Notes: I really, really like Hilde, but I accidentally made her a little Shizuru-ish in this. O_o Not that I don't like Shizuru or anything.

Bleeding Hearts Part 2
II.: Meetings and Greetings~

//Ohgodohgodohgod.// Duo's mind ran around in confused and terrified circles. He tried to jump back, anything to keep what he'd presumed to be a vampire seemed full set on doing.

"Don't. Move," the nasal voice commanded.

However, Duo was a rebellious boy, and instinctively did the exact opposite of what anyone told him to do. It was no exception this time when he felt something sharp prick the side of his neck and a thin trail of blood run downwards.

"Son of a bitch!" he yelped and placed a perfect upper-cut on the stranger's jaw. Or it would have been perfect, had the vampire not sidestepped at the last possible moment, taking a piece of his black shirt with him.

Once again he was grabbed and a wet, hot mouth was applied to the side of his neck.

It was surprisingly pleasant and Duo's eyelids began to droop. Something like the feeling you get after a really bad sugar-high. His mind tried to find a word to fit the sensation.



He forced his head to clear and succeeded briefly before falling back into that void of pleasure. His body went limp.



"That's my name, don't wear it out," he mumbled. Sarcasm hung on his lips even in his more-unconscious-than-conscious state.

Hilde lifted the boy into a sitting position and hugged him close, nearly sobbing in relief. "I'm so glad you're awake! You've been unconscious ever since I brought you in yesterday! Do you have ANY idea how worried everyone's been you sadistic jerk??? But oh Duo! I'm so sorry for all those times I said I hated you!! If only I'd known that something like THIS would happen to you!!!!!!!"

"Hilde!" he gasped, shoving at the arms crushing his face to his sister's cleavage, "I can't breathe!"

Reluctantly, Hilde loosened her grip on him and Duo pulled himself free the moment he could, taking in deep breaths of before his poor, oxygen-deprived brain could leave him again.

"Damn, woman! Am I ever glad you're flat-chested!"[1]

There was a rather loud "HIDOI!!! I take back everything I said!" before a fist crashed into his head. Duo fell back onto his bed, swirly-eyed and unconscious.

Hilde sweatdropped and her best friend poked her head over her shoulder.

Relena sighed and leaned against the bed-side stand. "I think you over-did it, Hilde." She flicked up her sleeve and peered at her platinum watch. "I should get going before Pargan starts beeping the horn again."

Twenty minutes later, Duo woke again to find his sister staring down at him sheepishly. She sat back on her chair.

"Sorry about that, little bro. I didn't think I hit you hard enough to knock you out."

Duo shrugged and pushed himself up. "Nah, I wasn't awake to start with."

Hilde snorted. "I'll say."

Duo noticed the down-cast look in his sister's eyes for the first time. "Oi, what's the matter?" Of course, it was a stupid question, but it seemed like the only one to ask at that time. Then something else occurred to him. "What did you mean by 'something like this' happening to me?"

The blue-haired girl looked even more depressed. "You don't remember do you?" she whispered broken-heartedly.

"No, I don't remember. And shit, Hilde, you're freakin' me out here."

"You were raped."

"WHAT?!?!" he blurted before continuing angrily. "Hilde, if this is a joke I'll very well make sure you'll never joke again!"

"Yeah, I know I like to poke fun at you all the time, but this isn't any joke. Duo, you were found on our doorstep, unconscious, frazzled, your clothing torn, and what's more, with a bite mark on your neck." Hilde looked at him suspiciously. "Are you sure you don't remember anything?"

Oh yes...Duo's eyes turned distant. It seemed like a dream--or nightmare, rather--with a dare, a cemetery, lots of digging, a sarcophagus, a--he gasped--drop-dead-gorgeous vampire! But it's not possible! There were no such things as 'vampires'. Shit, this was starting to become a horror movie. Except, it wasn't horrifying.

Duo frowned and laid back against the pillows, staring upwards at a crack in the ceiling. He remembered being scared out of rather impressive wits and exploding 200-pound bullies--

"Hilde!" he called to his sister as she started to walk out of the room. "Where're Alex and Mueller?"

The girl averted her gaze to the floor. "Their heads were found near a hole in the Yuy cemetery. The police say it's the doings of a terrorist gang."

"But you don't believe it."

Hilde shook her head. "No, I don't."

"Thanks, that'll be all."

Hilde was almost out the door when she suddenly stopped. "What I don't get is that hole, it just doesn't make sense, unless whoever did this actually meant to bury Alex and Mueller. And even more so is how you got home. If what you said is true--and I know you never lie--you obviously didn't WALK back." She looked at him meaningfully and murmured, almost as if in a trance, "There's a whole other part to this ordeal. And something, or someONE, is missing from it all..."

//Oh yes, there's definitely another part to this. But whether to call that part a person or thing, I'm not sure...// Duo felt chills run down his spine and he shivered. Nevertheless, he forced a cheery smile that seemed to relieve Hilde, one that dropped the moment the door clicked shut.

So it wasn't a dream. Duo fingered the irritation on the skin at his neck, right at the joining with his shoulder. Four perfect little punctures, unnoticed by all but the most observant. He wondered if he could see it and decided to test his eyes. He turned to the mirror and was shocked stiff by the image it reflected.

He was not alone.

And that was the problem. He SHOULD have been alone. But a tall, lean figure stood in a shadowed corner or the room, eyes dead and skin so pale he would have passed for...for...


The word ran through Duo's head, repeating over and over again. His blood ran cold and his entire body was a tense wire--one wrong pluck and he would've snapped.

"Duo Maxwell..." the newcomer whispered. His voice was echoing slightly, emotionless, and simply inhuman. But it was strangely inviting, especially the way he prolonged the U in Duo and the A in Maxwell.

"How the hell did you get in here?" Duo asked nervously, doing all he could to avoid screaming. "And how LONG have you been here?"

The stranger was quiet for a minute before replying. "I have my ways and a while."

"And most of all, WHO are you?" What he'd meant to ask was 'WHAT are you', of course, but sometimes words just don't come out right.

To this question the other answered after a shorter period of silence. "Heero Yuy, last master of Yuy Hall."

Duo was confused. "But Yuy Hall hasn't been occupied for three hun...dreeeed...oh shit." Dead people do not come back to life; there are no such things as vampires, the logical side of his mind declared adamantly. Then explain this guy here, the sensible side argued back. The logical side did not reply.

Heero Yuy pulled back his lips and did an IMPRESSION of a grin, baring two pairs of perfectly aligned fangs. "Keep going."

Duo shrunk into his blanket. "No thanks, I'd rather not." He wanted to scream for his sister, for his mother even.

The vampire suddenly scowled, reminding Duo of a wolf just before pouncing on a helpless lamb. "No, I don't think so. Neither will hear you."

Violet eyes nearly doubled in size. //He can hear my thoughts...?!//

"Of course. That IS expected of someone of my age and...abilities, is it not?"

"Why the hell are you here?" Duo growled. Scared he may be, but teasing and smart-ass remarks by others weren't easily tolerated by him.

The answer shocked him out of being annoyed.

"I need your help."


*shudders* That middle section is why I shouldn't write vampie fics when the clock strikes midnight. *looks at clock* Yup, just turned 12:00 AM.

[1] Yes, I know Duo doesn't think Hilde is flat-chested.


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