Author: Amy Mizuno

Pairing: 1x2

Rating: PG

Warnings: Sap

Disclaimer: I don't own GW.

This unbetaed ficlet/drabble is written to accompany the fanart that Sunhawk and T_shirt decided to gift me. :) Thank you very much for doing this, ladies. You're the best. *hugs*

Peaceful Evening

It is a very clear and beautiful night. Not a single cloud lingers in the pitch-black sky that has been blanketed by the many stars.

After the long and stressful, but yet accomplished day at work, Duo sits on the porch swing in the backyard, which is his favorite place in the whole house.

The bright full moon that accompanies the stars draws his attention, brings him into deep thoughts.

The sliding sound of the patio door pulls him back, as his lover joins him on the swing, a cup of hot chamomile tea with just a touch of honey is pressed into his hands, while he is being tightly wrapped in a pair of strong arms.

Take in the deep smell of the soothing tea, a small sip of the beverage brings a sweet smile at the corner of the pink lips.

Turning his head around to give Heero a soft kiss, after buries his head deeper into his lover's hard and warm chest, he goes back to enjoy the view the moon brings to the world.

Heero wraps the chestnut brown braid around his calloused fingers, while Duo has one of his sock-clad feet gently rubbing the back of the purring cat that is sitting under the slightly swinging swing.

And this is just the beginning of one peaceful and quiet evening.



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