Author: A-chan

Pairings: 2+1/1x2, R+1

Warnings: Gender mix-up! ^^; Slight Relena-bashing, though not too badly; Nice Hilde; Magic--curse, actually

Timeline: Right after EW

Disclaimer: The usual.

Summery: Duo has been in love with Heero for the longest time now, but because Hee-chan has never returned his feelings, he is getting a little desperate. So when the G-gang goes to the carnival and Duo meets this Gypsy lady who happens to have this love potion...Ooh boy! He just loves to get into trouble, doesn't he?

Love Potion Part 1

Duo wondered just WHY he'd accepted Relena's invitation to the carnival. A "celebration of the End of Marimeia for you all" she had said, though her eyes had been fixed on Heero. So, as soon as her big, pink limo had picked them up two days later, she'd been hanging on the ex-Wing pilot's arm like a starving leech.

And right now..."Look, Heero!!!" she squealed. "Cotton candy!"

"Hn," he replied.

Duo looked around himself. Trowa and Quatre were just off to the side, making googly eyes at each other and whispering like schoolgirls; Milliardo and Noin were doing things that were quite similar; Dorothy and Catherine were behind him, shaking their heads at the antics of the others; Sally was next to Wufei, talking quietly; And Hilde was next to him, chatting away.

The American watched the 'happy' couple before him as Relena spotted yet another stand that she thought was interesting, and dragged HIS man off to it. Duo clenched his teeth, wondering WHY THE HELL Heero was letting her do that. Wait...his shoulders slumped. What was he doing, thinking of the Wing pilot like that. He had no right.

Hilde noticed his uncharacteristic silence and his intent gaze/glare at Heero and Relena. She smiled, partly in amusement and partly in pity. Duo's attraction to the Japanese ex-pilot was no secret, and although Hilde would've like him to love HER, she did understand that he could never, and she wanted to see him happy.

She gave him a playful jab in the ribs. "Oi, see anything you like?"

"No," came the instant reply. Duo blinked, turning a bit red in the face.

"It's OK. He'll come around."

The braided boy gave her a small smile. "Thanks, Hilde."

They were both silent for a while, until Relena suddenly called out, "Look! A fortune-telling hut! C'mon, lets go check it out!" She tugged on Heero's hand, but he remained where he was. She pouted, but shrugged and walked on.

"You guys go ahead," Duo spoke up, "I'd like to check it out." He turned to Relena, "Wanna come, ojou-san?"

She barely spared him a glance. "No thank you."

Hilde gave Duo a strange look. He laughed and waved her off. "I'll be fine. I won't get into trouble. I promise."

The inside of the hut was dark, and eerie Gypsy music played in the background.

"You wish to know the future of your lovelife." The raspy voice nearly made Duo jump out of his skin, but he covered it up.

"Um...yeah, how'd you guess?"

The old, satin-clad woman got up from the cushion behind the small table and began stalking toward him. Despite his previous training of war, Duo found himself shrinking away from her.

"I can see it in your eyes, lad." A long-nailed hand grabbed his chin, and the woman stared straight at him, as if trying to see THROUGH him and into his soul.

Duo swallowed nervously, and she continued. "Such a strange, beautiful color," she almost crooned. "I have seen this once long ago..." She smiled and let him go. "I am Helena."

"Uh...Duo, pleasure to meet you...?" Something flashed in the blue-gray eyes, but it was gone so quickly that Duo wasn't sure if he'd actually seen it.

"Come." Her voice was commanding, and the American found himself following her without thinking. She led him to a backroom, where bottles after bottles of what he figured to be potions were stored on the wooden shelves. Helena carefully selected a purple one from the amongst some blue, and handed it to him.

"A Love Potion. Free of charge." She grinned, revealing more than a few golden teeth.

Looking at the bottle as if expecting it jump up and bite him, Duo nearly lost his nerve. But when he saw the challenging smirk, he straightened his back, took the bottle, and thanked her, walking as quickly from the hut as he could without seeming like he was running. Because he wasn't, honest.

"Drink it tonight," she called after him.

"Thanks...I think."

He never saw the hut disappear or heard Helena say to herself, "It will make you beautiful...Duo Maxwell."


After taking a long shower, Duo sat on his bed, staring dumbly at the violet-colored bottled. He didn't even hear Heero come in.

"What's that?"


The look on the other boy's face told him quite clearly that he didn't buy it.

"Fine. Remember that fortune-telling hut I went to? Well, the lady inside gave it to me."

"But what is it?"

"I'm not sure." Well, it was KIND of true.

"Hn." The lights went out.

Duo watched Heero in the dark as the latter crawled into the other bed. He turned his eyes back to the bottle in his hand. //It couldn't hurt,// he thought, and downed the contents in one swig.


...He was dead wrong.

The next morning, Duo felt...strange. There was really no other way to describe it. However, he pushed it aside and dragged himself from under the covers to the bathroom. One look in the mirror and he screamed.

Duo clutched his throat. That did not sound right. But it brought nearly all the people staying in the Winner mansion to the bathroom.

"What--what?!?" Wufei looked frantically about, sword in hand. But all anyone could see was a person that COULD have been Duo, had it not been for the perfectly-proportioned breasts.


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