Born in Chaos Part 30

Something brushed his cheek, soft, fleeting, barely detectable. Heero opened his eyes to stare in wonder. All around him in the clearing, thousands of tiny light faeries darted to and fro, sometimes weaving in close enough to brush his skin.

"They are drawn to my light," Duo breathed against his neck. "They come out now because they approve... they're no longer afraid of you because I'm not afraid of you."

The cobalt eyed warrior turned his gaze back to Duo, his breath catching in his throat. The chestnut haired thief looked like one of the mythical creatures that floated around them with his tresses still unbound and now twined around the pair of them. Clothing long since discarded; his hands were being held above his head by one of Heero's, his wrists pressed against the hard ground beneath him. With his other hand Heero traced a line across Duo's bare chest causing the light mage to fairly vibrate with power, the ensuing glow drawing the tiny beings close again.

"How..." He murmured in wonder.

"Our power responds to each other," Duo replied. "I'm not sure how. I just know it is. I can feel the very strength of our world flowing through you." He arched his back as Heero's lips slid along his neck. "It sings to me."

"Duo... I..." Heero whispered against his skin; his other hand releasing Duo's and coming down to press against his cheek.

"It's alright," Duo's fingers twined themselves in his short hair. He pulled Heero's face up to his for a kiss, his tongue sliding along Heero's mouth until the other boy parted his lips with a low groan. Slipping into the warm, moist cavern of Heero's mouth, Duo answered with a groan of his own, low in his throat, as he savored the sweetness of the earth warrior's mouth.

Duo moved beneath them, skin brushing over skin, sparking sensations and drawing breathless sounds from the pair of them as the hard evidence of their excitement slid along each other. Instinct guided their actions as they pressed their bodies together, seeking, exploring and reveling in the feel of each other.

Remembering some of the things he had heard on the streets, Duo wrapped him arms around Heero's shoulders and rolled them over until he was now hovering above the brunette. Leaning down he pressed a kiss to the taut expanse of Heero's stomach, flicking his tongue out to taste the salty skin. The brunette's muscles quivered under the thief's lips, his breath escaping in a long sigh, slim fingers gently rubbing the silken strands of Duo's hair.

Pleasure exploded through him with the searing intensity of pure light, his hips jerking upwards as Duo's tongue gently explored the tip of his arousal. "Duo!" He gasped, his fingers digging into the ground beneath him. "W-what...!?!"

"Hmmm?" Duo murmured as he swirled his tongue around the velvety softness. He opened his mouth and slid slowly down the length as far as he could. Pulling back, he circled the tip again before sliding back down, his own pleasure increasing with the sounds that were escaping Heero's lips.

Ignoring the brunette's protest, he stopped for a moment to place two fingers in his mouth, wetting them liberally. Even if Heero wasn't aware of what needed to be done, he had learned enough by listening to have a good idea. Then as he slid his mouth back down the hard length of Heero's arousal, he pressed one finger against his tight entrance. Heero gasped and jumped, his body tightening at the strange sensation of Duo's finger slowly pressing past the tight ring of muscle and sliding slowly inside his body.

Duo murmured something before continuing, but Heero's mind spun so that he could hear him. And he found he didn't care, just the sudden sound of the chestnut-haired boy's voice was enough to calm him. Throwing one arm over his eyes, he groaned again as another finger carefully slid into him and started moving back and forth. Hot moist heat, slid down his erection as he moved his fingers back, almost out of his body, and then back in as he raised his head.

The constant feeling of being surrounded by the heat of Duo's mouth and the motions of his fingers were overwhelming. Reaching down, he tangled his fingers in Duo's long hair and his hips started to move against his mouth, a sense of urgency starting to grip him. "Aahh!" He cried out an almost painful pleasure seizing him as Duo's fingertips struck something inside him.

Experimentally, Duo repeated the same movement and Heero cried out again, his body arching off the ground. As he repeated the action over and over, Heero seemed to lose all sense of reality, his hip thrusting upwards into his mouth. "Duo!!" He gasped as a powerful spasm gripped him.

Lowering his mouth as far as he could, Duo stopped as Heero exploded in his mouth. With a low sound, he took as much of the salty liquid as he could before moving back coughing. As Heero fell back against the ground, he eyes opening slowly; Duo looked up at him with a sheepish expression. "Sorry... I thought I could do that right," He said softly.

Breathless, Heero reached for him, drawing him up against him. "That was wrong?" He gasped, his lips moving against Duo's.

"Sort of... ahh!" Duo's jaw clenched as Heero's fingers slid down to grip him, moving in strong, sure strokes. "Gah! Heero!" The brunette's fingers tightened as they moved.

"There's more? Isn't there?" Heero's mouth moved from his to nip at his throat. "I've seen men and women..."

"Yessss..." Duo hissed.

"Can you do that? Can you come inside me like that?"

"Yeeeessssss!" Duo cried out his finger's digging onto Heero's shoulders as the brunette's teeth sank into the tender skin of his throat.

"Show me!"

Violet eyes flew open. "Do you know what you are asking?" He ground out between clenched teeth as Heero's fingers continued to move on his erection.

"Show me!" Heero demanded again, his mouth moving up to give a searing kiss to the thief.

Duo moved away from Heero's hand, his control almost at its limit. "First you need to stop that," He said breathlessly. "Or I won't be able to do anything."

That thought brought a flush to Heero's face.

Leaning down to give Heero's a quick kiss, he whispered. "Roll over."

