Author: A-chan

Pairings: 1x2

Warnings: Vampires, horror potential (though I'll probably scare myself before I scare you >_<), blood-sucking, angst?, romance, lime.

Disclaimers: GW not mine. And I don't own any vampires, so...

Summery: When Duo is dared to go into a cemetery, he literally unearths more trouble than he bargained for when an age-old horror comes to life. And It wants him...

Notes: O_o I'd never imagined myself writing a vampie fic before (especially at 11 PM *gulps*), but this idea kept popping into my head after starting the vampire discussion on the 1x2ML.

Bleeding Hearts Part 1
I.: Buried Past~

October 31st:

"There is a tale of a horror as old as the sea, as the winds, as the sand in the desert. One which has been forgotten through time and space, dismissed with a flicker of the hand as defeated and banished.

But it is not so, for it will one day return, stronger than ever and seeking revenge of mankind, the ones who--"

"Maa, maa!"

The teacher clapped her book closed, directing her glare to the braided figure lounging at the back of room, heels resting carelessly on the desk at which he sat. "Yes, Mr. Maxwell? Is there something you'd like to say?"

Duo yawned, threw his arms in the air and did a feline stretch. He grinned at the large group of girls watching him intently, smirking in amusement when they flushed and pretended to listen to the teacher. Cotton-brained ninnies, all of them. "Yup, as a matter of fact, I do."

He sat up straight and cupped his heart-shaped face innocently. "That's a bunch of bull, and you know it, Sensei."

Ms. Une's eyebrows furrowed in a frown. "Duo, I will not allow crude language in my classroom and YOU know that. And this is an English course, not Japanese."

He winked. "Ah, a little on the close-minded side, aren't we?"

Her frown deepened to a scowl. The bell rang and Duo jumped up.

"Now, if you don't need me for anything else, I'll be going."


Duo cursed and kicked another piece of loose gravel in his path. Got kept after class, AGAIN. He sighed. Why couldn't he control his mouth? Why did he have to be so flippant? Simple. The answer lay in the TV room of the house he was approaching, a cigarette in one hand and a can of beer in the other.

He pushed open the front door and made a face as the odor of week-old pizza and recent sex invaded his nostrils. Duo kicked off his shoes and threw down his backpack, peering into the TV room.

"Ma," he called to the woman on the couch. He could barely hear his own voice over the television.

"Duo? You home?"

He rolled his eyes and muttered to himself: "No, of course not. I'm the UPS guy here to deliver you SENSE."

"What was that?"

"Nothing. I'll fix myself dinner and head on to bed."

"Sure, whatever."

He was half way up the stairs when the front door slammed closed. He winced. That would be his mother's latest user.

"Duo?" he heard Dan yell from the kitchen, obviously searching for him.

The boy panicked briefly before charging up to his room, the only remotely neat place in the entire house. He threw himself onto the bed and covered his eyes. God, the 'people' she took home...! It was unbelievable even to himself that he was still a virgin, not with the going-ons at this house. The guys always seemed more interested in him than his mother.

A pebble hit his window and he sat up quickly.

*pop* *plunk*

It was getting annoying. Duo growled and yanked open the window.

"What the fuck do you want?" he snarled down. He squinted his eyes at the dark figures below. Oh.


He tilted his chin to acknowledge his friends. "Yeah?"

Solo signalled with his hand for Duo to come down. "Get your ass down here."

Duo was opening his bedroom door when he heard Dan again, asking his mother where he was. He shuddered and released his breath in a puff of air. A few seconds later, he landed on the gravel path just under his window.

"Whoa." Mac stumbled back a couple of steps, blinking furiously.

Solo blew his long bangs out of his face, a rueful little grin spreading over his attractive features. "You're nuts man," he told Duo.

"Yeah, well, I'm not the one who tried to crack somebody's window. So what's up?"

Solo sighed and let his hand trail down his face. "We got a little problem." He glanced hesitatingly at Mac, who kept his gaze averted. Solo took a deep breath, and went on. "You know those two thugs, the Thomas brothers?"

Duo rolled his eyes.

"Well, they kinda got us into a card game, and--"

"And you lost," the American finished for him.

Solo turned pink and Duo wondered just what was it about his shoes that fascinated the redhead so.

"You tell him." Solo nudged Mac, who grunted and rubbed his ribs.

"See, Duo." He paused. "That ain't the worst of it, us loosing that is. We had to have something to bet with, and them Thomas bros didn't want nothing we have, so we kinda sorta involved you, too."

Duo groaned and slapped his forehead. He really did not need this. Wait a minute... "How many drinks did you guys down, anyway?"

Solo fidgeted and mumbled, "Twelve."



