From Far Away Part 12


Duo stared at the darkness around him. "Don't tell me. I'm dreaming again."


Duo turned his head towards the scream and saw a woman in labour. Duo recognized the woman as the one who had stabbed her own child. Some faceless persons were holding the woman and helping her to deliver the baby.

Duo watched as a baby emerged from the woman. It was a boy. A faceless person picked the baby and cleaned him. Then the baby started crying. The faceless persons screamed in pain and covered their ears, including the one who was holding the baby. The baby fell down on the floor, crying harder, and started changing."Monster...." A faceless person whispered as the baby changed completely.

Duo's jaw dropped as he recognized the creature the baby turned into. Long white hair, a horn, and dark blue scales.....It was the mini-size version of Heero's transformation. This baby was Heero! He was dreaming about Heero's past.

"Kill it!" Duo turned to the voice that shouted those words. It was Heero's mother. "Kill that monster! I won't have it as my child!"

A faceless person picked up a knife and swung it at the baby. But before the knife managed to touch the baby, a light appeared from the baby and threw the person away. The person hit an invincible wall with a loud crack, breaking his neck.

"Monster!!" The other faceless persons shouted and went away, leaving the woman alone with the baby. Duo watched as the baby turned back into a normal baby and started crying like any normal baby would.

"Kill it! You have to kill it! That monster would kill us all like it did to that person!" Duo looked at the woman and saw the father stand next to the bed. The woman shouted hysterically while pointing to the dead man.

"I can't do that. We have promised the Dark Lord to raise this child, remember? For the wealth of our village, we have to raise it." The father approached the baby and picked him up, trembling.

Duo watched as the woman refused to give the baby milk. The father then went away, bringing the baby with him. Duo followed the father and watched as the man knocked on a door.

Another man answered the door. The father quickly gave the baby to the man. "J, please raise this baby. My wife went mad and wanted to kill him." With that, the father turned and quickly left the stunned man, who was now holding the baby in his arms.

"It was you who wanted to make that goddamn deal with the Dark Lord and now you leave this baby with me." J snorted and took the baby inside his house. Duo went inside and saw the man studied the baby. "You look strong. I'll raise you as a great warrior, Heero Yuy." J put the baby on the table and then went outside, probably searching for something for the baby.

Duo followed the man. "Hey, you! It's not safe to leave a baby alone in your house." He tried to grab the man only to have his hand go through J's body. "Oh damn!" Duo forgot he couldn't touch anything in his dream. He looked at the house and then looked at the man who kept walking. Sighing, he went back to the house. It was no use to follow the man, better to spend his time with Heero.

Walking back inside the house, Duo was greeted with loud cries from the baby. Without thinking he scooped the baby, rocking and calming him like he used to do to the infants in the orphanage. The baby stopped crying as soon as Duo cradled him and snuggled himself into Duo's arms. It was a minute later when he realized he could touch the baby without going through him.

Duo smiled and stroked the baby affectionately. "Ne, know it's me, don't you?" He ran his finger to trace the baby's face, starting from his forehead to his nose and cheeks, and then to his lips. Once his forefinger touched the baby's lips, they opened up and swallowed the finger.

Duo chuckled and melted as the baby sucked his finger. "My cute Heero......"


Duo opened his eyes and saw Hilde hovering over him. "What's up, Hilde?" He felt a bit grumpy as he was awakened from such a dream. He still wanted to know more about Heero's past.

"You asked me to wake you up near lunch time."

"Oh yeah. Time to give Heero his medicine." Duo sat up and snatched the said medicine. "Thanks Hilde!"

Duo strode out of the cabin they were staying at. It belonged to Relena, used to be a rest house when she and her family went out of the palace to enjoy the scenery. And Duo had to admit that the scenery outside the cabin was really beautiful. The meadow surrounded the cabin and at the right side of the cabin, flowers bloomed like a carpet. And that was where Duo headed, to the sea of flowers where Heero had told him he would be this morning.

On the night after the bird incident, they had discussed and decided to rest for three days from their journey, wanting everybody at the peak of their performances when they crossed the last city before Sank. Heero's condition was the worst amongst them so Sally gave him some medicines to drink, though the stoic boy refused to drink it and told them that he would be okay after resting for one day.

