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Sorry for the long wait again, somehow rl's been much busier compare to when I was still in school, since I didn't have much free time during work days, all the chores and other things had been piled up for the weekends.

I'll try to squeeze as much time as I have to get the site update, but there's really no guarantee, sometimes I started on the update, than got distracted by something, when I sit down to work on it again, it might be ending up weeks after.

I can only promise to update the site as frequently as I can, I'm really sorry for those that has been waiting for the updates so patiently. *bows*


  • Akuma
      -new fic----Anniversary (complete)
      -new fic----Voiceless Beginning (complete)
  • Jei
      -new fic----The Long Trip Back (complete)
      -updated----Moments of Haven Part 136-137
      -new fic----Slow and Steady Part 1-12 + Bonus Scenes 1-4 (complete)
  • Merula
      -updated----Banshee Drabble 1
      -updated----Drabbles 76-79
      -updated----Guard vs Mage Part 9
      -updated----One Night Drabble 20
      -updated----Something Furry Drabble 7
  • PlaidDragon
      -updated----Blue Forest Banshee Part 104f-g
      -new fic----Ho-Ho-Ho (complete)
  • SkyLark
      -new fic----The Christmas List (complete)
      -new fic----Crimson Bonds Prologue-Part 39
      -new fic----Every Year Every Christmas (complete)
  • Snowdragonct
      -updated----Smoky Hills Part 48-49
  • Sunhawk
      -new fic----God-child Redux Part 1-9 (complete)
      -new fic----Christmas 2012 - The Great Odyssey Part 1-2 (complete)
      -updated----Ion Series Part 15 (complete)
      -updated----Ion Vignette #6

Happy reading. :)