Love Potion Part 2

If crying wasn't so uncharacteristic of him, Duo would have done so right then. Partly for embarrassment at being seen as a woman in boxers only, but mostly because...well...!

He--she--he--no, SHE opened her mouth to speak, but the voice that came from her throat was completely foreign. And before anyone could blink, Heero had his gun pointed at her face.

"Who are you and what have you done with Duo?"

"Eep! Heero, I can explain, really I can. Well, kind of anyway. But I'm sorry for whatever I did! Please don't kill me!"

Everyone in the doorway sweatdropped. There was no mistake in it. The 'girl' in front of them was most definitely Duo. No one else could talk that fast and still manage to stay coherent.

Heero's eyes narrowed dangerously, as if contemplating whether or not to believe her. Finally, his hand wavered, and lowered, causing Duo to nearly sag to her knees in relief.

"Whew! Thanks man! A gun like that wouldn't leave much behind, would it? And I like myself best in one piece!"

"Hn," responded Heero, turning to head back to his room. "Get dressed, we're going back to that fortune-telling place."

After he was gone, Hilde took a hesitant step toward Duo. "Is it really you?" she asked, very obviously disbelieving.

Duo nearly smacked herself, but decided to do so some other time, when she wasn't trying to cover herself. "Of course it's me!"

"How do we know that?" Wufei cut in.

The newly-made girl glared at him. "Because I know you have a whole stash of 'Sex Mania'[1] under--"

"Enough!" bellowed the Chinese, and turning red at the astonished stares he received.

Dorothy jabbed him in the ribs. "C'mon. Heero believed her. There's no reason you shouldn't."

Wufei mumbled something about 'justice' and 'dignity' under his breath, and left before he got a nosebleed.

Hilde sighed, coming up directly in front of Duo and measuring her height. She pursed her lips. "Hmm, I think I'm correct in assuming that you don't have any clothing suitable for your current...condition?" At the tiny nod, she continued. "I'm about your size, so I'll let you borrow some stuff of mine."

A sheepish grin. "Thanks Hilde."

Heero watched the blue-haired girl and Duo disappear into Hilde's room, the latter crossing her arms protectively around herself and flushing furiously. Something was...odd, but he couldn't put his finger on it. As he closed the door of their shared room, one last, ludicrous thought flittered through his mind before he could help it. Duo was very beautiful...


"Hilde, I cannot believe you made me do this," Duo hissed venomously, plucking irritably at the thin straps of the sleeveless dress she wore. It was pretty sky-blue, but Duo was in no mood to appreciate it, with matching shoes. And his hair...his poor, poor hair! The chestnut mane was out of its usual braid, replaced by a French twist. At least none of his friends other than Heero, Hilde, and Relena could laugh at him, since the others stayed home. "You're evil!"

A delighted giggled. "Why, OJOU-SAN," Hilde accented, "what do you mean? You look lovely!"

"Right, I look like a girl."

Hilde pouted. "Like it or not, Duo, you ARE a girl, and there's nothing you can do about it. See the looks you're getting?"

She was right. Boys and men alike were casting glances in their direction, fixated on the fidgeting figure in the center.

And Duo hated it. She was having the worst day of her life. She hated the stares she was receiving; She hated the way Relena watched her--like she was going to throw herself at Heero or something; And she hated the way the Wing pilot refused to come within five feet of her.

Upon reaching the entrance to the carnival, Heero "Omae o korosu"ed the ticket seller into letting them pass.

Duo ran to Helena's place. It was gone. "Nani?!?!?!" she cried, skidding to a halt.

"Duo!" Relena wheezed, finally catching up. It was quite obvious she hadn't been working out. Had it not been such a distressing situation, Duo would have snickered. But right now...

Without thinking, she ran into the next stand, asking the small man behind the table what happened to the fortune-telling hut. To her dismay and confusion, the stranger responded to her rapid questioning with a puzzled look.

"What are you talking about, miss? That square's been empty for a week now."

Duo's mouth opened and closed a few times, already large violet eyes growing even bigger. "Empty?"

He nodded, but Duo was walking away. "Hey! Miss, don't you--"

Duo was back in a flash, and smacked the poor man upside the head. "Hidoi!! Don't call me that!!!" She turned away again, rubbing her fist. //Geez. I never realized a girl's hand was that delicate. Ow!//

When Duo went back to her friends, she was greeted with three blank looks. She sweatdropped, even though she was panicking. "Nevermind."


"What am I gonna do, Heero?" Duo fell down on her bed, arm over her eyes. "Helena's disappeared--if she was ever there in the first place--and who knows how long I'll be stuck like this. Or maybe I'll be like this forever?" She sat up quickly, horrified at the thought. "That means--that means...I'll have to get pregnant and have children and everything!" The last sentence was nothing short of a wail.

Heero scowled, watching her from his side of the room. No matter how good Duo looked as either boy or girl, her shriek was almost as irritating as Relena's. Still...he couldn't help but notice how the dying afternoon sun made her look ethereal. Heero looked down, glaring at the carpet as if trying to bore holes in it. Yeah, he'd felt an attraction toward Duo as a boy, but he always told himself that it was just a passing phase, teenage hormones...

"Do you hate me?"

Duo's voice was uncharacteristically quiet and calm, making Heero look up.

He blinked. "...why?"

She shrugged, feigning indifference. "Just because."

They were silent for the longest time, then Heero turned in his chair to look at her. "No, Duo. I don't hate you. I never did."

Her beautified smile lit up the entire house, and her eyes sparkled. "Thank you," she said, without really knowing why.


[1] Sex Mania~A dirty magazine. ^_____^


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