Of course, Duo didn't buy it. He was determined to have Heero drink the medicine. After walking down the narrow passage through the meadow. Duo finally found Heero and forgot all about the medicine thingie as he saw the boy sleeping in the middle of the flowers. He was beautiful in his green tank top and black spandex, sleeping peacefully like a baby. The flowers around him seemed to protect him from the world. Duo's heart ached as he remembered his dream.

He didn't know how he could dream about Heero's past. Duo snorted as he realized he still hoped his dream was really just a dream but somehow something inside him realized that it was real, that it was the reality of Heero's past. It was not fair to Heero to be treated like that. Just because his feature changed, it didn't mean his heart changed too. Duo was sure of it, no matter how Heero looked like, he was still the same Heero, the kind and gentle person he loved so much.

Duo shook his head, sending his dream deep inside his mind. It didn't matter now. Despite the lack of affections from his parents, Heero still grew to be a kind person. It was Duo's job now to show Heero how much he was loved.

He sat next to sleeping boy and leant down. "Wake up, sleeping beauty." Duo smiled and kissed the delicate lips gently.

"Hmm.." Heero slowly opened his eyes and saw Duo smiling down to him. "Duo?"

" I guess you don't know how beautiful you are when you sleep, Hee-chan." Duo kissed Heero again.

"Hee-chan?" Heero asked after Duo pulled away.

"Pet name. Quatre told me." Duo grinned as Heero scowled. The boy looked so adorable and it affected his groin area when he thought this beautiful boy was his. "I miss tasting you, Hee-chan." Duo leaned down and licked Heero's throat.

Recognizing what Duo wanted to do, Heero tilted his head to give Duo more space. After Duo had taken him at the nest two days ago, they didn't have a chance to be alone. Now that they were alone, Heero was not too surprised to see Duo wanted him again. Moreover, he also missed Duo's touch. No one touched him like Duo did, gently and affectionately.

With Duo's skillful hands, his tank top soon disappeared. He raised his hips as Duo tugged his spandex down and off of his body. Then he felt a finger penetrate him, Heero moaned and tried to relax, accepting the questing digit inside him. Soon more fingers were added, stretching and preparing him for something bigger.

After some minutes, the fingers withdrew. Heero heard Duo fumbling with his own clothes and spread his legs apart, knowing Duo would soon be inside him. Not disappointed, second later Duo entered him. Heero bit his lower lips as his sphincter cried in pain. He spread his legs wider to accommodate Duo's size and planted his nails to the ground.

Duo cursed himself as he saw Heero wincing in pain. He made a mental note to ask Quatre for lubrication later. For now, he only could kiss Heero to distract the stoic boy from the pain of penetration. After Heero had adjusted to him, Duo started rocking. He wanted to go slowly this time, to give Heero more pleasure than theer first coupling.

When Duo reached his prostate, Heero felt the pain inside him soon became dull throbs and then replaced by pleasure. The stoic boy gasped and moaned as Duo touched his prostate over and over. He thrust back to meet Duo's thrust and followed Duo's rhythm. He would not regret this. No matter what would happen later, he would not regret belonging to Duo. Duo might not love him but Duo cared for him. That was enough for Heero. More than enough.........

Feeling near the edge, Duo pumped Heero's neglected cock. They came in unison, shouting and spilling their seeds. One outside and one deep inside his lover. Duo was satisfied as he saw Heero came in pure ecstasy. The pain had disappeared from that delicate face. Duo smiled contentedly and stayed inside Heero in their post orgasmic daze, watching Heero's sated face.

Heero was still panting. He could feel Duo's cock soften inside him and then was surprised when Duo thrust his hips into him playfully. "Duo?"

" are an addiction, you know." Duo smiled down to his startled lover. "So warm....tight.....still like a virgin..." He wiggled his hips and watched as Heero gasped at the sensation. He leant down and licked Heero from clean of his own come. "...and delicious too."

Heero was mesmerized by the sight before him. Duo above him, tasting him. This was the best time of his life. Never has anyone wanted him like this, to be with him and care for him. He was overwhelmed by the flowing emotions. Combined with the heat of Duo's passion, he felt himself melt. ".....A...arigato..."

