The Online Romance Contest 2006

Credit for the pic above goes to ASIA. Thanks a lot sweetie. ^^

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The winner of the contest is 'Onomatopoeia' by Kohaku


The art/1P manga links are on the individual fic pages. Thanks ASIA! *hugs*


So, here's the 2nd contest host on this site, which started by ASIA. ^____^


As the title suggest, theme of this contest is 'Heero and Duo get-together through online chat'.


             1) 1+/x2 has to be the main pairing. There's no restriction to the background pairings.
             2) Chat scene is mandatory, but it's not nescessary to be the focus of the entire fic.
             3) Pairings, rating, and warnings have to be all properly labeled.
             4) It'll divided into 2 categories: short fictions and long fictions. Each person/group allowed to submit one entry per category.
                 No length restriction.
             5) It'll be anonymous voting, therefore, all fic entries are not allowed to post elsewhere before the result come out.


The deadline is in about a month, October 15th, 2006.

The deadline is now extended to October 21st, 2006.

Please send the fic entries to me at (with the [contest] tag in the subject line please)
and I'll put the fics up asap after deadline.


An anonymous poll will start after all the entries are up. And the length of voting period will be determined by the number of entries.


As for prizes, a pic/1P manga drawn by ASIA, based on a selected scene from the winning fic, or a random pic/manga decided between artist and winner.
Number of prizes will be determined by the number of entries.

Good Luck, and enjoy! ^_^


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