Flashing a questioning look at the violet-eyed boy, Heero slowly rolled to his stomach. Closing his eyes, he silently questioned his decision as he felt Duo's hands grip his waist and lift his hips. He gasped as Duo's fingers slid into him again, moving in a more forceful rhythm than before, the action bringing his body to life again. Lips tickled his back as Duo's fingers were replaced by something larger and Heero gasped panicking, his body moving forward.

"It's alright," The chestnut-haired thief's voice sounded close to his ear. "If it hurts too much, tell me and I'll stop. Promise me, Heero, or I won't go through with it!" He'd used the only thing he could to try to ease his entry... but he was concerned that it would be enough.

Swallowing heavily, Heero nodded slowly. He trembled as he felt Duo shift and the bluntness of his erection pressed hard against him. With a low groan, Duo pushed forward sinking into the blistering heat of Heero's body. Settling completely within Heero's body, he leaned forward his lips brushing against the brunette's cheek.


Heero nodded silently, struggling to regain his breath from the sudden invasion.

Duo leaned back and grasped his waist starting to move in a slow grind until he was sure Heero was used to him. Then he began top thrust forward more forcefully, drawing sounds of surprise and pleasure from the earth warrior. Settling into a steady rhythm he gasped as Heero start to push back, meeting his thrusts.

Leaning forward and pressing his chest against Heero's back, he reached around to firmly grasp the brunette's shaft. "Come with me, Heero." He gasped, his hand moving on Heero's firm flesh.

Gasping Heero's threw his head backwards, the muscles of his neck taut as Duo's hand moved faster, applying more pressure. With a hoarse shout, he came again his body clenching tight around Duo. Duo withdrew his hand and grabbed Heero's hips thrusting a few more times before burying himself hard into his body as his own climax gripped him.

The force from that last thrust caused Heero to pitch forward. Gasping he lay face forward on the ground, reveling in the feel of Duo's weight against him and the feel of him as he emptied himself inside his body.

Was there anything on this world that could ever compare to this single act, he wondered hazily.


Wufei shifted sleepily and pressed closer to the source of heat that seemed to surround him. Murmuring quietly in his sleep he leaned his cheek against the softness he found there and slipped back down into a deep sleep.

Milliardo's eyes were unreadable as he tightened his arms around the young warrior. Looking down at the smooth planes of Wufei's face pressed against the material of his tunic, he sighed.

A short time ago, the black-haired boy seemed to be gripped by terrifying nightmares, thrashing around on the small pallet. Milliardo, afraid that he's cause himself more injury and unsure what else to do, had reacted instinctively. He'd moved to the makeshift bed and had pulled the boy into his arms, speaking to him softly. Somehow, either his presence or his voice had managed to calm the boy and he'd been sleeping peacefully ever since.

Raising one hand, the mage carefully brushed the strand of hair that had escaped from Wufei's ponytail from his face. Then he cupped the back of the boy's head and leaned his chin on the top of his head, his eyes troubled as he stared around at the camp.

Years ago, he's sworn never to feel like this again. Not after watching a person he'd cared for deeply perish right before his eyes. He wasn't willing to risk that anguish again. But something in this young boy called to him. He felt himself drawn to that call, unable to ignore it.

He drew back and glanced down as Wufei stirred again, this time his dark eyes opening to blink in confusion.

"Wha..." Wufei said drawing back. "Where..." He looked up at Milliardo.

"You've been asleep for quite a while," The platinum-haired man replied, brushing those stray strands from his face again. He drew in a quick breath as something flickered in the dark pools of Wufei's eyes, and the boy leaned into his hand. "H-how do you feel?"

"Better... stronger I think." Wufei cast a quick glance around him at the deserted camp. "Where is everyone?" He asked looking back at the mage.

"Off with each other, I imagine." Milliardo replied trying to ignore his body's reaction to the closeness of the boy. Unconscious it was different... but now, he was awake and his manner gave off a vibrancy that he'd lacked since returning to them. "We have at least two mated couples with us, I'm sure they wanted time alone."

Wufei's eyes widened at the implication and his eyes flickered away from Milliardo's, suddenly aware of the position he was in. He felt a strange heat creep through his body as he started to quickly move away.


He went perfectly still as Milliardo cupped his face and leaned in to brush his lips across his. Trembling he stiffened as that gentle kiss was repeated again and again. Then he placed a hand against Milliardo's chest and pushed as hard as he could. He scrambled from the pallet, his hands shaking.

"Don't!" He cried. "You can't! We aren't allowed!"

The mage sat up and gazed sadly at the boy. "Wufei, I'm sorry. I acted without thinking, but I can assure you that I am sincere."

The black-haired fire mage shook his head violently. "People aren't sincere! It's human nature not to be!"

"That's not true," Milliardo said firmly. "Look at Trowa and Quatre. Do you see any lies there?"

"They are rare. It's not the normal!" Wufei hugged himself and backed up as Milliardo got to his feet.

"What happened to you to make you think like that?" The mage asked evenly.

"It doesn't matter! Leave it alone! Leave me alone!" Wufei spun around and headed for the edge of camp.

"No!" Milliardo grabbed his shoulder. "It does matter."

Wufei's head lowered, his shoulders slumping. "No... it doesn't. Even if you could make me believe any different... it still wouldn't matter."


The boy turned around to glare at him. "Because," he stopped his eyes flashing, "Because I'm already promised to someone else!!!!" He yelled before jerking from Milliardo's grasp and running from the camp.



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