Duo smiled again. It was him who was supposed to say thanks since Heero had given him what he wanted from the stoic boy. He raised his hand, wanting to trace the soft lips but then he saw his fingers were still sticky with Heero's essence.

Heero followed Duo's gaze and saw the sticky fingers. As if something guided him, he watched as his own hand grabbed Duo's wrist and brought the sticky fingers closer to his face, stopping before his mouth. Without a second thought, Heero opened his mouth and let his tongue clean the fingers, tasting himself.

As he licked the fingers one by one, Heero could feel Duo harden again inside him. He looked at the braided boy and saw the lust is back on those violet eyes. Duo wanted him again. Following his instinct, he sucked the fingers and felt Duo's cock swollen, stretching his relaxed passage. As he released the now clean finger, Heero closed his eyes, letting Duo have him again.

"Heero.........." Duo wanted to burst into tears for he felt very happy. He was thankful to whoever it was up there, whom had given this boy to him. Here Heero was, lying beneath him, naked and surrounded by the flowers and Duo knew that he would never forget this moment.

"You're beautiful, Hee-chan." Duo murmured and nibbled the slightly opened lips. He rocked slowly and lazily within Heero. This time he took Heero in no hurry for he wanted to enjoy being inside Heero as long as he could. He thrust in constant speed and stopped when he felt he was about to come. Then after he calmed a little, Duo would continue again, savoring the feeling of being inside the boy he loved most.

Heero kept his eyes closed during their second coupling. He savored every thrust Duo made into him and how Duo's hand caressed every inch of his body. He wished for time to stop right now, so he could just be together with Duo, where no one would disturb them. Where he could forget who he really was.........

Duo continued his snail pace for some blissful minutes and then Heero felt another warm wave fill him. Duo had come silently and calmly, no hurried pace or heated explosion. Heero clenched his inner muscles milking Duo and felt Duo's new seeds mix with the previous ones, filling him more. He heard Duo purr in contentment as the braided boy plopped down on his chest.

"You're wonderful, Hee-chan." Duo sighed happily. After his orgasm subsided, Duo realized something. He lifted his head and looked at Heero, who still closed his eyes. "Heero?"

"Hai?" Heero opened his eyes and saw Duo eye him worriedly. "What's wrong?"

".........You didn't come a second time."

"No.... It's okay, I just wanted to feel you inside me." Heero smiled faintly. Duo really cared for him. He wanted to save this moment forever in his mind. The moments when he felt Duo become one with him, moving and coming inside him. Never, Heero would never forget these feelings. Only Duo gave him these feelings.....Only Duo cared for him..... He just wished that when the time came and Duo found the one he loved, he would not leave him......... faint chance, though..... If Duo found his loved one, he wouldn't need Heero again............

Duo smiled as he saw Heero smile. It was really rarely to see Heero smile like this. He didn't know what he had done to deserve Heero as lover, but one things for sure; he would never let others have Heero. He would kill if it was needed to keep Heero as his.


"You're late!" Wufei grunted as Duo and Heero entered the cabin. He, Sally, and Hilde were sitting around the table ready to have the lunch.

"Gomen, Wufei." Duo grinned and plopped down to the empty chair; Heero sat next to him silently. Duo had hoped to see some uncomfortable expressions passed across that stoic face as the result of his sore ass, but Heero had none of them. The braided boy silently realized that Heero did heal very fast.

"Did you manage to make him drink the medicine, Duo?" Sally raised one of her eyebrows towards Heero.

Duo dropped his jaw at Sally's word. "Shimatta! I forgot!!"

"Baka." Heero snorted and looked at the braided woman. "I don't need it, Sally."

Sally inspected Heero for a while before replying. "Judging how well you are now, I agree. But I suggest you drink this potion as the last treatment." Sally handed him a glass of green liquid.

Scowling, Heero took the glass. He didn't like drinking medicine but he knew better for if he refused it, he would have a mouthful of braided baka bugging him all day.

"What exactly are you doing there, Maxwell?" Wufei also snorted. "You can't even remember a simple task."

