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Innocence Reclaimed Part 21

Quatre ran blindly, not knowing and not caring what direction he went. Blinded by his tears and oblivious to his surroundings, all he was aware of was the desperate need to escape the surge of burning emotions that tried to overwhelm him.

"Little one..."

"Leave me alone!!" He screamed to the trees as he crashed through the brush, not noticing the sting of the branches as they struck his face.

He found himself approaching the old stone keep and veering off to his right, he darted to the gate. Digging into his pockets, he found the key to the gate and pulled it out. As he tried to jam the slender piece of metal into the lock, he fumbled and dropped it into the leaves that littered the ground around the wall.

"Nononono..." He sobbed as he fell to his knees and started to paw through the leaves, searching for the missing key.

"Quatre," Trowa's quiet voice came from beside him. "Quatre... what's wrong?"

"I can't find it... I-I dropped the key." The blonde murmured, more to himself than to Trowa. "I h-have to get in... t-that's the only place anything makes any sense."

Trowa lay a gentle hand over Quatre's noting that the smaller man suddenly went perfectly still at his touch. "Please, let me help,"

The blonde took a deep shuddering breath and clenched his eyes shut. "I-I don't want your help."

The slim brunette plucked the key from the leaves and stood, pulling Quatre to his feet. "You need someone's help... I'm here..." His concerned eyes met the blonde's distraught ones. "Please, Quatre... for your sake and mine."

He quickly unlocked the gate and laying a gentle hand across the small of Quatre's back he guided him inside.

As they entered inside the gate, Quatre looked up at the keep, his face chalk white. "I," He started softly. "I only ever feel right when I am here..." His sapphire eyes turned to the man beside him. "Can you tell me why?"

Trowa's heart skipped a beat as the blonde's eyes slid shut and he started to fall. Moving quickly he caught the slender form and gently knelt with him, looking into his pale face. How long has it been since he's slept, he wondered. How long has it been like this for him?

He stood; holding Quatre's form in his arms, and strode across the ground to the entrance to the old structure. He'd stay with him until he came to and then somehow... he was going to find a way to reach the blonde's heart.

They weren't leaving here until they both found some peace...


Trowa slowly woke from the light sleep he had fallen into as Quatre stirred slightly in his arms. Opening his eyes, he looked down at the slim form of the young man, his heart clenching painfully. How could he ever make him realize how much he needed him, without telling him of the past? As he lightly ran his fingers across Quatre's cheek, the blonde's sapphire eyes fluttered open. Trowa's breath caught in his throat at the sleepy smile that crossed his face and then quickly disappeared.

Blinking slowly, Quatre sat up and looked around them and then at the brunette sitting on the floor with his back to the wall. "What happened?"

"You fainted," Trowa replied. "Probably from exhaustion. You've been out for a couple hours."

"Have you been sitting here like this all that time?"

"Yea... there wasn't much else I could do."

Quatre stood and wrapped his arms around himself. Walking over to the mantle he gazed across the room, the work on it once again making it look like the main hall it used to be. His thought all a jumble... pieces of his conversation earlier mixed with conversations that he never had.

"I'm losing my mind." He stated simply. "That's the only explanation to all this. I know I've been under a lot of stress... with taking over my father's company and taking care of my sisters. That's got to be it... I'm completely losing my mind and I don't know how to make it sto..."

His words stopped suddenly as a pair of arms wrapped around his shoulders and he found himself clasped tightly against Trowa's slender form. His heart thudded heavily in his chest as he reached up to tentatively touch the taller man's hand. "T-Trowa?"

"No." The brunette whispered. "I swear you are not going crazy. I'm forbidden to tell you what has been happening... but there's never been anything that says I can't help you through it. No matter what... I promise you... you won't be alone."

"Why?" Quatre murmured. "You don't even know anything about me. Why are you doing this?"

"I know more about you than you realize," Warm breath caressed his cheek as Trowa spoke. "I've always known you."

"I don't..."

"You'll understand eventually." Trowa straightened and turned him around, his hands firm on his shoulders. "Just... let me try to help you... please."

Quatre started to refuse when his eyes caught the haunted expression in Trowa's. How can he care so much? Glancing away from the look in the man's eyes, he nodded slowly.



Duo bounded into the bedroom he shared with Heero, a happy smile on his face. "Trowa found Quatre. He's alright." He said happily as he fell on the bed beside his lover. "They're back at the estate."

"Both of them?" Heero raised an eyebrow over startling blue eyes as he raised himself up on one arm and looked down at Duo.

"Yeah. He said that Quatre is exhausted, he's going to stay at the manor house for a while to look after him."

"And Quatre is allowing this?"

