From Far Away Part 11

"Kuso, Heero are you okay?" Duo looked at the weak boy in his arms. They were still caught in the bird's talon. Heero's face was still pale but he nodded weakly. The bird was taking them far away from their friends.

Duo noticed the bird bring them into its nest as they approached a valley behind a mountain where the nest was. Suddenly the bird released them, including the horse, making Duo and Heero roll onto the hard surface of the nest. Duo quickly regained his balance and stopped himself from rolling but Heero was not so lucky. He rolled and hit a big rock near the nest, eliciting a gasp of pain from him.

"Heero!" Duo stood up and ran toward the stoic boy. But before he managed to approach Heero, the big bird came between them, confronting him. "Damn!" Duo ducked, evading the bird's beak which tried to snatch him. He rolled over, trying to escape the bird's attack.

Heero groaned in pain as he felt his back on fire, which was the result of the impact, and looked up as he heard Duo shout his name. He watched in horror as the bird almost managed to snatch Duo. In the corner of his eyes, he could see their horse running away, leaving the nest and escaping into the valley. Kuso, he had to beat the bird if he wanted them to stay alive and in one piece.

Heero stood shakily. He felt so weak, which was not a wonder since he had used his Power continuously for that day. But he needed the Power right now. He needed it to save Duo. He gritted his teeth and did something he had never done before. He summoned all his Power, draining any energy left in his tired and battered body, and fused them all into one big blue shimmering ball, as big as the bird itself.

"Duo, lay down!" Heero shouted, and as the braided boy threw himself on the ground, Heero unleashed the ball into the bird. An animal scream was heard as the shimmering ball engulfed the bird. Duo watched in fascination as the bird disappeared into the ball and then the ball became smaller and vanished into thin air.

Heero stood there, breathing in relief, as Duo was no longer in danger again. But his relief only lasted a second as his body throbbed in pain. He hugged himself, trying to calm down all the painfully throbbing nerves and muscles.

"Heero?" Duo stood up and approached the shaking boy. He was surprised when he saw a long red nail emerge from Heero's finger. "Heero, are you okay?" Duo grabbed the boy's shoulder but Heero quickly shoved the hands away.

"Don't touch me." Heero's voice was harsh. Duo was stunned as he saw the fangs in Heero's mouth as the boy spoke, and how dilated those blue eyes had become. Noticing Duo's look, Heero turned his back to Duo. "Don't look at me!"

Duo was too stunned to do anything. He just stared at Heero's back, trying to absorb what he had seen. Heero, on the other hand, ignored Duo and tried hard to control the sensations inside his body. Strangely, after releasing the blue ball, Heero didn't feel tired anymore and his throbbing body slowly subdued. He could feel his nails and fangs shortening back and his eyes turn normal.

Feeling that he had become normal all again, Heero turned to the still stunned Duo. "Duo...." He had to think of a reason how to explain his strange feature to Duo.

CRACK. Duo widened his eyes as a vertical scar suddenly appeared on Heero's forehead. Heero screamed and fell down on his knees, covering his forehead with his hands. "AAHHHHHHH!!"

Duo was snapped out of his daze by Heero's scream and knelt down in front of him. "Heero, are you okay? What happened?" He tried to hold Heero but the boy pushed him away, making him stumble back and land on his bottom. "Heero?"

"Don't look."

Duo watched as Heero's body trembled like a cobweb then suddenly a horn appeared from the gap on his forehead. Duo's jaw dropped in surprise and his words were caught in his throat.

"AHHHHH!!" Heero put his head on the ground, trying to hide his face from Duo.

"He....eero?" Duo choked up the word, not believing what he saw.

"Don't .....look..." Heero felt his body throbbing in pain and started changing. "DON'T LOOK AT ME!!!!"

Duo watched as Heero's hair became white and longer, covering his back entirely. Dark blue scales emerged from the ivory skin, covering all of Heero's body. His clothes were torn as the scales became bigger, leaving Heero in his black spandex, which was stretched as his thighs were also covered by the scales. His nails became red and stretched out. His boots were also torn as his feet turned into talons. His ears became pointed and his fangs became sharp.

And then it was all over. Heero's moans and groans had ceased.

The dark blue creature in front of Duo lifted his head and pinned his blue eyes on him. It was the color of water, light and blue, very contrast with the dark blue skin around those eyes.

Duo seemed to be petrified by those eyes. He couldn't talk or move, just watching as the creature steadied itself on all four of its legs, making its eyes in the same level as Duo's violet ones.

Then the creature looked away, breaking their gazes. Duo quickly regained his rational thoughts. This was Heero. This dark creature before him was Heero! Duo then saw the creature was ready to bolt away.