"It's not easy to remember my task when I got distracted there." Duo looked wistfully to Heero who suddenly choked on his drink.

"Distracted? Oh by the flowers, wasn't it? They're really beautiful." Hilde spoke up.

"Yeah, flowers.... A very beautiful flower." Duo smiled to the girl while the corner of his eyes caught the sight of the stoic boy who was busying himself with his drink, pretending not to hear the words.

"Where are the others?" Heero spoke up, trying to change the subject.

"They went out with Relena." Wufei answered. "That onna wanted to have some flowers in this house and went out to pick them."

Right at that moment, Quatre burst in, carrying a limping Relena in his arms. "Sally!" Noin who followed behind the blond boy shouted. "Help Relena, she got stung by a Libra."

Duo widened his eyes in surprise as he recalled what Heero had told him about Libras. Nowadays, a libra was very rarely found and almost extinct from the world. It was a very rare insect, which had a very poisonous tail, and the chance of survival from the poison was 1 out of 100.

"Damn onna!" Though Wufei cursed, he took Relena from Quatre's arms gently and brought her to her bedroom, followed by Sally and the others.

Duo stood a bit far from the bed, watching Sally tending Relena. The girl was very pale and was drenched in sweat. Wufei was sitting next to her while Noin helped Sally.

"What about the Libra?" Duo could hear Heero ask Quatre who also stood behind near them.

"Trowa had killed it. He is checking our surroundings to make sure no other Libra exist near us." Quatre spoke up while keeping his eyes on Relena.

Duo stepped closer to them and spoke lowly. "Is she going to be okay?"

"She has to be okay........" Quatre murmured mournfully.


Duo stirred in his bed and looked at the empty bed to his left. It belonged to Wufei. It was midnight now and Wufei still hadn't come out from Relena's room. Sally had told them hours ago that Relena had gone into a coma and there was nothing they could do except to hope and wait for Relena to make it by her own. Duo had noticed how dark Wufei's expression at that time and the boy refused to leave Relena's side.

Finally feeling worried about the other boy, Duo decided to take a look on him. He slowly rose from his bed, not wanting to wake up the other boy who slept to his right.

"Where do you want to go?"

Duo jumped as he heard Heero spoke up. He looked at his right and saw Heero's blue eyes watch his every move. "Heero! You're still awake?"

"Can't sleep...." Heero rose up.

"Yeah, me too." Duo nodded. "Want to see what Wufei is doing?"

Heero nodded and together they headed to Relena's room. In the mid way, they ran into Quatre and Trowa who were also worried about Wufei. Together they opened the door to Relena's room and entered it silently.

Wufei was still in the same place where they left him, sitting next to Relena. The only thing that changed was his hand was now holding Relena's.

"Lena..." Wufei didn't seem to acknowledge the other boys' presents. "You have to make it. I don't want to lose you in the same way I lost Meiran."

Duo watched Wufei squeezing Relena's hand and whispered to Quatre. "Who is Meiran?"

Quatre looked at Wufei sadly when he answered Duo's question. "Wufei's girlfriend. She was a doctor and died two years ago while trying to find an antidote for Libra's poison, but got poisoned instead."

Duo widened his eyes and looked back to Wufei. "It must be hard for him..... He cares deeply for Relena, doesn't he?"

"Though he doesn't admit it, yes he does." Trowa spoke up.

"Meiran... help me.... Don't take her with you......." Wufei stroke Relena's cheek.

"I wish I can help you, Wufei"

Duo was surprised as he heard a girl's voice from nowhere and more surprised when he saw a black haired girl materialize behind Wufei and hug the said boy. Duo could see the girl's body was somewhat semi transparent. "I wish I can tell you how to make the antidote..." The girl put her hand over Wufei's that was holding Relena's.

Duo was mesmerized and tried to process what he had seen. He knew that some people could teleport in this world but he never heard a person could be semi transparent. Moreover Wufei didn't seem to notice the girl. "Do you see that girl, Heero?" Duo tugged Heero's tanktop.

"What girl??" Heero frowned and looked around.

"The girl behind Wufei." Duo kept his eyes on the girl.

Heero frowned deeper. "Duo, there's nobody there."

