Born in Chaos Part 4

A tapping on his chamber door woke Milliardo the next morning. Getting up, he grabbed his shirt, pulling it on as he left his room and went to answer it. Pulling it open, he was slightly surprised to find the Captain of his sister's guard.

"Noin." He bowed his head to the dark-haired woman.

"It's good to see you again." She said quietly, her eyes taking in every nuance of his face. "You look well."

"I find it hard to believe that you are here this early to exchange pleasantries."

She blinked, he's never changed, she thought to herself sadly. "No, I apologize for waking you, but the Queen is requesting to see you."

"It must me important if she sent you to collect me."

"She didn't confide in me." Noin replied.

Milliardo nodded his head once. "Please let her know that I'll be there shortly."

Soundlessly, the dark-haired woman bowed and left.

A short time later Milliardo Peacecraft was escorted into the Queen's personal chambers, his young, blonde student trailing behind him. He glanced at the woman sitting beside her and bowed formally.

"Your Highness."

"Milliardo!" Relena replied. "You know there are no formalities between us."

"Sister or not... it's hardly fitting for me to act in a casual manner in front of your subjects." His ice-blue eyes fell in the other woman.

"Sally is different." The young Queen said, smiling. "This is Sally Po. She is a member of my guard, a trusted advisor, and a very close friend. She's aware that there are no formalities in these rooms... please, I ask the same of you."

Quatre studied the young woman as she spoke. He realized what pressures must lay on her shoulders and these rooms were the only haven she had. Where she didn't have to watch her every move or word. He looked to his teacher and saw the man nod slowly, his expression saying that he didn't agree but he would go along with her wishes.

Relena's blue eyes fell in the young blonde, beside her brother. "You truly are a healer, correct?"

"Yes." Quatre replied quietly.

"Does he know any of your past?" She asked Milliardo.

"He knows enough."

She turned back to Quatre. "Tell me, do you carry a pendant made of amber?"

Quatre started, his sapphire eyes turning to his teacher, who nodded. "I do."

Relena got up and went to pick up a book from her desk. Turning, she handed the book to Quatre. "These are prophecies recorded by a seeress many years ago. Last night, her daughter brought this to me, I think you should see it." She sat back down. "Most of it has already come to pass... what interests me are the last few."

Quatre's fingers gently slid across the worn leather cover as he opened the book to a spot marked with a piece of ribbon. His face paled as he read the pages silently, his eyes growing grave. Finally, he looked up.

"Lady, I swear I have never seen this book before."

She smiled. "I know you haven't."

"That's why were so shocked to see your vision recorded here, almost word for word." Sally added. "And there's more."

"The book speaks of a healer, bearing a charm of amber, and a mage, learned in both the powers of the light and the dark, coming before the crown." Relena said. "These two will be the start of events that will either save or destroy us. What do you think, brother." She asked turning to the platinum-haired man who has taken the book and was now reading it.

"It speaks of a journey that must be taken and the five each being tested. It also mentions five keys that are needed to unlock the palace of light." Milliardo looked at Quatre. "I've already determined that Quatre is one of the five and there was another here last night. It seems that they must find these keys and the palace of light and restore the lost guardian from her prison."

"This was why the warriors were created when the guardian was." Sally added.

"Yes." Milliardo replied. "I ask your leave, as Queen, for us to seek the others and the palace."

Relena looked at her advisor.

"It will be a hard journey... one that none of you may not come back from." Sally said.

"Milady," Quatre stepped in front of his teacher. "Please. We were not meant to live in this endless shadow. I can sense that as a healer. If the stories and the words in this book have the slightest chance of being true... we have to try."

Sally lay a hand on the Queen's arm, the message in her blue eyes clear.

Relena sighed. "Very well. You have my blessing to seek the other four and to try and fulfill the prophecies."

"Thank-you, Lady." Quatre smiled at the woman.

"I'd like to start gathering supplies immediately and for Quatre to try and find the person he sensed last night." Milliardo spoke up.

"I'll send Noin with you." Relena replied. "Whatever supplies you need will be provided by the crown. Also, the girl that brought me this, told me of a street thief who also bears one of those pendants."

"Thank-you." He bowed his head and left with his young apprentice.

"They would have gone anyway." Sally said quietly.

"I know. They have no other choice." Relena replied. "Sally, would you find Noin and let her know to go with them?"

"Yes." Sally answered as she stood.

Relena watched the woman leave and then went to look out her window. So many questions... so much is left to vagueness and chance....


"Hey! Kid!"

Duo chuckled as he sprinted down the street, his prize tucked safely in his pocket.

"Hay! You! You didn't pay for that!" This time the shopkeeper's voice was louder.

Of course not, idiot. Duo thought with amusement as he dove around a corner.

He'd run no more than a few paces when all of a sudden a figure stepped out of the darker shadows and an arm slammed into his chest. The blow knocked him off of his feet and before he could jump up a sword tip rested against his throat. Standing over him, with glittering cobalt eyes, was a boy not much older than himself.

"Get up." Heero said flatly, moving the sword away from Duo's throat.

Duo shifted and sat up, crossing his arms. "Nah... I kind of like it here."

Heero's eyes flashed dangerously as he sheathed his sword. Then, without a warning, he reached down and grabbed Duo's braid, hauling him to his feet.

Ignoring the violet-eyed boy's cursing, he dragged him back to the man he'd stolen from and returned the object that had been taken. He obtained a length of rope from the shopkeeper and secured Duo's hands behind his back. Still using the braid, Heero started pulling him down the street.

"Damn you!" Duo yelled. "Let me go!"

Heero stopped and turned to the boy. "Shut up." He said, glaring at Duo.

"Then stop this..." Duo nodded towards his hair.

"Will you walk willingly?"

Duo sighed and nodded. He knew when he couldn't win and right now was one of those times.

Across the narrow street, Quatre suddenly raised his head, his blue eyes scanning the people. Turning, he saw a young man, whose dress signified him as one of the Queen's guard, leading another young man down the street. From the looks of it, the boy with the swinging braid was a prisoner.

This wasn't good.

Milliardo noticed his student's sudden tension and looked around to see the person that Quatre was seeing. "Him Quatre? One of the Queen's own guard? Or is it the other one?"

Quatre turned to his teacher. "I think... both."


"Lemme ask you something," Duo said as Heero guided him down a narrow set of stone stairs, inside the castle. "Is locking someone, who was just trying to get something to eat, a hobby of yours?"


Duo twisted so he could peer at the dark-haired boy. "I think it must give some kind of perverse kick."


They stopped in front of a cell and Heero unlocked the door.

"Or maybe you just felt a need to bul..."

Heero shoved Duo through the door, grabbing his shirt on his way through and spinning him around. As they stood almost nose to nose, Heero growled. "I'd suggest you shut up."

He then let go of Duo's shirt and the chestnut-haired boy stumbled backwards and fell, landing in a sitting position. He stared wide-eyed as Heero snorted and stalked from the cell. He locked the door and disappeared up the stairs.



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