"Don't look!" Heero's words echoed in Duo's mind. "Don't look at me!" But Duo had seen Heero. He had seen Heero turning into a dark creature. Duo suddenly got a feeling that if he let the creature go, he would never meet with Heero again. //Heero'll go.......he'll go far away........because he didn't want me to see him like this...........//

"NO!" Duo pounced on the creature, sending both of them sprawling on the ground with Duo on top. "Don't go!" Duo looked squarely at the creature's eyes. The creature just stayed silent and looked back at him neutrally, making Duo unable to guess what it was thinking. The creature might attack him but he didn't care. The only thing in his mind right now was Heero. He didn't want Heero to leave him!

"I don't want you to go." Duo took the creature's face in his hands. "I don't want to be apart from you. We'll always be together." He caressed the hard cheek. "No matter what you look like, no matter what creature you are Heero......... My Heero." Duo closed his eyes and leaned down, kissing the dark lips. He poured all his feelings into the kiss. The desperation, the longing, and the dread of losing Heero. He nibbled and licked the lower lip and felt the said lips open, granting him access.

Feeling a hope, Duo stuck his tongue in, tasting the moist cavern. He moaned and sucked harder as he felt a great and fabulous sensation when he licked the wet inner tissues there. When he felt the tongue entwine with his, Duo pushed deeper, trying to claim it as his. Possessiveness surged inside him. This sweet cavern belonged to him. Only him. He would never let Heero go!

Finally out of breath, Duo pulled away reluctantly. He opened his eyes and met a pair of very familiar Prussian blue eyes. Heero's eyes! Heero's face! The naked chest against his chest felt smooth, no scales there. His hair was short and brown again and his skin was ivory like it used to be. His forehead was smooth, no sign of a horn there.

Heero had turned back into normal during the kiss. Duo smiled as he had managed to get his Heero back. Yes, Heero was his, no one else would take Heero away from him. No matter how he looked, Duo was sure that he was still the same person, a kind warrior, who had helped him since the first time he arrived in this world.

"Are you okay?" Duo caressed the now smooth cheek and felt the boy nod in silence. "I'm sorry I saw you like that but I'm glad you're here with me now." Duo whispered and brushed his lips against the silent boy's lips.

"Don't leave me again." Duo nibbled Heero's earlobe. "I'll never let you go for I'll make you mine from now on. Forever mine." Duo captured Heero's delicate lips again. He devoured and ravished those sweet lips, claiming them as his once again. Then he pulled away and attacked the pouting nipples with his teeth and fingers.

Duo nibbled and pulled one nipple with his teeth while his hand toyed with the other nipple, eliciting moans and gasps from the owner. Duo was satisfied when he felt something hard press on his groin. He pulled away and grabbed the edge of Heero's black spandex, the only cloth Heero had on at that time. The stoic boy didn't protest, he just lay there and let Duo do all he wanted to do.

Duo pulled the spandex off from Heero and then he quickly stripped himself, wanting to feel Heero's skin against his. He dropped his body over Heero again and groaned as their erections met. Finally, he would have Heero.......Duo could feel the heat and the softness of the skin against him, making him purr and attack Heero's lips again. Grinding his lower body against Heero's, Duo resumed his exploration, sucking every surface on the silent boy's body and marking it as his.

Heero jerked as Duo planted his teeth on the joint of his shoulder and neck. "Mine" He could hear Duo whisper possessively. Duo's hands were over him, on every part of him, toying his nipples, trailing down to his navel and caressing his inner thigh. The short-haired boy felt Duo's hand trail lower and brush his private entrance. Knowing what would happen next, Heero bit his lower lip. His hand reached wildly and found Duo's braid. He clutched it tightly and made it as his only anchor at that time.

Duo inserted one finger into Heero's tight entrance and felt the boy beneath him tense. "Relax, Heero. It'll feel good, I promise." Duo whispered in Heero's ear while he pushed his finger deeper inside Heero. He didn't have something to ease this penetration so Duo told himself to stretch Heero carefully and slowly.

The finger was inside him, prodding him. Heero clutched the braid tighter and buried his other hand in the ground. He tried hard to make himself relax as the finger made a twisting motion inside him. Heero told himself that this pain was nothing. He was used to pain; he could take this. Heero focused his senses on Duo's tongue, which was toying with his nipples, trying to block the pain and letting Duo have his way.

Feeling Heero relax, Duo inserted a second finger and did a scissor motion, trying his best to stretch Heero. The boy beneath him moaned and gasped as he inserted the third finger. Tight, Heero was really tight. Duo could feel his fingers so clamped down that they could barely move. Trying to distract him from his fingers' penetration, Duo kissed the stoic boy again. After some minutes of stretching, and feeling Heero relax enough, Duo pulled away his fingers and spread Heero's legs, poising his aching cock on Heero's entrance.

