Note: Is Heero OOC in here? Well, he's different than he was in the series and EW, but remember, Heika-sama never had to go through what he did in Episode Zero and GW. In my fic, he was raised with all the splendor money could buy, and the worst suffering he'd had to endure was to go a week without a concubine. And of course, loneliness, which is what Duo is there for.

CHAPTER WARNING: *shrieks loud enough to be heard on L2* LEEEEEEEEEMMMOOOOOOONNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(yes, finally)

Itooshi Hito No Tameni Part 7

In a darkened room, a shadowed figure sat on the large bed, holding something that looked suspiciously like a needle in the pointed flame of the candle in his hand. On a silver platter was five more of the same needles, only their tips were burned to a strange purple. They were all neatly aligned so not a single one touched another.

A small, jeweled scythe laying at his side and long braid tumbling over his shoulder, the figure grinned to himself. It shouldn't be long now.

Heero Yuy will die at the blade of Eltwo's treasure.


Heero had picked a perfect day for the ceremony. The sky was a beautiful blue, and a few wispy clouds danced across its azure backdrop. But for the young ruler, it was not the weather that he admired. Rather, it was the ethereal form bowing at the bottom of the hundred steps leading to the high platform that held the full attention of Elwan's eighth emperor.

Heero watched, almost hypnotically, as Duo straightened with the grace of an Imperial dancer. The moment he ascended the first step, the musicians standing on the sides began to play and the near-by courtiers and court ladies kneeled, touching their foreheads to the ground respectfully.

A young man about Heero's age slowly approached the emperor. Dressed in royal regalia, he stood beside his long-time friend and commented softly, "He seems to have captured the hearts of those around him. More so than any of the concubines I recall."

"Hn," Heero replied absently.

The advisor's one visible emerald eye broke from its normal indifferent expression to sparkle briefly before the young man bowed slightly and returned to the shadows.

Silk and satin wrapped loosely around the lean body, Duo began to walk up the carpeted steps. He had seen such splendid display before, but had never been at the center of it, or that he could remember. Trumpets blared at his sides, thousands of Heero's subordinate officers and ladies alike were hunched over on his behalf. Four manservants carrying fans that seemed twice as long as they were tall marched in front of him, and two maids following him held the sunshade above his head. The thick braid that normally hung down his back was unraveled, the ends resting on the cape dragging on the ground after him.

Abruptly, the four manservants parted, and Duo saw that he was at the top platform. The maids also moved away, since the newly made concubine was now under shade anyway. A young girl stepped out from behind Heero's seat, a golden tray held reverently in her hands. Curtsying before Duo, another servant came forward to remove the yellow cloth covering the tray's contents.

Inside laid a ruby-colored pendant that signified the wearer as property of Heero Yuy, and that one would be putting their life on the line if they touched that property.

Duo reached for the pendant but was stopped by what he'd come to recognize as Heero's emotionless 'court voice'.

"Hold it."

Violet eyes glazed over in confusion, the male concubine couldn't help but cock his head at his Master.

To everyone's utter shock and disbelief, Heero removed one of the many priceless necklaces around his throat, getting up from his seat and motioning for Duo to come closer. The smaller boy had by now learned to obey his emperor's commands, and stopped directly before Heero. The silent ruler ignored the murmurs and whispers of the courtiers, and fastened the diamond-encrusted jewelry around his concubine's neck, fingers deliberately brushing the exposed collarbone in their retreat.

Duo knew a sign of tremendous favor when he saw one, and bowed low.

"Thank you, Your Majesty," he said in as formal yet submissive of a voice as he could muster.

Heero nodded and signaled for Duo to stand up. Then, taking him by the elbow, the emperor guided his *official* concubine to sit beside him on the large throne-like chair.

Heero then waved his hand. "Carry on."

At once, the music that had stopped minutes ago started again, and dancers bearing thin dresses and other gauzy fabrics ran lightly from the sides and partially up toward the couple.

It was different from Eltwo performances, yet Duo found it delightfully fascinating. He was so absorbed in the singers that he didn't even realize Heero was moving closer until the young emperor slipped an arm around his waist and he was pulled against a muscular chest.

"How are you enjoying this?" a slightly nasal voice asked. Heero's breath on his ear sent pleasurable shivers down the concubine's spine.

"Very much," Duo replied. A moment later, he reached out to the long table the servants had placed a while ago and plucked a grape from one of the bowls. Curling his pinky daintily, he gently but firmly slipped the fruit passed his master's surprised lips.

"If I'm going to be a concubine," Duo purred, pressing himself closer, "Then I should at least learn how to please you, hmm?"

Eyes wider than usual, Heero nodded, then bit the slender finger on his lips. Duo giggled in response and leaned his head on the emperor's shoulder.


