If anyone knows who wrote this poem... could they let me know please. I found it lurking on my hard drive the other day and thought it went well with the story.

Is Fate something that is predestined?
If so, what is Fate trying to make people do?
People meet as if they are drawn together...
And they are torn from each other without choice?
To meet, to part, and then to meet again.
Each time, a new bond is tied.
If that is what is called Fate,
Then you will be guided back to me...
Unto another meeting.

      --- Author Unknown

Innocence Reclaimed Part 1

"Gentlemen, we have a clear plan as to how we wish to proceed with this," The young man stretched, his sapphire eyes showing the signs of fatigue. "I think we can wrap this meeting up for the day." He smiled. "And start our weekends."

The men stood and put their papers into their cases, each one silently congratulating himself on a job successfully done. They all knew that, from this deal, the end of the month would see a healthy bonus from their young employer.

He didn't watch them leave, instead choosing to gaze out the window, of the conference room, at the city below. He didn't know how long he stood there, before a cheerful voice broke the quiet of the room.

"Another successful deal, eh?"

He turned to see his friend sitting at the table, feet up on the shiny surface, his hands behind his head. He smiled and raised an eyebrow over one violet eye, in question.

"Hello, Duo. Yes, I guess it was."

"You don't sound very happy about it."

"I am." He sighed and ran his fingers through his golden hair. "I haven't been sleeping well, lately. I'm just tired. That is all."

"Why don't you let me take you out to celebrate? I'll ply you with enough alcohol that you're guaranteed to sleep for three days." Duo sat up and leaned forward.

"Thank-you, Duo but, I think I'll just head home."



"What happened to that little brunette you were seeing?"

"Shannon? I stopped seeing her... it just wasn't working."

"How many does that make, Quatre?" Duo asked. "You've dated so many girls that I've lost track. You know... you could try things my way." He added a glitter of amusement in his eyes.

This time the blonde did laugh. "If I thought I stood a chance with you, my friend... I might be persuaded to consider it."

Duo chuckled and stood to walk over to Quatre, draping an arm around his shoulders. "Wouldn't Kit be surprised? But, I know it'll never happen... so he's safe. Now," He guide Quatre to the door. "You'll at least let me take you to dinner. No arguments!"

Quatre allowed himself to be led from the room, truth be known he wasn't looking forward to spending the evening alone at his apartment. He'd been having strange dreams lately... and they made him uneasy.

His relationship with Duo Maxwell was an unusual and unlikely one, but a strong one nonetheless. The two had met in middle school, Quatre the soon of a wealthy business man, new to the city and the country, and Duo, the son of a poor family, shunned by most of the other students. Something drew the vibrant, cheerful Duo and the quiet, gentle Quatre to each other and they had been friends ever since.

Of all the people they had known in high school, Quatre was the one that didn't really react when he found out that his best friend preferred other guys to girls. And Duo never said anything to the blonde for having one girlfriend right after the other. The bond that had grown between the two, had been carried into adulthood.

Now, Quatre was hesitant to mention the dreams. He knew that Duo thought he worked too much... something he'd been pointing out ever since Quatre took up the reigns of his deceased father's company at the age of nineteen. Determined to run the business while going through college and equally determined to see his friend through college also.


"Hey! Quatre! You in there?"

The blonde blinked and looked across the table at Duo. "Sorry, Duo. I was just thinking."

"You've been doing that a lot lately. Want to talk about it?"

"Not at the moment. It's nothing serious, honestly." He smiled at his friend. "I'm fine."

"Alright, I'll take your word for it at the moment, but don't expect me to forget it."

"Alright," Quatre laughed.

Duo paid for their meals and they walked out of the restaurant, Quatre stopping on the side walk and looking up. "I thinks it's going to rain, Duo. Want me to give you a ride home?"

"Nah, that's alright. I'll take the subway."

"Kit still get jealous?"

"Sometimes... he's not as bad as he was though."

Quatre put his hands on Duo's shoulders, a serious expression on his face. "Look, something about him worries me. Be careful, please."

When Duo didn't respond, he shook him lightly. "Promise me!"

"I will, Quatre." Duo replied, stepping back. "Now! Go home... get some rest! I'll call you tomorrow alright?"

Quatre nodded and stood on the sidewalk watching his friend run down the street to the subway station. After he was out of sight the blond turned and got into his car. Turning the key, his Mustang, roared to life and he pulled from the sidewalk, disappearing down the streets.


I wonder where Kit is, Duo wondered as he opened the door to his apartment and reached for the light.

Switching it on he turned and jumped. "Jesus! Kit, what the fuck are you dong?"

His lover had been sitting in the living room, in the dark. As Duo spoke he stood and advanced on the startled man. Grabbing his chin, he squeezed angrily, ignoring the wince of pain that crossed Duo's face. "Running a little late aren't you?"

Duo smacked his hand away. "I left a message on the machine for you."

"That you were going to stop by and see that blonde... not that you were going to spend the evening with him." His eyes narrowed. "You do seem to spend a lot of time with him."

"He's my friend, why wouldn't I..." His words were cut of as the other man grabbed Duo's braid, jerking him across the floor.

"It seems to be the pair of you are a little to close to be friends." Kit sneered.

"Fuck! That hurts! Let go!" Duo yelled.

"Not until I teach you a little loyalty." He knocked Duo into the living room.

As Duo landed against the couch, he sprang to his feet, his violet eyes furious, his mind reeling. Never again! I'll never let anyone hurt me again! He struck out at the man, knocking him off balance and dove for the door.


Quatre set his book aside and went to answer the insistent knocking at his apartment door. Opening the door, his eyes widened in shook at the sight of his friend standing before him.

"Duo! What happened." He cried, pulling the soaked man into the room.

"Kit." Duo spat bitterly.

Quatre found Duo some dry clothes and then treated the cuts to his face, neither man speaking a word. Once they were done, he sat his friend in the kitchen with a cup of tea.

"Now," The blonde spoke. "Tell me what happened."

Duo looked in his cup, frowning. "I guess you were right... he decided that I spend too much time with you and not enough with him. Man... how could I be so stupid... I never even saw it coming."

Quatre moved from his chair to kneel before his friend, hugging him tightly. "It's not your fault. Most times people don't see things like this. The important thing is you are safe."

"I guess." Duo smiled. "Got an extra bed? I kinda got put out."

"You know there's always room for you here."

Later, once Quatre got Duo settled on his sofa bed for the night, the blonde sat on the edge and looked at his friend. "You going to be alright?"

"Yeah. I'll go see if I can find a place tomorrow."

"Nonsense, you'll stay here. I'm tired of living alone anyway."

"I can't do that."

"Yes, you can. We'll talk about it tomorrow."

"You want to know something really odd, though?"


"When he started, I remember thinking something about how I'd never let this happen to me again. Like it had at one time... but it hasn't. I wonder why I thought that?"

Quatre frowned and thought about the strange dreams he'd been having. "I don't know."

"Ah, well. Another of life's mysteries." Duo lay back. "Good night, Quatre."

"Good night, my friend. We'll sort this all out in the morning." The blonde replied, getting up and heading to his own room.

Once inside, Quatre lay on his bed and stared at the ceiling, his thoughts confused. He'd had a dream where someone had hurt Duo badly... but none of it made any sense to him.

They'd all been living in some medieval place... Duo had been hurt by someone and then Quatre had been imprisoned. He had the same dream every night, right down to the last detail. The only face that had been clear to him was Duo's. He felt the presence of other people around him, but he couldn't see them.

Now, Duo came up with this odd statement. It had startled Quatre... it hit a little too close to his dreams.



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