Now Duo was sure he was seeing something the others couldn't see. And like Solo had told him, that only meant one thing. He was seeing a ghost. A female ghost this time. And judging from how the girl treated Wufei, Duo only could think of one name that suited the girl. "Mei..Meiran?"

Trowa, Quatre, and Heero looked at him oddly but Duo didn't notice for he saw the girl lifted her head and stared at him.

"You can see me?" The girl asked warily.

Duo nodded. "You're Meiran, aren't you?"

"Damn right!" The girl advanced to Duo. "I don't know why you can see me, but it's a blessing! Quick, you have to help me make the antidote for Relena."

"" Duo stammered and stepped back as the girl leant towards him, only to bump into Heero.

"Duo, are you okay?" Heero steadied the braided boy and put his hands on Duo's shoulders.

"Aa...I'm talking to Meiran..."

"You're what????" This time it seemed Wufei was listening to them. The said boy jumped from the bed and grabbed Duo's shirt. "Don't kid with me, Maxwell. It's not the time to make a joke here."

"Wufei, release him." Heero growled and shoved Wufei's hands from the braided boy. "Duo never lies."

"I'm not kidding, Wufei. She is here, floating on your right to be exact." Duo looked at the girl.

"Meiran?" Wufei turned his head to the right but he couldn't see the girl.

"Yes, it's me, Wu-chan. Now cut the crap, we don't have time for this. Relena's life is at stake." Meiran snorted and stomped her foot.

"I can't see anything, Maxwell. I warn you not to joke with me or you will feel my sword on you." Wufei turned to Duo who was coughing after hearing the pet name Meiran said.

"Well, she said that we don't have time because Relena's life is at stake, Wu-chan." Duo smirked as Wufei widened his eyes and then went red from head to toes.

"I believe you Maxwell. No one ever called me that except Meiran." Wufei mumbled.

"Right! Now move on!! We have to find the ingredients to make the antidote." Meiran stomped her foot again.

"You know how to make the antidote?" Duo asked the girl.

"She knows?" Wufei looked at Duo in wonder.

"Of course! I found the antidote and never managed to tell anyone because I was careless when catching a Libra for an experiment." Meiran growled. "Now listen carefully while I list the items I need."

Meiran said the names and Duo repeated them for the others. Quatre quickly wrote them down on a note while Trowa went out to wake Sally up so she could tell them where to find such items.

"And the last item will be Libra's hearts. A lot of them"

Duo was surprised and looked bewilderedly at the transparent girl. "We have to catch a Libra?"

"What?" Heero and the others spoke in unison.

Meiran nodded. "Yes, that's the main ingredient for the antidote. Don't worry, I know where their nest is. Two years as a ghost are quite useful."

Duo related the information to the others. "I have to go since I'm the one who can communicate with Meiran while she guides us."

"If you go, I'll go too." Heero spoke up.

"I'll go to. I couldn't save Meiran that time but now I will make sure I won't fail." Wufei looked longingly at the point Duo had pointed to be where Meiran was floating.

Trowa nodded. "Fine. The rest of us will wait here and look after Relena."

"You better go now. I don't think we have much time." Sally warned them.

"Let's go, guys!" Meiran flew toward the door, followed by Duo who shouted to Heero and Wufei to follow him.

Wufei quickly retrieved his sword and went out. Not bother to change his clothes, Heero grabbed his sword and followed Duo in his tank top and spandex. They followed Duo who followed the ghost, crossing the meadow and the flowers field. After fifteen minutes of running, they came upon a small cave.

"This is the nest. I think there are a dozen of them inside" Meiran pointed inside the cave.

Heero looked at the other two. "Wait here." Without waiting for their answers, Heero entered the cave.

"Damn Yuy, you can't make us wait here and do nothing." Wufei growled.

"I agree, Wufei. Let's go after him." Duo entered the cave, followed by Wufei and Meiran the ghost.

Meanwhile, Heero had used his ultra speed to reach the heart of the cave, leaving Duo and Wufei far behind. He knew Wufei and Duo wouldn't listen to him but at least he would buy them the time so they didn't have to fight. He didn't want them to be hurt by the Libra, especially Duo.