Duo's eyes twinkled as he stepped through the golden doors. The room it lead to was a gorgeous pearl white, with filmy curtains hanging in graceful waves from the ceiling. When he reached them, the drapes lifted like magic. Duo gasped when he saw three maids suddenly step out from some place unknown to him.

"This way, Your Highness," said one of them, and began to walk. Duo followed with the other two servants tagging along. He was nervous, and tried to get his stomach to stop fluttering.

The girl in front seemed to sense his unease and said reassuringly, "Worry not, Duo-sama, for His Majesty is a gentle lover."

Duo didn't reply, because he was sure his voice would've been two octaves too high.

Upon reaching a bathing pool, this one not nearly as big as the Imperial Bath, but still moderately sized. To the long-haired boy's dismay and shock, the maids began to strip him.

"What are you doing?!" he demanded, hugging his skimpy outfit tightly.

The girl that had done all the talking so far spoke again. "You must prepare yourself for the emperor."

Duo remained adamant. The maids looked at each other, then left. He let out a sigh, eyeing the bath. He knew they were right, but...

Mind made up, Duo let his clothes drop to the tiles, and feeling horribly exposed, stepped into the pool.

"I must congratulate myself again on capturing such a rare beauty."

Duo jumped, then complained, "Hiidoooooi!! You have to stop doing that, Heero!"

Dressed in casual bedroom robes, Heero stood at the midpoint of the white stairs leading to yet another set of curtains. He raised a regal eyebrow. "Oh? And who are you to tell me what I can or cannot do?"

Duo looked down, and Heero smirked, approaching the bath. Without even bothering to take off his robes, he entered the chest-deep water of the sunken pool and took the other boy in his arms.

"If someone else were to say that, they would be executed immediately. But when you say doesn't seem so disrespectful." Heero buried his nose in the loose chestnut hair. Something between lilac and ocean breeze. Cutting, but sweet and oh-so-soft.

Slowly, a long-fingered hand slid up his chest to rest on his shoulder, then another on the other side.

Duo leaned closer so Heero could feel the hardening need between his legs. It seemed to please the emperor, and he responded with a tiny answering thrust.

"I never thought we would come to this," the newly made concubine sighed dreamily.

"Neither did I. For a while, I thought to force you into submission."

Duo blinked up at him. "But you said it was against the laws to use force in such a situation." He slapped the muscular chest playfully. "Quit changing the rules!"

Heero snorted. "Do you know how much you get away with? You do realize that those self-centered politicians would not approve your using such language with me or them." His expression turned almost mischievous. "Change the rules? But of course. I *am* the emperor!"

Duo opened his mouth to say something, but the words ended up in Heero's throat. Still kissing, Heero placed one powerful forearm behind his concubine's knees and carried the slender body out of the water like it didn't weigh anything at all.

When Heero finally pulled back, Duo's eyes were a little glassy, but he now saw that on the other side of the curtains was what appeared to be a bedroom. ...only it had no dresser, desks, or even chairs. There was, however, a large bed, and absolutely nothing else.

Just when Duo reached out a hand to part the curtains, Heero seemed to change his mind, and in six long strides returned to the tub, where--


Duo surfaced sputtering and gasping with about five and a half feet of hair tangling around him. He had no time to be angry, however, for a pair of well-muscled arms wrapped around his waist and chest and he almost melted.


"Silence." To take the possible sting out of his command, Heero brushed a single light kiss over Duo's ear. His tongue then darted out and traced the outer shell before his lips closed over the lobe.

He turned Duo around so the soul-searing violet eyes were staring straight into his own. Heero began lowering his head, deliberately slow, watching for the braided boy's expressions carefully. Duo's face first spelled anticipation with a bit of nervous tension, then his eyelids squeezed shut and the petal-soft lips parted sweetly. Heero did not disappoint.

He suddenly noticed just how uncomfortable wet clothes were and without loosing physical contact with Duo, removed them until he was every bit as unclad as his concubine.

Heero tugged insistently on the chestnut locks until the long-haired prince tilted his head, allowing him to nip at the gracefully long neck. Feeling the shudder that shook Duo's entire frame, his hands fell from his concubine's slender waist to cup the pert bottom possessively.

"...Routine," rasped Heero, mouth leaving a wet trail of kisses from the point behind Duo's ear to the junction of his neck and shoulder.

Duo's hands tightened around his Master, as did Heero's grip on his rear. He felt himself being pushed back until he was pressed firmly to the cold tile of the tub wall. Heero's fingers wrapped around his arousal without warning and Duo threw his head back, nearly giving himself a concussion in the process. His previously ceased groaning renewed with vigor and he thrashed as Heero stroked his length.

The rhythm of his hand increased, and Duo gave in to instinct, hips jerking along with him. Dry-throated, almost animal-like pants tore themselves from his throat. Somewhere in the distance, he heard Heero say something, but wasn't in the right state of mind to understand the jumbled words.

