The End of Innocence Part 15

"I can't believe you!" Duo yelled jumping up from the corner he'd been sitting in.

"Duo..." Heero said quietly.

"No! Dammit! He's going to take Quatre back there so that the Baron can hand out whatever twisted punishment he has in store and he expects us to just follow along like sheep!" The violet-eyed boy spat out.

Quatre looked up at his cousin. "If Trowa feels that's what we have to do, then we should do it. He won't let anything happen to me."

"I never took you for an idiot, cousin!" Duo snapped. "But, you sure are acting like one now. Is your judgment so clouded by him? Did you freeze your brain out there in the snow? How can he possibly keep you safe in that place?"

"Duo, enough." Heero spoke again.

"It is not! I will not allow him to be taken back there!"

"And how do you intend to stop me?" Trowa spoke up quietly, his green eyes challenging the chestnut-haired youth.

"Stop!" Quatre cried, standing up. "Please! Just stop! It's my life we are talking about, it's my decision. If Trowa wants us to go back... then I will go. I trust him!"

"Trust has nothing to do with it." Duo replied. "It's just too dangerous... we should get as far away as we can... out of the Baron's reach."

"That won't solve anything, Duo. Even then he can get to us... or have you forgotten your sister?" The blonde shot back.

Duo opened his mouth and then shut it. He turned on his heel and stormed to the small bedroom that he was sharing with Heero, slamming the door behind him.

Heero shook his head and rose to follow him. "I'll try to make him understand." He said quietly.

Quatre watched the young man enter the room with his cousin. "Sometimes... Duo's too passionate for his own good." He stated, shivering lightly.

Strong arms wrapped around him from behind. "You're cold." Trowa's husky voice slid across his ear.

The blonde leaned back into the embrace, letting the Viscount's warmth seep into his body. "Not anymore," He whispered.

"Come," Trowa stepped back. "We can't go anywhere until the morn, we should get some rest."

Quatre nodded silently and allowed himself to be led to one of the other small rooms. When Trowa closed the door and turned around, he found his arms full of Quatre, the blonde's sapphire eyes twinkling up at him. The younger boy slid his arms around Trowa's neck and kissed him lightly, desire creeping through his veins as the Viscount's arms tightened around his waist.

"Love you." Quatre murmured as he nuzzled the brunette's throat, pressing his lips to the tender skin there.

"And I, you." Trowa replied quietly, trying to calm his body under the boy's attentions. Carefully setting the blonde away from him, he cleared his throat. "I don't think..."

"Then don't. I'm perfectly fine... and I want you." Quatre whispered, stepping back and slowly drawing his tunic over his head. "Here... now..."

Trowa drew in a breath as the boy stepped out of the remainder of his clothing and stood before the fireplace in all his golden glory, his hand outstretched. He moved across the floor, his own hands trembling as he hurried to untie his tunic. With a low laugh, Quatre stepped forward to help him, laying light kisses along his skin as he pushed the garment up off of him.

Trowa's muscles quivered and his skin burned, wherever Quatre's lips landed and the boy slid to his knees, his fingers swiftly untying the laces on the Viscount's breeches. Trowa stepped out of them and his knees almost buckled as Quatre kissed the inside of his thigh, his cheek rubbing lightly along the satiny skin of his arousal.

No... not like this, his mind reeled. This was too much like submission to him. The servant before the master and he didn't like it one bit.

"Quatre.." He started, but his words broke off as he felt himself engulfed in the moist heat of Quatre's mouth.

The brunette almost lost his balance as the blonde started a gentle rhythm, drawing back and moving down over and over, his tongue gently tracing the underside of his shaft. Trowa's eyes slid open for a moment and he twined his fingers in the bright gold silk, groaning heavily as he urged the boy onward, locking his knees to keep from falling onto the furs below them.

Quatre sensed his urgency and increased his pace, applying a steady suction at the same time. He felt the Viscount swell and throb against his lips and his own body replied with a steady beat of it's own. He slid his hands up Trowa's hips and wrapped them around his waist, he wanted to do this... to taste him.

The brunette's breath came is short gasps as Quatre's hands left his waist and started to run lightly along his legs and then back up to clasp the base of his erection, moving his fingers in unison with his lips. Wave after wave of pleasure washed through his body, flooded his senses, and set his nerves afire. It was too much to bear for long and with a sharp cry he let go, spilling himself into the warm mouth that was so tenderly holding him.

Quatre took all the brunette had to give, keeping his arms around him as the taller man slid to the floor, his breath coming in harsh bursts.

"Quatre..." He whispered.

"Hmm...?" The blonde murmured burying his face in the crook of Trowa's neck.

"Don't ever do that again."

