Author: Amy Mizuno

Warnings: Yaoi, Lime/Lemon, PWP

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: 2x1

Disclaimer: I don't own GW.

This drabble/ficlet is dedicated to lilzazu.

Note: Lots of thanks to my beta Diane. ^_^

Warm Up

"Brrrr! It's so cold outside!" Duo complained the second he stepped into the apartment, brushing snow off of his coat.

Hands full with the groceries they had just bought, Heero went to the kitchen right away. "Hn. I told you to wear your scarf and take the gloves with you."

"Yeah. But..." Duo went to hang up their coats.

Heero raised an eyebrow, "But?" He turned around to put the eggs away.

Without warning, a pair of long arms wrapped around his waist from behind, and when the pair of ice-cold hands touched his warm chest... under his sweater, the Japanese boy let out an unmanly squeak.

"But, it's not necessary since you'll warm me up anyway." Duo gave the delicious earlobe a gentle nip while his hands started to tease the smooth flesh underneath his fingertips.

As Duo's rosy lips slowly traveled down to worship that pale, long neck of his boyfriend, his hands went southward, tugged at the button and opened the fly on Heero's jeans.

One of Heero's hands slipped into the long strands of golden-brown hair that were partially undone from the usually neat braid. He turned his face around the best he could to give his boyfriend the hottest and deepest kiss that he could manage in that position.

Heero moaned into the kiss when one of Duo's slightly warmed up hands slid into his boxers and rubbed at his growing erection.

Duo's other hand was not idle; it was leisurely running up the sculpted muscles of Heero’s abdomen. A sharp hiss was heard when the hand found its target on the hairless chest.

Heero's legs buckled and he let out a deep groan as Duo started to thrust his hips suggestively. The hand inside his boxers rubbed at the ultra-sensitive head that oozed warm and sticky juice continuously.

Duo's hand, slick with Heero's precum, started to pump the thick organ, alternating with playing the warm sacks beneath. All the while, the movement of his slender hips didn't stop.

With his eyes closed and face flushed, Heero arched his back wantonly, thrusting into Duo's hand with much enthusiasm, urging Duo to continue and trying to give his lover's hardened bulge as much friction as he could.

As the speed of both the hand and hips started to pick up, the soft moans and groans emitted from both parties were growing louder.

After a couple more tugs and thrusts, the two young lovers finally found the release they sought.

Breathing heavily, the two boys didn't move, simply basked in the aftermath of their lovemaking.

When Duo finally retracted his hand from Heero's softened cock, he put the sticky fingers on Heero's lips and watched the other boy lick them eagerly.

Violet eyes shone with an unholy intensity. He whispered into the Japanese boy's ear, "I knew you would warm me up in no time."



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