"Mine..... Forever mine." Duo whispered huskily and slowly pressed forward. The boy beneath him tossed his head from side to side and gasped in pain as Duo brought the head of his cock past Heero's sphincter. Duo kissed him again and swallowed Heero's gasp as the head finally passed the resistance and settled inside Heero. There he stopped, waiting for the boy beneath him to adjust before pressing deeper into the boy.

Heero's tight passage clamped him, making Duo groan in pleasure. He pushed slowly, burying his cock deeper inside Heero inch by inch and moaned at the sensation he felt. Heero was tight and warm, like a sanctuary for him. "Oh, God.....Heero..." Duo threw his head back as he felt Heero's inner tissues brushing his aching cock.

Tears appeared at the corner of Duo's eyes. He never thought he would have so many wonderful sensations as he pushed himself deeper inside Heero. He was inside Heero........ sheathed by him........ Duo let out a growl and pushed hard, missing the gasping pain from the boy beneath him. There! Finally he was fully inside Heero. So deep inside him. Nothing could beat the feeling he got at this time, sheathed in the Heero's silken passage fully. He would never exchange this moment even if someone offered him his world back.

Duo panted and tried to stay still, letting Heero adjust to him. It was hard for him to control his body not to slam against Heero as Heero's tight passage clamped him down. He steadied himself and looked at Heero. The stoic boy was panting and looking at him. Duo smiled and kissed Heero lightly. "You are mine now, Heero. Forever."

Heero opened his mouth and let Duo in, accepting his tongue in the same way as he accepted Duo inside him. No resistance..... just acceptance.... He concentrated in fighting Duo's tongue and felt his inner muscles relax, accepting Duo in him.

Still kissing Heero, Duo grabbed the boy's erection and started rocking in the same rhythm as he pumped Heero's cock. First it began slowly and then it got faster and harder. In a minute, Duo was slamming hard against Heero, lifting the boy's hips from the ground. He even pulled out completely and impaled the boy back in a hard and fast thrust, prodding the sensitive spot inside the boy, which made Heero jump and arch his back to meet Duo's thrusts.

It was too much for the stoic boy. He never thought he would get so much pleasure like this. Duo now almost constantly hit something inside him that sent waves of pleasure to every part of his body. He could feel himself rapidly reach the edge as Duo pumped him faster.

Slamming into Heero two times more, Duo found his cock being clamped tighter. He heard Heero groan as the stoic boy exploded in his hand, spilling his seed on his own stomach. Duo let Heero fall back onto the ground and released Heero's now limp cock. He grabbed Heero's hips with both of his hands and rammed into Heero harder. His eyes were fixed to the place where their bodies were joined, mesmerized at how Heero welcomed him into his body.

Watching as his member slid in and out of Heero's body, Duo felt the possessiveness become stronger in him. Heero was his. Belonged to him. Only he would ever claim Heero like this. Only he would ever enter Heero's warm and silken passage. "Mine." With a growl, which was similar to an animal claiming its prey, Duo rammed one last time inside Heero and reached his release, filling Heero with his essence.

Still dazed from post orgasmic session, Heero heard Duo growl possessively and felt something warm fill him, warming his insides. It was part of Duo, which he would keep for sometime inside him. The boy above him was still doing small thrusting, emptying his release inside his tired and sated body. Heero felt full and he knew he belonged to Duo now, that Duo had claimed annd marked him. Hell, he always knew this time would come, the time when Shinigami would claim him as his Perfect Soldier. He wanted to cry as he realized he couldn't escape the prophecy, no matter how hard he tried.

As Duo plopped down onto his chest, Heero released the braid in his hand in resignation. It was over. He couldn't run away from the prophecy, not after what his mother and the villagers always told him. The monster. Shinigami's monster.

Duo, in the mean time, was oblivious to what Heero was thinking. He felt sated and content. Heero would never go anywhere again. Never! He would not let Heero go. Duo ran his hand and wiped away the sweat from Heero's face. He leant down and kissed Heero lightly. "Mine."

Heero just looked long at him before he finally spoke up. "Aa....yours.."

Duo smiled and slowly pulled out from the still silent boy. He looked down and watched as his cock slid out inch by inch from Heero's silky passage. He felt very reluctant to leave Heero but knew better that he couldn't stay in there a long time. Duo also watched as his seed seeped out of Heero's body and winced as he saw it was mixed with blood. Despite his preparation, he still couldn't escape tearing some of Heero's tissues.

He grabbed Heero's torn clothes, cleaning himself and then Heero but the boy flinched as the rough clothes touched his tender opening.

