Itooshi Hito No Tameni Part 6

Heero looked at the dazed concubine beside him on the bed. He didn't want to do it, really he didn't. But dammit, everything was getting too frustrating, and he needed to vent it all out.

"Heika-sama," the naked woman purred, one bare arm reaching up to touch his face. She was one of Heero's favorites--Kisha, her name was--, but all of his female concubines seemed to loose their shine after he had seen Duo in the baths.

He wanted Duo so badly, but it wasn't right to do anything until he was officially... Heero smiled slightly, and the concubine began stroking his hair, thinking the expression was for her. He abruptly pushed her away, climbing off the bed and beginning to dress.

Heero was completely unprepared for the door to open, but remembered that he had stupidly forgotten to lock it.

Shocked cobalt met horrified violet, and time froze. Duo's gaze flickered to the woman on the bed, then back to the half-naked emperor.

"Iya," he choked hoarsely, backing out of the room again. Tripping on the lush maroon carpet, Duo landed heavily on his rear, then was gone in a flash.

"Du--!" Heero called after him, but it was too late.

Kisha stretched lazily under the sheets, then sat up. "What's the matter, Your Majesty? Who was that anyway? One of those jealous servants?"

Heero didn't answer, since he was already dressed and out the door. Her black eyes narrowed to mere slits and she glared at nothing in particular. Oh, she knew exactly who that boy was. He was the one that Heika-sama was rumored to have fallen in love with. Impossible.

Even though Kisha had never met Duo, she automatically hated him--just like all the other women did. For the past few weeks, she hadn't seen so much as a glimpse of Heero because of his constant luring of the emperor. She wasn't sure how he was able to captivate Heika-sama's attention so fully to the point of him ignoring the other concubines, but whatever it was, Kisha didn't like it.


Duo heard his name being called, but didn't stop. What a fool he was to think that any of the affection and favor Heero had shown during the past several weeks would mean anything. So what if the emperor acted like he was the best thing in the world? It didn't mean anything that Heero had given him everything he'd ask for, or that Duo was just about the only one he'd willingly look at.

By the time Heero finally reached Duo's room, he found the door locked.

"Duo, open the door."

No answer.

"Come on..."

Still nothing.

Heero straightened his back and hardened his voice to how he spoke in Court--the Omae-o-Korosu voice. "Duo Maxwell. Open this door, NOW."

There was a pause and a shuffle, then a violet eye peaked out at him from within the darkened chamber. Without waiting for an invitation, Heero pushed passed the wooden barricade. Pulling his concubine with him, he sat down on the bed and drew Duo across his lap. Although the braided boy didn't resist, he didn't respond, either.

"Duo," Heero began somewhat uncertainly, "you have to understand."

"Understand what, *Your Majesty*?" The honorific term was mocking. "That you would rather lead a woman to your bed instead of me?"

Heero smirked. And Duo, as if realizing what he'd just said, looked away and blushed.

"Gomen," he said softly, "I should've known better than to expect anything."


"Maybe I'm still awed at my kingdom's defeat, so much that I fooled myself into believing that someone still loves me. But now I see I was wrong. Since it obviously doesn't mean anything to you, does it? I know. Am I just--"

Heero suddenly placed two fingers on the pale red lips, silencing him. "No, don't say it. It's not true. I do care about you, Duo, if that's what you're asking."

"But you don't love me."

"...I've never loved anyone in my life, so I don't know what to say to that right now."

Duo opened mouth to reply but was interrupted by Heero.

"Duo will you be my concubine?"

A violet-eyed blink. "But...I thought I already *was*--"

To his surprise, Heero looked almost sheepish. "Actually, no. There was never an official ceremony."

"So that's why..."

Heero nodded. "Yes. That's why we never *really* DID anything. It's against the Elwan laws for the concubine to loose her--er, his virginity before being recognized in Court."

Duo rubbed his temples. "But why wait until now? You could have just forced me."

"My grandfather's laws do not approve my using political force on a...woman in the case of the concubine system. And I wasn't sure if you were willing or not until just a little while ago."

Slowly, understanding came to him. "Alright," Duo said.

Heero stared at him. "So is that a yes?"

Almost shyly, he nodded. It was the highest position he could be for now...


I was going to have the ceremony as well as the lemon in this chapter, but then it would run too long. So...

What took me so long? I went out of town (and Yahoo! ate my post. *grrrr*) and didn't have a chance work much on it.

Next chapter: The ceremony (I have no idea what it's called though; If anyone knows what it's called in either Chinese or Japanese or English, please tell me) and the newly-wed-thing! Yes, that means a lemon. WAHAHAHA!!!


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