Author: Amy Mizuno

Archive: DHML... If you want, ask me first.

Rating: R

Pairing: 1x2

Warnings: AU, Lime-ish, a tad bit OOC

Disclaimer: I don't own GW.

Many thanks to Jukebox and Sakura for their amazingly fast beta job. ^_^

Based on Zazu's fic, 'Invisible Touch'.

Accidental Teasing

Heero looked up from the computer screen that he'd been sitting in front of for the past few hours. A glass of water sailed through the kitchen door, stopping and waiting patiently in midair to his right without spilling a drop. He took the glass and quickly gulped down the cool liquid.

Leaning back on his chair, Heero sighed as the glass slowly flew back into the kitchen and promptly washed itself in the sink. He looked out the window, and noticed that it was growing late. He turned on the floor lamp that was standing at the other side of the room with a mere thought.

A glance at the clock told him that his lover should be home soon. He couldn't wait. That lingering hot kiss that they shared, before Duo left for his boring meeting, had promised a passionate and memorable night.

With a loving smile, the dark-haired young man's thought turned to his lover.

His lover's beautiful amethyst eyes stared at his cobalt ones, completely full of love and lust, as his pink tongue darted out, teasing lightly at the sensitive mushroom head. One of his hands was pumping up and down his lover's engorged shaft in a slow, hypnotic rhythm, while lubricated fingers were mercilessly teasing that hidden heaven.

As his tongue deliberately brushed against that specific patch of skin just behind...


The front door was loudly slammed against the wall as his lover purposely stalked towards him.

The look on Duo's face made the Japanese man defensive. "What?"

Those violet eyes narrowed slightly, "what were you thinking just right before I walked in?"

"Nothing." His cheeks flushed instantly at his lover's question.

"Really?" Duo's hard stare didn't falter. "Let me see... you were thinking about how you were going to tease me, with your hands and mouth..."

Heero stared at his smirking lover incredulously, "how do you know...?" His eyes widened, "no..."

"Yes." The long haired young man nodded readily at his boyfriend's realization.

"Imagine my surprise on my way home - all of a sudden, an invisible hand was pumping me and fingers were teasing my entrance. Not that I mind all that much," Duo's grin broadened. "until I almost drove myself into the lamppost." The American slowly moved himself and his lover towards the couch.

Gasping slightly, Heero asked, "You're okay?"

Duo settled himself on the sofa and pulled Heero down onto his lap. "I'm fine. Just... next time, PLEASE don't think about me when I'm on my way home. I really don't fancy being in an accident because of it."

"I'm sorry. I really didn't know..." Heero put his head on his lover's shoulder, biting gently at the exposed neck.

Duo turned to his lover and gave him a deep, long kiss. He pointed at the obvious hardness in his lap, and said, "since you started this, you should finish it off, don't you think?"

A mischievous smile appeared on Heero's lips as his boyfriend's pants started to unzipped itself.


Note: In case it didn't come across very clearly, Heero is telekinetic. He can control things with his thought.


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