Quatre pulled back and shot Trowa a puzzled look. "You didn't like it."

Trowa pulled him into his arms and kissed him deeply, his hands sliding over his pale skin, drawing shivers from the blonde. "Aye... I like it fine... I just don't like the way..."

"I understand." The boy sighed, his head falling back as Trowa lowered his lips to his throat, nipping at the skin.

The Viscount raised his head and gazed down at the blonde, his emerald eyes glittering, drinking in every inch of the boy's flushed skin, marveling in his beauty. And the fact that he was his. With a low sound he pushed Quatre back on the furs, stretching himself out over him, lavishing tender kisses and soft touches over his slim body, taking to heart every throaty sigh that escaped the blonde's lips.

Quatre clasped Trowa's shoulders and arched against him as the brunette's lips descended upon his again. He let out a startled gasp as he felt something pressing against his entrance. Somehow amidst the caresses and kisses, Trowa had quickly recovered and had managed to coat himself with oil that the blonde had no idea he had.

Trowa buried his face in the fragrant blonde locks and whispered, "Love you." as he flexed his hips and slid into Quatre's body.


Meanwhile, in another room, Heero threw his head over the edge of his bed as he allowed Duo to explore his pale skin, low groans coming from deep in his throat. He had allowed something that he never thought he would do, never thought he could ever trust enough to do.

He had let Duo take control of their lovemaking, actually he had almost asked for it... in his own way.

It was a decision, he knew, he'd never regret, as Duo's hands and lips moved over him with infinite tenderness. Clasping his hands in Duo's long chestnut hair, he urged the violet-eyed boy up to meet his lips, his tongue exploring the boy's sweet mouth as their bodies moved against one another.

"Duo..." He murmured against the boy's lips. "I need you..."

Duo raised his head, remembering Heero's past, he frowned. "Are you sure about.."

Heero placed his fingers against Duo's lips and nodded silently. He reached behind him, off the edge of the bed and retrieved the small pouch he carried with him all the time. Pulling the vial from it, he pressed it into Duo's hand, his eyes showing the trust he felt in the chestnut haired boy.

Duo smiled and lowered his lips to Heero's chest, nipping his skin and then running the tip of his tongue over the same spot. Heero made a low sound in his throat and slid his fingers along the contours of Duo's shoulders.

A gasp escaped the cobalt-eyed man as he felt Duo's finger gently probing him, the slick oil allowing it to slide in with ease. Duo made a couple of tentative strokes and then, realizing that Heero was enjoying the attentions, he added another finger. Pulling them back, his fingertips brushed over a spot that made Heero buck and cry out.

He experimentally tried the move again, watching Heero's face as he did so. The other man arched off the bed, his face tensing with the jolts of pleasure that ripped through him. Over and over, he gently, slowly thrust his fingers in and out of Heero's body, feeling him relax and tense around his touch.

Finally, the boy moved away, ignoring the hazy protests from his lover. Then leaning forward, his lips met Heero's as he positioned himself and thrust, catching Heero's gasp of pleasure with his mouth.

Raising his head, pools of violet met cobalt ones and unspoken words of love passed between the two as they moved towards completion.


Wufei lay on his side, his chin resting on the head of the woman cuddled against his chest. As he thought about the possible confrontation on the morrow, his arms tightened possessively around her. Who ever thought that my biggest concern would be the safety of a female, he thought with a hint of amusement.

He never thought that he'd ever meet a woman that he could consider his equal. One that could ignore his own past and wish to be with him. And now... he'd stop at nothing to keep her safe.

Sally stirred in his arms and lifted her head. "You're still awake?" She asked softly.

"Yeah." He brushed a stray lock of hair out of his wife's face, noting the concern in her blue eyes. "I couldn't fall asleep."

She moved away and raised herself up on one arm. "Worried about tomorrow?"

He snorted. "Woman... have you ever known me to worry about anything?"

She smiled, understanding his need to not admit it. Reaching out she ran her fingertips through his black hair, her blue eyes softened. "Thank-you, Wufei."

"For what?" His dark eyes showed his confusion.

"For showing up at the estate... for being stubborn... for being you."

Another snort. "I told you once, I get the things I set out after."

She laughed. "Did I forget to mention arrogant?"

"Yea... you did." He growled.

"How could I forget your most endearing trait?" She snickered.

"Woman! You are pushing it!" At her defiant look he growled and pounced on her, pinning her neatly under him. "Am I going to have to give you another lesson on your place in life?" He asked, holding her wrists above her head.

"I know my place perfectly." She replied haughtily. "I seem to remember that I'm in charge of things."

"I think you have that a little mixed up." He snorted, lowering his head to kiss her.

Once again he reveled in her soft sighs as he lost himself in her warm embrace.



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