?" Duo stroked the messy hair of his sated koi.

"I think I have died and gone to heaven." Heero let out a contented smile, which made Duo's heart burst in happiness. The braided boy grabbed the blanket and cleaned his lover then himself before gathering the sated boy into his embrace. Feeling Heero snuggled into him, Duo kissed Heero's forehead. "I'm yours."

Heero smiled at the words and looked up at his braided lover. This was all he ever asked for, a person who loved him and cared for him. "Yes, Duo. You're mine as I'm yours."

Duo rolled both of them slowly until Heero was beneath him. He caressed his lover's cheek gently while looking into Heero's eyes. "I should have asked this the first time, but it's never too late to ask....." Duo kissed Heero lightly. "Will you let me take you, as a lover not an owner?"

Heero gazed at his braided lover, feeling the sincerity there and realizing Duo would really stop if he said no. He lifted his hands and encircled Duo's neck, pulling his face down until they were nose to nose. "Take me. I want to be with you, to feel you inside me as my lover."

Duo buried his head into Heero's slightly damp hair, feeling overwhelmed and happy now that all the misunderstandings had been cleared. "Arigato, koi." Duo whispered and nibbled Heero's earlobe. His hands descended onto Heero's nipples, making the boy gasp as he took the rapidly harden nubs into his fingers and twirled them gently.

Heero tightened his hands on Duo's neck and tilted his head up as Duo made his way from his ear to his throat, sucking and nibbling all the way. Duo's tongue found one of his nipples and nibbled it until it was super sensitive then switched to the other, giving the same treatment. Heero was panting and moaning by the time Duo descended down further, feeling the wind breezed over his wet and vulnerable nipples.

Duo abandoned Heero's nipples and descended down, parting Heero's legs with his hands while his tongue dipped into Heero's navel. He ran his fingers over Heero's hidden entrance before plunged them in one by one, preparing his lover to accept him. His mouth went back to Heero's nipples, teasing them alternately while he prodded his lover's prostate, causing the stoic boy to jerk up and moan loudly.

Finally feeling his control beginning to crack, Duo pulled his fingers out and positioned himself between Heero's legs. His hands searched blindly and found Heero's hands. He released the grip on his neck and pinned the boy's hand onto the ground on either sides of Heero's head, entwining their fingers. Duo panted and waited till Heero look at him.

Heero felt Duo staring at him and focused his gaze on the braided boy. "Duo..."

"Mine..." Duo kissed Heero and slowly pushed forward. His tongue entered Heero's mouth as he slid inside the boy slowly. Duo swallowed all of Heero's whimpers and moans from the penetration.

Heero clutched tighter onto Duo's fingers as Duo settled further and deeper inside him. He have always liked the feeling of Duo inside him. Duo was his lover, not his owner. This was his lover whom he made love with. Heero moaned and jerked his hips to meet Duo's penetration, welcoming the braided boy into him.

Duo broke the kiss when he buried himself to the hilt. "Heero... you're really tight." He looked at the panting boy beneath him, who was trying to adjust to him. Duo kissed Heero's nose lightly, feeling the boy relax some more. "It's strange that I always feel like I'm taking a virgin every time I make love with you."

<<I am.>> Heero panted and unconsciously used telepathy.


<<I am a virgin.>> Heero looked at Duo's confused face, smiling slightly. <<I'm a virgin physically.>>

<<Physically?>> Duo repeated Heero's word, looking lost.

Heero nodded. <<You know about my healing ability.>>

<<yeah, you heal so fast, so it seems like nothing has happened....>> Duo stopped his train of thoughts as realization dawned on him. He blinked for several seconds before looking back at Heero. <<Don't tell me that it restores your body to exactly like it used to be, before you got hurt or whatever was done to your body?>>

Heero nodded again. <<Yes, it does.>>

<<So... that means... your body will always restore to his virgin condition after a penetration?>> Duo blinked in disbelief. <<So that also means I get a virgin lover every time I make love with you....>> As realization hit Duo, the braided boy slowly grinned. <<... now it's not so bad....I think I just realized how lucky I am that my koi is the Perfect Soldier..>> Heero snorted and Duo gasped suddenly when he felt Heero's inner muscles clamp on his cock.

<<You better start moving or you'll get stuck inside me. I heal fast.>> Heero moaned as his muscles tightened around Duo. He could feel the strong presence of Duo's arousal inside himself, giving him contentment as well as the knowledge that they were one again, joined physically and mentally.

<<Everything has a price to pay, especially if it's having a virgin lover every time you take him.>> Duo grunted but started rocking anyway, loosening back Heero's passage. He moaned and groaned as Heero's inner muscles seemed to want to keep him inside the boy eternally. If it weren't for the fact that is was impossible to do so, he wouldn't mind staying there, though. Duo increased his pace and thrust faster into Heero, fingers still entwining with the boy's.

<<Duo.>> Heero moaned and wrapped his legs around Duo's waist, pushing the boy deeper inside himself, with each thrust hitting his prostate.

<<Heero...>> Duo breathed heavily and felt his control crumble down. Soon he was slamming into Heero faster and harder, wanting to be deeper inside the boy he loved so much. He bent down and caught Heero's mouth, thrusting his tongue inside it as he was thrusting inside the boy.

Heero was also losing control quickly as Duo's thrust hit his prostate rapidly, throwing him onto the edge in no time and soon he was crying out his release into Duo's mouth, spilling his hot passion between their bodies.

As Heero's inner muscles tightened even more when he came, Duo could hold back no longer and impaled the boy as hard as he could as he came, filling Heero with his come. He then thrust slightly, still kissing while emptying his release inside Heero's willing body.

Heero enjoyed the kissing as well as feeling Duo's warm passion filling him. He purred and kissed back vigorously until Duo stopped thrusting and pulled away from the kiss, at the same time, pulling out of his sated body.

<<Mine>> Duo purred contentedly and gathered his lover into his arms again.

Heero smiled and surrendered willingly, snuggling into the embrace. This was where he wanted to be. In Duo's arms, as Duo's lover. <<Yes, yours as you are mine, Duo.>>

<<Heero, no matter what happens, I won't leave you. I'll always be at your side since we belong to each other..>>

<<Yes.. we'll always be together...>>



Okay, no cliffhanger........ and I see some readers who are happy that I break my usual pairing ......... now let me rest for a while before continuing this saga like my beta reader has requested

Hee-chan : she wants me to be take more of an active role in the relationship!!!
Akuma : ....... ZZzzzzZZzzzzz............*snores*


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