Duo's New Name: Duo's name is actually very symbolic. I noticed that JKR always has an underlining reason for doing what she does -for instance, the day of Harry's birthday, July 31. That makes Harry a Leo, and thus, the very candidate for Gryffindor, which is a house represented by a lion. The starstone for a Leo is RUBY and the color of a Leo is GOLD -both of those are colors of Gryffindor House. Even Voldemort's name means something in another language -translated, it means "flight of death" (or wings of death. I've heard it translated both ways). I decided to embellish on that. Keary and Guthrie are both Celtic in origin; Keary means "father's dark child" and Guthrie means "war serpent".

Author's Note: Okay. Yeah. I'm a few days later than I promised some of you. Unfortunately, time is money these days. Money is the root of all evil, and knowledge is power. Therefore, procrastination is the key to world peace. (I love twisted circular logic.)

Harry Potter and the Secret Link Part 25

To further grasp the situation, we must again backtrack to a time when one manic American Gryffindor and his Prince of Slytherin companion had just begun to embark on a daring escape from the clutches of evil Death Eaters and possibly the most feared Dark Lord in known history. We must also move across a great distance where, instead of the isolated castle located outside of Buckinghamshire that housed Malfoys and Malfoy heirs for centuries after their migration from France, sat a school somewhere in the most remote part of Scotland. Half a mile away from the school was this little known, but vastly popular all-wizarding town called Hogsmeade, where no muggle had ever set foot. In fact, most non-wizarding people couldn't see Hogsmeade even if they had known of it by some stroke of luck, as even the most high-tech satellite surveillance could not seem to find proof that such a rural place (rural, mind, by only the standards of those who did not believe in all things mystical and magical) even existed.

Sirius Black thought, in hindsight, that he perhaps should have left a note for Remus Lupin that he was once again up to his old tricks playing a severely underrated hero. He had nothing on him to even scrawl out a quick note to send with an owl (not that he had one of those, either), and he didn't dare venture too close to Hogsmeade and ask the nearest wizard to spare some parchment, a quill, and an inkpot so he could kip over to the owlery to send off such a note. "Why, yes, I am the escaped convict known as Sirius Black, but rumors of my supposed crimes are highly overrated." It wasn't exactly something he could say to just anyone, and he doubted even the most congenial or gullible wizard or witch would believe him. He could only hope that Moony would later forgive him for leaving without so much as a word.

And Sirius didn't even want to think about how much of a bad example he was setting for Harry, who tended to do the same thing too often on way too many occasions. He instead focused on the fact that he was glad that Harry seemed to be relatively Dark Lord free at the moment, and not in the thick of things as per usual.

In any case, he had a slightly bigger problem. When asking Yuy where he was supposed to meet the boy, the Slytherin merely said that they would find him. Sirius didn't doubted that 'they' included the likes of the other new Slytherin Barton, the Chang kid, and the angel-faced Hufflepuff Winner. Just as long as there wasn't any Gryffindor sixth year that happened to be named Harry, Hermione, or Ron in the mix, he was fine with the odd assortment of would-be rescuers.

"That's him?"

Padfoot nearly jumped right out of his fur as he whirled around to give the four boys standing at the bottom of the embankment a chiding doggy glare. His keen sense of smell hadn't detected the approach of anyone; while not on par with real dogs, his olfactory sense was still a bloody bit better than humans. It would figure that Yuy would instruct everyone to remain downwind from him just to see if they could sneak up on the old dog, judging by the smug look on Yuy's face. Still, Sirius was surprised he didn't hear their approach. Most people at least had the courtesy to clod around snapping twigs and crunching gravel like normal human beings, but these kids were sneaky about it.

With a pop, Sirius transformed back into his human skin, glowering at Yuy. "You're such a brat."

Chang raised an eyebrow. "So Harry's favorite Snuffles just so happens to be his escaped convict of a godfather? That's a far leap, even for me."

"Innocent convict," Winner corrected his friend gently, propping the broom in his hand on the ground and leaning against the handle casually. It didn't take a genius to figure out that the brooms were Hogwarts' very own school brooms, judging by the rather careworn appearance and models. "Looks like Duo and Trowa were right. Snuffles really isn't a normal dog."

