The End of Innocence Part 9

Quatre woke and slipped out of his bed to the window. Throwing open the shutters, he stretched as the sun flooded the room, warming his skin. Leaning on the sill, he let his thoughts wander back over the last couple of weeks.

Things had gotten really tense around the hall since he woke. Trowa barely talked to him any more. Actually he generally left when the blonde showed up to do his work around the chambers. He also knew that Heero had been avoiding Duo, much to Duo's dismay. Quatre was almost amused, it seemed that his cousin was infatuated with the cobalt eyed warrior... much like Duo had accused him of being with the Viscount.

But he was saddened that Heero Yuy didn't seem to return the interest.

One good thing out of it all was that the Viscount had announced that Quatre was to be moved into the small chambers beside his own, stating that he wouldn't have him taking ill again, due to sleeping on the cold stones. The young boy was happy to have some privacy again... a little bit of time to himself.

Stepping back, he looked around that small chamber. He supposed he should get moving... the Viscount like to have him at his duties early. And he'd been trying very hard to keep from angering the man again.


"Absolutely NOT!"

Trowa looked up as an angry female voice rang through the hall.

"Look woman! You'll do what's right and that's all there is too it!"

"And just who says that your way is the right way?!"

Sally burst into the hall with Wufei right behind her. Trowa groaned silently... they were at it again.

"Those two fight constantly." Heero muttered beside him.


"Because I am the man... you are supposed to listen to what I tell you."

"Oh my god!" She laughed. "I can't believe you! Look... it's my right as a widow to live my life as I chose."

"Enough!" Trowa spoke clearly and quietly, the tone of his voice drawing the attention of the occupants in the hall.

He stood and leaned on the table. "If you two feel the need to fight... you will refrain from doing it inside the hall."

Wufei smirked at the woman, who just glared at him and stalked out.

"Wufei, I expect you to find some way to make peace with that woman." Trowa stated.

Raising an eyebrow, Wufei looked to his friend. "Not even I can do the impossible." He snapped, turning on heel and leaving.

Trowa sat back with a sigh. Looking over at Heero, "It looks like we may never have any peace around here. Maybe I should find other duties for him."

"No, my friend," Heero replied. "He's doing what he does best. I think... eventually those two will sort it out. It hard when a pair like that fall in love."

Trowa started.

"What? You can't see it? Wufei's just been slapped with the fact that he has feelings and there's a woman out there that can go toe to toe with him." The cobalt eyed man chuckled.

He sobered as he saw Duo slip quietly in the hall. Speaking of feelings. He was still struggling with the scene he'd seen in Trowa's chamber that day. Why would Duo act the way that he did towards him if he was involved with his cousin? He had been so angry that he'd wanted to throttle the violet-eyed boy, but he knew he could never harm him. So, he'd walked away. And stayed away.

As Duo disappeared up the stairs to his chambers, Heero was overcome with a need to know. To talk to the boy... something wasn't right with all of this. "Excuse me," He said to the Viscount, rising from the table.

Trowa nodded and watched his friend follow Maxwell up the stairs. He was concerned, his friend was going to get hurt. It was obvious where the young Scot's affections lay and it wasn't with Heero.


Heero walked into Duo's room. "What is he to you?!" He snapped.

Duo, who had been sitting at the small writing table, looked up his eyes wide. "What?"

"I said, what is he to you?"

"Who? What are you talking about?"

"Winner." Heero stated.

Duo stared at Heero for a few moments before dissolving into a fit of laughter. "You thought...? I can't believe you! You actually thought..." He stopped as he saw Heero's face darken.

Standing, he walked over to the cobalt-eyed man. "Heero, Quatre is my cousin. He's beloved to me, but as my brother. We were raised together. When one of us was troubled, the other was always there to offer comfort. That's all... nothing else."

Heero stared into Duo's wide violet-eyes and seeing no deception there, almost breathed a visible sigh of relief. He'd realized over the past few days that he'd gone way beyond attraction. He loved this young man. Reaching out, he gently brushed a loose strand of chestnut from Duo's cheek. "You know I'd never harm you, don't you?"

Duo smiled. "Yes. Out of all the people here, I know that I'm safe around Quatre, Trowa and, most of all, you." He drew in a quick breath as Heero lowered his head and gently kissed him.

Heero slid his arms around the violet-eyed boy's shoulders and pulled him closer, slanting his head and deepening the kiss. His tongue flicked out across Duo's lips and the boy responded by slowly parting them, whimpering as Heero gently explored the moist recesses of his mouth.

And he was not afraid, he realized as the cobalt-eyed man pulled back and rested his forehead against his.

"Duo," Heero started. He gazed into those trusting pools of violet and sighed.

Stepping back, he walked over to the bed and sat down, his thoughts and feelings in turmoil. "Duo..." He stopped again as the boy walked over to stand in front of him.

