The End of Innocence Part 12

Night fell silently on the hall and one-by-one the inhabitants wandered off to find their beds. Trowa stared glumly into the fire as Heero got to his feet, pulling Duo up with him. He nodded silently as the pair bade him good night and disappeared up the stairs together.

He knew that he should do the same, although he didn't feel much like sleeping. He was in turmoil over Winner's son and the more his mind dwelled upon it, the more his confusion increased.

But, his thoughts refused to settle on anything else.

With a sigh, he stood and nodded at the young girl, who waited nearby to stoke the fire for the night, before starting up to his own chamber. Reaching his room, he lay a hand on the handle and stopped, gazing down the hallway, towards the room that he'd given Quatre.

When they had returned earlier, the boy had gone to his chamber without a word and had not emerged all evening. Trowa had sent a plate up at dinner and it had returned untouched. The girl, Nan, had said that he refused to answer his door. He turned and walked down the hall, maybe he'd better check on him.

Rapping lightly on the door and receiving no answer, Trowa slowly pushed it open and stepped inside. The fire had been banked for the night, lending a slight chill to the room, but he'd discovered that Quatre liked the cool air. The glow from the fireplace offered enough light for him to see that the boy was in his bed, asleep. Trowa walked over and very carefully sat on the edge of the bed, gazing down at the blonde.

Quatre lay on his back, one arm thrown over his head, breathing lightly. His movements, in his sleep, had caused his blanket to become wrapped around his hips, exposing the pale length of his slender legs. His tunic was twisted and had come untied, giving Trowa a tantalizing glimpse of his chest and a rosy nipple.

Trowa held his breath as he drank in the pale beauty of the boy, his tortured mind finally losing its battle with his body. Reaching out a trembling hand, he lightly ran his fingers along Quatre's arm, reveling in the softness of his skin.

He trailed his fingers down Quatre's arm, along his throat to his chest. He watched the boy's breath quicken, even in sleep, as he lightly circled the exposed nipple with his fingertip. Under his light touch, the little nub hardened and he leaned forward to press his lips against the boy's chest.

Quatre gasped softly at the pleasant sensations washing over him and arched against the mouth moving over his skin.

Trowa had never, before meeting Quatre, considered making love to another man, but here... now... with this person, it felt right. It was right... touching this boy felt more right than any woman he'd taken to his bed in the past. He wasn't even sure how to accomplish it fully, but he realized, as he flicked the tip of his tongue over Quatre's nipple, he'd figure it out.

Quatre's breath came in soft, short gasps as he slowly started to drift to awareness. He felt himself harden painfully as a moist heat pulled at the hard little nub. He protested sleepily as that tender mouth left his skin and the cool air of the room wafted over him.

Strong hands clasped his arms over his head and his gasp was answered by a pair of demanding lips. He opened his mouth and moaned as he was tasted and he tasted, pulling him down into a well of pleasure.

Trowa lifted his mouth from Quatre's and held his breath as those deep pools of sapphire opened.

"You came." Quatre breathed.

"Aye." Trowa said softly, letting go of Quatre's arms to run a hand through his sleep-tousled hair. "Aye, I did. I couldn't stay away any longer." He kissed the blonde deeply, his hands grasping Quatre's shoulders.

Quatre responded with his own passion, wrapping his arms around Trowa's neck and arching his body against the brunette's solid chest. His head fell back as Trowa moved to nip at the tender skin of his throat. His heart beat rapidly as his hands found Trowa's tunic and yanked it from his breeches, slipping them under the cloth to skim over the smooth skin of his back.

Trowa jerked at the feel of the blonde's hands on his skin. Leaning his forehead against Quatre's, he swallowed heavily and struggled to keep control.

"Quatre..." He groaned hoarsely. "Gods... Quatre... if you don't want this to continue to completion, you must tell me now. Anymore and I don't think I will be able to stop, even if you ask me to."