"Been debating about it, have you?" Sirius said flatly, retrieving his own broom from its resting position against a tree. He was inwardly shocked that teenagers could be so observant; grown men hadn't even realized Sirius and Snuffles were the same, much less that 'Snuffles' was any more than the playful dog with an unfortunate Grimlike disposition. No wonder they had Albus' respect -these kids were sharp.

Whatever more could be said about the discovery of Snuffles being suspect was cut drastically short by Yuy expertly straddling his broom and pushing off from the ground, hovering in place for a moment. "Let's go."

Sirius followed the boys in their movement, dipping down the embankment to hover by Yuy's side. "Where to, boss?"

Oddly enough, Yuy regarded Winner silently at the question, and it was Winner who responded with, "We're flying at least a mile south. Once we're at least a fair distance away from Hogwarts and Hogsmeade, we'll activate the tracker charm that will lead us to Duo. After that, we can risk taking the spells off of the Gundams."

"Gundams?" Sirius asked curiously once they set out, pushing their out-of-date brooms to the limit. Sirius didn't have nearly as much trouble keeping up with the school brooms considering he was flying Harry's Firebolt, which he had borrowed without permission in hopes that Harry liked him enough not to be really upset about it, but he had every intention of bringing back in much of the same condition it was in before he took it. "What's a Gundams?"

"Plural, for one," Chang said dryly.

"Scourge of our enemies, for another," Barton added evenly.

"Duo always said there's no better warning to toe the line than bringing out the big artillery," Winner said with a fond smile that seemed rather strained. Sirius guessed that Winner and the Maxwell kid must have been great pals, and the thought of his friend anywhere near the Dark Lord was a very trying concept for him.

Huh. Maxwell. Sirius had to admit, that kid did his godson right. Harry had nothing but good things to say about his quirky American friend, and Sirius had liked Maxwell's spunk ever since he first laid eyes on him positioning the rather crooked carrot-nose of a snowman that was supposed to represent the sour Potions Master, with a snowman version of Harry clearly making a face at snowman-Snape's back. It didn't hurt that Sirius could spot a renowned prankster from thirty clicks away, and Duo Maxwell definitely had everything that made up a true prankster. In fact, the only problem Sirius really had with the kid was Maxwell's baffling habit of befriending the likes of Draco bloody Malfoy and his Slytherin friends... but even then, anyone who publicly teased ol' Snivellus Snape couldn't be that bad.

It didn't take them long to clear the forest that stretched nearly a mile outside of Hogsmeade. Winner, satisfied with the distance between them and anyone that could possibly see them (paranoid much?), slowed the speed of their travel and declined slightly, touching down smoothly and resting the broom on the ground. The others followed suit almost instantly, causing Sirius' eyebrows to rise thoughtfully as he leaned against Harry's Firebolt in contemplation. Clearly, he needed to alter his perception about the group dynamics. Despite being a Hufflepuff in a group mainly composed of Slytherins and one Ravenclaw, Winner seemed to be the unannounced leader, whereas Sirius had almost been positive that had been Yuy's role.

"This is far enough," Winner said, tilting his head at Chang. "Wufei?"

The Chinese youth lifted his wand and murmured under his breath. Almost at once, the four inhaled deeply and seemed to turn their heads to look toward the southwest with conviction.

"Far away," Barton noted absently. "Certainly out of Scotland entirely. That's farther than we'd anticipated."

Winner nodded heavily. "Even if we utilize Wing Zero's flight capability at its' maximum potential, it'll take us two, maybe two and a half hours to get there. I don't think we have that much time to spare, and the cockpit only seats one, two if Heero pushes it."

"These brooms are entirely too derelict to even attempt that distance, and I doubt we'd get there before the sun rises," Chang said gravely.

"I recognize the area," Yuy said suddenly, his eyes narrowed. "It's Buckinghamshire. I went to the boarding school nearby during a mission once; on my way to the OZ base, I remember seeing that same castle."

"Wait, what?" Sirius asked, blinking. "Okay. Those tracking spells not only gave you a feeling of where you're supposed to go, but you got a vision, as well?"

"Yes," Winner said. "A large castle with wrought iron gates that surrounded it. There are elegantly scripted Ms worked in the gates..."

And there was only one pureblood family with the initials MM worked into the gates near Buckinghamshire that he knew of. Sirius smirked. "I know where that is. Malfoy Manor."

"You're positive?" Chang said critically.

