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Royal Flush Part 6
VI.: Full House~

Make-up...check! Hair...check! Dress...check! ...Purrrrrfection...check!

Duo twirled in front of the mirror, then stopped to pucker his glossed lips at his reflection. Knock 'em dead... he said to himself. No, knock HIM dead...

The dance was just in time; two days before their next mission. Had it been any later, Heero would've absolutely forbid it. But as it was...Duo closed his eyes and tilted back his head, allowing his perfect female self to fall onto the bed.[1]

The embarressment of having to cross-dress, especially for a stupid card game, was gone. He'd hated the idea at first, then realized it wasn't so bad. Afterall, it gave him a valid reason to be as close to the man of his dreams as he'd ever been.

Duo opened his eyes and looked at the clock. Shit! Heero'll be here any minute now! He ran back to the mirror and fixed whatever little unsatisfactories his lying in bed had caused.

He reglossed his lips, tucked loose locks of chestnut silk into the hairclips, and examined his painted nails again.

Precisely at eight o'clock, the door to his room opened, admitting Heero...

Duo cocked his head, eyebrows raising. "Why aren't you dressed?" //Oh god, don't tell me he's not...don't tell me he changed his mind!//

Heero looked him over, frozen for the briefest moment before opening his mouth. "We're not going. The mission moved one day early. Get rested."

Duo argued back instinctively. "But--but...I'll be alright tomorrow, I know I will! Please Heero!"

Cold blue eyes regarded him. "We're not going."

Violet pools returned the frosted look with a heated one. "Fine! I'll go by myself then!"

"No. You'll stay here."

"The hell I will! The last thing I wanna do tonight is sit here listening to you type." He was suddenly in Heero's face. "Just who do you think you are?" he demanded in hushed, angry tones. "You're not my fiancÚ, you're not my master, and you're hardly my friend!"

He could've sworn the Japanese boy flinched. "You know how I said that I loved you? Well it's true, Heero. So--so...good-bye!" Duo pressed his lips to Heero's firmly before stalking out the door, leaving him behind with the taste of strawberries for the rest of the night.


Quatre watched from Trowa's embrace as the mob of boys surrounding Duo grew before his very eyes. As well as the group their angry dates made.

"Poor Duo," the blonde whispered in sympathy. He looked up to his tall lover. "I feel as though I am to blame. I forced them together...oh Trowa! I should've known this was how it would've turned out!"

Trowa's grip on him tightened. "Everybody makes mistakes, Quatre. Duo is always forgiving with you, I'm sure he'll understand you meant well."

The braided 'girl' said something and the boys burst out laughing, one of them handing him another glass of beer, which he downed quickly.

Wufei approached them, a dark look on his face. "We've got to stop him before he makes a fool of himself."

Quatre buried his face in Trowa's shoulder. "His heart is broken, and it's all my fault," he said, voice muffled.


It had been a lovely surprise when Helen Maxwell showed up alone at the gymnasium. And even more of a delightful shock when she became extremely friendly with the boys. It wasn't long before she had them at her side a reign on their attention.

"What about that jerk you're always with?" one of them asked.

Duo's glass paused halfway to his lips and his face went black. But he forced a smile and said easily: "Oh, we broke up."

A collective gasp rang through the mob, then happy voices and murmurs. The gorgeous Helen Maxwell, free at last!

Their advances were unrestrained after that, not that Duo minded. It was nice to have someone appreciate you after being rejected so brutally. He laughed, he joked, and he enjoyed the little fleeting touches some of the more daring boys placed on him. He totally neglected to see the pair of cobalt blue eyes glaring at him from the corner of the room.


The baka'll be too wasted to complete his mission tomorrow! the sensible side of Heero's brain screamed.

After watching those scavengers take advantage of Duo for over an hour, he growled something incoherent, stalked to the middle of the crowd of people, and dragged the startled Deathscythe pilot out.

Quatre was suddenly at his side, flanked by Trowa and Wufei. "Heero!" he cried, trying to pry the blue-eyed boy's hand off Duo's reddening arm. "Let go of hi--her!"

Said blue eyes weren't completely sane as Heero glared at the blonde.

"Shit, Yuy! That hurts!" Duo snarled, pulling on his abused limb.

One of Duo's larger admirers laid a huge hand on Heero's shoulder. "Excuse me, Shrimp, but I believe I have buisiness with the lady here."

Heero didn't let go. "Omae o korosu," he growled.

The others began to sweat.

"Stop it!" Wufei commanded male pride and dignity insisting that he help a damsel in distress even though Duo really wasn't a female.

"Back off, Chang."



"Get the hell away from me."


"Now Heero!"

Duo continued to rub soothing cream into his arm, looking away from the Wing pilot.

"I wish you wouldn't try and get me angry like this."

Violet eyes blinked up incredulously. "Me? Make YOU angry?!? Man, I think you'd better get your head screwed on straight first."

"Yes, it was you making me angry. Why did you go off to those guys?"

Duo smirked. "My Hee-chan, are you jealous?"

Heero's look was dark.

//It may be wrong to feel this way, but...I'm glad...// The American laughed. "You are, aren't you!?" He leapt up off the bed and embraced the Wing pilot, knowing full well he was putting himself in a position to be shot.

But Heero didn't. He blinked twice, then hesitantly hugged Duo back. "Baka," he breathed into the frangrant chestnut locks. //My baka.//

"Don't be jealous," he heard Duo whisper. "Don't. I'm all yours if you want me."

//I think...I think I want you.// Heero grabbed the slender hips and tugged the American closer, eliciting a startled squawk from the boy as well as answering his undertoned question.

Duo pulled away first, adorable face glowing with happiness.

Heero smiled a little, nearly making the other swoon. He turned away. "We leave this school in six hours," he told him.

The American nodded.


>_< >_< That sucked majorly. I can't write a good love scene to save my life, that much has been made clear. Darn, I wish someone else wrote a fic with this plot, not me. I just ruined it. That's it! I'll just come up with ideas and leave better authors to write it out!

[1] *blinks innocently* What? I think Duo can be very vain...


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