"Heeeeeroooo," he whined when the stroking suddenly stopped.

"Spread your legs," Heero ordered, and he did just that. There was something about the warm water rippling around the both of them that reminded him of his emperor's hand, constantly stroking...

"Let me show you how I planned your kingdom's take-over," he growled in his concubine's ear, one leg jammed intimately between Duo's.

"I first pulled out a map of the border..."

Heero's hand slipped between his parted thighs right then, brushing his sack on its way. Running a finger from the base of his spine into the valley between the tempting buttocks, he bit savagely into Duo's shoulder, and the long-haired prince gave a pained cry, which melted into a satisfied purr.

"...then I studied it's surroundings..."

Fingernails scratched gently down the sides of the heated crack, and Duo groaned.

" well as your kingdom's defenses..."

He prodded at the puckered entrance and Duo hissed sharply when a finger was inserted into him.



A second, then third finger slid past the tight opening. It hurt, but Duo had been expecting it, and that helped a little.

"Fairly good, but I knew Wufei would be able to handle it easy enough. Not to mention I longed for Eltwo's jewel..."

Heero teased him from inside, and abruptly removed his fingers. He grabbed the slender hips roughly, pulling Duo close until not even water flowed between them, and snarled, "I've heard of you before, Duo, did you know that? Duo Maxwell, who's beauty and overall greatness was renown over land and sea." His cobalt-blue eyes gleamed, expressing anger and death, then pure animal lust. "I longed to have you in my hand..." He pulled at his lover's thick arousal, "...and now here you are." Heero yanked on the loose tresses, forcing Duo's head back as well. He drew a wet line with his tongue from between the graceful collarbones all the way to the elfin chin. Duo closed his eyes, feeling his knees beginning to buckle; only Heero's arms kept him up.

Heero nodded once and lifted the long legs to his waist. Duo wrapped them around his emperor, arms propped at the edge of the wall.

Normally, Heero would've had a jar of cream near-by, but the soapy water should make it easy enough to--

"I've wanted you..." he positioned himself. "for a *very* long time."

Duo cried out when Heero's length impaled him fully with a single thrust, biting his lip at the pain of the sudden intrusion. He squirmed slightly, trying to get into a better position.

Heero leaned over, mouth centimeters from his, and whispered fiercely, "You are officially mine." He pulled out almost completely before ramming back in, making Duo groan loudly in response. "By...right...of...conquer...!" He punctuated each word with a hard thrust into that maddenly tight heat.

"Nnng..." Duo agreed helplessly, chestnut-topped head tossing from side to side in ecstasy. He could feel his release creeping up on him, and oh God...!!

"To use," Heero continued, "and take anywhere, anytime, and as often as I want." He smirked. Yes, a true virgin indeed... He reached between them to grasp Duo's erection, rock-hard and quite a handful.

Duo's spasms exploded, and he shook violently. "Hee...Heerooo!!" he choked desperately as a callused thumb stroked the slit at the head of his arousal.

Heero's hips delivered a series of slow, brutal thrusts, vaguely aware that his lover's back was connecting with the unforgiving tiles of the wall with each of his thrusts and the water sloshing over the sides. He hit something up the hot channel that turned Duo's entire world pure white. He nearly sobbed as he rocked against Heero's burning length inside him.

As for the young emperor, he wasn't much better off. The sensual image Duo made was steadily driving him crazy, and as if on their own accord, his eyes slid closed. He began chanting in the ancient Elwan tongue, but Duo was in no condition to ask him what he was saying.

He tightened his inner muscles, delighted as the shocked groan coming from his master.

"A not know that," Heero wheezed, his rhythm increasing.

"I read," Duo panted back, "a lot..."

Spurred on by Heero's pumping of his erection and the hard flesh buried deep in his rear, Duo climaxed for the first time in his life. He opened his mouth to cry out, but found another thoroughly covering his, so he screamed into Heero, again and again, sending vibrations down his throat.

Heero followed shortly, last thrusts spilling his secret seed inside that sweet, sweet body. Although still dazed, he felt Duo beginning to slide underwater as his arms gave way. Pulling out swiftly, he reached down and caught him before going fully under.

Heero leaned heavily against the side of the sunken tub, Duo draped wearily across his chest. His hair was soaked, and his skin was starting to prune. Deciding it was time for bed, Heero once again picked up the deadweight and carried him to the bedroom, where they tumbled on top of the silk sheets, wet hair and all.


Well, that was pretty long, for me anyway. Now do you forgive me for taking almost five days to write it?

*coughs and blushes* That was one of my first lemons, if not the first (the other one was more of a lime than lemon). How was it? Am I obviously clueless?


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