Innocence Reclaimed Part 7

Duo heard a slight noise behind him and rolled over on the couch as a pair of lips came crashing down on his. His senses still clouded with sleep, he murmured softly and slid his arms up around a slim neck, parting his lips as he did so.

Heero wasted no time, diving into the moist warmth of Duo's mouth, his tongue sweeping along Duo's teeth and caressing the top of his mouth. He'd never thought anything could taste as sweet as the American's sleepy kiss. Leaning in further, he pressed his body against Duo's and slid his hands up the chestnut hired man's trim torso, allowing a low moan to escape his throat.

Suddenly Duo's eyes flew open and he dropped his hands to Heero's chest giving a strong shove. "What the fuck!!!" His violet eyes blazed as Heero fell backwards and he scrambled up to one end of the couch. "What the hell are you doing?"

Heero sat at the other end, his cobalt eyes averted from Duo's face. "I apologize." He said in a barely audible voice.

Duo eyed the other man warily. "Do you think that just because I came here that I'd sleep with you? Is that it?"

"No." Heero said flatly. "I did not." He stood, still refusing to look at the American. "I don't know what came over me." He turned to walk back to his room. "It won't happen again."

Duo startled as he heard Heero add very softly under his breath.


Tossing a low oath to the dark room Duo jumped up and grabbed Heero's arm. "Wait just a minute. I haven't exactly said, no."

Heero turned back to him, his eyes surprised.

"It was just startling, that's all. I mean you never showed any... aw hell...!!"

Duo pulled Heero to him and lowered his mouth to Heero's. When at last he lifted his head, both men were breathing raggedly.

"I just want to know one thing..." Duo gasped as his fingers found the edge of Heero's tank top and yanked it over his head. "That this isn't just a passing whim." His lips found the tender skin of Heero's throat, nipping sharply. "You're not going to kick me out on my ass in the morning, are you?"

Heero shivered against the onslaught of the other man's mouth. "No... it's not. I won't." He groaned. "You'll leave eventually anyway." His hands came up to Duo's hair, frantic fingers pulling the band, that held his braid, free and then combing through the silken strands of chestnut.

Duo didn't respond. He grabbed Heero by the shoulders and spun him around, propelling him backwards towards the couch. As the brunette landed on the couch, Duo fell on top of him, his hands sliding everywhere that they could reach, lips skimming across the pale flesh of Heero's chest.

Heero managed to wriggle free long enough to jerk Duo's tee-shirt off over his head, his mouth finding the juncture of Duo's neck and shoulder as the man pressed back down against him. The violet-eyed man shifted his weight and both men groaned lowly as their twin erections rubbed against each other through the fabric of their pants. Duo moved so that he could capture one of Heero's erect nipples between his teeth as he ground his hips against the other man's.

"Christ!" Heero gasped, arching up against Duo.

He reached between them, his fingers fumbling with the clasp on Duo's jeans. "Off! Now!" He growled.

Duo chuckled low in his throat as he slid from Heero's body and stood up. Heero sat up on the couch as he watched with glittering eyes as the other man unzipped his jeans and pushed them down over his hips. Kicking off the garment, Duo knelt on the floor between Heero's knees and hooked his fingers in the waistband of his sweats. Heero lifted his hips off the couch and let Duo slide the pants down his legs.

The brunette gasped as Duo leaned forward and whispered. "Let me taste you." His breath falling hot across the sensitive skin of Heero's length.

He threw his head back against the couch, his fingers twining in Duo's hair as he was engulfed in a searing, wet heat. As Duo started moving up and down his shaft, he felt like his whole being was being drawn out through the tip of that throbbing organ.

Never... with anyone else... had the feeling been this intense.

Suddenly he jumped and pushed Duo off of him. "Stop." He breathed. "I don't want..."

His words were cut off as the chestnut haired man rose up and captured his lips, nimble fingers idly caressing the satin skin of his erection... keeping him right at that edge. Duo's tongue swept the inside of his mouth then drew back, only to plunge back in to wrestle with his own tongue.

Lifting his head, his violet eyes blazed as he looked at Heero and Heero thought that he'd never seen a more beautiful sight in his life. He ran his hands up the taut expanse of Duo's stomach, pushing until the American stood in front of his, his erection right at eye level.

Heero ran his hands along his trembling legs, nuzzling Duo's thigh with his cheek. He then turned his head and ran the tip of his tongue up the length of Duo's shaft, drawing a strangled sound from the man. Gently cupping him in one hand, Heero then shifted and swallowed him as far as he could.

Duo drew in a sharp breath as he felt Heero's tongue run along the underside of his length and he started to move his head. Little jolts ran the length of his body and he felt like he was freezing and melting all at once. Placing a hand on Heero's head he urged him onward, his hips starting to move with the rhythm that had been set. After an agonizingly few short moments he pulled away, pushing Heero's shoulders back against the couch and straddled his lap.

"How do you want this?" Duo murmured throatily as his teeth nipped Heero's ear.

For a moment the question didn't register in Heero's head as he was overcome by the feel of Duo's hot skin against his own.

Again Duo leaned forward and nipped his neck, his breath warm and soothing. "Tell me." He breathed. "How do you want to do this?"

Heero moved his head back, his cobalt eyes meeting Duo's bright, violet ones. "You." He gasped as Duo's fingers encircled him. "I want... to feel you inside... me."

Duo kissed him gently. "Do you have..."

"Bathroom." Heero croaked. "Cabinet over the sink."