"If I were anymore positive, I'd be pregnant," Sirius said smugly. "My parents were bosom buddies with the Malfoys, so every summer I had to suffer through another one of their stupid galas or parties. I've been there often enough to know exactly where the anti-apparation boards begin and end. You happen to be looking at the only guy amongst you with any skill in disapparating. And I happen to be bloody good at disapparating with groups." He had to be; Peter had been a complete disaster at it.

"Isn't that an odd stroke of luck," Chang noted thoughtfully.

"It works in our favor," Yuy said sharply before turning his attention back to Sirius. "How far do the boarders extend?"

"Only half a mile from the manor itself," Sirius replied. "Malfoy Manor happens to be surround by woodland on the east and south sides. It'll provide great cover. Lucius Malfoy was once a suspected Death Eater in the eyes of the Ministry before he bought his way out of trouble after the first fall of Voldemort, so he won't chance having other suspected Death Eaters patrol the grounds in case there's a surprise inspection. I'm not sure it'll be quite as easy once we're inside, but at least it gives you the opportunity to get in."

"That's all I'll need," Yuy said grimly. "I can infiltrate Malfoy Manor while you three take the spells off of the Gundams at a distance. Duo will have Deathscythe Hell ready to go after we've escaped; I suspect he'll want to take a little aggression out on the manor itself. You know Duo never liked being captured. He takes it as an insult to his talents."

"That's not a bad idea," Winner noted with a frown. "Mr. Black, can you apparate Trowa, Wufei, and myself half a mile away from the manor itself, preferably to the north?"

"Yeah, I can do that," Sirius said, frowning. "I'm not sure I like the idea of Yuy going in alone. No offense, but you guys have been in the wizarding world for less than a year. These people were raised in families where magic is common."

"I can handle things on my end," Yuy said flatly.

"Actually, Mr. Black, I was hoping you'd accompany Heero," Winner said softly. "It's as you said -we're not very experienced when it comes to magic, and Heero will most likely need the backup. However, this street goes two ways; while we might not be experienced with magic, they aren't very experienced with dealing with muggle militia. Muggles aren't as defenseless as your world make them out to be."

"I'll take your word on that," Sirius said, attempting to keep the doubt from his voice. "But what can you three do that far away?"

"We'll be backing the two of you up, if not in person, than by sheer force." Winner smiled. "Trust us. We can do a lot more than you can imagine." He turned to Yuy again. "We'll give you half an hour to infiltrate the manor before we take the spells off the Gundams. You'll be going through the front door, and we'll be covering the back. I'm sure we'll have their attention after the Gundams are fully operational; give the signal only if it's obvious the Death Eaters won't acquiesce with the release of Duo and Draco."

Yuy nodded sharply before handing a bag to Barton. "All five are there."

Five? The toys?

"Right," Barton said, slipping the satchel's straps around his shoulders. "We're ready."


Life is riddled with clues to the great mystery of a person's origins; whether that person can correctly interpret or even understand the signs given to him makes all the difference.

And Duo Maxwell remembered the signs. They were just never important to him until he realized the true impact of the situation.

He knew, for example, that he was born with the name Keary Riddle, though he refused to acknowledge his given name for the familiarity and meaning of the one he'd given himself -so much more important, he thought, than some name on some document that was long lost and forgotten. The name he'd given himself meant so much more to him than the name given to him by a woman who died before she could truly know him, and vise versa. "Duo Maxwell" was more than just a name to go by; it was the memories of both the happiest and saddest times of his life. And no one could take his memories away from him.

Still, he never questioned why Headmaster Dumbledore continuously agreed again and again to call him by that name, going as far as addressing his first letter from the Headmaster by it. His school records, even his slim Ministry file... all under the name Duo Maxwell. Duo should have realized there might have been some other purpose behind it besides the sake of Duo's own comfort. He should have known... but he hadn't cared.

The wandmaker had known. The wandmaker wouldn't even pretend to know otherwise.

Duo stepped gingerly into the rather derelict store sporting the name Ollivander's, immediately taking note of the thin layer of dust that seemed to coat every surface of the shop. He smirked in amusement as he turned, watching through the storefront windows as the imposing figure of one pissed off Potions Master skulked off to do whatever pissed off Potions Masters did in their spare time after having to endure a chatty American nuisance for more than two hours.