"Heero, please... whatever it is... tell me."

Heero ran his fingers through his hair. "I'm not very good at things like these. My only experiences with people, that should have cared for me, have been bitter."

Duo waited quietly for him to continue and after a few moments of gathering his thoughts, he did.

"A long time ago, I learned how to close my feelings off. To protect myself... not to let people too close to me. I've been damn good at it too." He sighed and looked away from the boy.

After a moment of silence, he spoke again. "Duo?"

Duo knelt in front of him. "What?"

"If I'm so good at it... then how... how did I come to care so much for you?"

Duo started. "Um..."

"No... don't... I know you can't answer that." He leaned forward and took Duo's shoulders in his hands. "I don't know myself. I don't know for sure if what I feel can be called love... but I know I feel... and I want." He watched the chestnut-haired boy's face in earnest... waiting for the rejection he knew would come.

Duo wrapped his arms around Heero's waist and held him tightly. "Maybe someday you'll tell me what happened to you to make you so wary of your own feelings." He whispered. "But, know this... you may not know how you feel... but I know mine. And I do love you, so much that it hurts sometimes. For right now, that'll be enough."

Heero reached down and gently caressed Duo's smooth cheek as he leaned over and captured his lips once again. He moaned lightly and pulled the boy tight, his fingers skimming along the back of his tunic. If he kept this up he'd have him in the bed and he didn't want to frighten him... but he couldn't pull away. His lips left Duo's and traveled to his neck, nipping lightly at the tender skin there.

Duo gasped as Heero assaulted his senses, he head falling back to expose more of his pale throat to those questing lips. He trembled lightly as a flash of heat shot through him, pooling in his loins.

Heero felt the boy trembling under his hands and pulled back. "Duo... I..."

Duo reached up and touched Heero's lips, a soft smile on his face. "Heero... what do you want?"

Heero leaned forward and hugged Duo tightly. "You." He answered simply.

Duo pulled away and stood up. "Then what's stopping you?"

He reached up and pulled the ties on his tunic... letting the loose top fall from his shoulders. With a tender smile, he pulled the tunic over his head and unbound his long braid. With his long chestnut hair flowing around his bare shoulders, he held out his arms to the startled man.

Heero swallowed nervously and stood. Hesitantly he stepped forward. "Duo..."

"It's alright, Heero. I'm not afraid."

With a stifled groan Heero wrapped his arms around the slender form, savoring the warmth of his skin. "Gods, Duo..." He gently tasted the skin of Duo's shoulder, drawing a shiver from the boy.

Burying his face in the fragrant chestnut mane he breathed deeply, his body shaking. He was terrified of hurting this precious creature. Lifting his head, he captured Duo's full lips, parting his lips and exploring the sweetness within.

Duo sighed against his mouth as he felt Heero pull him backwards and the pair tumbled on the narrow bed. Breaking from the kiss, he breathlessly tugged on the cobalt-eyed man's top. "Off." He whispered. "I want to see you. Please."

Heero rolled them over on their sides and sat up, with quick fingers he jerked the tunic off and gathered the violet-eyed boy back into his arms, the both of them starting at the feel of warm skin meeting skin. He let Duo push him back on the bed, his slender hands skimming lightly over the bared skin of his chest, holding his breath in fear.

Duo started and his eyes filled with tears as he leaned forward and tenderly kissed the cross-crossed pattern of scars that ran across the once smooth expanse.

"Oh... Heero... who did this to you? Who could have hurt you so badly."

Heero could feel his gentle lips and the hot damp of his tears on his skin. "It doesn't matter now." He replied pulling Duo back up to his, claiming his lips once again.

Heero hands slid down Duo's back as he moved from his mouth to his ear. Nibbling gently, letting his breath fan across the boy's skin, he whispered. "Do you know how very perfect you are?"

Duo's breath caught in his throat. "I'm not, Heero. I'm not."

With a low growl, Heero flipped the boy onto his back and leaned over him. "You are." He insisted.

Smoothing Duo's bangs from his eyes. "Your hair is like yards of chestnut silk, just begging to be touched."

Leaning down, he kissed Duo's chest, twining his tongue around a nipple bringing it erect, wresting a low whimper from the boy. "Your skin begs to be kissed." He whispered, moving across the pale skin to lavish attention on the other side.

Duo tangled his fingers in Heero's unruly dark hair and arched his back against his mouth, his lips felt like flames licking hotly on his skin... burning where ever they touched. Stifling a moan as Heero trailed kisses along his ribs to his stomach, causing the taut muscles to quiver under his lips.

Nipping the soft skin and following with gentles kisses, Heero reached between them and untied Duo's breeches, his fingertips skimming along the inside of his thigh, feeling him tremble. "It's alright, love... I won't hurt you... I'll never hurt you..." He murmured against the trembling skin. Rocking back onto his knees, he slowly drew Duo's breeches off, marveling at the sheer perfection of the boy.

