Hi hi! So here is for links of the web sites that I go visit pretty often... It's not much... for now... I will add more when I have time. Or If anyone of you have any recommendations, feel free to tell me ^_^

And feel free to use the banners to link to my page... but if anyone do, please send me an e-mail to tell me, coz I'd love to have a little visit to your site.

Once again, Thank you Nagi! For the wonderful banners! ^___^


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Fanfic Archives

Debs-Dragon -- Gundam Wing Diaries
Gundam Wing Addiction
I love Bishounen
Kikotei's GW Fanfic Archive
Lev's Lair (closed)
A Little Piece of Gundam Wing
Moments of Rapture
Shinigami & Wing
The Vault
Under The Bridge


Recommanded Authors

0083 --- Shinigami & Wing
Artemis --- Moon of Moons
Becca Abbott --- The Erotic Fiction of Becca Abbott
Chiya --- Embers of the Sun
Clarysage --- Orobos
D.C. Logan --- Shinigami & Wing
Dev Aki Basaa --- GWA
Dyna Dee --- Dyna Dee (
FancyFigures --- FancyFigures' Fanfictions
Granate --- Granate's Fanfiction
Helen --- Debs-Dragon -- GW Diaries
Jei --- The Turnip Patch
KC --- KC's Fanfic Lair
Keiran --- Debs-Dragon -- GW Diaries
Kiya Sama --- Kiyasama's Sanctuary
Kracken --- Kracken's GW Fanfic
Lasha Lee --- GWA
Link Worshiper --- Under The Bridge
Lonewolf --- LoneWolf's Gundam Wing Fan Page
Mistugi --- MitsuGallery v2.0
Ponderosa --- Destiny Interrupted
Presser --- And Then There Were Five
RavynFyre --- GWA
Silverlady --- SilverLady (
Solitude 1056 --- GWA
Spooks --- Twisted Perspective
Swordy --- Swordy Rides Again (
Utsubame (tsuu) --- utsubame (
Vinyl Koneko --- Glaring Dream - v3.0 - Violet Fantasy


Fic Recs
A Little Piece of Gundam Wing


GW Contests

The Art of Masturbation Contest
Gundam Wing Diaries Fic Competitions --- 2004 2005 2006
GWYAOI Novella Challenges --- 2003 2004 2005 2006
Moments of Rapture Contests --- 2001 2002 2003 Spring 2003 Fall 2x1 Contest 2006 2007 2010 2012
Nanashi: The Fanfic Contest


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