The cave became bigger as he went further inside and then he came upon a big room where some Libras were flying around. Eyes narrowing, Heero unsheathed his sword and cut the nearest Libra. He cut with efficiency and accuracy, leaving the heart part in one piece for the other boys to collect later.

There were two Libras left when Duo and Wufei arrived. Duo looked at a Libra for the first time. It was really similar to a scorpion except for the bee wings on the back of it. Before Duo could react, Wufei had quickly attacked one of them while Heero sliced the other, leaving him with nothing to do except to collect the hearts of the Libras.

"Yuck, you leave me with a very disgusting job, Heero." Duo took out the plastic Sally had given him before he went out, and together with Wufei, they started collecting the Libra's parts. Heero however didn't join them and looked around instead. He felt something was wrong.... Like he wasn't done yet..... then he noticed something moving at the upper left corner of the cave. He narrowed his eyes to look at the moving thing better and felt his blood drained from his body as he recognized the thing that was now flying towards them.

"Duo! Wufei! Lay down!!"

Duo was surprised when Heero tackled him down. A shadow passed above them and Duo heard Heero gasping in pain. He raised his head, wanting to see Heero but his eyes fell onto the flying shadow instead. "Oh my God!!!! It couldn't be....."

The braided boy also heard Meiran and Wufei gasped in surprise as they saw the flying shadow. How couldn't they be surprise? It was a giant Libra for God's sake! It was as big as a cat and its poisonous tail was clearly seen.

"That must be the queen of all the Libras." Meiran spoke up as the giant Libra flew over them.

"Look out Wufei! It is attacking you." Duo shouted as the giant Libra dove toward the raven-haired boy.

Duo sighed in relief as Wufei managed to evade the Libra. He then felt Heero rose up from him and attacked the flying Libra. No matter how big the Libra was, it met its end once Heero's sword separated its head and tail from its body.

"Wow, its heart would be more than enough to make the antidote." Meiran whistled as Wufei collected the said heart.

"Let's go now." Wufei took the plastic bag from Duo. "We better run to save time." With that the black-haired boy took off from the cave, followed by the braided boy and the female ghost. Heero was the last one to come out of the cave. He stopped in front of it and gathered his Power, forming it into a ball. He then threw it to the cave, causing the cave to crumble down.


"You're back!" Quatre shouted happily as Duo and Wufei entered the cabin. Meiran started shouting and telling Duo what to do while Duo told the others, assigning each of them a task. They quickly did what they had been told while Duo listened more to Meiran, but he couldn't concentrate fully because Heero hadn't showed up yet. Then through the corner of his eyes, Duo saw Heero enter the cabin. Feeling relief, Duo focused his attention to the shouting ghost.

Heero watched as everyone was busy with the tasks Duo had assigned to them. He looked at the braided boy and knew he was talking with the ghost. Good, no one would notice him then. The stoic boy walked to his room silently, not wanting to get the others attention.

Once he arrived to the room, Heero fell down on his bed, curling into a fetal position. He was trembling and panting. Every step since he left the cave was an effort for him. Duo and Wufei never realized what had happened and he had decided not to tell them since they were busy in saving Relena.

His trembling become more violent and he was gasping in pain. Every part of his body felt like being pierced by thousands of needles, especially at the part on his back where the giant Libra managed to sting him. He was a fool to use his own body as a cover for Duo, but he couldn't think of anything else at the time. He only had one thought in his mind at that time, Duo's safety.

Duo was safe now. It was the most important thing and he didn't regret his decision. He would do it again if it would save Duo. Now all he had to do was to bear the pain and everything would be all right.

The pain became more and more intense, making him bite his lips till it drew blood to keep him from crying out loud. He could do this. Heero told himself over and over. It wasn't the first time and most likely wouldn't be the last time. He could and would bear this pain and get over it.

Time passed in agony for the stoic boy. He didn't know how long it was but it felt like years for him and then suddenly the pain was doubled and ripped through his body. Heero's body jerked and then stilled. One arm was dropped down the side of the bed lifelessly as the stoic boy lost his consciousness.


*puts on safety helmet* don't thwap me.... *runs away*


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