Quatre's reply was to move away from the brunette and kneeling in front of him, he pulled Trowa's top up over his head. With a deep breath, he ran his hands down the slender man's chest, and leaned in to press his lips to Trowa's neck. Moving his mouth up to capture the lobe of Trowa's ear, he nipped gently and whispered. "Regardless of anything else... I love you. I would never turn you away from me."

Trowa let out a hoarse sound and clasped the boy to him, their lips meeting in a firestorm of passion. Tongues twined together, hands slid over bared skin as Trowa pushed the back of Quatre's shirt up. Breathing harshly, the taller man leaned back and drew Quatre's tunic off of him, leaving the blonde naked to his wandering eyes.

Perfection. He was sheer perfection. Long slender limbs and golden hair, in the light cast from the firelight, the boy almost seemed to glow. Within the golden cast of the fire Trowa could see a pink blush to his fair skin. He frowned lightly as he gazed upon the boy.

"What is it?" Quatre asked softly, reaching out to brush Trowa's long bangs from his face.

Emerald eyes lifted to meet sapphire ones. "You... you're... I'm afraid that I'll hurt you. I..." Trowa stumbled.

Quatre smiled and slipping his arms around Trowa's neck, pulled him back onto the bed. "It's alright," He whispered. "You won't hurt me. And there's no need to worry, it's much the same as with any of the women you've been with." Kissing him gently, Quatre breathed in his scent. "We just... fit a little differently."

Trowa bit back a nervous laugh, he was all to well aware of that fact. Then taking the blonde's advise he moved to lower his head to the side of Quatre's neck, pulling a deep sigh from the boy as he ran his tongue along his skin.

Kissing a fiery path down his neck, Trowa stopped to lavish attention to each of the boy's erect nipples. Twining his tongue around the hard protrusions, and biting gently, reveling in the sharp gasp that he got in response.

Quatre twined his fingers in Trowa's hair, jumping as he kissed the smooth planes of his stomach, his fingers running lightly along the inside of his thighs. He held his breath as Trowa's fingers brushed against his arousal, then expelled it in a surprised cry as they tentatively caressed the satiny skin there, growing bolder with each touch.

The brunette raised his head and watched the boy's face as he gently grasped the hard shaft in his long fingers, lightly running his hand along the length. His green eyes glittered as Quatre threw his head back, his lips parted in a silent cry, his breath coming in hoarse short gasps. He thought about the things that he enjoyed done to him and stroking the tender skin of Quatre's thigh, he lowered his head and hesitantly flicked out the tip of his tongue to taste the hot flesh. Finding nothing that he disliked, he opened his mouth and took the hard length into his mouth, swirling his tongue around the head.

Quatre's eyes flew open in shock and then slid slowly shut as the heat of Trowa's mouth engulfed him, setting his every nerve aflame. Although, he'd never done this, he knew what it involved and he'd imagined what his first time would be like. None of them came anywhere close to what he was experiencing now, with this man. He cried out sharply as Trowa raised his head, applying a light suction to the motion, it felt as if he would melt into the bed.

Suddenly he moved, pushing Trowa from him. The brunette leaned back and looked at him with a concerned expression. Quatre smiled and kissed him.

"No, it's alright. It's just..." He blushed lightly. "I want... I want you inside me when I..." He hesitated and Trowa's eyes lit with understanding.

"Don't we need something to make it easier for you?" He said softly, all thoughts of doubt, about what he was doing, long fled.

Quatre moved from the bed and pulled Trowa to his feet. Kneeling in front of the taller man, his shaking hands moved to untie the laces of his pants. He drew in a breath as he drew the breeches down, exposing the man's hard flesh.

Trowa's knees almost gave out as Quatre leaned in and nuzzled his arousal, his small pink tongue flicking out to run the length of the shaft. He protested as the boy stood up and walked over to his little writing table. The brunette kicked his pants the rest of the way off and Quatre withdrew a familiar looking vial from the drawer there.