Duo was still positive that Snape would be allowed to return to the apothecary after that unfortunate incident with the new shipment of highly combustible ingredients and the braided American having way too much fun with a dung bomb some joke shop employee had passed out to random passers-by as free samples. He still didn't know how something that smelled so noxious could possibly cause the trouble it did... but he had known that it left a lot of amusing potential for disaster that he couldn't ignore.

At the sound of a wizen voice from behind, Duo turned quickly, his gun already palmed from its resting place and half raised in the direction of the voice. "Ah, Mr. Riddle. I've been expecting you for quite some time now."

The old man's eyes rested curiously on Duo's gun, and he easily slipped it back into the waist of his pants, absently remembering to switch the safety back on. He was a little impressed with the man; not many people could actually sneak up on the master of sneak, himself.

"You mean Maxwell," Duo corrected primly after realizing that no one else was in the store for the man to address. "But I can see how the mistake in pronunciation could be made, since, you know, Riddle and Maxwell sound so much alike," he added with a light mixture of sarcasm and teasing. He had been expecting this man to play along as Dumbledore had when the man first addressed him as Keary Riddle, but this one would have none of it.

"I know who I'm addressing," Mr. Ollivander said solemnly, his small watery eyes making an unnerving study of Duo, as if the man could see right through him. "You, Mr. Riddle, are not what I was expecting. Not what I was expecting at all."

Mr. Ollivander turned then to retrieve the first wand for Duo to try, leaving it at that. And Duo, having no desire to push the subject further, allowed the man to continue addressing him as Mr. Riddle... even if he didn't answer to it.

And now Duo knew why Ollivander hadn't been expecting the likes of Duo Maxwell, born Keary Guthrie Riddle.

"The scythe... the teddy bear..." Duo said aloud, comforted by the weight of the gun in his hand as he clutched the grip tightly. "Your doing, I suppose."

Voldemort's smirk was his only reply.

That pissed Duo off. "I can knock the teddy bear off as a sick, twisted joke to sate your equally sick, twisted sense of humor," Duo said flatly, "but how did you know I'd accept the scythe?"

"Your reputation proceeds you," the Dark Lord said simply, his hand motioning to a newspaper lying innocently on the side table. Duo was surprised he hadn't noticed it before; a muggle newspaper that sported a very familiar picture of him slumped over, uncomfortably supported by the tight grip of the OZ guards that surrounded him. It was the same picture from his wanted poster from only a year ago.

"A wanted man in the muggle world," Voldemort continued thoughtfully. "Even from what little one could glean from the picture, it wasn't hard to make the connection. You do look so much like your mother, you know. It didn't take much to research what your weapon... this Gundam... was modeled after."

"Deathscythe," Duo murmured. "My aibou..."(1)

"My second gift to you," Voldemort continued lightly, "was a way to determine how you would react to something you deemed unfit that still impacted on a personal level. I must say, I would have never guessed how or why one such as yourself responded the way you did. You, Mr. Maxwell, are a highly unpredictable individual. While many in your position would be cowering in fear or struck speechless in my presence, you've spoken to me with casual disregard bordering a clear disrespect. I'm not sure I like that."

"I don't care what you like," Duo retorted, the grip of his gun a comfortable weight in his hand as he glared at the Dark Lord. "I couldn't care less about what you like or want or even what your favorite breakfast food is. Knowing that we have thirteen out of twenty-six markers in common in our DNA makeup doesn't automatically ensure that I like anything about you. The point of the matter is, I'm not going to let you hurt or otherwise traumatize Draco. Either he walks out of this place by my side and you live to terrorize the European continent another day, or he walks out with me and, well, I'll be doing the world a favor in killing you."

"Whatever gave you the impression that I was out to harm Mr. Malfoy, Duo?" Voldemort asked, tilting his head to the side with a knowing smirk.

Duo understood what the Dark Lord was getting at. There was no way, logically, that he could even fathom what Voldemort had in store for Draco. For all he knew, Draco would be required to learn how to take command of the Death Eaters after the Dark Lord fell, perhaps punctuating the routine with frequent tea time chats about how dirty muggles and muggleborns were. Draco could just be gaining a title -Draco Malfoy, heir to the Dark Lord Voldemort, mini-Dark Lord in training, Prince of Darkness... It could have been any of those, really. But all Duo had to do was look at the uncomfortable, panicked expression that Draco was so desperately trying to hide and listen to his gut instinct. And his gut instinct said that when Voldemort had a backup plan that involved Draco, nothing good could come of it.

