Born in Chaos Part 26

Quatre finished checking on Wufei and straightened up to meet Milliardo's worried gaze. "He's fine." The healer answered the mage's unasked question. "His injuries were bad enough that the healing was almost as traumatic as the wounds to him, but I think he'll wake soon."

"How badly was he hurt?" Milliardo finally asked the question that Quatre had been dreading.

"Bad enough," the blonde side-stepped the question, "He would have died without you." He couldn't bring himself to reveal to his teacher that some of the boy's internal organs had been crushed. It had been by sheer magic alone that Wufei had survived long enough for Quatre to rebuild the damage. "I've recommended to Trill that we stay here for a few days, we obviously can't travel until he wakes and I'd prefer for him to rest for a couple days even then," He turned and scanned the camp.


Quatre turned back to the mage. "I'm sorry?"

"I'll look over him. You go find your mate."

The blonde healer smiled and nodded. "Yes, I think I will. I can't do anything else here."

Milliardo watched as the young healer wandered off and then looked down at the sleeping Wufei. Maybe Quatre had been right the night before; there were things he needed to speak with the boy about, before his feelings got anymore muddled.


"May I?"

Trowa opened his eyes to see his lover standing over him. Reaching out he took the blonde's hand and drew him down to sit beside him. Silently the healer leaned his head on the brunette's shoulder, feeling new strength seep into his body.

"You're quiet this morning." Trowa finally broke the stillness sliding his arm around Quatre's waist.

"Hmmm," The blonde replied, "Just enjoying the peace. I have a feeling it won't last long."

The green-eyed brunette looked down at him, something flickering in his eyes. "Well, I for one intend to take advantage of the situation."

Quatre drew back and gazed up at him, "Meaning?" He asked his voice going low as he saw the expression in Trowa's eyes.

"Meaning I'm going to spend the morning making love to you." Trowa answered as he leaned down to kiss the healer, pushing him back at the same time. "And if anyone disturbs us... I'll kill them."

Quatre's laughter at the remark was quickly cut off by a low moan as the brunette's lips and hands found his sensitive skin.


Musical laughter caught Heero's attention as he walked back towards the camp, the results of the morning's hunting in a sack slung over his shoulder. He figured it might not be anything extraordinary, but the catch of small bird would ensure that they would have fresh meat for a couple days anyway. Curiosity getting the best of him he set the bag against the foot of a tree and slid silently in the direction of the sound.

A few feet away from where he had been, was a small clearing. Reaching the edge of the clearing, he knelt down beside one of the trees, using one hand against the rough bark to balance himself, the scene before him mesmerizing him.

Duo had chosen the quiet time to practice the things that Ceris had taught him about increasing the control of his power. He had chosen this clearing because of a faint feeling of the light's power he had sensed in it. Now, stripped down to just his pants, his unbound hair floating in a cloud of chestnut around him, he glowed softly with the power inside him as he laughed at the specks of light that danced around him.

He looks like a forest creature, rather than some street trash.

Heero leaned closer and drew in a sharp breath, Impossible! They don't exist! Then with a silent snort he reminded himself that until a short time ago he didn't believe that elves existed either. Now he knew he was descended from them. His cobalt eyes widened as he watched Duo laugh happily and hold out his hand to the spots of light.

A soft light seemed to flow from the young thief to the spots as they drew closer, flitting this way and that around him. As Heero studied the scene, he could barely make out the outline of faint forms within the lights.

Drawn... that was how the young fighter felt; irresistibly drawn to the chestnut haired boy. He sat on the ground with a thud, his heart beating furiously in his chest. For as long as he could remember, he'd never felt the urge to seek out another person's company. Not for anything... he abhorred closeness... considered the need for it a weakness that he could not afford to feel. Now... he suddenly wanted nothing more than to be close to Duo, a person that represented everything he despised. I don't care what he claims! There's only one way that someone that is as beautiful as he could have survived so well on the streets!!

With that thought, he stumbled to his feet and backed away from the scene. If he watched much longer... he'd be lost... he knew it. With a silent curse, he turned and ran through the woods, not caring where he went. He just had to get as far away from Duo Maxwell as he possibly could at that moment.

A cracking sound behind him drew Duo attention from the tiny visitors he had been playing with and he turned to the trees behind him. His violet eyes narrowed as he caught sight of Heero's form fleeing through the woods. What was he doing here?

He opened his mouth, started to call out to the young fighter but changed his mind. Turning back to the small creatures he whispered a word of thanks and then pulled his light back into himself. As soon as his power was gone... so were they. They had been drawn to the feel of his light... creatures of light themselves. Without its presence they felt no compulsion to stay, but Duo knew that they'd be hovering around whenever he called on his power.

Tiny silent companions to the guardian herself... they had sought out the only link they could find to her in this dark, dismal world; the one being in all of their land that could possibly step into the guardian's spot if she was not recovered.

With grim determination, Duo leaned down and grabbed his tunic, pulling it over his head. He learned along time ago that if one wanted to get along in this world, they could not afford to be timid. There were things that needed to be resolved between them... and it was about time they confronted one another. He'd run away from the situation more times than he wanted to admit... and he was ashamed of his cowardice. He was not going to run away any longer.

Regardless of the outcome.


Milliardo glanced around to check on Wufei starting as he realized that the boy's dark eyes were open and watching him silently. Kneeling beside the boy, he smiled quietly. "It's about time you woke."