Another kiss and the American slid off of the couch and disappeared into the bathroom. He returned shortly with a tube in his hand and stopped to rummage through his jeans, withdrawing a small packet. Moving back to the couch, he leaned over Heero kissing him again as Heero reached up and took the packet from him.

Tearing it open, Duo hissed between his teeth as Heero unrolled the condom over him with light fingers. Short caresses smoothing it over his hard flesh. Then Duo pushed him backwards until he was lying on the couch, one leg draped over the back. Opening the tube, he squeezed some of the slick substance onto his fingers and gently pushed his fingers into Heero's tight entrance.

The brunette arched up at the gentle intrusion, a low groan escaping from his throat as he thrust against Duo's fingers. Duo gently moved his fingers, stroking the inside of Heero's body, reveling in the look of pure pleasure on the man's face. Finally, he couldn't stand anymore and he rocked back on his heels and quickly applied more of the lubricant to himself. Placing Heero's other leg over his shoulder, he leaned forward until Heero's leg was almost touching his chest.

He crushed his lips against Heero's as he surged forward, swallowing the man's startled gasp at his sudden entry. Once settled fully inside Heero's body, he lifted himself up on his arms and started moving in strong, sure strokes, giving no quarter as Heero lifted his hips to meet his thrusts.

His eyes glittering, Duo reached between them, with one hand, and started to pump the length of Heero's erection as he angled his thrusts to bring him the most pleasure. His eyes never left Heero's face as the brunette arched his neck, throwing his head back against the couch, every wave of pleasure showing on his face.

Suddenly, Duo pushed himself forward until his lips found the soft skin under Heero's chin. "Come for me, Heero." He gasped. "I want to see your face when you come."

With his words he increased the pace of his hand, adding more pressure as he did. Heero bucked and thrashed underneath him as the pleasure built to an almost unbearable intensity and then broke over him with the thunder of waves crashing on a shore. He let out a hoarse cry as his hips surged upwards and he exploded, coating Duo's chest with his seed.

The combination of the wild expression on Heero's face and the sudden clenching of his muscles was more than Duo could take and with a shout he drove forward as he came hard. The muscles in his legs lost all strength and he quickly moved Heero's leg from his shoulder as he collapsed forward against Heero's trembling body.

Heero's hands came up around Duo's shoulders and the pair clung to each other, breathing harsh, heartbeats hammering wildly. Finally, Duo pulled away and with a quick kiss to Heero's bruised lips, he slipped from the couch.

Walking into the bathroom, he returned a moment later with a damp cloth and carefully cleaned Heero's body, while playfully laying quick kisses across his skin. As he finished and got up, he smiled at the brunette and took the cloth back to the other room, tossing it in the hamper behind the door. Leaving the bathroom, Duo was greeted by the sight of Heero standing by the door in all his naked glory.

"I think that after that, there's not much sense in you sleeping on the couch." Heero grumbled, glancing away.

My god... after all that... he's shy! Duo realized with amusement as Heero took his wrist and led him to the bedroom. Duo followed the slender man into his room and allowed himself to be pulled down into the bed, the pair curling up together in each other's warmth.


Trowa sat at the round table in his small kitchen a steaming cup in his hand as he stared pensively at the wall.

"Sulking won't help any." His sister's voice broke the quiet of the room.

He looked up as she walked into the room, pulling her robe around her slim waist. She leaned over his shoulder and peered into his cup. "Green tea, huh? Looks good."

"Would you like some?"

"Well, now that you ask." Catharine replied happily pulling out a chair. "Trowa, maybe you should go talk to Meia." She said as the slender brunette got up and pulled a cup from the cabinet.

"I don't know what she can do. She's already said that he has to remember on his own and he's fighting the memories." He replied pouring the hot tea into the cup and handing it to his sister.

"There must be something! You're miserable!" She frowned. "I can't stand seeing you this way."

He sat back down and took the girl's hand, staring into her lavender eyes. "I'll be fine Cathy. I've had a lot of years to pine for him... a little longer won't make any difference."

"But, he'll be going home soon!" She cried.

"And if he does, then it wasn't time for it to happen. I'll have to wait for the next time."

Catharine looked away. "You've waited long enough. Why should you have to suffer just because you loved him once?"

"Because that's the way it is." Trowa's eyes narrowed as he watched her face. "Cathy... what did you do?"



She sighed. "Fine. I already talked to Meia."

"Why do you look so guilty about that?"

"Because I know you didn't want me to."

Trowa studied his sister's face for a moment. "What did she tell you."

"She said that she has a mixture of herbs that can bring his memory back." Catharine looked down into her cup, swirling the green liquid around.

"What's the catch?" He asked quietly. "She told me that I couldn't tell him."

"You can't. He has to want to remember... then the herbs will help him to do so. But he has to do it on his own... you can't tell him anything except that what they will do."

He stood up and went to look out the window. "No." He finally spoke. Turning to look at her, he said it again. "No. If he wants the memories, they'll come to him on their own. And I realized when I saw him yesterday that I want him to love me now. Not to love me because of some old memories and a witch's spell."


"No, Cathy. If he loves because of what we were, then it won't be real." He said flatly. "I want him to love and then remember. If I can't have him that way, then I don't want him at all."

With that said, he walked past her and out of the room, leaving her sitting at the table staring into her cup with tears in her eyes. "But, Meia says that the person he is now, can't love you without his memories of his past..." She whispered to the dark room.



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