Duo's instinct had never led him astray before, and he doubted it would lead him astray now.

"Let's just say," Duo said lowly, flickering a calm glance toward Draco, "that I severely doubt Draco's position with you involves tea and crumpets and a mutual dislike for muggleborns."

"I don't recall giving you any statement to prove your assumption," Voldemort said smoothly, that same annoying smirk on his monstrous face. Despite the lack of resemblance, Duo twitched irritably when he recognized that smirk; it was the same look Duo himself often got when he knew he was giving someone the run around, and he was doing it well. No wonder his enemies were always on the verge of going into a rage when Duo looked at them like that. It was very effective in getting someone to lose his cool. Fast.

"All I need is my instinct to make the connection," Duo said coldly, attempting to reign in his temper. He knew the last thing he needed was to blow a fuse and lunge for the same man made infamous for his cruelty. Judging by the gleam in Voldemort's slitted eyes, the Dark Lord knew that, too. "Cut the chatter, Gramps. I'm not going to join you just to save my buddy's skin, and he clearly doesn't want to join you either. Case closed. Moving on now. Draco, let's go."

"Draco," Voldemort said suddenly, "is Duo correct? You honestly wish to go against your father in such a hugely profound way as to risk my displeasure?"

What blood Draco had left in his face suddenly drained, leaving the boy with a pallor that made him appear two steps away from Death's door.

"Shut up!" Duo yelled, finally lifting his gun and pointing it directly at the Dark Lord, attempts to remain calm be damned. "Shut up! You know Draco's not going to deny you outright; you know for a fact that Slytherins don't work that way! Using his reluctance to actually speak out against people like you and his father isn't going to make me leave him behind! I don't leave my friends to scum like you!"

"Duo..." Draco said hoarsely. Duo could feel the eyes of his friend drill into him, though he didn't need to see the look in Draco's eyes to know there was amazement and gratitude there below the fear of what the Dark Lord had in store for the Malfoy heir.

"Be that as it may," Voldemort said, "you can't possibly believe you can kidnap Draco Malfoy from his own home against his will. The world is terrified at the prospect of me being back, preferring to believe that the Death Eaters are working as vigilantes. They'll never believe that your kidnaping attempt was to rescue poor Draco from a dead Dark Lord. Lucius will have you shipped to Azkaban for it -and despite your reluctance to associate with me, I'd hate for that to happen to my son. It would be... improper."

"I can damn well try," Duo said boldly.


Duo blinked, glancing at Draco. "What?"

The boy was staring at his limp hands resting in his lap, reluctant to meet anyone's eyes. Duo saw the Malfoy heir stiffen suddenly, and with heavy resolve in his steel eyes, he looked at Voldemort. "No. I'm not staying here. I was raised to be the Malfoy heir; it's the Malfoy heir I'd rather be."

Duo grinned proudly before turning a smug look to the Dark Lord. That's right. The know-it-all smirk that tempted lesser men into frenzied rages was firmly in place.

Voldemort frowned at Duo disapprovingly before looking directly at Draco, a dangerous glint in his crimson eyes. "I see. So you side with the mudbloods and the muggle-lovers?"

"No," Draco said brazenly. "I still believe that muggles are little more than dangerous animals, and mudbloods are still hazardous links between the two worlds. Should a mudblood ever reveal our world, I still believe muggles would hunt us as they've done in the past. But you -you kill as many purebloods as you do muggles. The more pureblood families you eradicate, the less marriage potential for the rest of us who keep with the old ways. We'll continue on marrying close cousins until finally the results will be so damaging that we won't be able to raise anymore than common squibs.

"Those with muggle blood in them were the minority before the mid-seventies, when you became a threat. There was a drastic decline in pureblood births because you'd wipe out any family that didn't create ties with you. Now the majority of Hogwarts student body are mudbloods, and the remaining purebloods are struggling to keep up. You're not as interested in pureblood rights as you are your own need for power, and you use the our fear of dying out as a way to obtain more power. Nothing keeps you from going after neutral families like the Zabinis or the Turpins or what's left of the Prewitts after your last reign. No. I'm not joining you. I want nothing to do with you or your obsession with power."