Duo's eyes slid open at the feel of the cool air of the room on his bared skin and he flushed pink at the site of Heero sitting back admiring him.

Heero offered one of his rare smiles and slipped from the bed. His eyes never leaving Duo's, he quickly removed the rest of his own clothes, fear of the boy's reaction now far from his mind.

The scars didn't stop at his chest, they crossed most of his body in a complicated pattern. Duo's eyes skimmed over him, never reacting to the ugly evidence of Heero's past. His eyes only showed love and desire for this man that he had come to care for so deeply. He drew in a shaking breath, his eyes traveling the muscled expanse of Heero's chest, down across his flat stomach, and his legs... well shaped from his work as a swordsman, then back up to the hard evidence of his arousal. To the young Scot's eyes... he was the most amazing thing he'd ever seen.

Heero saw this shining out from the violet depths and with a groan lowered himself back into Duo's waiting arms. Duo sank into a well of pleasure and Heero's hands and lips seemed to be everywhere, touching... caressing... tasting... drawing husky moans from the boy. He tried to shift so that he could touch Heero and the cobalt-eyed man raised his face to him.

"No... not this time. Let me pleasure you." He said gently, his lips finding the tender skin on the inside of Duo's thigh. "Let me erase the memories of what they did to you."

Duo gasped at the feel of Heero's hot breath on the satiny skin of his own erection. Closing his eyes, he fell back to the bed, his breath catching in his throat as he was engulfed in a searing moistness, jagged bolts of pleasure rocking through his slim body. Drowning in the waves of sensation, he arched at the sudden gentle invasion of his body as Heero slipped a finger into him and he caught the faint scent of roses.

Heero raised his head and watched the myriad of expressions cross Duo's heart-shaped face as he slowly moved his finger in and out of his body. With infinite gentleness, he slowly added a second finger, watching Duo's lips part slightly as he flicked the tip of his tongue across his lower lip. Then a slight frown crossed his fine features as Heero added a third finger, carefully moving them until the boy relaxed and started to toss his head back and forth in his pleasure.

Withdrawing his hand, he slid back up Duo's body kissing him gently as he fit himself against his entrance. Taking Duo's face in his hands he kissed him as he started to push in, feeling the boy slide his legs up along his hips. Moving slowly until he was fully settled inside Duo's body, he raised his head and looked down at him.

"Are you alright?" He whispered, tenderly kissing the boy's forehead.

Duo's eyes slowly opened and Heero's heart clenched at the love he saw shining in the violet depths. "I'm fine." The chestnut-haired youth replied, reaching up and wrapping his arms around Heero's neck. "I've never felt so right... and I love you."

He gasped as Heero started to move slowly within him, feeling a sweet arm pleasure steal through him. Sliding his knees higher, he hooked his ankles behind Heero's legs and urged him to move faster.

At this point Heero was all too happy to comply, barely hold onto his control. Never had he felt anything so exquisite as being buried inside Duo's warm depths. Shifting back to change the angle of his thrusts... he took the boy's shaft in his hand and matched the strokes into his body.

Pleasure exploded within the slim boy's body and all around him. Crying out Heero's name he arched against him as his climax gripped him and bursts of colors exploded behind his eyes.

Heero gasped as Duo clamped down on him, feeling the last of his control slipping away. Leaning across the violet-eyed boy, he wrapped his arms around him and thrust into him several more times as his own end took hold. With a loan moan, his lips found Duo's as he stopped moving, his body tensing with the force of his climax.

Shuddering violently, he collapsed on the trembling form beneath him. Catching his breath, he raised his head and kissed Duo's sweaty forehead.

"I'm alright, Heero." Duo smiled up at him, seeing the concern in his cobalt eyes. "I'm just fine."

Heero pulled away and got up from the bed, going to the basin on the small table by the bed. Dampening a cloth, he returned and tenderly cleaned Duo up, placing kisses on his soft skin. Tossing the cloth back towards the table he gathered the boy in his arms, knowing that now he'd found him... the very hounds of hell wouldn't be able to get him to let go. Looking down, he saw Duo's face held a slight blush.

"What is it?"

"Well... I was wondering..." Duo hesitated. "Uh... how... did..."

Heero chuckled. "Ah. I understand. Trowa and I spent a fair amount of time in other lands while seeking our fortunes. There are practices that are common in other places. One of the lands we were in used small vials of scented oils. I brought some back with me. And since most of my things are in this chamber..." He gestured at the small table by the bed.

Duo blushed even deeper and buried his head in Heero's chest.

Heero reached down and lifted his chin. "There's no need to be embarrassed, not with me." He said, kissing him and tucking him back against his chest. I love you Duo Maxwell. I only hope you'll be patient until I can say it aloud.



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