"Strangely enough... yes." Duo chewed on his lower lip thoughtfully. "Maybe hearing whatever he heard of the conversation between me and Trowa made him rethink things a bit."

"Maybe," Heero replied eyeing Duo's lip as his teeth pulled at it. Why the hell did he find everything this man did arousing? "And maybe he's just gotten so worn down that he can't fight it any longer."

"True. Either way, I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens."

"Hn," Heero replied. "And I have a good idea of how to pass the time while we are waiting."

"Oh?" Duo breathed as Heero's fingers slid under his shirt and lightly skimmed across his chest. "Maybe you do..."

Lips met and tongues fenced as clothing quickly melted away under fevered hands. Heero found himself staring at the ceiling for a scant second before his eyes slid shut and he arched against the teasing pressure of Duo's lips on his skin. His breath caught in his throat as the chestnut haired man dipped lower and caught a nipple between his teeth, biting down carefully. Pinpoints of pleasure shot through him as Duo pressed his erection against his, moving in a slow rhythm against him.

"Was this something like what you had in mind?" Duo breathed, his lips trailing along Heero's neck.

"Mmm." Was the only response the violet eyed American got as he bit the tender skin of Heero's throat.

"I thought so." Duo chuckled as he slid down Heero's body to take his arousal in his mouth, moving his lips slowly down his shaft.

Heero's fingers clutched the blankets on the bed as the chestnut haired man slowly moved his mouth back up and then down, applying a fierce suction, his tongue running along the underside of his shaft. Lights burst behind his eyelids as Duo scraped his teeth lightly along the sensitive skin.

With a growl he reached down and tangled his fingers in Duo's long hair and almost dragged the man back up to glare into his violet eyes. "Now!" He demanded, slipping his heels behind Duo's knees.

Duo leaned down and kissed him, bruising his mouth, as he positioned himself against his entrance and thrust forward, swallowing Heero's gasp. Lifting his head, he hissed, clenching his eyes shut, as he was enveloped in the searing heat of Heero's body.

Heero found himself shrouded in a fall of chestnut silk as Duo lowered his head and started to thrust into him. Taking a handful of the soft hair, he pushed it aside and scraped his teeth across the hollow of Duo's throat, reveling in the low groan that escaped his lover's lips.

With a cry, Duo lunged forward angling his stroke to hit the spot inside Heero that he knew would drive him over the edge. He wasn't disappointed as Heero arched backwards, his body as tight as a bowstring, as a jolt of pure sensation shot through him. The sudden tightening of Heero's body was more than he could take and with a hoarse sound he buried himself in the tight sheath once more before his climax washed over him, leaving him panting against Heero's dark hair.

As soon as his breath came back to him, he moved sliding out of Heero and down his body to take him in his mouth once again. Heero gasped and moved against Duo's mouth as he felt his mind spinning away in a wash of pleasure. Duo's finger's clasped his hips as he moved his lips down the length of Heero's erection and he stopped as Heero's cried out and released his seed into his waiting mouth.

Heero gasped and shivered as Duo ran the tip of tongue along his shaft, gently cleaning every drop of his essence from his skin. Then with a smile, the violet eyed man moved up in the bed and kissed him full and deep, letting him taste himself on his lover's lips.

Pulling away Heero took a shuddering breath and leaned against Duo's chest, closing his eyes as the other man wrapped his arms around him and held him close. Who would have ever thought... he wondered in amazement, that this one person would be the one to crack through all my defenses?

"I love you, Heero." Duo murmured against his hair.

"Hn," Heero replied and Duo drew back and looked at him. He kissed the violet eyed American soundly. "And I you."

"Geez, you had me worried there for a moment!" Duo chuckled as the pair settled back together and shared each other's warmth.


Wufei jumped as a pair of hands slammed down on the table he was sitting at. Looking up his dark eyes narrowed at the sight of the blue eyed woman leaning over, staring at him.

"What... do you want?" He snapped irritably.

He'd come to the pub a couple hours earlier to have a few drinks and escape the monotony of his hotel room. The last thing he really wanted was to cross paths with this irritating woman.

Sally Po smiled blithely as she slid into a chair beside him. "I'm bored. I could use a little excitement." She replied as she motioned to Meia. "You're going to buy me a couple drinks and tell me why I feel like I should know you."

"Like hell I am!" Wufei snorted. So, she felt it too. There was a familiarity about the woman that deeply bothered the young lawyer.

She leaned back in her chair as Meia walked over to the table. "Hmm... how about a Black Russian?" She told the red head and then crossed her arms over her chest and looked at Wufei. "Doesn't matter, I can buy my own, but I'm not leaving this table."

"Do you usually force yourself where you aren't invited?" He snapped as he leaned on the table.

"If I feel the need, yes."

Wufei sighed and put his head on the table. This could be a long night!



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