"That could be why. Well, I guess I have no choice but to do... What do I have to do again?"

Mac was almost gnawing at his toenails by then, so Solo answered once more. "Meet them at Yuy Hall at midnight."

"That's it? They didn't say anything else?"


"You sure?"

" kinda have to go alone."

"Holy fucking shit."



"Stupid idiotic unevolved blockheaded retarded bumbling moronic cotton-brained feather-stuffed BUFFOONS!"

Duo trudged up to the front gate of the foreboding mansion, guided by the bright moon and grumbling random insults and curses. The fact that Mac and Solo had gotten him in trouble again didn't surprise him -- heaven knew it happened often enough -- but the Thomas brothers were no light matter.

"Curse my kind heart," he spat. One of these days, he was just going to leave both Solo and Mac out in the cold and keep his own ass nice and safe, away from whatever those two morons dragged him into. "Nah," Duo finally said to himself, and a small smile broke his solemn trance. He could never do that. Stupid Mac may be, and Solo may be a slave of alcohol, but they weren't bad.

Ten minutes passed, and all was silent but the howling of coyotes in the distant hills and spontaneous beatings of a bat's wings. "Oi, oi!" Duo tapped his toes impatiently. Those thugs are ALWAYS late.

They showed up several minutes later. Alex was about twice as big as three Duos with dyed blue-and-orange hair. Mueller was a bleached blond and was carrying a shovel. Duo clucked his tongue.

"Boys, if you want to fight, shovels aren't the best of weapons you know."


He grinned. "Thanks, I try."

Alex picked the lock on the rickety gate and led the way in. Duo didn't follow for a short while.

"The property is off-limits," he snarled.

Mueller gave him a hard shove. "Get in there," he said impatiently. "There ain't no police for six miles."

"The police department's three miles away, fucker."

As Duo wasn't following, Mueller landed a hard kick on that back of his left knee, and the American stifled a grunt. He did follow Alex though. But Mueller wasn't, Duo mused, but thought nothing of it. Alex stopped by the fence in the back. A cemetery...

He tossed him the shovel. "It's said a vampire was buried here. Dig," he commanded.

Duo was pissed. A fight he was willing to endure, but the law was not something he really wanted to confront face-to-face.

"Look man, I don--"

"Do it! Or do you want your wimpy little friends to deal with us instead?" A sneer hung from Alex's ugly mug as he leaned toward, the stench of his breath making Duo cringe.

"Leave them the hell out of this. They may have gotten me into it, but they're out of it now." He sunk the shovel into the earth experimentally.

"Not here!" Alex growled. "The middle."


*clunk* *clunk*

Duo blinked and paused. Oh lord he hadn't... The bleak black wood of a coffin peeked out from the dirt.

"Shit!" he hissed.

"You saw it yourself Officer!" Mueller's huge form suddenly lurched from the other side of the building, a police officer at his heels. "Duo Maxwell, stealing from the dead."

He felt his anger building. "What?!?!?"

Officer Brown frowned at him. "This is serious, kid."

Duo placed his hands on his hips. "Just what did this idiot tell you?"

"That you've been raiding the coffins on this property. I saw everything with Mueller explaining what was happening."

His fists clenched. "That MULE!"

The officer stepped forward to handcuff him but froze, as did the brothers. The ground shook violently and knocked them to their knees. Gravestones toppled over. All expect one, which shattered into dust.

"W-what's going on?!?!" Mueller shrieked as they were showered with bits and pieces of stone.

Duo looked about frantically as the world began to spin. For the briefest moment, he was sure he caught glimpse of a pair of ethereal cobalt-blue eyes. The ground gave one last convulsive shudder and stilled. He stood up slowly, as if expecting another bout of shaking to start.

Where were the brothers and Officer Brown? They probably ran away, knowing the pitheads. But what of the policeman? He walked around slowly, and nearly stepped on a...

A head. Mueller's head. The eyes were wide, horrified, mouth open in a scream. But there was no body. Duo nearly threw up. Instead, he backed away from the bloody mass. His way was blocked, by--something.

Turning around slowly, he found himself face to chest with what he'd categorized as impossible and unreal ever since he was a child.

"Oh my god," he breathed, too stunned by the lethal beauty before him to run, too terrified to scream.

Black attire, tousled brown hair... The figure before him truly looked human, had he not been seven feet tall. Ghostly pale hands slithered up his arms to stop at his shoulder, caressing his collarbone.

"Duo Maxwell..." the stranger murmured. He leaned down, lips brushing the tender skin at his neck, and let the tip of his tongue taste the familiar sweetness of fear. "I had my eyes on you since you were born."


*shivers* NYAH!

[1] Wahaha! Alex and Mueller strike again as the bad guys!


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