"I'm sorry. Does it hurt badly?" Duo looked at him apologetically.

"A little. I'm healing fast." Heero murmured and sat up. He located his spandex and put it on again, while Duo was also putting his own clothes back on.

Duo sat next to Heero and gathered the half naked boy onto his lap, hugging him tightly. "You won't go away again, ne? You'll always be with me?"

Heero nodded. "I'll be with you as long as you want me to. I'm yours, Duo."

"Yes, you belong to me, forever." Duo kissed Heero affectionately.

Heero let Duo kiss him. He had decided to accept his fate. If Duo wanted him, he would not refuse. He loved Duo too much to leave him. Duo might not think of him as his koi but for Heero, Duo was his koi. He would do anything to protect Duo and make him happy.

Duo might have realized Heero's feelings once he knew about the real meaning of koi. That braided boy didn't ask his permission to kiss him. Heero looked at the radiant face above him and felt a little hurt. Duo knew well Heero would permit the kiss. He knew Heero loved him and would do anything for him, including letting Duo use his body to fulfill his own pleasures.

Heero knew he should be angry that Duo used his love to gain advantage, but he couldn't be angry at Duo. Duo was the only person who cared for him, moreover Duo didn't care about his other form...the monster. He should have been grateful for that.

Though he also wanted Duo's love, he couldn't ask for it. Duo's love had to be given to a more suitable person than him, the monster. And why did he think Duo wanted to give his love to him? Duo could have him whenever he wanted. Like what they did just now, Heero couldn't refuse Duo and only accepted what he did to his body. He should have been thankful that Duo was gentle with him and gave him pleasure.

What if another person were the Shinigami? Someone who was like Romefeller? Heero didn't want to imagine what would happen to him when that person wanted to use his body. So in the end, he was lucky that Duo cared for him. It was enough for Heero. More than enough. Who else wanted to hug a monster so tightly and lovingly like Duo did just now, anyway?

Duo was really happy now that he would always be with Heero. He didn't care whether he would ever go back to his world or not. All that mattered now was Heero. Wherever Heero went, he would surely follow him. Expressing the joy he had, Duo captured Heero's swollen lips again.

Duo plundered those sweet lips and stuck his tongue inside, tasting Heero once more. Heero opened his mouth and welcomed him inside. As he licked and tasted the stoic boy, Duo realized he would never have enough of Heero. He would always want Heero..........

"Maxwell! Yuy!"

Duo cursed and pulled away to look at the raven-haired boy who was approaching them. He could see the others far behind Wufei.

Wufei stopped his horse in front of Duo and jumped down. "Maxwell!"

"Hi, Wufei. What's up?"

Wufei was fuming. "What's up you ask? We spent hours worrying about you two, and here you are in a cuddle fest."

"He was tired, Wufei." Duo scowled and looked at Heero's tired face.

"I can see that clearly. But what happened to his clothes?"

"The bird tore my clothes." Heero quickly answered before Duo managed to answer. He didn't want anyone else to know about his other form. They could realize that he was the Perfect Soldier and Duo was Shinigami and then they would surely ask Duo to use him as a war weapon. No, he didn't want that. Duo could use him for himself but he didn't want to be used for the others' advantages.

Wufei touched his sword. "The bird! Where is it?"

"Calm down, Wufei. Heero managed to get rid of it. We're safe now." Duo gathered Heero into his arms and stood up as Relena and the others arrived. Heero didn't refuse as he was too tired, moreover he liked being in Duo's arms.

Noticing their horse among the others, Duo asked Wufei. "You brought our horse with you. Where did you find it?"

"Actually, that horse found us. We followed his trails back to this valley until we found you." Quatre spoke up.

"Remind me to thank it later, Quatre." Duo grinned and then gave Heero to Wufei. "Hold him. I want to retrieve the blanket for him."

"Is he okay, Duo?" Relena looked at Heero from head to toe.

"He's fine, Relena, just tired." Duo quickly covered Heero's body with the blanket as he acknowledged the look in Relena's eyes. There was no way he would let the others enjoy watching Heero's body.

Duo mounted his horse and extended his hands to receive Heero from Wufei. Wufei then mounted his horse and told the others what Duo had told him. Heero listened to half of the conversation before he fell asleep, feeling safe in Duo's arms, where he belonged.


"Aquarius needs a sacrifice, Mr.Tsubarov." A hooded woman stared at the black pool in front of her.

"What sacrifice, Lady Une? As long as it's not my life, I will sacrifice it." Tsubarov stood behind Lady Une.

"Aquarius wants a boy in exchange for the power you want. His hair is brown and braided. His eyes are violet. And his name is Duo Maxwell."


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