Notes: The last scene in the previous chapter was down-right horrid. I will rewrite it most definitely, but here's a short epilogue to close off my second complete multi-part.

Royal Flush Epilogue
Epilogue: Winner Takes All~

The scene was familiar. Such tension, such threatening glares, unaparelled! Only this time, five boys sat at the poker table instead of just four.

Duo threw down three aces, followed by Trowa, who tossed down a flush. Heero cast each player dark looks and showed his cards, sending Duo out of his seat in a giggling fit. A two, four, eight, three, and ten.

"Geez, koi. No wonder you look pissed."

Wufei laid down a full house, eyeing the rest suspiciously. Everyone turned to look at the one remaining boy.

"Quatre," Trowa patted his lover's knee, "it's your turn."

The blonde's expression was unreadable as he continued to stare at his cards. "Oh yes, that's right." He coughed and put down...

Trowa's jaw fell open slightly as Wufei's face turned crimson and Duo screeched unintelligible words at the top of his lungs. Heero just looked even grumpier.

...a royal flush.

Duo tore at his hair in fury and disbelief. "This is NOT possible! No WAY in HELL could he get that TWICE in TWO FUCKIN' GAMES!" he roared. He lunged at the small Arabian, shaking him by his collar before Trowa glared and pulled him away.

"Sit down Duo. He won," the uni-banged boy told the American quietly but firmly.

Duo sat down in Heero's lap, grumbling and undoubtedly complaining to him.

"Now," Quatre continued in a business-like tone. "for my prize, I want Heero and Duo to make out for fifteen minutes on film."

"You hentai..." Duo wasn't unhappy. He giggled and nuzzled his stoic lover's neck, purring like an excited kitten.

"I want a breakfast-in-bed from Trowa and for Wufei to add 'Nataku is my savior' along with those previous things which he never did..." He latched onto Trowa and ignored the fuming Wufei.

As they retired to the bedroom, Trowa noticed something wrong about Quatre's dress shirt. He tugged on it lightly and realization dawned on him.


The blonde blushed and went for the Innocent Look. "Yes, Trowa-dear?"

"What's that?"

Quatre held his arm protectively against him. "Just a pair of sixes..."


*grins* Yup, Q-chan's been cheating all along, though I can't say Heero and Duo are unhappy...

*groaning and thumping are heard from off-screen and someone named 'Hee-bunny' to 'drill it in deeper'*

*cough* Yeah, anyways...


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