"Where?" He asked eyeing the exotic oil... that he know could have only come from one place.

Quatre smiled and without a word walked back to him, pressing a line of kisses to his collarbone and pushing him back onto the bed. Keeping the vial warming in his small hand, he returned the attention that Trowa had given him. His lips lighting small flames over the man's exposed skin.

Pressing his mouth to the flesh of Trowa's thigh, he watched his erection twitch as he uncapped the vial and his nostrils were flooded with the scent of sandalwood. He rocked back on his heels and poured a small amount into his hand, then placed the cap back on the vial, setting it aside. He ran his hands together to coat them with the slick liquid and then reached out to grasp Trowa. Alternating hands, he coated his shaft with the oil, drawing a series of moans from the slender man.

Leaning forward, he left a trial of hot kisses the length of Trowa's body until they were looking into each other's eyes.

"Quatre..." Trowa gasped as Quatre straddled his waist.

"Shhh..." the blonde placed a finger against Trowa's lips as he fit himself against his arousal and gently, but firmly pushed.

Both men cried out as Trowa slid into the blonde's tight body and Quatre moved against him until he was fully impaled. Opening his eyes, he smiled down at the Viscount.

"I love you, Trowa." He whispered as he began to move.


Stretching, his back arching off the bed, Quatre's eyes slowly opened. As memories of the night before came back to him, he smiled and hugged his pillow to himself. Burying his face in the soft material, he breathed deeply, Trowa's scent still lingering to the fabric.

He'd finally found what he wanted. Granted the tall man never spoke of love, but he figured that was only a matter of time now. Not after the depth of emotion that Quatre had witnessed in him last night.

The blonde jumped out of his bed, reaching for his clothes, eager to get the day started. Pulling his shirt over his head, he heard a commotion in the courtyard below. He grabbed his breeches and walked over to throw open the shutters.

"Looks like we have visitors," He murmured.

He quickly finished dressing and left to go downstairs. As the Viscount's servant, he should be present to serve his guests also.

The group of travelers had entered the hall by the time Quatre reached to foot of the stairs and as the taller of the group removed his hood, the boy's heart caught in his throat. No! Not here! Not here! His mind screamed in horror and he almost fell against the stone steps.

Trowa strode in through the door, his green eyes showing his surprise. "Milord, you weren't expected."

"I rarely am. I prefer it that way, Lord Barton." The ginger-haired man replied, his accented voice drawing the attention of all the people in the hall.

"Yes, but we are hardly prepared to receive guests of your status."

"I'm sure you'll recover quickly," Another man with long, flowing, platinum hair stepped forward.

Trowa bowed. "Lord Peacecraft, it's a pleasure to see you again." He said quietly.

"Barton, allow me to present my wife." The ginger-haired man motioned for a slim woman with brown hair and deep brown eyes to step forward. "And the Lady Peacecraft." Gesturing to another woman with black hair and bright blue eyes.

"Miladies." Trowa inclined his head to the women. Turning back to the men. "Milord, Baron... may I ask as to the nature of this visit?"

The man laughed. "Don't tell me you've forgotten Peacecraft's younger sister, Lady Relena? You offered for her right before coming here. She's been so anxious to see her betrothed that she was ready to set out on her own."

Quatre's heart lurched in horror as a young girl with dark blonde hair and lavender eyes stepped forward and bowed to the Viscount, but her side another girl with long blonde hair and blue eyes. He could feel his world collapsing around him, shredding his young heart as it went.

The Baron motioned to her. "This is her lady cousin, Dorothy Catalonia, I felt that she would be a fitting match for Lord Yuy. After all can't have two titled men on one estate. She comes with a sizable dowry and a large estate."

Trowa raised his face to Quatre and the boy saw the truth of the situation in his stricken green eyes. With a choked sound, he turned a fled up the stairs.

Duo turned to Heero, who had observed all of this without a word. "Damn you and your Lord." He snarled "For what you both just did to him." He fled up the stairs to find his cousin.



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