"H-how... long..." The boy rasped his dry throat clenching painfully.

"Only a day." The blonde mage replied as he helped Wufei to sit up, placing a water skin to his lips. "Drink only a little," He advised. "Until your body gets used to it."

After Wufei had sipped carefully of the water, almost sighing as the cool liquid soothed his throat, he leaned back surprised to find himself supported against the mage's arm and shoulder. "How did you find me?" He asked his voice still hoarse.

"We didn't. Don't you remember?" Milliardo asked. "You found us."

The boy frowned, his thoughts turning inward, despite the pounding ache that sprung up in his head. Finally he pressed his hands to his temples, wincing as a sharp pain shot through his skull. "No. I remember the battle... trying to buy you all some time to get away. I was captured by them." He sighed opening his eyes. "Then I woke here..."

"That's all you can recall?"

"There's something else... I can't quite..." He winced again. "A voice... taunting me, but I can't tell what it says. I'm sorry."

Milliardo smiled at him, "It's alright; it will come back to you." Unless his mind had been tampered with... he thought, trying a simple and unobtrusive probing spell into the boy's mind only to be turned away by the powerful defenses that the fire caster possessed. "I'll get you some food." He finally said as he eased the boy back on the makeshift bed. "You should rest more also."

"What I want... is a bath," Wufei replied, looking down at his ragged and dirt streaked clothes.

"After you've eaten and rested more." The platinum haired man stood. "Then, if you feel like you have the strength... there's a small lake nearby, I'll take you there."

Wufei nodded silently, sleep already creeping up to claim him.


Duo followed Heero's trail through the woods, surprised that the other boy would make it so obvious as to where he was heading. Generally, Heero was much more cautious. What he saw must have really unsettled him, Duo thought to himself. That didn't really make any sense either... they'd all seen enough since this journey started that nothing should surprise them any more.

Breaking through the trees, he found himself standing on the very narrow bank of a tiny body of water. He looked up and down the tree line a couple times before spotting Heero sitting off to his left, his back against a tree and his eyes staring out across the water.

"Heero, He said as he came to a stop before the brunette.

The cobalt eyed boy looked up, his expression furious. "Why did you follow me?" He snarled angrily. "I wish to be alone!"

"Haven't you been alone enough?" Duo answered carefully as he knelt in front of Heero. "Why are you angry with me over your own confusion?" He knew that his words were baiting the other boy, but he really didn't care.

Heero stiffened his hand going to the hilt of his sword.

"That's your answer to everything isn't it?" Duo asked, his violet eyes sparking. "If you can't reason with it or understand it, then you will either run away from it or destroy it."

Heero leapt to his feet, "I don't know what you are talking about! I told you once that I don't like your kind and I wanted you to stay away from me. You are the one who insists on trying to be like the rest of us!"

"And since you can't run from me... you'll try to destroy me instead," The chestnut haired thief rose to his feet to stand in front of Heero. "Let me tell you something, earth child, I won't be destroyed, by you or anyone else! I made a promise to live and I intend to do just that. You can try to force me from the group, but I won't go!" I saw you watching me, I saw the look in your eyes... it wasn't the look of someone that hated... "Why can't you just accept that this is how it's going to be?" We worked together side by side to save a teammate... I want that back... I don't want you withdrawing again... "I swear there are times I could actually hate you for what you are and what you believe!" He yelled, his anger rising up. But I think I may care too much instead!

"The feeling is more than mutual." Heero spat coldly as he turned to walk away from the boy.

"That's right... do what you've been doing all along... run, Heero Yuy! It's starting to seem that you're best at that! Then again... you do it like it's what you have done all your life!" Hurt at Heero's words and actions towards him all came bubbling to the surface, tinged with dark anger at himself for letting it matter to him. When did he suddenly start caring so much?

Heero turned back to him, his blue eyes almost black in his anger. "What... did... you... say?" Before Duo had a chance to throw another barb, Heero grabbed his shoulders in an iron grip and shook him. "I did not ABANDON..."

His mouth crashed down on the thief's, his lips moving with brutal force, bruising Duo's mouth. Duo's eyes widened and he struggled to break free of Heero's grip as the brunette forced his tongue between his lips. Duo could feel violence vibrating the entire length of Heero's slim form as he let go of one of his arms and grabbed the back of his head, forcing his head sideways. Then, as suddenly as it began, it ended.... lifting his head, Heero reeled backwards, turning Duo around and slamming him into the tree, causing the boy to cry out as sharp pain shot through his back.

"Is this what you want?" His breath was harsh, coming in short gasps. Pinning Duo's arms above his head against the rough back, his cobalt eyes glared into the thief's dark violet ones. Pressing his body against Duo's, his lips found the boy's ear. "Is this what you want from me? Do you want to hear that I've wanted to do this to you almost since I laid eyes on you?" His mouth swept down the length of Duo's neck and he reveled in the feel of the boy trembling against him.

"Heero..." Duo gasped.

His name... was like a dousing of icy water to the brunette and he let go of Duo's wrists and shoved himself away, his body trembling almost as much as Duo's was. Horror filled his eyes... all his life he'd fought to control the violent emotions burning just under the surface... and in one instant, this person had broke through all his restraints.

"Duo..." He stopped and stared at the boy, of all the things he expected to see in the chestnut haired boy's eyes... understanding was not it.

And it was too much... without a word he turned and fled into the woods.



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