Author: Amy Mizuno

Rating: PG-13

Pairings: 1+2, 3x4...

Warnings: Yaoi, AU, Assassins, a little angst, sap (?)...

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Notes: I was bored during my three-hour break, and this is the result. ^_^;;

Untitled Teaser (I suck with titles >_<)


All I can feel right now is pain.

Well, I wasn't wounded that badly. I've got a broken leg, a few broken ribs... um... one of those people actually managed to leave a cut on my right shoulder... that's quite impressive, even if I don't want to admit it out loud... and I have some bruises here and there. It wasn't as bad as it sounded. I have been in much worse shape than I am right now.

I'm sure that those assassins are still looming around trying to find me. Luckily, the yellow and brown leaves that fell from the trees have hidden the bloody trail that was left on the ground by my blood, which had soaked my sleeve. It will make their search more difficult, but it will still take a while before I can leave this deserted mountain safely.

Come to think of it, it's a good thing that I insisted Quatre stay behind this morning when I left. If he had come along with me, I am not sure that he would be in any better condition than I am. And if anything happened to the little blond, Trowa would skin me alive for sure.

Suddenly, my sensitive ears have picked up the sound of very light footsteps. My whole body tenses immediately.

//Don't tell me that they have found me already! I don't have enough energy to get into a serious fight right now.// I begin to panic, but still, I unsheathe my precious sword and prepare to face my attacker at any minute.

That person approaches slowly and with great cautiousness, but it isn't the attacker that I am expecting.

He is a handsome young man about the same age as me and he has the longest braid I've ever seen swinging down his back. He is wearing casual peasant's clothes with a golden cross shining at the front of his chest. The basket of plants that he carries makes it obvious that he has been collecting herbs in the mountains.

But there's something about this young man that intrigues me. His eyes. No, no, it's not that his eyes are a weird color or anything... okay, maybe his eye color is a bit special. Violet, but that's not the problem.... That problem is his vision, more precisely.

I am sitting under a tree that's practically right in front of him, covered with blood and wielding a sword. Normal people would spotted me right away and would have either screamed and run away, or tried to help me by now. Not that I would accept their help, but anyway... But him, he doesn't seem to notice me at all, even with his eyes wide open and moving to gaze in my direction.

I'm starting to feel dizzy now, because of the blood loss. I shift a little to sit more comfortably.

"Who's there?" The boy sounds panicky.

I fell so dizzy now, and I am too tired to reply. I surrender to the comforting darkness before I've had the chance to answer his question.


Author's Notes: Tell me what you think 'k? I'll try to finish the next part of The Vampire's Love as soon as possible... If there's someone still waiting for it that is... ^_^;;


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