Gundam Herald GW Fanfiction Contest

The organizer of this contest is Natea. ^______^

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1) All pairings are open. Pairings can be established or future, as long as the pairing label reflects this.
2) The contest is open to gen and pairings only, no threesomes.
4) All ratings are welcome, G - NC-17
5) No death fics or NCS are allowed.
6) Minimum word count is 5000 words.
7) All fic entries must be new and completed. None of them are allowed to be posted on the internet before the result come out.
8) No restriction on the number of entries per person.


1) Categories will operate on a three fiction rule. If the grand total of fics with a specific pairing is three or more than there will be a specific category for them. For example, if there are two long Heero/Duo fics and one short one, then there will be a Heero/Duo category for both long AND short fiction. If there are two long Otto/Noin fics then there will be no specific category and so the fics will be posted under the category of Other.
2) Stories will be divided into short fiction (5000 - 25,000 words), and long fiction (25,000+ words).


The contest starts Friday April 4th and fics should be finished by 30th September. The deadline is now extended to 15th October.


1) Send your fics as a TXT or DOC file to
2) Please head your fiction with author (this will be taken out for voting and added in later), pairings - mentioning which of these is your main -- or category -- pairing, ratings, and any relevant warnings. Please also include a word count.


1) Stories will be posted up together, anonymously, after the deadline and will be judged by public vote.
2) Long and short stories will be voted on separately within each pairing category. i.e the winner of the Quatre/Trowa short category will win a prize, as will the winner of the Quatre/Trowa long category.


Winners will receive an art commission from the artist of their choice.

Good Luck, and enjoy! ^_^


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