Heart of the Night Part 15

"What now?" Quatre asked quietly as he and Trowa walked up the steps to the boarding house.

"I need to make sure you are somewhere that you will be safe." Trowa replied his eyes watching the surrounding night warily. "At first I came to bring you home."

"But not now," Quatre said his voice dull.

"You don't belong with me."

"I see," The blonde stopped with his hand on the door. "It'll only take me a few moments to pack a few things and then I'll head to Vachel's family estate. He will be able to put me up there for a while; as long as his family doesn't figure out our true relationship. Either that, or he can at least help me find some place to stay."

Trowa didn't respond as Quatre pushed the door open and stepped slowly inside. "I'll find you when this is over," He finally said.

Quatre nodded silently and closed the door behind him. Tears pricked at his eyes as he leaned against the door. So, there really is no chance. He won't give in, especially now. Not with Vachel around. Quickly wiping his eyes, he straightened up and headed for the stairs. He would find someway to face this and get through it.

After all hadn't he done it once already? Even if knowing the true reason made it harder.

He thought it would be a simple solution. Trowa was a vampire. As fantastic as that sounded, it was the truth. He's proven that earlier when he's shared his own blood to help the brunette regain some of his strength. All would have had to do was make Quatre like him. To the rest of the world he would be dead... to Vachel too. That was all it would take, simple as that.

Except that Trowa had steadfastly refused. Nothing Quatre had said was able to change his mind. He simple would not do it.

Reaching his room he went to open the door when it was flung open and he was pulled into a pair of strong arms. "Vachel..." He said quietly. "I thought..."

"I was worried about you!" The dark-haired man whispered. "I stopped to make sure you would be okay with him around and you were gone! I couldn't find you anywhere!" He pulled Quatre into the room. "And then this strange man approached me and told me that you were in immediate danger by being with Lord Barton."

"Did he say why?"

"No, he just hinted at there being more to the Lord than any of us knew and that he was a danger to anyone who came near him." Vachel lifted his face and kissed him.

Did he know? Whoever this person was? Quatre wondered in shock.

Vachel's hands slipped around his waist as he kissed him and Quatre found that he didn't feel anything. Why? When just a few days ago? Had he changed that much just in a day? What was wrong with him?

The dark-haired man felt the coldness in Quatre's lips and raised his head, his eyes searching Quatre's. Dropping his hands he moved away and sat down on the bed with a thud. "I see..." He said flatly. He had a feeling from the moment he'd seen Lord Barton standing at the door that this was where it would lead. But even though he'd been preparing himself to lose the blonde... it still hurt like hell. He'd known in that instant that although Quatre was fond of him... he'd never love him. Lord Barton would always stand between them.

"No! Vachel! It's not like that!" Quatre rushed forward to kneel before the man. "I'm staying with you!"

"He rejected you again, didn't he?" Vachel refused to meet his eyes. "If he hadn't, you wouldn't be here."

Quatre didn't know what to say. What he had just said was true. He would have betrayed Vachel if Trowa had wanted him. "But, I'm here." He finally said softly. "And I need your help."

Vachel jerked as if he'd slapped him. Needed his help? That was all? With a sigh, he ran his fingers through his hair. "What do you need?"

"That person was right; I am in danger... but not from Trowa. You are also, by your association with me. We need to get out of the city until Trowa can resolve this."

"My family has a hunting camp near the mountains," He finally sighed. "We can go there, but you need to promise me one thing."

"What's that?" Quatre asked getting up and grabbing a bag from the armoire.

"When this is over, what ever it is, you'll return with him."

Quatre turned around and stared at Vachel with wide eyes. "Wha..." He stopped as Vachel met him with a steady gaze. "I can't do that." He shook his head.

"Why on earth not? You belong with him... not me." Vachel said, his own words cutting at him.

Because he's a vampire... "Because he doesn't want me." Quatre said simply. "Vachel, I care about you. I may not love you as much as I do him... but it's enough for me. I'm not going anywhere." The faint memory of whispered, but unspoken words, echoed in his head. "I love you... because I love you I can give you up to him." Why did he think Trowa had spoken them to him?

It's not enough for me. "We better get going." Vachel stood up and picked up his jacket.

Quatre finished throwing some clothes in his bag and turned around to face the man. Reaching up to he gave Vachel a quick kiss and smiled.

Vachel studied him for a moment before turning away. "I'll get us a carriage." He said walking towards the door.


Trowa slipped quickly around the corner of the boarding house. He'd come back after feeding to make sure that Quatre had gotten out safely and had been satisfied to see that Vachel was still there. The blonde wouldn't be traveling alone. He stayed around long enough to witness their carriage pulling away from the boarding house.