Duo thought Draco deserved a cookie for managing to keep a brave face in telling the Dark Lord to go screw himself. A really big cookie. Bigger than Draco's face. He fought a shiver that seemed to be determined to shake him, not out of fear; no, Duo was too pissed off to actually be afraid. The warmth of the room seemed to have been sucked right out of the atmosphere by the seriousness of the situation, leaving him feeling cold and empty.

Voldemort, once seemingly angered by Draco's frank defiance, smiled once again. "I'd not expected to hear such adamant protest from you when your father firmly believes in my cause, young Draco," Voldemort said cooly, but Duo wasn't fooled. Voldemort wasn't finished yet. "I admire that you managed to stand up to me, despite that it would have been a mistake for you to do so."

"Would have been?" Draco questioned, fighting to keep the unease from his voice. Duo's hand trembled suddenly, and he found it difficult to steady the gun in his hand. He was starting to think that maybe the warmth seeping from his very pores had nothing to do with the tension he was feeling.

"You seem to be under the mistaken impression that I care if you're willing or not," Voldemort replied with a smirk. "I don't necessarily want or even require your permission. In fact, Duo, you'd only be helping me succeed by killing me."

"Don't see how I'd be doing that," Duo said tersely, "as you'd be dead. Kind of means you lose."

"Can't you see, Duo? Or perhaps not. You have been away from the wizarding world for most of your life, so maybe you don't recognize what's going on quite like young Draco does," Voldemort said. Duo spared another glance at Draco, shocked to see the boy so openly horrified as he stared not at the Dark Lord, but at the closed door of the room.

"The chill, the palpable misery that seems to be coagulating in your rapidly beating heart... it's as if the very happiness is being drained from you," the Dark Lord continued with a malicious chuckle. "And it is, Duo. That's the very case; your happiness is being stolen from you, and it only gets worse as it moves closer."

"What's he talking about, Draco?" Duo asked lowly, bracing his feet apart and moving his other hand to the gun as he attempted to stabilize himself. He fought to control the tremors that wanted to dance along his spine.

"Dementors," Draco mumbled fearfully. "There are dementors near..."

Dementors. Duo recalled very little about them besides the fact that dementors were supposed to guard the wizarding prison Azkaban. He remembered the one time Harry had mentioned them; the green-eyed boy had been tense and agitated, going no further to explain anything about them other than they were utterly miserable creatures. And the name of the creatures didn't exactly inspire feelings of sunshine and daisies.

"Only one," Voldemort said smugly, "but that's all I need. You see, Malfoy, you will be my heir in every sense of the word. The heir to my title, in name... and the heir to my very soul."

"Spirits!" Draco yelped, standing up from his seat so quickly that the chair actually tipped back, threatening to fall over before it righted itself again. "You're going to have it give me the Dementor's Kiss!"

"The what?" Duo snapped.

"Duo," Draco said shrilly, sounding even more panicked than when Duo had held him at gunpoint, "he's going to have the dementor remove my soul!"

Voldemort laughed as if a small child had made a rather amusing childlike observation. "So that I can take up residence unchallenged, of course. You see, Duo, you were right in that the difference between us is that the thing I fear the most is death. Draco is young, handsome, and pure. A fresh start after having to deal with this obviously flawed attempt to bring myself back to life," he added, gesturing his face and body. "I did not always look like this; this is a mistake made due to that pathetic Wormtail's stupidity when the ritual was done almost two years ago.

"So you see, killing me wouldn't stop me from doing as I please. I've already given the dementor its orders; once Draco's soul is removed, I'll simply be moving in unopposed."

Duo was left scrambling for a suitable plan when the door swung open, revealing the frightening visage of what seemed to hover just outside of the doorway. Chills wracking his frame, he didn't think he really wanted to see what was lying under that hood as the creature moved into the room. He doubted Draco was any more inclined than he was.




(1) "Aibou" is the manner in which Duo typically addresses his Gundam when he talks to it. It means "partner" or "buddy". It's probably the ONLY Japanese word you'll see appearing in this fic, since I'm trying to get out of the habit of inserting random words just because I know them. If you've noticed, Duo hasn't said anything like "sugoi!" once during this entire thing. In fact, the only thing vaguely Japanese that Duo's used is the suffix -chan, used as a term of endearment for Heero.


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