Now, he was hunting. But it was a hunt of a different kind. He was searching for a far more dangerous prey than usual; the one that had turned him, a vampire more powerful than himself and many years older. Somehow he was going to have to track him down and destroy him.

"Nakki," He murmured softly, casting his senses about. He didn't just listen... he felt with every fiber of his being. He was connected to the other; he knew that he would be able to eventually sense him. No matter how hard he tried to stay concealed, the bond created by the sharing of blood was unbreakable.

"Don't move." A low voice spoke behind him and he felt the sharp edge of a blade press against his back.

He'd been so intent on tracking the other vampires that he had failed to watch for stray mortals. If this man thought he was going to rob the wealthy Lord walking about in the city at night... he was due to be terribly surprised. He growled softly and went dead still.

"Turn around slowly. I want to see your face." The man said again. "Don't think to pull anything on me, I know what you are."

"Oh? Do you? What am I then?" Trowa turned around to face a slim, young man of about his height.

Tossing a lock of black hair from his face with a shake of his head, the man's bright blue eyes glittered as he raised the blade to press against Trowa's throat. "Vampyre!" He hissed.

Trowa laughed; a low and dangerous sound. "I hate to tell you, but Vampyres are a hybrid of human and vampire... a myth... they don't exist except in the fanciful imaginations of romantic fools." He said quietly. "I'm far more than that!"

"So, you are a true vampire, Lord Barton." The man hissed angrily.

"Since you seem to know so much about me, I think it's only fair that you tell me who you are and why you are stalking me." Trowa reached up and pushed the sword aside. "And don't threaten me with petty toys. You haven't got a chance of besting me. No mortal can." He was getting irritated; precious night was being wasted fooling around with this person.

"I will destroy you!" The young man cried passionately. "It's the only way I can protect the ones I care about!"

Trowa's eyes narrowed and his eyes blazed. "I don't know why you think you need to do that, but let me tell you something. Someone very important to me is in grave danger... a mortal. I am the only thing that can stand between this other vampire and him. Now if you feel the need to try and destroy me... you are welcome to... after I finish my task!!"

The sword trembled as the young man took as step back and glared at Trowa. After a moment he sheathed the sword and dropped his hands. "If you are telling the truth and it is a mortal you are trying to protect, then I will wait. But when you are finished, if you still live, I will be here to claim your life!"

Trowa bowed stiffly and turned away to leave.


He looked over his shoulder in irritation.

"That person... it's the one that just left with Vachel Roche, isn't it?"


"Then I will go with you."

"I think not." Trowa snapped. "You have no idea what I'm up against."

"And you have no idea what my abilities are!" The young man snapped back. "I've studied your kind all my life. I won't be denied!"

Trowa studied him over his shoulder for a moment. "Fine... if you can keep up with me. But your life is your own responsibility... I won't protect you."

"I don't wish you to. I refuse to have any kind of debt to a creature such as you!" The young man followed him down the street.

"Do you have a name?" Trowa asked, his eyes sorting through the shadows, his sense reaching out once again to search.

"Rickard Arshaun."

"Well then, Mr. Arshaun, I suggest you stay alert, or you won't live through the night.


Quatre leaned wearily against the carriage window a low sigh escaping his lips. Across from him, Vachel stared out the other window not speaking. He hadn't spoken since they left the city, responding to Quatre's questions with nods.

The blonde felt he should reach across the space and take his hands, or move to sit beside him to offer some sort of reassurance. But Vachel didn't seem to want him near. What would he have to do to convince him that he wasn't going to leave him?

He shifted on the seat and looked down at his tightly clasped fingers. Trowa would return to his home once things were settled, or maybe he'd move elsewhere, Quatre wasn't sure. He was sure that he would not be with him though. Somehow he needed to convince Vachel of that.

Vachel suddenly swore as the carriage lurched sharply and threw him forward in the seat, the horses whinnying nervously. "What the hell?" He snapped, leaning out the window as the carriage jerked to a stop. "Why are you stopping???" He yelled.

Quatre paled as no one answered him. Something didn't feel right. "Vachel," He started.

"Stay here," The dark-haired man cut him off as he opened the door.

Just as he started to step out of the carriage something flashed by Quatre's window and he gasped as his heart jumped. "Vachel... don't go out there!"

But the man was already gone.

Another movement and Quatre glanced back out the window, his blood turning to ice in his veins as he threw himself away from the window. Staring back at him with sightless eyes was the blood streaked, lifeless face of their driver. Hands gripped his shoulders and started to drag him from the carriage.

"Vachel!!!!" He struggled against the overpowering grip. "Vachel!!!!"




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